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Author’s Note: So I hear you’ve been waiting patiently. Well, thank you very much. The Wound in Time series is back and rearing to be devoured. Hurricane Katrina had a hand in my hiatus but I’m getting back on track. So where were we? Right, chapter six. It’s hot, it’s fresh, and it carries on directly from chapter five. The story contains mainly F/F action as well as a plot. It’s a lengthy piece that will not likely satisfy your search for instant gratification. Please check out the previous chapters if you want extra dirt on the characters. They’re not listed in order but the titles are sequential as follows: (WIT)At First, Blind Borne, Escapade, Felon Failing Fallen and Just Juxtapose. That said, read on and hopefully, enjoy the story. Please don’t forget to comment.


Dig, dig, dig until it hurts. Life is strange, even before it starts.


“For the last time; I don’t KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!”

“Oh I think you do. I just don’t understand who or what you’re protecting.”

“Fucking cucaracha, do you have any ears?!”

“And again, with the feistiness…Just tell us what we want to know.”

The room was poorly lit for effect, but the redhead didn’t know that. She was blindfolded and cuffed to a cold steel chair. She could smell the dingy stench of moist earth and mold. The sounds from her kidnapper echoed through the space but even without her sight, she could still place his distance to her. She shivered again at the cold seat.

“Listen, I don’t know who the fuck you are but -“

“I know who you are, and I assure you, threats are beyond futile in your current position.”

“In that case, you’re wasting your time.”

That earned her a slap across her sweat-soaked face. Bellinda yelped with the momentary shock but she didn’t allow her attacker any satisfaction of tears or weakness. Or at least any indication that she was afraid for her life. There were so many things she hadn’t done and wanted to do. A full tour of the world was one. Sex on a nude beach was another. She wanted to see her father and tell him how much she loved and appreciated him, despite his absentee behavior. Bellinda sighed as she became consumed by the strongest desire of all; her desire for Mavin.

That bit angered her. She’d been thinking about Mavin, non-stop for a full month now. It had to be unhealthy. After the incident at the club, she’d gone home and analyzed every detail until nothing really made sense anymore. At José’s funeral, all she could think about was Mavin; looking so fucking sexy in her black Armani suit. With a sad, wounded look in her eyes that Bellinda ached to erase. She’d cried for more than her uncle that day.

Now, here she was. Being interrogated after being kidnapped one her way out of the gallery. It hadn’t been long in reality, but in her current mental state, Bellinda would’ve argued her abduction took place days ago. She was weary and angry for obvious reasons but to make matters worse, the uncertainty of her fate was driving her insane. She wasn’t too hurt physically, – a bruised wrist and stinging left cheek, but without her vision, there was no way for her to predict what the attacker truly had in store for her. Knowing what the hell they were talking about would’ve helped as well.

“That won’t get you anywhere.” Bellinda sneered through her clenched teeth as she tasted the rust of her blood.


“Who the fuck is this?!” Mavin asked in an eerily calm tone.

There were too many things to be angry about. Her highly-protected line was being tampered with, or worse, bugged. She wanted to salvage any future- fuck, that word. She was so use to living in the moment and only being responsible for whatever she could squeeze out of it. Thinking of the future put too many things which she had no control over into perspective, and she hated having to account for ‘what ifs’ and regrets.

She heaved a sigh. Nonetheless, she was determined to see where the journey with Bellinda would lead. But that couldn’t happen now as Mavin was being held up by some punk.

“Who fuck is this?!” She asked again, a breath short of an explosion.

The line was silent for a moment and she could hear some rustling noise in the background.

“If you want to see her again, you’ll do exactly as you’re told.” The reply came in a clipped tone.

“Listen, if you think-” Mavin wasn’t having any of it. Not even a glance at the menu.

“Tomorrow, noon-” The voice continued, interrupting the dark woman.

“I don’t have time for this.” Mavin spat and killed the line.

She had more important things to deal with than a prank call. Her schedule for the next 3 months was chock full of trips, meetings and deadlines. But more importantly, she pictured it with Bellinda. As she grabbed her coat, visions of the redhead clouded her mind as it often did lately. Bellinda’s gentle laughter, sometimes wild, always passionate, rang in her ears.

“Yup, you’re in trouble…” Mavin mumbled to herself, “I’m heading ataköy escort out folks!” She called out to her family.

“What’s up?” Zeke came through the hallway to find his sister ready to bounce.

“Something I’ve gotta do.” Mavin said and then broke into a grin, “And apparently, there’s stuff you gotta take care of as well.”

Just then, her cell phone rang. The caller-ID showed the same unfamiliar number as before.

“Shit…relentless.” She huffed and killed the call, switching off the phone.

“What’s that?” Zeke stepped closer and eyed Mavin because she was grinning oddly.

“Too much Xmas spirit I suppose. But I gotta wonder, maybe you’re born with it.” She patted Zeke’s shoulder and made her way to the foyer.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Zeke made a face, completely puzzled.

“I dunno…maybe it’s Maybelline.” Mavin turned around and shrugged even as she continued walking towards the door.

Zeke wondered what had gotten into his sister, and rubbed his lips out of habit. The lipstick smear that appeared on his fingers explained it and soon he had to keep himself from toppling over furniture as he laughed his way through the long hallway and into the kitchen.

“Becca, I promise we’ll go shopping for the no-fade stuff.” He said aloud as he found his wife where he’d left her; tied to the kitchen table with a vibrator in her ass. And it was no small thing either.

“What kept you?” Becca half growled and half moaned. The position she was holding, or rather, forced to hold didn’t allow her much movement. She was comfortable, but the mad whirring going on in her ass wanted her to hump something. And that was where being flat on a small round table became aggravating.

“You miss me already?” Zeke said, watching his wife’s pussy ooze with her need. He lost himself in it for a while.

They’d been playing up their holiday fantasy season as it was their habit to do. Spontaneous moments like these were the stuff of inside jokes between them. They’d wordlessly resigned themselves to the fact, that any serious conversations held in the future over this particular kitchen table, would be a complete farce.

“Fuck me!” Becca barked, thank goodness the girls were asleep in another wing of the house.

“Non ma Cher.” Zeke whispered, keeping his eyes on the toy that visibly shook with the power of the many micro motors built into it.

Hell, he should know. He’d built it, especially for his wife, with the silicon covering fashioned from a mold of his own love wand. He remembered the look on Mavin’s face when he’d showed it to her. She agreed that he’d outdone himself. It was his Xmas gift to Becca and Santa be damned; Xmas was coming early.

“Oh merde!” Becca cursed in French. Her ass was on fire and it felt absolutely delicious to feel her pussy getting soaked of its own greedy accord.

“Damn baby, you are sooo bad.” Zeke groaned and moved to swat her ass with his palm.

“Ahhh…” Becca responded to the hot sting shimmering through her left ass cheek, “More…”

*********** Meanwhile ***********

In another part of town, well-situated away from the ‘burbs, Club Heat was thumping with fresh blood. For some time now, a new vibe had been sweeping through the underground. And club goers were only too happy to get carried away.

“Oh, you’re gonna love Q baby.”

“Mmmm….Give it to me.”

The hottest thing in Heat was Qwax. The tiny red pill made Ecstasy seem like a day at the DMV. Though the effects were similar, Red Queen, as some called it, brought out the real you. It gave you a sense of one and all-ness. It expanded your sense of the world around you and took away any fears you might have of exploring the hell out of it. A longer peak and a shorter crash also didn’t hurt.

Kris had done X many times before but her experiences with the Queen over the last week had been nothing short of incredible. Where Ecstasy made her feel warm and full of expendable energy, Q made her feel downright hot and very sensitive. A tiny breeze alone could wreak such pleasurable havoc on her skin, not to talk of a tangible caress from another human body. If she thought she enjoyed being close to someone else while on X, she absolutely needed to have someone glued to her with the Red Queen.

Tonight however, was all the more special to Kris. She’d met someone new and was eager to share the experience with her new friend. They met a few days ago in the subway during a small case of claustrophobia. Kris had been riding to work as usual, when the train screeched to a stop. These kind of things happened all the time but not when the person next to you grabs you in a desperate panic for comfort.

Kris hadn’t even noticed the girl until then. She’d been so wrapped up in her own head that being grabbed by a stranger didn’t immediately register.

“S-s-should we be stopped?” The dark haired girl had asked, trembling slightly.

“There’s probably a good reason…but we may ataşehir escort never know.” Kris shrugged and winced at the tight grip that was clamping her right thigh, just a few inches from her knee. “Are you okay?” She asked as she registered some kind of fear in the girl’s demeanor.

“I-I-I d-don’t like closed spaces.” The girl stammered.

“Um…okay,” Kris blinked a few times then continued, “You do realize this is a subway car? I mean, if you’re claustrophobic, I kinda imagine you’d know what you’re getting into.”

Just as the words left her lip, Kris felt a twinge of regret because she was offering the girl no comfort. But then again, how could she when her knee was being crushed?

She was about to apologize when the conductor’s voice screeched over the PA. There was some track congestion up ahead as two trains had gone slightly off-sync. The time interval between them had warped and thus, oncoming trains had to be delayed in order to clear things up. Well, that’s what could be inferred from the garbled stream of static and mangled words. You gotta love the NYC Transit system.

Kris turned to the girl who seemed to be hanging on to every word that sputtered through the speakers. “Ah, there you go, just a run in the nylon that is the subway.”

The girl smiled, sheepishly. Her face flushed, partly from psychotic exhaustion and partly from self-consciousness. She slowly released Kris’ knee and whispered an apology. Just then, the train jerked back to life and a sigh of relief escapes her.

“I’m s-sorry.” She said nervously.

“No, I should be apologizing…I mean, I could’ve been more accommodating.”

“Most people aren’t when they perceive your fear….as being ridiculous.”

“Well, I hate to be most people, so I’m just Kris.” Kris had offered a grin and they’d exchanged numbers.

And here they both were, riding on a wave of sensation. The club thumped with unnatural sounds and wild rhythms. But all Kris cared about at the moment was the body that was pressed into hers, swaying to the hypnotic sounds. With a sly grin, she slipped the small red pill through her friend’s quivering lips.

“Relax babe, and kiss your fears goodbye.” Kris whispered in a tone meant to penetrate the girl’s head.

“Are you sure this is safe?” The girl asked, even though she’d already swallowed the pill.

“Trust me.” Kris said through a smile as she brushed her lips against the girl’s exposed neck. “I promise you’ll be just fine.”

Meanwhile on the other side of the club a stout figure hobbled along the wall on the way to the washrooms. The figure moved slowly, stopping every now and then to wipe the blood that flowed like tears, from eyes that seemed ready to burst. The trip is exhaustive and soon, the figure collapses in a fit of convulsions, just short of the washroom. Soon, a pool of blood gathers and it isn’t until another patron finds the sight to be a complete nuisance that the bouncers are called in.


It was freezing, – or frozen rather. The sky was grey and ominous; not at all unusual for the season. A fresh haze of powder snowflakes fluttered down over the city, each one bearing no mark its brooding origin.

“Need a damn vacation.” Mavin mumbled to herself as she plowed her way to Bella’s condo.

A 20-minute drive stretched into 45 minutes because of the not-so-innocent snowflakes, millions of them. Mavin shook her head and pulled into the familiar driveway. She parked and made her way into the building. The elevator was working fine but as Mavin got in she couldn’t help but wonder if the stairs would’ve been faster.

“Only 12 floors…” She sighed, not wanting to think of what she would say to Bellinda. The things she wanted to do to the redhead.

“10th floor…2 more…” She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, partly nervous and completely excited.

After an everlasting trip on the elevator, – which really only lasted about 30 seconds, Mavin flew off the elevator and ran for Bellinda’s door. There were only 2 doors per floor so she didn’t have to think about how many doors she’d run past.

The tall butch was about to knock but remembered the key in her pocket. She swiveled to get the key and bumped into the door. It opened slightly.

“Odd.” Mavin stated to nobody but went in. She stood frozen, – attack of the not-so-innocent snowflakes. Only, there weren’t any. The place however, was thrashed beyond recognition.

The tall butch didn’t wait to absorb anything. She bounded for the bedroom, only to find more of the same mess. Clothes flung everywhere, the furniture all in complete disarray with pieces of broken glass littering the floor.

“What the hell is going on here?” Mavin whispered in wonderment, “Bellinda!” She called, though it was very clear there’d be no response.

Maybe she had a party. No, that couldn’t be it. There were no paper plates on the floor. Moreover the place was literally turned upside down. Then it hit her, like fındıkzade escort Mack truck to the side of her temple. The stupid prank caller and his vague message; Bellinda was in trouble and yet…somehow, she didn’t believe it.

“Shit!” Mavin spat as she realized her phone was in the car. She melted the soles of her shoes running out of the apartment and this time, the elevator went without consideration. The dark butch jumped down flights of stairs, almost tumbling a few times. Her mind, a mix of confusion, panic and rage, all fueled by adrenaline.

She got to the car and reached for her phone. She switched it on and was about to speed dial Bella when a call came in. Mavin answered it knowingly.

“You’ve yet to answer my question.” Mavin said, her breadth heaving.

“So I have your attention now?” The voice said wickedly.

“Where is she?” Mavin said each word slowly.

“She is safe, but not for long.”

“What do you want with her?” Mavin growled, holding her tongue even as she did.

“Tomorrow at noon, – Star Breeze Theatre. Book a ticket for the first show at 1pm. Come alone.” The voice said in a deadly serious tone.

“Wait a -” Mavin began, but the line was dead. She hit the redial button but got a garbled message about how the number she dialed didn’t exist.

She felt a cold chill run through her. What could they possibly want? And who were ‘they’ to begin with? José’s murderers seemed ripe suspects but why go for Bellinda?

It was all so surreal. Phbt! And she was supposed to wait ’til noon tomorrow.

“Oh, you picked the wrong butch to fuck with.” Mavin muttered under her breath as the wheels in her head turned. A few conclusions were drawn; first of all, Mavin Bright did not wait for anyone, let alone wait while the woman she loved was at risk of being tortured or killed. Wait a minute ‘loved’?

“Yes, yes, yes…I’m in…love.” Mavin said aloud for the first time in years. She may’ve admitted it to Bellinda, but she hadn’t completely reckoned that fact with herself. Only now, she had her work cut out for her.

She drove to the nearest phone booth and called a number she didn’t even know she remembered.

“The number you have dialed does not exist. Please check your number and try your call again later.” The recorded message played over and over.

“A stitch in time.” Mavin said when the message played a fifth time.

“Saves you from walking around in rags.” The soft feminine voice broke in, “How’s it going?”

“Pyro!” Mavin sighed with relief, “Damn babe, I need a favor.”

“You’re not doing me one by calling me from a payphone at this time of the year.”

“Come on baby, I’m lonely.” Mavin rolled her eyes.

“Nope, say it.”

“Pyro…” Mavin said in a warning tone.

“No say it or I hang up and scramble my digits.”

“Aight, aight…” Mavin relented, taking a deep cold breath, “I’m sorry for calling you from a payphone at this time of the year.”

“Now see, that wasn’t so hard. Apology accepted. What do you want, I am a busy femme.”

“I need to track someone down.” Mavin said after a short pause.

“And a PI wouldn’t have been easier?”

“This is serious babe, deadly serious. A PI might come in handy later but not right now. I need you Pyro.”

“I know you do.” The voice sighed.

“Come on Pyro.” Mavin clutched the phone.

“Fine, fine, ugh Mavin, you always do this. But whatever, what’s the name.”

“Are you really gonna do this while I’m standing in the cold at a payphone?”

“That was your choice Mave. I’m warm and cozy here.”

“Tell me where you are.” Mavin lowered her voice, to sound gentle.

“You know I can’t do that. It’s against the rules.” Pyro replied tiredly, as though they went through this every day.

“Can we bag the rules? This is no time for…” Mavin growled in anger, knowing she was fighting a lost cause. “Bellinda Ross.” She relented.

“The Bellinda Ross of the Illusions Modern Art Gallery?” Pyro said with some level of amazement.

“Yes, that’s her.” Mavin said slowly, suspicious of Pyro’s quick analysis.

“Wow, she’s like a guru in the art world. She recently did this painting called ‘Essence’ that’s like wet panties all around.”

“You know, I think there’s more to it than that, Pyro.” Mavin said as a shiver derailed her thoughts.

“Well, I’ll make an exception. Are you gonna tell me why you’re looking for her?”

“Not unless I can tell you to your face.”

“Hmm, why Doc, you propose an interesting bargain. Got your ware?”

“Yeah.” Mavin said, with a hint of relief.

“Okay, hang up. You’ll hear from me in about 10 minutes.”

“Aight cool.” Mavin hung up the line without ado and boarded her car.

She drove home, tempted to check her PDA for the message that Pyro would send, but decided she would be better off in her apartment, warm and mildly sane. By the time Mavin arrived at her place, the message from Pyro had already arrived as well.

Mavin settled down with her laptop, only bothering to remove her jacket as she proceeded to access the message. She pulled up the message and read the note from Pyro:

“Like I said, I’m only making an exception and thus, you’ll still have to do some work. The info you need is encrypted in the following attachment. Run it and you’ll know what to do. Enjoy.”

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