Never Enough Ch. 06Never Enough Ch. 06


I held the keys in my hand, unable to take my eyes off them. The keys were a sign of commitment I was making to Jack and Barbara. Jack’s remark about not needing them anymore pretty much told me the state of his health and his desperation to sell the club. I hadn’t even had the chance to tell him I was quitting. Guess it really didn’t matter now.

Amber approached the bar when she finished her stint on stage. She noticed I was still fully dressed. Barbara was down at the other end of the bar.

“What’d Jack say when you told him you were quitting?” Amber asked. “Was he pissed? Is that why he left?”

“I didn’t get a chance to tell him.” I said. “It doesn’t matter now.”

Amber looked at me inquisitively, not understanding what I meant. Barbara came down the bar towards us, her face displaying a big smile.

“This means so much to Jack and I.” Barbara stated. “I know you’ll make it alright.”

I didn’t respond to her statement, just hoping she was right. I finished my drink setting the empty glass in the washsink. Barbara had moved on, standing by the cash register.

“Why don’t you get dressed?” I suggested to Amber. “Let’s call it a night. I‘ll let Barb know what‘s going on.”

Amber didn’t question my statement. She hurried down the narrow hallway, past Marcus, towards the dressingroom. I informed Barbara, Amber and I were going to take the rest of the night off so we could collaborate on some plans. Amber was dressed and ready to leave by the time Barbara and I finished talking. Marcus would help out if she got busy behind the bar.

Amber and I left J.R.’s stopping at a liquor store just down the street. I ran in and purchased a bottle of Chivas Regal Scotch and a few Slim Jims.

“You trying to make yourself sick or something?” Amber quipped noticing my purchases.

“Well, they didn’t have any marshmallows!” I smarted back, grinning.

“You want to fill me in on what’s going on?” Amber inquired. “What’s with Jack and Barb all of a sudden?”

I started with the beginning of my conversation with Jack earlier in the evening. She had it figured out before I got too far into the details.

“I think you’ve lost your fucking mind!” Amber exclaimed. “If you want my opinion.”

“Ain’t no way you all can handle everything.” She added.

I didn’t say anything till we got back to the apartment. I took a quick shower and slipped on a white lace teddy, one of my favorites. Amber was snacking on one of the Slim Jims and drinking a Coke. I poured myself a small glass of Scotch and sat across from her on the couch. I pulled my legs up underneath me, sitting sideways.

While my laptop booted up, I tried to decide on how to put the purchase agreement together. I wanted to put myself in a minimal risk level. I had to keep in mind that Jack and Barbara were relying on me to keep the club going strong. J.R.’s was going to have to generate profit, plenty of profit.

I had no idea how much the property, the building or the equipment was worth. I could contact Scott and Melissa and see if they could put me in touch with a reputable, independent appraiser. I made a note on the laptop to call them in the morning.

“What’s you doin?” Amber asked.

“I’m making a list of things I need to work on when we take over the club.” I replied, sipping on the scotch.

“We!” Amber responded. “You mean you and me?”

“Yep, you and me.” I answered. “I need you to go down to the courthouse tomorrow morning and get your bartender’s license.”

“You gonna make me the bartender?” Amber questioned. “A topless bartender!”

“Yes.” I stated. “I’m going to put you and Fawn behind the bar. That’ll get you both off the stage. Marcus will be your back-up.”

“So, how was Matt in bed?” Amber asked. “Think he’s got a thing for you.”

“Huh…..what.” I muttered, not listening to Amber’s remarks. “Matt was alright. I doubt he’s got a thing for me though.”

“Didn’t you like him?” Amber asked. “Not even a little?”

“I don’t know. I guess. Maybe.” I replied. “By the way, there’s an envelope in my purse with hundred dollar bills in it. Take out $1500, that’s your half.”

Amber opened my purse and took out the money, counting off fifteen one-hundred dollar bills.

“What’s the money for?” She asked. “For going out with Matt and Paul?”

“No…………it’s for your education!” I said, smarting off.

Amber didn’t quite get the gist of what I was saying but she didn’t ask any more questions about the money. She was like me, she loved taking money from ole’ Carl.

“What about the sound system?” Amber asked. “You going to do something about it, I hope.”

“Definitely, first item on my list.” I replied. “We’ve got to revamp most of the club. Jack’s been letting the club run down far too long.”

Amber and I made a list of everything that needed repaired or improved. It looked like we were going to have to damn near rebuild the entire club. I debated on the loft office. It had other potential uses but I liked the vantage point Fikirtepe Escort it offered to oversee the club. I put it at the bottom of our list.

Amber and I worked till almost 1:00am before shutting down the laptop. We’d accomplished quite a bit yet there was still alot more to be done. Amber had eaten all the Slim Jims, glad I wasn’t hungry!

“Mind if I sleep with you tonight?” Amber asked, smiling coyly.

Amber wasn’t referring to sleep in the normal sense. Over the past year, she’d developed quite an interest in her bi-sexuality. We headed upstairs to my bedroom. Amber slipped off her clothes except for her thong panties. I took my lace teddy off, tossing it on the dresser. The two of us stretched out next to each other on the bed.

Amber’s fingers teased over my tummy inching their way towards my breasts. I put my arms around her pulling her in close for a passionate kiss. I kissed her softly, sliding my tongue over her lips. Amber’s tongue protruded into my mouth, swirling softly. She knew how much I liked having her do that. It turned me on high and fast.

Amber’s hands squeezed and massaged my breasts, my nipples begging to be sucked hard. Amber teased me till she had my ass squirming against the soft sheets. Amber’s teeth grated across my erect nipples, torturing them. I lightly gritted my teeth as she worked them with her mouth. My nipples were still sensitive from last night. Matt was also a breast and nipple lover. I had a small orgasm, enough to make my body totally relax.

I rolled Amber onto her back, kissing her tummy, inching lower. I hooked my fingers in her panties and pulled them down exposing her pubic area. My lips kissed the soft blonde hair covering the mound of her pussy. Amber put her hands on my head pushing me lower. I pushed her panties down her legs and off. Amber spread her legs, keeping them flat on the bed. I kissed her pussy, projecting my tongue into her hot slit. I flicked at her clitoris just a time or two, teasing her. She was moaning softly, long deep moans. I took my time, teasing the folds of her pussy till her juices were flowing. Amber’s hands clenched mine. I sensed by her grip just where she was at, building her orgasm slowly. I slithered my tongue insider her pussy as far as I could, slowly swirling it against the moist walls. Amber’s mouth was gaped open, her ass just off the sheets when she came. Her orgasm was incredible, lasting for quite a few minutes. Her body convulsed constantly till her pleasure gradually subsided.

I pulled my mouth from her pussy, kissing it tenderly. Amber’s eyes opened slowly, a big smile formed on her face. Her orgasms were always more intense with another girl than with any of the guys she worked with in the porn videos. I didn’t try to figure out why. As long as she got off, that was the important thing.

“That was fantastic!” Amber whispered. “Now, I want to do you.”

Amber went to her bedroom coming back with a long, slender vibrator. It was a gaudy, bright blue. Amber twisted the end, making it hum. She turned it back down till it was barely audible.

“Turn over on your tummy and put a pillow under you.” Amber requested.

I did as she asked. Amber put the tip of the vibrator in her mouth, lubricating it with her saliva. I relaxed and closed my eyes. Amber spread the folds of my pussy, sliding the tapered end of the vibrator inside me. I felt the slight tingle of the vibrator’s motor. Amber worked the vibrator in and out of my pussy till she had it deep inside me. Her fingers twisted the knob accelerating the vibration. I gripped the sheets tight while Amber twisted the vibrator side to side. I was moaning, my face against the sheets. My ass was bucking as my orgasm started its climb upward. I lifted my head up as I came hard and long.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha.aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh” I moaned, my head forced backwards.

The orgasm shook my body, my legs tensing and flexing. Amber plunged the vibrator in and out of me at a frantic pace till I collapsed. I felt my strength completely zapped from my already tired body. The last thing I remember was Amber sliding the vibrator out of me and covering me with the sheet. She held me in her arms, till I drifted off to sleep.

It was almost 9:00am when I woke up the next morning. Amber was down in the kitchen. I could smell bacon and coffee. I wasn’t really hungry, just needing a cigarette to get me going. I slipped on my robe and descended the stairs to the livingroom. My cigarettes and lighter were on the end table where I’d left them last evening. Amber and I sat at the diningroom table, drinking coffee and eating bacon sandwiches.

“First thing I need to do is get myself a damn car!” I remarked. “Guess I’ll buy that Eldorado we looked at the other day.”

Amber and I got showered and dressed, leaving the apartment around 11:00. By 1:00pm, I’d bought the Eldorado, paying cash for it. I didn’t look back at my old Firebird or the puddle of oil forming underneath it. We headed downtown Escort Fikirtepe to the courthouse. Amber filled out an application for her bartender’s license. An hour or so later, Amber had her license and we were headed towards J.R.’s.

Barbara was the only one at the club. Two beer trucks were parked at the back service entrance. The club was quiet except for the deliverymen talking with Barb. Amber and I ascended the winding stairs to the overhead loft. I sat behind the desk for the first time, swiveling the leather office chair side to side.

“Well it fits.” I commented. “Think I’d prefer a cloth chair over the leather though.”

I dialed Scott’s cell phone number but didn’t get an answer. I left a message for him to call me as soon as he had time. Amber and I looked over the nightclub, picking up little things we wanted to change. I booted up the laptop and noted the additions to our already, lengthy list. Amber was smiling about something. I think it was the idea of working behind the bar rather than dancing on-stage.

Barbara came up to the loft to join us. She handed me the delivery invoices. I looked them over carefully making sure everything was in order. With the quantity of beer that passed through the club each week, it would be easy to get overcharged. I’d have to come up with some sort of system to make sure we got what we paid for.

“How’s Jack?” I asked.

“He’s feeling much better today.” Barbara replied. “He’s still far from healthy.”

I asked Barbara to sit down so we could discuss the purchase of the club. I told her I wanted to get an independent appraiser to give me a fair evaluation of everything. Surprisingly, she offered to pay half the cost for the appraisal. I mentioned some of the changes I wanted to make along with the repairs and improvements to the club. Barbara was in total agreement that the club needed alot of attention. I felt like I had the upper hand on the purchase, it’s what I wanted.

Scott finally called me on my cell phone. He thought there was a problem with the video production company we were forming. I told him about buying J.R.’s. He thought I was kidding at first till I asked him about getting an appraiser. He quickly realized I was serious. Scott suggested we meet at his home, inviting Amber and I for dinner. We agreed to meet later that evening, around 6:30. It would be quite a bit easier to talk in person than over cell phones, especially with the club starting to open.

Amber and I arrived at Scott and Melissa’s a little early. Scott escorted us into the livingroom and offered us a drink. He introduced Amber to Melissa. The two of them hit it off immediately when Melissa mentioned seeing several of Amber’s movies. Scott and I had our own conversation going about my purchasing J.R.’s. He was apprehensive about me taking on the added responsibilities.

“How the hell are you going to manage your time?” Scott asked. “Getting the video production company up and running is going to be a full time job.”

“I can handle it.” I replied. “The club’s running smooth. I just need to make alot of repairs and improvements.”

I put my hand on his arm, giving it a gentle squeeze so he’d know I was sincere and confident.

“Ok, just think you’re taking on quite a bit at one time.” Scott stated.

We sat in the large diningroom, eating the great dinner Melissa had prepared. She was quite a chef. Melissa asked Amber about Chris and Richie and how she liked working with them. I had a feeling Melissa’s interest in the guys was alot greater than she might be letting on. I’d have to keep a close eye on her. I doubted Scott would approve if he’d catch her with another guy.

The four of us adjourned to Scott’s home office where we could discuss business. I had a bunch of questions to ask. Scott was very knowledgeable of real estate and things I needed to check into, especially legal and financial obligations. I made notes on my laptop as we talked. The laptop was becoming a vital part of me. I was carrying it everywhere. Melissa offered to help since she didn’t work and was looking for something to keep her busy. I gladly accepted her offer, the more help the better.

We discussed the video production company for a short time. I reviewed with him how I was going to go about getting the personnel and equipment I wanted. I asked him if he’d had any luck finding us a business location. Scott had several in mind, but he hadn’t had time to check them out in person. It was almost 11:00pm when we left. I told Melissa I’d call her in the morning to see if she was free to work with Amber and me.

I called Melissa about 8:00am the next morning. I asked her to meet Amber and me at the club; from there we’d plan our day. The club would be quiet and afford us office space. I needed to contact some of the people at Paramount Productions but with Carl there it would be difficult if not impossible.

I had Jackie’s cell phone number so I called her, hoping to catch her before she left for Fikirtepe Escort Bayan work. She told me Carl hadn’t scheduled any videos to be shot that day. There wouldn’t be anyone working at the studios, including her. I asked her if she could meet us at J.R.’s. Jackie was going to be a vital part of Venture Productions, that is if I could hire her away from Carl.

Amber and I got to the club shortly before 9:00am. I put on some fresh coffee while Amber opened up the fresh donuts we stopped and picked up. Melissa and Jackie arrived a few minutes later. We sat at the small conference table in the loft office. I didn’t want to keep Jackie in the dark about what all was going on. I trusted Jackie, knowing she could keep her mouth shut, especially in front of Carl. She was highly surprised at the idea of me starting my own adult video production company. I didn’t mention my purchasing the nightclub at the same time.

“I know you’ve been with Carl for quite awhile.” I spoke. “I’d like you to come and work for me, immediately if possible.”

“You mean doing make-up and hair, right?” Jackie asked. “Like I’m doing now.”

“More. I’ll need you to help me with the actual productions.” I replied. “I know you’ve got inside knowledge of the porn business. I want to tap into it.”

“Yes, I sure do!” Jackie exclaimed. “Carl’s never let me have more responsibilities. He‘s such an ass!”

“I’m not sure what you’re making, working for Carl but I’ll give you more money to go along with the added duties.”

Jackie didn’t hesitate to accept my offer. I’d hired our first employee!

“We need to hire actors and actresses.” I commented. “I don’t know if any of the guys are under exclusive contract with Carl or not.”

“There not, none of them are!” Jackie replied. “Just the girls, except for you and Amber.”

“That’s good.” I said. “I’d like to hire Chris, Richie, Tony, Ryan, Darren and Paul. We’ll add on more men as we need them.”

The girls laughed at the statement about needing more men. Guess it did sounded like we were going to wear them out sexually!

“I’d be happy to volunteer to get in touch with each and everyone of them personally!” Melissa exclaimed, laughing.

I had other plans for Melissa. Keeping her away from the guys was one of them. Jackie said she would contact the guys and get a feel if they might jump ship and come onboard with us. Amber volunteered to help when she had free time. That still left getting camera and audio technicians. I’d work on that myself. I had a few ideas about hiring qualified personnel.

Hiring actresses was something the four of us would work on together. I was hoping it wouldn’t be too difficult. I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

“How can I help?” Melissa asked. “What would you like me to do?”

“I need you to work with me as much as possible on taking over the club and getting it into shape.” I replied. “Can you give me a bunch of your time?”

“Sure.” Melissa replied. “Anything to get me out of the house!”

Everyone exchanged cell phone numbers so we could all stay in contact with each other. We decided to have a 9:00 meeting every weekday at the club so we could discuss our progress and toss around ideas.

It was almost noon, still time to get some things done. Amber and Jackie drove down to the Paramount Production’s studio to see if anyone was there. Melissa and I walked around the club discussing some ideas for improvements. Scott called me on my cell phone to let me know he’d gotten an appraiser to come and look over the club the next Monday. I told him Melissa was going to be working with me on the club purchase. I think he was actually happy she’d found something to keep her interested.

Barbara was late getting to the club, not arriving until just before 2:30pm. She looked tired and almost half asleep. I introduced her to Melissa, informing her she’d be helping me through the purchase transition. Barbara excused herself and pulled me aside.

“Can you take over right away?” She asked. “I going back home and stay with Jack.”

“Yeah, sure.” I replied. “I’ll get Marcus to help me out if I run into problems.”

She left just as Amber and Marcus entered through the service door. I hurriedly informed Marcus of the situation and that I was going to be taking over immediately. Like me, he was worried about Jack, knowing he wasn’t in the best of health. At 3:00pm, Marcus unlocked the front entrance doors. By 4:00pm the club was packed. It was going to be a very busy and profitable Friday night!

Amber was busy behind the bar with Marcus. I spoke with Fawn about working behind the bar instead of dancing. She readily agreed. I reminded her to get down to the courthouse Monday and get her bartender’s license. I didn’t mention anything to her about coming to work for Venture Productions. I wasn’t sure where she stood on her contract with Carl. I’d have to approach her carefully so Carl wouldn’t find out about our new production company.

The night went well. I had Marcus empty the large bills from the cash register several times during the evening. Amber did great behind the bar, wearing a red thong and my red thigh-high boots. She made as much in tips as she would have in “tuck money”. I sat with a few of the “suits” and some of the other customers throughout the evening, sort of a PR thing.

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