Chastity Mansion Ch. 01Chastity Mansion Ch. 01


Headache… It’s cold in here… Am I lying on the floor? Bright light… Can’t see a thing, everything is blurred… High heels clacking on the floor… Must be Eve… Did I pass out?

“Eve, honey what happened?”

“Ah, you finally woke up. Welcome to Chastity Mansion! How does the cage feel?”

Am I awake? Can’t be, I must still be dreaming. I’m in a room full of cages and on the other side of the wall, all cages are occupied by naked men. This can’t be real.

“Hellooo! Anybody in there? I asked you how the cage feels.”

The woman asking me is a very beautiful brunette in her late thirties. She’s wearing a spiked leather bra and some kind of latex miniskirt with suspenders attached to black stockings. She also holds a whip in her hands. What is this place???

“Well… Are you going to check me out all day or are you going to answer my question? How’s the cage?”

“It’s way too small, I can’t even stand up. Where am I? Who are you? Why am I in this cage?”

“I’m not asking you about the cage you’re sitting in. I want to know how the one around your cock feels.”


I reach down to my cock and feel cold metal bars instead of soft skin. Looking down, I see a cage made from a series of metal bars attached to each other. The one end is closed by another series of metal bars, preventing the head from leaving the cage. The other end is attached to a metal ring that goes around the base of my cock and underneath my balls. The cage is secured to the ring with a padlock.

“What is this thing? And this padlock… oh shit, I can’t take it off, can I?”

I try pulling on the cage, but it’s impossible to get the ring around the base to slide over my balls.

The padlock is small, but I won’t be able to break it.

“It’s called a chastity cock cage. Don’t bother trying to pull it off, it won’t work. And if you start fidgeting with the cage too much, we’ll simply add a spiked ring that makes tampering only painful.”

“What the fuck is going on here? Where’s my wife? Where are my clothes? Who are you? How did I get here? Who are all these other guys in their cages?”

The other woman in the room walks over to us.

She’s wearing a black lingerie set under a sheer black robe. She’s holding a black flogger in her hands.

“So many questions… Come on Tara, let’s take our new guest to the room next door, We’ll give him the introduction to Chastity Mansion.”

“Ok, newbie. Hands through the bars so I can put you in these handcuffs.”

They let me out of the cage and put a collar around my neck. Attaching a chain to the collar, they guide me to the adjacent room. I’m embarrassed and feel humiliated even though the other men in the cages are exactly the same condition as I am.

They tell me to lie down on the super-size round bed in the middle of the room. Before I could do anything, They already secured my hands and feet to chains that were attached to the bed. Tara starts turning a large wheel slowly and I feel that the chains are stretching me out completely while I hear metal clicking.

Oh fuck, what’s happening here? As much as all of this scares the shit out of me on strangely enough, turns me on as well. I feel that my dick is expanding, the tip is being pressed against the bars on the front.

“So, you already know that I’m Tara and My Colleague here is Suzanne. That’s how We address each other, but for you, We are Mistress Tara and Mistress Suzanne. Don’t ever – ever – forget this. Understood?”

“Uhm… Yes… Mistress… Tara.”

“Good boy, now what question do you want Us to answer for you first?”

“Where’s my wife?”

“Eve is not here with Us right now, but She will be this evening to check on you. She’s at work today; business as usual. She didn’t want to disappoint Her patients.” Mistress Suzanne answers.

“Oh, so she knows that I’m here? And she knows what’s going on?”

“Sure She does, it’s Her Mansion so of course She knows what’s going on. She’s the Goddess of this Mansion and you’d better start calling Her your Goddess from now on. She’s still your Wife, but your Goddess above all.”

“HER Mansion?”

“Yes, She founded it two years ago. With the help from the both of Us.”

“And what is this Mansion for?”

“It’s Chastity Mansion, so all men that cross the front door are locked into a chastity device just like the one you’re wearing. Your Goddess keeps all of the keys, We only have the keys to your sleeping cages and to all cuffs.”

“And why does She keep us in such a device?”

“Because all of you have been playing with yourself way too much.”

“Moreover, you have neglected Us – Your lawfully married istanbul escort Wives – too much because you prefer looking at porn and jerking off.”

“Tara and I are the first ones that went in therapy with Her. She helped Us restore Our self-esteem.”

“We no longer feel bad about Our Bodies and Our libido.”

“On the contrary, come on Tara let’s show him.”

Suzanne and Tara climb on the bed with me and kneel down on either side of me. They start kissing each other and Their hands roam each other’s Bodies. My cock tries to get hard in the cage and I moan out of frustration and pain. The metal ring slides upwards and increases the pressure on my balls.

“Oh please Tara or Suzanne, take this cage off. It hurts.”

They stop kissing and each move one hand slowly to my balls. They take one in Their hands and start squeezing.

“Aaaaaah stop. Stop! You’re hurting me even more!”

“Yes, We are.”

“You already forgot what Our names are?”

“What? Aaaaaw, please You’re squeezing too much.”

“We will keep increasing the pressure if you don’t use Our proper names.”

I’m not thinking straight… I can’t…

“Please Tara, please Suzanne…”

“Wrong… We specifically told you to never forget.”

“Please stop Mistress Tara, Mistress Suzanne.”

“There now, that’s better. I’m sure your little cage doesn’t hurt that much anymore.”

My balls still hurt because of their squeezing, but the ring had loosened up thanks to that. I lift my head off the mattress and look down at the metal bars and the lock. My poor balls hang down, tingling in pain. I hear Them kissing each other again so I drop my head and close my eyes to avoid getting erect again. Or rather as erect as the cage allows me to get.

“Look Tara, he’s trying to ignore Us.”

“Time to get undressed then, I’m sure him being a porn addict, he’ll be watching Us again in no time.”

They’re absolutely right and seeing Them naked surely hurts again very soon. Oh my God – or should I say ‘oh my Goddess’ from now on – They sure don’t look like They should have ever felt bad about Their Bodies… I guess They’re somewhere late thirties and They still look like They’re mid twenties.

“I bet you’d like to be free and be able to touch yourself, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress Tara.”

“Well, that’s not going to happen, We don’t have the key to your little cage and anyway: it’s kind of pathetic if you would start touching your caged cock.”

“You still have quite some unanswered questions, what would you like to know next?”

“Why am I here?”

“We already told you, you are a porn addict and a chronic masturbator.”

Hearing them say it out loud was quite humiliating. They are right of course, but I never felt like a porn addict or a chronic masturbator. I was just having some fun on the side and I didn’t feel like I was doing any harm.

“Yes Mistress Suzanne. But I meant: what’s going to happen next?”

“Well first of all, you are going to learn that chronic masturbation can be cured with a chastity device. And with handcuffs as well.”

“That means without you having access to the keys to the padlock or the cuffs.”

“We know that some guys lock themselves up, but what’s the use if they can unlock themselves?”

“You will only be released from your device when your Goddess allows you to.”

“If she allows you to.”

“But what if I have to go to the toilet?”

“You can use the toilet without removing the cage. You just need to sit down to pee instead however.”

“And how will I be able to wash myself down there?”

“We’ll make sure you are kept clean, don’t worry about that.”

“You will be washing me?”

“Exactly, there is a shower room and all Mistresses and chaste boys take showers together, you’ll see for yourself tonight.”

“So the cage comes off this evening?”

“Not for showers, it’s only removed for a weekly shave and for an occasional orgasm.”

“Occasional? What do You mean occasional?”

“It’s entirely up to your Goddess to decide when, where and how. She has a schedule for every single one of you guys.”

“Holy shit…”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it, just like all of our men.”

“So Your husbands are here as well, locked in a chastity device?”

“Indeed they are and Our husbands have lived here for two years now. They wear the chastity cage 99% of the time, 24/7.”

“There’s one thing that I don’t really understand though… You told me that You were neglected by Your husbands. Surely, with us locked in chastity, this has not improved has it? I mean, unless all Mistresses have escort bayan become lesbian.”

You should have seen the smirks on Their pretty Faces…

“That’s actually the fun part of Chastity Mansion; at least it’s the fun part for Us, the Mistresses. We’re having all the sex We want; I bet We’re even having more sex than most of your favourite pornstars…”

“Come on, Suzanne. Let’s just show him what We mean.”

Tara swings Her leg over my torso and sits on my chest. She looks down at me and took my face into Her hands.

“Be a good boy this afternoon and We’ll tell your Goddess how well you behaved. You never know what She might have in store for you later today…”

I can’t believe that this is actually happening and that my Wife – my Goddess – approves this. But then again, if She already has this Mansion for two years without my knowledge; that probably means that She still has a lot of surprises for me in store.

Tara scoots further up and I know what She wants. She lifts my arms from the bed and shifts Her feet under my outstretched arms. She pins me even more down on the bed than I already was.

She looks down at me with a huge grin and says: “so, let’s see if We can train your mouth and tongue. Your Goddess told Us you like watching lesbian videos, but you don’t know how to please a Woman yourself. Consider this to be your first lesson.”

Apparently, my Goddess knows a lot about me and my – supposedly – secret porn time…

“Don’t plunge your tongue inside Me immediately like you did the past years. Kiss every spot you can reach, but don’t come anywhere near My Lips or Clit until I say you can. And keep your tongue inside for a couple of minutes.

“You’re assuming he knows where he can find Your Clit…” Suzanne says from behind the headboard.

“He’ll learn soon enough.”

They’re making fun of me and gosh… it excites me only more. It was strange to feel how my dick was doing its best to grow. The metal bars wouldn’t let me get any harder however.

Tara pulls my head up to Her Crotch and directs my lips over Her Thighs and landing strip. She keeps me away from Her Lips, although I can already feel Her moistness trickle down to my neck.

At the same time, I hear Suzanne rummaging through one of the closets in the room. I feel the mattress move and She slides up between my legs. Tara is getting warmed up and She lets my head sink down on a pillow.

“Stick your tongue out as far as you can and make it pointy. I want to fuck your tongue, so keep it stretched out.”

Oh my Goddess, She does fuck my tongue. Hard. Fast. Wet.

I get hornier by the second and I’m searching for any kind of stimulation. I flex my pelvic muscles, uselessly trying to get my cock to expand more. My rising cock is however greeted by wetness. Could it be Suzanne’s pussy hovering above my caged member? Oh, the frustration of my mouth being fucked and not being able to fuck myself…

I can’t keep my muscles flexed and I feel a warm breeze when I relax. Suzanne was probably licking my cock through the metal bars. I want more, a caged blowjob would even feel good now. I start bucking my hips in the air, but that’s indeed all I feel… nothing but air. Gone was the oh so divine wet Tongue.

After I guess 10 minutes of furiously being fucked, My tongue is starting to feel tired. I pull it in my mouth and fully taste Tara’s Juices. She looks down at me and grins even more than before Her assault.

“Put your mind off of fucking with your caged cock and maybe Suzanne will you some attention again. You will learn soon that if you stop being selfish, you might get something in return. Now come on, out with that lazy tongue of yours, I’m not done fucking it yet.”

She resumes Her fucking, but slower, more insistent this time. Her hands grip the back of my head and press me firmly on Her Mound.

“That’s it good boy. Aaaaaah, now slowly move your upper lip over My Clit. Gently. Don’t give it all yet…”

I do as instructed and I guess as a reward Suzanne resumes licking. I have to fight back the urge to move my hips off the bed. I’m yearning for a firm blowjob, but Suzanne’s licking sooo gently, sooo feather-light… It keeps me as hard as the cage allows, but it’ll never be enough stimulation to make me come.

Tara starts to move more violent again, so it’s even harder to keep from searching for more stimulation and I fail. I move my hips in the air softly, slowly. Suzanne notices and backs off. I feel her crouching over to Tara.

“Come on sweetie, it’s time for some serious action now.”

Suzanne pushes Tara forward on hands and knees. Tara lifts Her hips, Bostancı escort I can see a dildo sticking out from Suzanne’s Pussy. I thought it was a strap-on, but I can’t see any straps around Suzanne’s hips. Suzanne moves closer and guides the tip into Tara’s well lubed Pussy. Tara pushes back onto the dildo and I see it slipping in right above me.

“Ooooooooooh Suzanne, Your cock feels sooooooooo goooooood. It’s so hard and fat. Oooooooh yes… Not tiny and useless like the one You were teasing just before.”

My denied cock twitched hearing them talk like that…

“Give it to me. Aaaaaah. Pound me, go on!”

They fuck like wild animals and I lie here watching, listening … and feeling nothing but horniness.

“Come on lazy fucker; get that tongue of yours back to work. Use your soft tongue now and lap Her Clit while I’m fucking Her. Meanwhile think about what I can do and what you can’t. I bet even if you would be fucking Her, you would have cum by now.”

Yeah, probably… who wouldn’t have with these super-hot Mistresses in action? Tara becomes frantic when I start lapping at Her Clit. It’s very difficult for me to keep my tongue on Her sensitive Spot and Suzanne must have guessed so. She pushes Tara down firmly on my mouth, so Tara can hardly move (and I can hardly breathe, but I don’t think They care).

“Yeah darling… oooh oooh ooh, press me aaaah aaah aaaaaah on his tongue.”

I open my mouth wide and cover Her Mound entirely, keeping my tongue on Her Clit. I have to suck in air through my nose and while doing so, I suck with my mouth too. Suzanne is now pounding very hard and fast. Our combined stimulation sends Tara into a long blissful orgasm, screaming out loud.

“Ooooooooooh yeah yeaaaah yeaaaaaaaaah. Ooooh my Goooooood! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

Tara rolls off of me and I gasp for air. I close my eyes in hopes that my half erection would fade away if I’m not seeing Their naked Bodies. Suzanne won’t let me however; as She pushes the dildo into my mouth.

“Suck it clean.” She orders.

I gag on the dildo as She pushes it all the way in.

“Look Tara, it seems Our toy is losing his oral virginity. He gets to experience a deepthroat for the first time in his life. You love deepthroating, don’t you?”

After I finish cleaning, Suzanne grabs the dildo and pulls it out of Her Pussy. She makes me clean Her part as well. It’s not that long, but the girth is bigger.

“Nice toy, huh?” Tara asked me.

“Well you seem to have enjoyed it, Mistress Tara.”

“Oh yes I did! And you see: I don’t feel neglected at all!”

“I feel a bit neglected now…” Suzanne said.

“Don’t worry Suzy; I’m sure that the two of us will take care of You soon.”

Telling Them that I feel neglected would only lead to mocking I guess…

“How do you feel?”


“Horny and frustrated.”

“Yeah, I think I still recall feeling like that a couple of years ago…” Tara says.

“So toy, do you have another question for Us?”

“Yes definitely… How does my Wife pay for all of this?”

Suzanne slaps my balls twice.

“How did you just refer to your Goddess?”


She raises Her hand again.

“Sorry, Mistress Suzanne.”

“Much better.”

“So how does my Goddess pay for all of this?”

“We bought this Mansion jointly after Suzanne and I had sold Our houses. Both Our husbands were already in chastity back then and because they are contractors, We managed to turn this Mansion into what it is today in a year’s time. Tara stayed here to keep an eye on them, while I continued working as a doctor to pay for the bills.”

“And I was working as an IT consultant for a couple of major porn websites, so I equipped the Mansion with cameras and I’ve set up the website as well.”

“We’ll watch the video of the three of us later today once it’s edited, even before We put it on the website. It’s amazing how Rachel captures all of the action in this Mansion and turns it into top notch content in no time.”

“So I’ll be on the website too?? I never agreed to any of this… You can’t do this! I want to speak to my Wi… my Goddess. Now!”

“You don’t seem to be in the most suitable position to negotiate.”

“Not at all in fact… To make things very clear to you toy, if you don’t behave, you’ll end up in an even more uncomfortable position very soon.”

“I can’t believe this is happening…”

“It is happening and more will happen soon, because your predicament here is making Me horny as hell.”

“Come on Suzanne; let’s take a short break so Our toy can let it all sink in.”

They leave the room and turn all the lights off, ignoring me bound and helpless on the bed. I test the strength of the chains again, but I’m sure that they have been tested a lot before. No way I can get out of this. I hope my Goddess will be here soon; maybe She will be more likely to listen to me.

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