I Shall Do My BestI Shall Do My Best


When you came toward me I was on my knees looking at you with devotion. Supplication and desire to please written on my face. You didn’t notice though your pupils dilated after you glanced at my outfit. Tight black leather corset pushing my ample breasts high, with red ribbon twined through and trailing on the floor. Matching leather mask covered much of my face. My hands cuffed behind my back at your command. No panties tonight, as you had instructed. My knees lay apart, the scent of my own wanting dripping down my leg filled my senses and only made the throbbing in my clit worse.

You came toward me as a predator might stalk cornered prey. Not that I minded any, I wanted to please only you. You kneel in front of me and looked me in the eyes. I gazed back, trying not to drown in their depth. I felt the soft sting of your hand softly slapping my face. I remembered I was supposed to look at the floor, “I’m sorry, Master,” I whispered. Though I wasn’t totally sorry, I had caught a glimpse of the most breathtaking ice blue gaze I’ve seen in a long time.

You left me on the floor and I heard your footsteps behind me. I knew better then to turn my head, that would not have made you happy. I waited. After several seconds, you returned to me with levent escort a two-foot length of velvet lined leather strapping. Still standing, you wrapped it lightly around my neck twice, kept hold of both ends and faced me. You pulled softly towards you with the strap, I moved closer towards your throbbing cock. Naked in its thick, long glory. All you wore tonight was black leather crotchless pants. No need to adorn your ripped abs, they were beauty enough. I could see veins pulsing, causing your cock to bounce slightly. A clear drop of precum threatened to fall to the floor. On impulse I quickly flicked the tip of my tongue over your head. You growl your disappointment at my undirected action. I want so much more, yet I must wait.

You pulled harder towards you, the strap tightening around my neck. I scoot towards you, waiting for command. You tell me to make you cum in 3 minutes. A hard task, but I do love a challenge. I peek at you from under hooded eyes, my breath quickens with anticipation. My mouth goes dry and my tongue suddenly slows its movement past my lips. I know what to do, but will you like it, Master? I force my trembling tongue towards your beautiful cock, knowing that once I taste you, I will mecidiyeköy escort never get enough. Not tonight.

You stand stock still as my lips close over you. Almost too much for my mouth to handle, but you pull me closer causing you to touch the back of my throat. I gag slightly, breathing through my nose making it easier to suck on you as you allow me to pull away. I make sure that you don’t leave my mouth completely, sucking hard as my lips pop over the ridge on the head of your cock. I lick around the head, humming low as you jerk against my mouth.

I glance up at you watching for approval as my tongue travels the length of your cock. Saliva drips from my lips as I make love to your beautiful hardness. My mouth takes hold of one of your balls and my tongue caresses, you growl softly in pleasurable approval. I feel my own arousal flow free and moan slightly, shifting to get closer to you to cover my hips that moved of their own volition.

You pull tighter on the strap, giving me a slight head rush, forcing your cock to the hilt. I don’t forget to breath out and suck hard on you as you pick up the pace. Another minute and you will cum, your balls tightening as succulent plums that I am starving for. I avoid teething kağıthane escort you as you speed up, pulling the strap tighter still.

The movement of you fucking my mouth and the head rush from the strap has caused my pussy to clench in sweet, torturous orgasm. Though you aren’t touching me, and I am bound, I feel the honey run fastly down both of my legs. You notice because your nostrils flare with a deep breath and you drive harder and faster into my warm, soft mouth.

You suddenly moan and stop and I feel the rush of citrus hot hit the back of my throat. Your cock throbs, emptying the last of your juice onto my tongue. I swallow, sucking and licking to make sure that I have gotten every last drop.

I shift away and stare at the floor, attempting to slow my racing heart. You kneel down and place two fingers under my chin, forcing my green eyes to meet yours. I look and find what I’m looking for. I have made you happy tonight, my Master. Thank you for this chance. You unwind the strap from around my neck and trail your fingers reverently on the marks it left.

You uncuff me, and tell me to stand, I do so shakily, my mind still reeling from my own orgasm and the fact that I can still taste you on my lips. You hand me the strap and look at me imploringly. I notice your cock is bouncing again. Your eyes are still dilated, your breathing is now quicker then mine. You lick your lips and look down at my pussy shaved to form the letter S.

I know what you want Master, and I shall try my best to please you again.

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