Free Use Household ShortsFree Use Household Shorts


A collection of Free use short stories.

I feel like Free use is often best characterized by very short pieces – describing the passing momentary nature of the exchange.

Each story describes from a different perspective but the sister/daughter character is the same throughout.


“Bend over and spread.”

The 18 year old girl closed the fridge, and ignoring her brother for the moment, continued scooping ice-cream into her bowl. He coughed, she turned her head a little, flipping ginger curls to the side.


He waited ever so patiently as she finished and returned the ice cream to the freezer, then settled over the side of the couch and parted her legs to allow him access. Her brother moved into place and shimmied down her tight jeans and flipped up the little skirt she wore over them. — then freeing himself from his own constraints he held her hips and pushed in. the girl complied by arching her back in a feline fashion as she Mmmed at the ice-cream which was by now dribbling down her tongue.

She finished her ice cream before her brother, and waited patiently for a few moments before he finished her — grunting as he spent himself. She’d set down the bowl as the final flurry of thrusts had approached as not to drop it — and now she picked it up again — pulling up her jeans and scurrying off to the kitchen to wash her dish. Her brother, the urge now satisfied went off to the back yard where he settled into a lawn chair with his book. Both were enjoying the last few weeks of summer before school began.


In this house we always take care of any messes that we make.

That’s why Papa pointed at his erection with indignation.


“I’m sorry!” I said. Coming over to his chair and kneeling in front of him. Taking it in my mouth, and putting both hands around the base.

I probably should have worn pants. I’ve gotten into the bad habit lately of just wearing t-shirts around the house. They’re so comfortable and easy to just slip on, but it’s inconsiderate of the men I know.

I dutifully bobbed my head up and down on Papa’s cock, looking up every once in a while to make sure I was doing okay. He had a hand tangled in my hair, and was fixated on my lips. No lecture today, which is good.

Honestly I’ve stopped caring a little lately, which is bad I know, but I’ve accidentally gotten my brothers hard every morning for weeks now, and maybe I shouldn’t be wiggling so much in our shared bed, but it kinda seems like no matter what I do they’re going to get erections.

Besides, it’s naughty to say but sometimes when Papa is late for work…

“I’m late, get up, let’s do this faster” Papa hauls me up and puts me escort karkamış over the table, flips up my t-shirt, and then that giant erection is against me. I’m already wet because I was sorta expecting this, which is good because it can hurt at first, but he pushes into me and it’s the most amazing feeling. Then he starts moving in and out and I start moaning because it feels so good. it doesn’t take long before he’s ejaculated inside.

Then he reaches around and still inside me, puts a finger on my clit and rubs and it doesn’t take long there either, till I’m shuddering all over and the warm glow is over me. Then his cock is back in his pants and he’s out the door.

He doesn’t have to do the clit thing but he usually does when he goes in me like that. After all by doing it in me like that he’s making me horny, and in this house we always take care of any messes that we make.


“My Papa sent me – he wanted you to know that I’m the sexual hospitality for your stay.”

“oh I don’t mind.”

She kneels beside your bed on the floor and slips in beside you, her body curls around yours just right, and your hand naturally rests on the small of her back. You can feel her pussy, hot, pressed against your upper thigh.

“I’m all yours.” she purrs. “all night”

“aren’t you going to use me?” she pouts.

Her hands have found your cock, just as she’s arching against your hands coming lower. You cup her heat and send your index finger into her. She moans your name, her hands stroking you not quite as you’d do it yourself, but making up for it in enthusiasm.

“inside” she mutters and you’re ready too. You toss the blankets aside and roll her over so you can spoon her, arms encircling her hips, fingers expertly circling her pleasure.

Then you’re inside her and her butt is bucking against you, and she’s arching against you and you don’t even want to move but savour this slippery moment, but then you are moving and she picks up your rhythm pushing against you on the instroke as the uninstructed are want to do, but you’re not correcting her.

And it’s not long before she’s shuddering and her whole body goes rigid on your cock and you slow your strokes for a moment, loving the sudden tightness of her, and then she’s making little hip movements again and your thrusting into her again hard, and then you’re asking if you can cum inside her and she’s saying yes, yes, please, do it now, inside, and blessed release comes.

And you’re inside her still and she’s snuggling her cute little butt closer to you and you wrap your arms around her and as you begin to slip out of her you fall into sleep.


“Tom, can karkamış escort bayan you give me an orgasm really quick?” Laura asked me.

“I’m busy,” I said, turning to the next page in my book.

“C’mon, can I at least use your cock?”


She pulled up her skirt, as I unbuckled, taking my cock in her mouth and taking a minute to get me hard. Then she slipped me into her very wet pussy and began riding.

“Can you go slower? It’s distracting,” I asked after a minute.

“I’m almost there,” she panted breathily.

She rode as I read until a minute later she shuddered and slipped off me. I tucked myself back in my pants and turned a page.

Sisters are so annoying


She took off her shirt to all of our surprise, breasts bobbing free of constraints.

“What?” she said defensively “girls like sex too”

Then she climbed onto John’s lap and started kissing him.

“Not fair.” said Eric

She turned, fingers still fumbling at John’s crotch. “I don’t think I could take all of you – but” she paused. “Tell you what. I’ve got some girlfriends who wouldn’t mind some action. Let’s go over there.”

We agreed readily enough. This wasn’t the direction any of us were expecting the day to go but no one was complaining. She and John – with a smug look on his face – snuggled in the back seat and she’d stubbornly refused to put her shirt back on.

She finally did, oddly, to go knock on the door of the wealthy looking house we ended up on.

We all trooped in, the girl who’d opened the door was certainly hot. Though also in pajamas. The two women murmured and the one nodded and then John was getting pulled upstairs and we were told to wait here.

I wandered a little, Michael got undressed, and Eric took off his shirt. The house was amazing. Plants everywhere, something like five couches, and immaculate white carpets. That look that wealthy houses have these days.

Then the girl came down again. Dressed to undress. She answered the door and two more came in, a mom and her daughter best I could tell. Both dressed – provocatively. Mom had to be early thirties, daughter looked legal, but barely.

Then we paired up. There were enough couches to go around. I found myself with the daughter, we didn’t even introduce ourselves, just slipped off clothes. I was vaguely aware of Eric grunting, but my world focused in.

She had these tight little jeans that I shimmied off her hips, and a tank top that melted off like butter. We kissed and she opened her legs to let me finger her. I could feel her body ripple in pleasure through her lips. It was great.

When I slid into her she was so tight, and her legs wrapped round me like she never wanted karkamış escort to let go. I asked if I could nut inside her and she said yeah, so I did.

I thought that was it till our host made her way towards me in nothing but stockings and garters and this great collar. She had an amazing smile and didn’t look embarrassed to be naked at all.

“You mind if I get you up again?” she asked like I was going to say no. Her lips around my stiffening cock was an image.

Then, when I was hard, she climbed on, and we kissed with her on top. She played with herself while rocking a little and it was an amazing show, but when she was done I wasn’t much closer to cumming.

Luckily it was just then that the mom sauntered up, and kneeled down and turned around and I knew just what to do. I took her doggy style and she moaned and mewled and said it was okay to cum in her too so I did.

After that we stopped over at that house a lot, and sometimes the girls would say no, they were busy, but often they’d invite us in and we’d have orgies like no other.


Edward walked into the bathroom to find his sister already brushing her teeth.

“Bend over?” he asked.

“Mphh?” she said.

“Got a hardie,” he explained.

“Mmm,” she said “Grrmph urmrfr” which he took as consent.

She was just wearing a T-shirt, one of the reasons he was hard in the first place, but easy to pull up. He snagged some lube from its place on the sink and slipped into her, savoring how tight and warm his sister’s pussy was, and holding her hips as he pushed in. She gargled, spit, and washed her toothbrush, examined her face in the mirror, and then snaked a hand down to play with herself as he thrust. He came inside her but didn’t immediately pull out, knowing she liked him to stay inside as she finished and shuddered in her own release.

“Goodnight Sis,” he said as he moved to grab his own toothbrush.


Breakfast was going to be late again. I knew it from the moment I stepped out of the shower and heard the slap, slap, slapping sound coming from the kitchen.

“Papa, let me help,” I said, coming in to Mama’s rescue and snagging Papa by the cock. I pulled him into the dining room and bent over the table, pulling my skirt up to give him easy access to my pussy. In the kitchen Mama straightened her skirts and turned the burner back on to continue breakfast.

Papa pushed into me, muttering about how I wasn’t as wet as my mother, but really, he was already lubed up with her juices and slipped in fine. Papa was still pounding away at me when Mama slipped a plate of bacon and eggs under my nose, winking at me, and going into the kitchen to dish up my brothers, who were just now making their way down the stairs.

“Here, I’ll take him back. Thank you Laura,” Mama said, pulling Papa out of me and leaning over the piano to let him finish. I sat down, pussy feeling a little empty, but glad for the chance to eat uninterrupted.

“Thanks Mama.”

“We women have to work together,” she says as Papa groans in release.

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