The Sex ShopThe Sex Shop


I didn’t do as well in my school exams as I should have. My mind wasn’t really on it. It was on sex, all day and every day, and my dreams filled my nights with it too. The first whisperings of a reputation that no-one really believed followed me enough that several of the boys who previously wouldn’t give me a second glance followed me around, and I did flirt a little, but my heart wasn’t really in it. I could see how they guarded their relationships so jealously, that so many of the after school fights started with the careless glance at their female possessions. I wanted none of that. No-one would own me. I couldn’t imagine ever being satisfied by one man. Even, at the moment, one at a time.

So I left school with no qualifications, and still no friends. I was miserable, and just hung around the house, watching TV. My mother was pestering me to go out and get a job, but the only ones to be had were in the local factories and supermarkets, stacking and sorting. I felt better than that. I did have a skill, after all, that few women do. I was sexually unfazeable.

I pride myself on a very vivid imagination, another skill which has come in useful over the years, and as I daydreamed I could not imagine a single sexual act which would revolt me. Indeed, the dirtier it was the more turned on I became, and I frequently played with myself, imagining all the fetishes in the world played out on me (although masturbation has never really worked for me).

As a matter of fact I was wrong: There are, to date, exactly three fetishes I have come across which do little or nothing for me, but I’ve tried those as well. But I digress, that’s a story for another time.

I knew what industry I wanted a job in, but had no idea how to get into it. I kept myself trim as much as possible, and took up swimming to tone myself up. I practiced applying make up until I was a mistress of the art, and could look anything from angel to hooker in minutes. I wandered up and down the lanes where the local call-girls plied their trade, but could not bring myself to partake. It all looked to dangerous to me, and I had heard far too many tales of them being found dead in a ditch somewhere. No, that wasn’t for me. This wasn’t a quickie to get me a few quid to see me through to my next fix. I was a career woman.

The obvious answer would have been the movies, but there were a couple of problems with that. Firstly I couldn’t imagine what my mother would say if she learnt of my desires. I would die of embarrassment if she were ever to get wind of anything about my double life. Secondly I was in England, and at the time the UK was a little puritanical about such things. I didn’t know about what went on behind closed doors, of course, but at the time the problem seemed insurmountable.

So my problems were twofold: I had no money, and I was desperately frustrated. I couldn’t get sex off my mind, and my own fumblings with myself were fruitless. I eventually decided what I needed was some sort of sex toy (at the time I didn’t even know what a dildo was called, though I was vaguely aware of the concept), and mustered enough courage to visit my local sex shop.

I knew where it was because I had passed it every day on the bus on the way to school. My heart was pounding as I walked through the door. There were two men inside trying to look innocently through the magazines, and two men chatting behind the counter, looking up at a video screen that was turned away from the customers. They smiled as I walked in, and the two customers did their best not to look at me at all.

I looked around the shelves. There were quite a few vibrators and dildos on the shelves, and I looked Kemankeş Escort at them briefly enough to satisfy myself that they sold one that would suit my needs, without wishing to handle them too much in front of the present company. My attention was drawn, though, by the magazines on sale, big and small, often sold packed in packages of many at once. The pictures they depicted made me feel weak at the knees. Here, a woman smiled a huge smile while surrounded by at least a dozen cocks, some resting on her cheeks. There, a woman was pierced front and rear by a man’s abdomen, and two stickers saying ‘Special Offer!’ and ‘More Inside!’. My imagination was running overtime, and I could feel the familiar warm, wet sensation of excitement spreading from between my legs. I slowly moved my hand up my skirt towards my panties and…

‘Can I help you?’, He said. I jumped, and dropped my skirt back down.

‘Erm…’, I said. I told myself not to be so silly, this was the man’s job, after all. ‘What’s your most realistic vibrator?’ He smiled. ‘How realistic do you want?’

‘I just want it to feel right. In my hand and in my… My cunt.’ Sex shop worker though he was, my candor obviously startled him, though he did his best not to let it show. The other customers, had started to sidle out the door, but overhearing the conversation turned as nonchalantly as possible and started browsing again, just within earshot.

‘I see.’, He said. ‘Er, well I can’t really vouch for any of them by personal experience, you understand. Though this one,’ he said, pointing to a large white dildo ‘says it’s realistic feeling on the box.’ I picked it up and read the side. ‘Yes.’, I said. ‘Can I take it out and feel it?’

He glanced over at his mate behind the counter. ‘Yes, sure.’, He said. I slid the dildo out of the box and held it in my hands. It was quite large, with a foreskin built into it which moved satisfactorily backwards and forwards. It was cold, but other than that felt very similar to those I had held before. I looked over at the man and smiled again, and noticed how he was holding himself. He obviously had a large and quite painful erection, and was doing his best not to let it show. I looked around at the other men in the shop. They all immediately glanced away when I looked at them, but not quickly enough to stop me realising I had been stared at. I could feel the power running through me like a current. The situation was coming together nicely. If I could just move things along a little…

I put the dildo, still unboxed, back down on the shelf, and took a couple of steps towards him. He started to take a step backwards and then, reading my face, checked himself. I put my hand out to his groin and felt his cock, almost as big as the dildo, through his jeans. ‘What about this?’, I said hoarsely. ‘Can I take this out?’

He looked over again at the man behind the counter, and I looked around too. All eyes were on me now, and this time they didn’t look away. He looked back at me, and swallowed. ‘There’s a room…’, He said hesitantly.

‘No.’ I said firmly. ‘Here or not at all’. Looking into his eyes I moved my hand to his fly and slowly unzipped him, waiting for him to stop me. He didn’t. His cock burst out of his jeans and into my waiting hand; he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Still looking him in the eyes I knelt down and took the head of his penis in my mouth, letting my tongue curl around it, feeling my way around its curves and breathing in its taste. It didn’t taste clean and fresh like the boys at school, but a little sweaty and salty, and there was a little background of a taste I didn’t at the time recognise, but I now Escort Kemankeş realise was female cum from earlier in the day, or maybe even the night before. Whatever, it felt dirty, and a little sordid, and it turned me on more than ever.

I moaned a little, as did the owner of the cock in my mouth, stuck my ass up in the air and hitched up my skirt. I reached round with my free hand to try and pull down my panties, but couldn’t quite reach. I wished the rest of the guys would start to take the hint soon, my pussy, and myself, were just crying out for something hard inside me. I was just beginning to wonder if I should reach for the dildo and start on myself when someone, I don’t know who, snapped out of their trance and cried ‘Fucking yes!’ and was quickly behind me. I didn’t want to take the first guy out of my mouth, especially as he was starting to slowly and gently rock himself backwards and forwards in my mouth, moaning softly to himself with each rock, and his pleasure increased my own.

Whoever it was behind me pulled down my panties and inserted two fingers into my cunt, causing me to open my mouth to moan despite myself, but I needn’t have worried as my fleshy gag was soon re-inserted. ‘Oh, fuck yes!’, Again from behind me, and the fingers were removed to be quickly replaced by a lovely, fat cock, which would have had trouble entering me but for the fact that by this point I was virtually wet enough to paddle in. I was forced to remove the cock from my mouth for just a moment to cry out as I orgasmed for the first time since the night of my first time. I had been worried that in the moment I might have gritted my teeth, and ruined the moment.

‘Oh god, yes! Yes! Fuck me! Yes! Oh, God!’. After delivering this short soliloquy I pounced back on the cock in front of me as the guy fucking me doggy style settled down into a rhythm, each thrust driving me forward onto the cock in my mouth, down my throat. The first few times I nearly choked, but after that I discovered that if I made a swallowing motion each time it went nicely down my throat, and was reasonably comfortable. It was like I had made a second pussy, and I felt fulfilled in every sense of the word. This, I decided, was what I had been put on this earth for.

‘Yes, you bitch!’, Cried the man behind me. ‘You fucking whore! Suck that cock! Suck Johnnie’s cock! Suck it! You like it, don’t you? You like the taste of that cock!’ Johnnie, I gathered, was the man I had in my mouth, and yes, I did like it, though I was hoping he would cum soon, as I liked the taste of cum even more.

No sooner thought than done, as with a final thrust he sent a torrent of cum shooting down my throat, holding the back of my head with his hand, fortunately just as I was swallowing, so I didn’t choke or retch at all. I swallowed it down gulp after gulp, most of it bypassing my taste buds and going straight to my stomach, though I did get a small taste as he wanked the last few drops from his cock onto my waiting tongue, and I quickly gave it a hard suck, just to make sure I had it all. I rolled the results around on my tongue like a wine taster before swallowing them down.

‘Oh god, yes!’ cried the vocal man behind me, and removed himself from my cunt. I whimpered a little; I was disappointed if that was all. I needn’t have worried. He lifted me up my legs and pulled my panties completely off, flinging them somewhere out of sight. Then he picked me up by the waist and carried me to a raised area towards the back of the shop, where he set me down again on the floor. He sat down on the top of the step, took off his trousers, and slapped his lap, his erection bouncing Kemankeş Escort Bayan with each slap.

‘Climb over here on uncle Simon’, He said. I nodded, and unzipped my skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I was just wearing a t-shirt and my shoes now, and that felt faintly ridiculous, so I took the t-shirt off as well. I walked over to Simon and straddled him, facing away from him, lowering myself slowly down onto his cock as I wasn’t sure how much of it would fit inside me.

‘No’, he said, and before I knew what was happening added ‘You’re just too damn slippery there, girl.’ He quickly drew a hand across my cunt lips and over my anus, before quickly pushing me down onto his stiff, hot cock head. I gave a yelp and leapt off of him, suddenly breathless.

‘Hey sorry…’, He began, but I stopped him.

‘No.’, I said. ‘No, that’s okay. It just took me by surprise.’ As indeed it had. I had, of course, fantasized about being fucked in the ass, but the first time, or the first time after a long time off, always takes my breath away. I licked my lips and climbed back on, lying back into his arms, and with his assistance slowly lowered my ass onto him. It felt good, and I surprised myself with how far it went up there comfortably, but it was getting him a lot further than it was getting me. I needed something back in my pussy. I looked back again at the other occupants of the room. The two customers both had their cocks out and were wanking themselves slowly but determinedly watching me.

I don’t know what I must have looked like at the time, but I know my hair was in my face and I couldn’t take my hands off of Simon’s knees for fear of falling too far on and rupturing something. I tried to smile at the customers, but I couldn’t quite manage it. Instead I hissed, in a rather more exasperated way than I had intended ‘For god’s sake, come on then!’. The nearest guy hesitated a second too long and the other was past him, kneeling down and squeezing himself up my now oh-so-tight pussy. The two cocks inside me at once felt like I was on fire, and I screamed loudly. They hesitated a moment, and I managed to yell out ‘Oh, Christ, please don’t stop! Don’t ever stop!’

The customer started to thrust away, ever more determined and faster, faster, and I screamed out on each one like I was being murdered. A cock appeared in front of my face and I tried to take it in my mouth but I couldn’t concentrate on it, so I just opened my mouth expectantly. Unexpectedly my opened mouth was then filled with the cock that had just been inside my pussy, as I tasted my own cum for the first time, closely followed by his. I swallowed it down, and then relaxed as I felt a warm wave of cum flow down and out of my ass too. Simon lay back, and I lay back on top of him, his dwindling cock still inside me.

We lay there, panting, for a little while, and then I eased myself up and began to search for my clothes. Johnnie held out the bundle to me and smiled kindly. He pointed out the toilet through a door behind me, and I nodded gratefully. I washed off the worst of it and cursed as there was no mirror to repair my make-up in. I must look a sight. I put most of my clothes back on, as my panties didn’t appear to be there, and brushed my hair.

Once back outside I attempted to thank Simon and Johnnie (who’s name actually turned out to be just John), but they were too busy thanking me to listen. They offered me the dildo for free, and I stuffed it into my bag, having to bend it a little to fit it in. I explained my career indecision to them, and they offered to help, so I wrote my number on my white panties, having just found them, and they stuck them proudly on their wall behind the counter. I needed to give myself time to air off down there anyway, and I was happy to give them their little memento.

And after all, I thought as I walked home through town, with the breeze sending shivers up my thighs, I just don’t see myself as a white panty kind of girl anymore.

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