I Am Playing Tonight With My DomI Am Playing Tonight With My Dom


I am in front of the computer, looking for work and doing some more mundane tasks (ie perving Fetlife).

I am getting hotter by the minute.

I am getting wetter by the minute.

I imagine the feel of the rope on my skin, holding my hands behind my back, securely, unable to escape.

I imagine the feel of the rope going across my body, above my breasts and below, locking them and locking me tightly as it becomes harder to breath.

I imagine the feel of the rope going around my waist, down my middle and over my sex to go back up on my waist. The rope is really tight and just in between my lips, right on top of my clitoris and my vagina.

My heartbeat increases by the minute.

I imagine my feet bound together, then my knees, then my tights, all bound really tight, so tight that I cannot move.

I imagine my knees brought up towards my chest, making me more immobile, totally helpless and at your mercy.

I imagine your hand on my ass, making it warm and red.

I imagine your hand on my breasts, making my tits hard.

I imagine you holding me tight, not letting me go.

I imagine … too much.

After imagining too much, I make myself ready to meet my Dom.

I take my shower, use my favourite soap and shampoo. I take great care to make sure I smell very nice.

I put on my black lacy bras and my black granny pants (gotta love granny pants). This is me ready as I wait for his arrival.

I have prepared the bedroom with all our instruments and the ropes on display.

The doorbell rings, he’s here.

As I open the door, I see him, looking at me, appreciating me. I welcome him inside. This is me done. He is now in charge.

He takes my hand, saying softly that I look lovely tonight and that he has a great plan for us.

Once we are in the bedroom, he asks me to come close to him, which I do, and he puts my collar on. I am now really bebek escort his to be used and abused. I no longer have a say in what we do.

He suddenly grabs my arm and twists it sharply behind my back, pushing me towards the bed. He grabs my other arm and lock both of them within his steely grasp. I can feel him getting a rope, which he uncoils and then use to tie my wrists tightly so that I cannot escape.

He then wraps the rope around my chest and arms thus immobilising my upper body. He puts his hand on the middle of my back to keep me firmly on the bed and starts spanking me gently. It is almost like a caress. Then a loud and harsh slap lands on my arse cheek. It hurts but it also feels good. He carries on with the soft slaps and a new one loud and sharp. Ouch. I felt that one. Now the rhythm is increasing, the intensity is increasing. I am trying to move away but I cannot as I am firmly pinned on the bed. The rhythm is steady, the intensity is much stronger and then it stops.

I feel him caressing my buttocks as they feel … deliciously sore.

I know this is not over.

He unties me, turns me around and looks at me. At this very moment, I decide to try to escape. I know I won’t succeed. I know I will pay for it. But this is stronger than me. I have to try. I can see from his eyes that he knows what I am about to do. And he says: “Oh no you don’t”. While he says that, he grabs both my wrists tightly. I can feel his fingers burying themselves in my skin. I can feel his strength overcoming me. Yet I will not surrender. I am fighting back. As hard as I can, I am fighting back. But he doesn’t let go. He tightens his grip on my wrists, as if he could tighten his hands more. He is hurting me but I will not surrender. Seeing that we are in a deadlock of will, he releases my hands but push me on the bed and climbs over me, grabbing my wrists again. This time, I surrender, mecidiyeköy escort I cannot fight anymore. He is stronger than me. His will is stronger than mine. His dominance is stronger than my will to be free. I will now submit to what awaits me.

He asks me to put myself in the middle of the bed, lying on my front. He grabs one rope, ties a wrist and ties the end of the rope at the top edge of the bed. He grabs the other wrist and repeats what he did so that I can no longer move anywhere. He does the same with my ankles.

I know that I am in for some serious pain, something I am going to feel for some time.

He starts with hand spanking. My bum is seriously sore now and it is not pleasant. But I am going to hold on. I ask him to stop. He does. I need to breathe. I see him picking up the flogger.

He starts flogging my upper back. This is a gentle flogging, it is very pleasant, relaxing. I can feel myself gently going to subspace. The flogging rhythm is steady and increasing in intensity, at least I think it does as I am more and more in subspace.

Then I feel him stopping.

He climbs on the bed, unhooks my bras and climbs on me. It is harder for me to breath. But he is not moving. Instead, he is giving me a massage, starting from my shoulders, going slowly down my back following the line of my spine, then my cheeks and lastly my legs. Then he makes his way back up but stops at my leg opening. I am all open. I am all vulnerable. I am all his.

He inspects my pussy. I can feel his finger going from my clit to the entrance of my vagina. He puts his finger in me. I can feel him taking his finger out and then back in, only this time I know that it is not his finger but a vibrator, and it is at high intensity. I am completely in outer space and my body is all sensation. My arms are aching from being stretched out. My legs are aching. My bum is on fire. And my pussy… florya escort Oh my, oh my oh fucking hell, oh, oh, oh, I completely explode into an overwhelming orgasm.
He removes the vibrator. I am drenched in sweat and in tears by the intensity of what I have just experienced.

I can feel him kissing my back along my spine, making his way up. He frees my right hand and kisses it. He reaches my left hand, frees it and kisses it. He then frees both my ankles and kisses them. He turns me around. He looks at me, proudly. He is proud of me, I have pleased him. That makes me really happy. He holds me into his arms and we lie like this for a couple of minutes. He then grabs a condom, puts it on and makes gentle love to me.

Once depleted, we just stayed side by side, not saying anything but enjoying the moment we both have just lived, enjoying the warmth of our bodies, the smell of our scent, enjoying being in the moment when nothing else matters but us, right here, right now.

Once we had rested a bit, my Dom’s demeanour changed. Suddenly, he became distant.

He’s getting out of the bed and asks me to do the same.

I had noticed a bag when he arrived and I am seeing it now on top of the bed.

He slowly takes the bag’s content out of the bag. It is his steel collection: His handcuffs, his leg shackles and the connecting chain.

It downs on me what he wants to do.

He grabs my hands and cuffs them.

He asks me if I need to go to the toilet as it will be the last time I will be allowed until the morning. I immediately comply though it is not the easiest thing to do while being cuffed.

As I come back, he asks me to sit by the foot of the bed and shackles my feet.

He then grabs a padlock and attaches the chain to the handcuffs and pass it through the shackles as well, forcing me into a sitting position. He then wraps the rest of the chain at the foot of the bed and uses a second padlock, effectively making me a prisoner in my own home.

Without a word, he switches the light off and goes to sleep, leaving me there, startled, wondering why he left me like this and how long I will remain like this.

I am confused about what to feel.

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