Housesitter TuesdayHousesitter Tuesday

Group Sex


I was wakened by Mary, stirring next to me. I hoped she would stop so I could get a little more sleep, but she fidgeted. That’s the problem with being a Dom, your women are always nervous about offending you when you’re not angry and are trying to do something else. No life is perfect.

I sighed inwardly. “Good morning Slave.”

She fell on me, her face on my chest as she cried. “I’m sorry Master! Please forgive me!” She nuzzled my chest as she plead, wetting me with her tears.

I pulled her off me, stroking her face. She stopped crying when she did not see anger in my face and I kissed her. “It’s okay baby, I recognize you are unable help it if you faint. I’m not angry.”

“Really?” She sniffled.

I nodded and kissed her again, my tongue entering her mouth and being met by her pleasant warmth. “How does your body feel?” I asked once she was calm.

“Incredible,” she smiled, “I would never have guessed anyone could cum that hard.” She ran a gentle hand over herself.

“Are you sore?”

“A little, but it was worth it. I will take whatever you want Master.”

“Let me see your ass slut.” She turned and presented her butt to me; following commands was easier for her now, there was no embarrassed hesitation, only obedience. I fondled her ass, it was still a little pink, but she hardly winced even when I squeezed. I spread her cheeks and felt her go rigid. I probed a little, but never penetrated. She hissed, but did not shy away. “Go shower. When you are done. use the lotion on yourself, you may use as much as you want. When you are done, come wake me up.”

“Yes Master.” I pulled back my hand and gave her a hearty smack. She yelped and bolted off the bed. She stood rubbing her ass. “Thank you Master.” I rolled over to go to sleep.


I got a small nap in before Mary woke me. I was mildly agitated to not be able to sleep in, but on the other hand it was nice to awaken to a new slave. I sat up and stretched. I felt good overall but breaking in a slave is a strenuous task. Subs always laugh when you say that, but it does take effort.

I ordered Mary to go prepare a nice breakfast for two while I brushed my teeth. When I arrived downstairs I frowned at the selection but, again, could not blame my slave. The food had not been purchased with my preferences in mind, she would have to learn my tastes. This brought a new issue to the fore. Over our meal I explained to Mary that besides being a sex slave she would have to fulfill the duties of a personal assistant for me. I would give her an expense account for business and to keep herself appropriately, but she would be in serious trouble if she abused it, or if I caught her letting herself go. She nodded, understanding the seriousness of my warning. As she cleaned up, I told Mary we were going shopping again for a few odds and ends we did not finish Sunday and to do some new business.


Our first stop was simply to pick up the dress I had ordered for her. Then we returned to the sex shop. Mary looked panicky as we enter, not wanting her boundaries expanded again so soon, but was quiet when all I picked out was a set of thick rubber beads, I suspected this was because she did not know what they were for. Maybe she thought I was going to beat her with them.

Our next series of stops were to several stores that I frequent. It took the entire morning to show my slave her duties as an assistant, but she grasped them. I gave her a small bank account; I handle my important affairs myself.

It was now lunch time and I was thinking about what to do. We had the dress now so I could go to a club I frequent, but I was not sure Mary was ready for that. Nothing is more vexing than an improperly trained slave. I finally decided on an expensive nearby place that had secluded tables and excellent ambiance.

Mary was quiet as we sat down, the opulent decor was something with which she was not accustomed. She kept a straight face when she saw the prices on the menu, but I decided to mitigate some of her worries.

“Do you understand all of your duties now?”

“Yes Master.”

“You do not need to be a slave when functioning as my assistant, you may do as you see fit. Remember, however, that you are always a slave first, if I tell you drop what you are doing and assume a slave posture you will, even if it means your other work is undone or spoiled. None of it is so important that it needs to be done, comfort can be done without. And you will accept the punishment for not doing your job without comment. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master.” Fear showed on her face.

“What is it?”


“Did something of those in instructions surprise or upset you?”

“I just did not realize that you would punish me if I made a mistake.”

“Of course I would, you are always my slave. It is a post you should be proud of, you must accept it fully. If we are in public and you behave poorly, I will make your bottom burn when cihangir escort we get home. Just because we are not open about our relationship all the time does not mean it ends then.”

Mary paled.

“Is there anything else you want to ask?” She considered. “I will not hold it against you.”

“How can you do this?” She gestured to the room around us. “I mean these prices, the dress, the account that I get, where is this money coming from?”

I was not interested in giving my whole life story, so a quickly spat out a vastly paraphrased version. “A while ago I came into a little bit of money, a bonus from working hard at a summer job. I would have blown it, but being the inveterate gambler that I am I slipped off to Atlantic City. I got lucky, and suddenly didn’t have college loans to worry about anymore, and a little more. I couldn’t really gamble in college so I thought I would try trading stocks. It gives a similar thrill, only it’s a hell of a lot easier. Or, more realistically, at least my luck held. Either way I made a killing in a big hurry. Fast forward to today; I now have enough that I’ve invested it and can live well of the interest while having no risk to the principal. I won’t be on the Forbes list anytime soon, but I live comfortably. And I don’t have to worry about it going away.”

She seemed more at ease. “Does that mean we have an easy life style?”

“If by that you mean we do not have to work, yes.”

“Then what do you do with your time?”

“Mainly just hobbies, I still make a few small maneuvers in the market here and there, but most of my time is spent relaxing. I enjoy life, I do keep myself productive and informed, but I have completely removed myself from the rat race.”

“It sounds nice.”

“It is. You do know that you will live off my wealth as well, I do not expect you to hold a job by any means.”

“Except as your assistant.”

“Come now,” I scoffed, “none of that will take up more than a few hours a week. Now you will be a slave full time, but that is a lifestyle, not a job.”

She seemed to brighten. “So I should get used to this type of place.”

“Yes and no. When we go out it will be this class of establishment we frequent, but I do not care for mainstream society, so I do not get out often. I prefer to stay in and enjoy the company of good slave, or go to certain gentlemen’s clubs. I don’t mean strip clubs by that either.”

We ordered and our conversation turned to the more mundane. The food was exquisite, but my slave’s company lacked a certain mental alacrity. While I could enjoy her body, I knew I would have to search elsewhere for mental stimulation. I kept up the conversation with half my attention while I thought about the coming afternoon. Mary’s wardrobe was severely limited for my tastes, but another battery of shopping did not appeal very much, it never does. I could drop her off to shop alone and have some time to myself, that sounded better. I asked my slave where she normally shopped, and was not surprised to hear the mall area

We exited and I drove us to the mall. I loathe the place, but I would not be there for long. We went to a boutique and I had Mary purchase a short dark blue Asian silk print bathrobe that had long sleeves but just hid her snatch. She took the buy well. Perhaps she realized how sensual she looked with her legs poking out.

I told her it was the last purchase I would supervise for now and I was leaving for a few hours. I told her to shop for herself, but find outfits that matched my tastes. I handed her some cash (she also, of course, had her bank card) and the car keys before I sauntered out.


I had only a short walk to get away from the beaten path. I spent a rather pleasant time discussing business at a small tea shop where I know the owner. It was a good break, forming a girl into a good slave is a time-intensive business. I certainly had not been expecting to have such a drain on my days and many of my planned activities were not fulfilled, but then again forming a slave has its pleasures too.

Mary was waiting for me when I returned.

“I put all the clothes in the car so you would not have to carry them.”

“Good thinking.” I gave her a peck on the check and she beamed. “How much money did you spend?”

“Just what you gave me.” I was correct; she shopped faster than I would have. It would have taken me over a day to spend all of that on clothes. “Is that all right Master?”

I recognized the nervousness in her voice. “Of course, I told you draw more than that if you needed. I am not going to spank you for every little deviation from my suggestions. It will take time, but you will learn what is acceptable.”

“I considered meeting you in a new outfit.” She tested.

“That would have been fine, but not necessary. It might have been a hassle for you too, because I would have made you change back if they did not match my plans for the evening.”

“Okay, mecidiyeköy escort I think I see. What are our plans for the evening?”

“A private meal on my boat.”

“You have a boat?”

“It is far from the largest yacht in the world.” I chuckled. “I enjoy being off shore out of contact for a few days on occasion. You will be getting to know it very well. We will not go out on the water tonight, but the larder is full. We can eat by candles and perhaps have a private fashion show.”

“As you wish Master. I like the idea of a fashion show very much.”

Mary questioned me about what I did while she was shopping. This led to me trying to explain the markets. She struggled with the concepts. In her defense it was insiders’ jargon; I had been speaking with several pundits. I was not particularly inclined to teach my slave ideas that she would never be able to fully grasp. It may be arrogant, but there is a living beat to the markets: if you don’t feel it there is no point in trying to understand them.

When we emptied the car I was surprised at the number of bags we brought on board. “I bought a few expensive pieces, but mainly went for variety to make sure to get some things you like.” She explained.

It was her turn to be surprised at my boat. I purchased a smaller ship, not one I would want to circumnavigate the world in, but I could sail down the east coast for a few weeks in some comfort. I gave my slave a basic tour and I left her to prepare dinner while retired to my mini-office to look after some affairs.

It was longer than I expected before I was called for the meal. I assumed Mary was checking out my ship some. The living quarters were essentially a small two bedroom apartment. She had laid the table out quite beautifully, even finding candles I did not know I still had. I told her to slip into her new robe and join me.

She looked breathtaking when she returned. Her long tan legs stuck out of what amounted to a shirt. I called her over and sat her in my lap. She rubbed her tight body against my own as we kissed. Slowly I turned her around and bent her over my lap. She tensed up. From my pocket I removed the anal beads and a bottle of lotion I had hidden there earlier. I flipped up the bottom of the robe to expose her cute ass and started to massage it. She made noises of fear, that grew louder as I slightly penetrated her hole with my finger, worming the digit around in her internal warmth. She started when she felt the cool of the lotion on her rectum. “There, there slut, stay still for me.”

“Yes Master.” She looked up at me with big round eyes and silently begged for mercy as I applied liberal amounts of lotion to slick her rear channel up. Her demeanor was one of utter submission. Her body coiled in fear, wishing she could bolt, but staying still, accepting she would take whatever came next.

My cock stirred at the sight, I shifted to make sure she felt it press against her tummy. “You are incredible.” She smiled despite her fear, nothing pleased her more than knowing she did it for me. I started to coat the beads with lotion and she realized what they were for. I smiled to myself as I watched her figure out if this was better or worse than the heavy cock that she had expected. She groaned as I forced the first bead in, but I went slow to spare her. I savored every little mew she gave as her ring expanded to take a bead. It was a short chain so I put it all in up to the plug at the end. I had her sit back up on my lap. She squirmed around to find a position the beads did not hurt, but stopped when I kissed her deeply. “Make me proud.”

She heartened at this. “I will make you happy to own me.”

“Now let us eat before the food cools.” She nodded and went to her seat. She stopped to look at the hard wood chair. “You may get a pillow from the couch if you wish.”

“Thank you Master!” Relief washed over her features. She quickly returned and sat on the pillow. I could still tell she was uncomfortable. She ate sparingly and her conversation would suddenly drop off sometimes when she shifted to make herself more comfortable. It was obvious to me she could focus on balancing and be relatively all right, but if her attention wandered she received an unpleasant reminder. I neither rushed nor lingered over dinner even though I was enjoying the show. Once we were finished I instructed her to clean up while I slipped off to the living room. She walked slightly uneasily, but I did not stay to watch.

I listened to classical music and relaxed in the dark, lush living room. I interrupted Mary once to bring me a drink, but left her to her work. I spent the time reviewing my plans in my mind to perfect them. Presently my slave joined me. “Come and kneel before me.” Silently she sank to her knees in front of my chair. I spread my legs and she got the message. Gently she opened my pants and slid them down. She reached through my boxers and putting her cool little fingers around me, pulled me out. I was stiffening, but far from kurtuluş escort full so she began to jack me lightly. Shortly she moved on licks and kisses, nuzzling me with her face as though she was a cat to show her devotion. I let a rumble of approval work up my chest and throat as I watched her. She took care to cover every part of me with a warm and gentle bath. Once my full member glistened with her saliva, she dipped her head and accepted my cock head between her lips. I enjoyed her tongue trailing over the knob, feeling each contour with the tip. She took her time, but eventually pressed her face forward until I hit the back of her throat. She paused, but twisted herself to take all of me, and her chin came to rest on my balls. Steadily she pulled back, lips wrapped tight around my dick as it extracted. She babied my head at the top before working her way back down. I put one hand behind her head and stroked her hair as she worked, she looked up in a silent thank you. That gesture caused her to redouble her efforts and she gleefully sucked harder, and cupped my balls. She slipped off my rod to suck them in her mouth and poke them a bit with her tongue. Her head was bobbing away when I felt the telltale signs of impending explosion. I held back to time my spew with her head pulling back. Mary had not expected it, and squeaked, but dutifully sucked down every last bit of the sticky cum that shot from my cock as it whipped around in her mouth. She slowed and stopped once I was dry, but since I continued to caress her head she stayed on her knees and rested her head on my lap. After a while I patted her head, “you are quickly becoming a good slave.”

“Thank you Master.” I patted my lap and she climbed up. I saw tears in her eyes and wiped them away. “It means so much to me that you like me, all I want to do is please you.”

“You are slave, you are.” My cock stirred against her leg and she slipped it inside. She winced at the sensation of being doubly filled, and held herself still. She was still struggling to get her wind as I opened her robe and began to play with her tits. I pinched them a little and she squealed, and then groaned at the pain she felt because she had moved. “I want that fashion show now.” She nodded and hopped off my lap. She was a sight: her whole body was flushed and her robe was opened, showing a throbbing pussy; red puff lips that were shiny as a telltale to the wetness that slipped out of her. She caught my gaze and moved a hand to cover herself in embarrassment. “Do not hide yourself from me.” I spoke sternly and she dropped her hand. “Over my lap.” Her eyes got wide, but she bent over my lap and I flipped the hem of the robe onto her back. I slowly rubbed her ass while she trembled in fear. “We have been over this before, you are mine and anything of yours I want or want to see I get, you never deny me. It that clear?”

“Yes Master!” She wailed. I gave her five good slaps and she was sobbing because everyone hit the beads inside.

“Stand up!” She leapt to her feet. “Finger yourself. Tears trailing down her face and still flush she began to finger fuck herself. She tried to look away, but I ordered her to look into my eyes to humiliate her more. It made it clear that I was in charge, she had no power. I let her get close, which was not long considering she had been filled before, but denied her release. Instead I had her get down on all fours and crawl into the bedroom beside me to see what she had bought. “I am curious to see what you purchased, take you bags into the bathroom and change there. I am not in a mood to wait, but make yourself look your best.”

Wiping the tears from her eyes she scurried into the adjoining bathroom. I turned on a CD of classical music, retrieved my drink, and got a pad to make notes on the outfits my slave had bought. Training someone else to understand my tastes is not an easy feat.

The fashion show continued for over an hour, Mary moving gingerly throughout. Once she was done I had her slip back into her robe and come sit on the floor before me. “Do you have any comments before I tell you what I think?”

“Just what I told you before, I was not sure what you liked, so I went for a variety of cheap pieces. And I did not buy outfits to go together, just single items I thought you would like.”

“Any reason for that?”

“I wanted to be sure to be ready when you got back.”

I murmured wordlessly to myself; I could accept that. I looked at my notes, I could tell the delay was eating at my pet. “Overall you did well.” She let out a big breath and smiled. “I had noticed that many pieces did not work well together, but that was explained. I enjoyed the variety. You pulled many pieces that I might not have, but that still worked for my tastes. Some of the pieces may not get much use, but I deem only the red hot pants as unacceptable. The only other note I have to add is that most for your pieces were more dignified than I will always want. You are a slut, I expect you to dress the part sometimes.”

“Yes Master. Might I speak?” I motioned. “I thought of that, but the mall stores generally to not have that type of clothes.”

“I see.” I thought about it for a moment, before going in a new direction. “Put all of your clothes away and then wait for me here.” She hurried to do as she was told.

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