Kelsey’s World Ch. 05Kelsey’s World Ch. 05

Big Dicks

Kelsey woke early. It was happening more and more since she moved home, but she liked it. It made for long, luxurious summer days, the kind you dream about when winter rolls around.

The house was quiet when she took her morning shower. She piled her long hair up into a knot on top of her head so she didn’t have to deal with drying it. It was definitely time to cut it, she thought, as she looked at herself in the mirror. Short would be cute, and shock a few people. She liked that part of the equation.

Her parents were still sleeping when she tied on a white bikini and pulled on a zippered fleece jacket. She grabbed a cold bagel to gnaw on and climbed into her Jeep for an early morning drive.

After she left she wondered if she should have left a note. She didn’t want her mom and dad to think she was freaked out by what had happened the night before. Maybe they’d think she didn’t want to face them and that’s why she left so early. By that time she knew Bobby would be up getting ready for work, so she pulled the Jeep over next to a huge oak tree and texted him…

— Beautiful morning for a drive in the coolest truck ever. Love you Daddy. Have fun at work.

She waited a few minutes for a reply, serenaded by a squawking blue jay and a lyrical cardinal, but didn’t hear from Bobby until she was driving again…

— Love you too sweetheart. Drive careful. 🙂

A stop at a coffee shop in a small, nearby village filled her cupholder. The place wasn’t busy — she was the only customer when she walked in — so she flirted a little with the boy behind the counter. He looked to be sixteen or seventeen maybe, Kelsey wasn’t sure. She already looked plenty sexy in the short jacket with her bikini and flip-flops, but when she unzipped the fleece the poor boy almost fumbled the hot coffee and made a mess. Kelsey loved it. She didn’t do that kind of thing to tease, the way a stuck-up girl would. She just enjoyed making the world sexier.

She was high up in the hills before long, pulled over at a hilltop overlook, her Jeep parked so she could gaze at the long view while she had a snack. The bagel filled her up, but she wished she had taken an extra minute at home to smear some peanut butter between the two halves, to make it more interesting.

As she sipped her coffee she thought about the night before. After all she’d seen and all she’d been through, finally being a hands-on participant in her parent’s loving sexuality felt wonderful. Magical. Like it was destined to be. The way the evening ended, with gentle hugs and soft kisses all around, made it clear all of them felt the same way. Theirs was a family built on sexual love, and sexual love would carry them through. Of course Kelsey knew what was happening was taboo in the outside world. But in her world — a green, lush world of naked bodies, long country views, dream-like Jeep rides and poolside orgies — tickling her mother’s asshole and having her father’s loving cock in her mouth was nothing short of magical.

Her phone chimed with a text when she was finishing her coffee. It was from Koop…

—Pictures are finished. Give me a call.

Short and to the point. She wondered how he felt about the quick but super-sexy fucking in his office the other day. She’d meant to text him the day after but had forgotten. She hoped he didn’t feel awkward about what had happened between them.

Half-an-hour later she was at his shop, parking her Jeep among its still orphaned siblings in the front lot. Koop watched from his office as she slipped off her jacket, dismounted her ride and sashayed her bikini-clad body toward the open overhead doors.

“Hi, Happy!” she yelled brightly through the shop, waving at the suddenly smiling man.

“Mornin’ Kelsey,” Happy said. “You sure know how to brighten up a place.”

She walked into the office, watching Koop carefully for any signs of awkwardness. There were plenty.

“Richie finished up the pictures,” he said, handing Kelsey a folder. “He made prints too. I guess he thought I could hang ’em up here at the shop.”

“Oh, cool!” Kelsey said. “I’ll be like a real pin-up girl! Want a naked one of me for the bathroom?”

Koop coughed a little, like he’d swallowed a mint and didn’t mean to. Kelsey smiled at how cute he was, all nervous and boyish. She flipped through the prints, marveling at how good they were.

“Richie really knows what he’s doin’, huh?” she said.

“Yeah, they’re gonna be great I think,” Koop said. “I can’t use all of them, a few are too…sexy I guess, for the website, but yeah, I think he did great. His mother’s a little pissed at me.

“Really?” Kelsey said, smiling brightly.

“I don’t think she realized you were gonna be quite so…” Koop’s voice trailed off as his eyes glanced at Kelsey’s body.

“Think his friends are jealous? That’d be cool,” Kelsey said. “He’s so cute.”

Kelsey wanted to tell Koop she was going to feed Richie to her horny girlfriends on his birthday, but she decided it might not be the right moment Beylikdüzü Escort to tell him that.

“So…” she said, a little tentatively, “…it doesn’t bother you? What I told you?”

“You mean about your…job? At school?”

“Yeah,” Kelsey said. “I mean I don’t want your website to, like, give you a bad reputation or something. You know what I mean?”

“Oh. No, Kelsey, that’s cool,” Koop said. “If anything it’ll probably help, knowing the kind of guys who are into Jeeps. I’m not worried about it. Did you think I would be?”

“I didn’t know. It’s weird sometimes. I’m glad you’re cool,” she smiled. “My friend asked me if you were gonna watch my scenes. I told her you probably didn’t know where to find me. Want me to write it down for you? You can use my password so you don’t have to pay.”

“I, uh…don’t know…” Koop stammered.

Kelsey’s smile beamed. “It’s all right. Really,” she said, scribbling a web address and password on a piece of paper on Koop’s desk. “I’m proud of it. And don’t worry, I’ve been tested, like, real recently, so you don’t have to worry about…anything.” She winked at the stunned looking Koop. “We can’t play today, though. I’ve got a big lunch date with my mom. I’ll text you. We’ll get together, okay?”

“Yeah. Okay.” Koop was almost speechless. He’d convinced himself the quickie in his office the other day was a fluke. An aberration that just doesn’t happen to guys like him.

Kelsey walked out into the shop again. Koop followed, far enough back to keep an eye on the wiggliest, sexiest ass he’d ever seen.

“Bye, Happy!” Kelsey yelled with a wave. “Keep smilin’, Honey!”

“The pictures should be up later tonight,” Koop said to her. “My web guy said he’d get right on it.”

“Cool!” Kelsey said as she climbed up into her Jeep. She fired up the engine and pulled away. “Talk to you later, Honey!”

“Where do you go in the morning?” Kay asked when Kelsey came through the kitchen door. “Just out driving?”

“Yup. It’s sooo nice Mom. Have you ever had a convertible?”

“I had a Volkswagen Rabbit convertible when I met your father. It was kind of worn out, but I loved it. I drove it topless all through the campus one night.”

“You mean you or the car?”

“Me, silly.”

“Oh my God, that’s so great!” Kelsey said.

“It was one of our first dates,” Kay said. “That’s when your father started to figure me out.”

“I’ll bet he did,” Kelsey smirked, looking at her mom’s bare tits. “How cute was he back then?”

“Oh my God,” Kay said, looking dreamy-eyed. “Well, you’ve seen pictures, Honey.”

“Yeah,” Kelsey said. She looked a bit dreamy-eyed too. “So…you guys like my stories?”

Kay smiled. “You write beautifully. It’s like I’m dreaming when I listen to you read them, and then the dream just…turns into something so real.”

“Yeah, that’s kind of how it feels reading them to you,” Kelsey said. “Dreamy.”

“Are you okay with everything?” Kay asked. “Between you and your father I mean?”

“Yeah,” Kelsey said, with a subtle, pretty smile. “You’ll tell me if it’s ever…weird for you guys, right?”

“You know we never keep anything from you, Honey,” Kay said. “Just don’t ever feel like anything’s an obligation. Your father doesn’t want that. Neither of us do.”

“An obligation? Oh, God no,” Kelsey said. “It’s like the opposite of that.”

“Good,” Kay said. “Let’s just let life sweep us along. What do the Australians say? No worries? I like that saying. No worries.”

Kelsey smiled at her mom. No one else had a cooler one.

Sharron was nervous when she drove up the gravel driveway to Kelsey’s house. She didn’t really know what to expect, but an old, storybook Victorian house in the middle of an overgrown apple orchard wasn’t something she’d thought of. Once she saw it she realized it fit perfectly — a sprightly guardian angel like Kelsey should live in a fanciful house.

“Sharron! You found us!” Kelsey yelled. She flung open the screen door and bounded down the steps off the big front porch.

Sharron smiled and relaxed a little, but she was still nervous about meeting Kelsey’s mother. She needed a friend, and really hoped they’d hit it off. It would be odd though, with the sex with Kelsey thing, and the swinger thing. Sharron’s nerves hit their peak again when Kay walked out the door.

Kay and Kelsey had agreed they should wear clothes for Sharron’s visit, so they were both in summer shorts and little tops, Kay’s a halter style that gave a little support to her braless tits, Kelsey’s a shrunken Lake Placid t-shirt. Both of them were barefoot. Sharron had on faded blue jeans and a cheerful looking yellow button-up sleeveless shirt. Strappy sandals decorated her feet.

“Sharron, this is Kay, my mom,” Kelsey said.

“Welcome, Sharron,” Kay said. “I always love meeting Kelsey’s friends. She has very good taste in them, so I’m happy to have you here.”

“Thank you, Kay,” Sharron said. Escort Beylikdüzü “It feels a little odd, me being so much older than Kelsey.”

“Nonsense,” Kay said. “We don’t pay any attention to age around here. Unless it’s something that can get us arrested.”

“Mom made us one of her quiches,” Kelsey said to Sharron. “They’re super good.”

“Sounds delicious,” Sharron said.

“Let’s go inside, out of this hot sun,” Kay said. “We can sit out on the patio in the shade.”

Kelsey took Sharon’s arm and walked her in. “This is so cool,” Kelsey said. “I’m so glad we found you again.” Sharron put her hand on Kelsey’s as they walked, looking like she might cry.

“Are you a drinker, Sharron?” Kay asked in the kitchen. “We’ve got some nice cold white wine.”

“That sounds perfect,” Sharron said, fighting back her misty eyes.

The women sat on the patio while the quiche baked. Three nice salads were already made.

“Have you thought about what I told you?” Kelsey asked. “That you shouldn’t be married anymore?”

“Kelsey, did you tell her that?” Kay asked. “I’m sorry Sharron, she tends to say just what’s on her mind.”

“That’s what I love about your daughter,” Sharron said. “Yes, Kelsey, I have thought about it. You’re right, but…it’s never that easy, is it?”

“I hope you don’t mind,” Kay said, “but Kelsey told me your husband has been physical in ways he shouldn’t, and…not in the ways that he should. Has he hurt you?”

Sharron nodded. Her eyes welled up again, and that time she couldn’t stop it.

“Oh, Sharron! You didn’t tell me that!” Kelsey said.

“Do you have friends that look out for you?” Kay asked.

“Andy drove them all away,” Sharron said, wiping away the flowing tears. “They’re afraid to call anymore I think. Oh God, this is embarrassing,” she said, scolding herself for letting her emotions get out of control. “We’re supposed to have a nice lunch.”

“We’re supposed to become friends,” Kay said. “She pulled her chair close and put her arm around Sharron. “This is what friends do.”

“You can’t go back there, Sharron,” Kelsey said.

“She’s right,” Kay said. “You’ll stay here with us for now. Will that anger your husband? How do you think he’ll take it?”

“Honestly, I don’t think he’ll care. I feel like he’s been waiting for it. If it doesn’t cost him any money, he probably won’t say a word. I don’t want a penny. I just want out.”

“Do you have a job, Sharron?” Kay asked.

“Yes. I work full time at a clothing shop. We buy used and re-sell. All high end pieces, really nice.”

“Oh, I’ve seen that place!” Kay said. “Over in the plaza by the mall?”

“Yeah, that’s it. It’s a steady job. I make pretty good money.”

“Well, you’ll be all set then,” Kay said. “You’ll stay with us until you can save a little. We’ll get you on your feet.”

“You’ll need to ask your husband,” Sharron said, wiping the last tear and her runny nose. “This seems way too generous of you. You hardly know me.”

“I told you, Kelsey is a wonderful judge of character,” Kay said. “She hasn’t let me down yet.”

The women ate big slices of warm quiche and drank some more wine. Sharron relaxed into the peaceful surroundings, but her blood pressure was about to go up again.

“I should warn you Sharron,” Kay said. “We’re naturists. Are you familiar with what that is?”

Sharron’s eyes widened. “Does that mean you don’t wear clothes?”

“That’s right,” Kay said. “But we certainly don’t expect you to participate. We’ll be comfortable if you’re fully dressed, as long as you don’t mind that we’re not.”

“All…of you? Your…husband?”

“The whole family,” Kay said. “We’ve been naturist since Kelsey was a baby. But really, it’s so normal for us, it doesn’t bother us a bit to have someone around who’s dressed. Not one little bit. As long as it doesn’t bother you of course.”

“Well, I…I don’t know,” Sharron said. “I mean it’s not something I’ve ever thought about.”

“It’s totally cool, Sharron,” Kelsey said. “We don’t mind if you’re chicken.”

“Kelsey!” Kay scolded.

“Oh, Mom! She knows I’m goofin’ around. But really Sharron, I bet you’d like it. You’ve been naked with me and my friends so much, it’s really no different.”

“Kelsey, you shouldn’t be talking about those things without Sharron’s permission,” Kay said.

“It’s all right, Kay,” Sharron said. “I get the feeling there’s very few secrets between you two. You probably know how Kelsey and I met, right?”

“Well, yes, but I wouldn’t talk about it unless I knew you were okay with it.”

“I’m okay with it,” Sharron said.

“Kelsey told me that she told you about our open marriage,” Kay said. “I don’t know how you feel about it, but we certainly won’t embarrass you with any of that while you’re here.”

Sharron had to think quick, so many thoughts were bouncing around in her head. “Swinging, right? It sounds exciting,” she said, deciding to be honest. Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan “How does someone…get involved in that?”

“Usually it’s just meeting other people who are involved,” Kay said. “That’s how Bobby and I started. Were you thinking…you might be interested?”

“It’s for couples, isn’t it?”

“Traditionally, yes,” Kay said. “But not always. We can talk about that some more another time. You’ve got so much on your mind right now.”

“It’s all good though, right Sharron?” Kelsey said. “We’re gonna have so much fun. Your new life’s just starting.”

Sharron puffed out her cheeks and blew out some breath. She looked overwhelmed but happy. Her mind flashed back to the first time she saw Kelsey, sitting stark naked on a driftwood log at the edge of a sunrise-colored lake. Sharron had thought she was an aberration, but learning that she’s a naturist and the daughter of swingers pretty much explained everything. Moving into her house, though, that was a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. Naked fish, it turns out.

“Fun, huh?” Sharron said with a nice little smile. “I could use some, that’s for sure.”

Kay and Kelsey rode with Sharron when she went home to get some of her things. Her husband Andy was still at the camp, but they didn’t want to take any chances with him getting violent when he found out she was leaving. Sharron called him from the house and told him. It was a difficult, tearful call, but it looked like Sharron was right — he’d give her a quick divorce if she didn’t ask for anything. She was happy with that.

They arrived back at the Victorian to the aroma of a nice dinner on the stove. Bobby was cooking. Sharron’s nerves were on edge when they walked in the house — she wondered if he’d be naked when she met him — but she needn’t have worried. Kay had texted him the details of what was happening and he was fully dressed in the kitchen.

“You must be Sharron!” he said brightly. “I’m Bobby.”

He wiped his hand on a towel before reaching to shake hers. She was astonished at his handsomeness, until she looked at Kay and Kelsey. Of course he’d be handsome, she thought. He’d look out of place otherwise.

“We’re so pleased you’re going to be staying with us,” he said, pouring on the charm. “I really hope everything works out for you. Kelsey’s very fond of you, you know.”

“Thank you,” Sharron said. “It’s really nice to meet you, Bobby.” Sharron suddenly had a vision of him fucking other women, friends of Kay’s and others from their swinger group. Would she be one of them, she wondered? A warm tingle flushed through her, tinting her face with a little pink. “I hope I’m no trouble,” she said.

“Nonsense,” Bobby said. “We love company.”

I’ll bet you do, you gorgeous hunk of man, Sharron thought. She scolded herself for thinking it, but reality was starting to sink in — by some wild twist of fate she’d lucked into something rather extraordinary.

“Do you like olives?” Bobby asked. “We’ve got some really good Kalamatas that I was gonna use in the chicken.”

An hour later, at the table on the pool patio, all four dinner plates were picked clean.

“Oh my God that was good!” Sharron said. She leaned back in her chair and put both hands on her stomach.

“Daddy’s a good cook, huh?” Kelsey said. “Mom’s pretty awesome too.”

“Well I’m no chef, but I’d like to help out,” Sharron said. “Maybe I can cook a meal now and then?”

“Sure,” Kay said. “We want you to feel like the house is yours. And if you’re ever hungry at night or whatever, feel free. We’re all about the midnight snacks around here.”

“How do you all keep your figures?” Sharron asked.

“We don’t eat junk,” Kay said. “Fresh ingredients, low fat. There’s no magic to it. Good wholesome exercise. The pool’s great. Sometimes I think it burns calories just being out in the sunshine.”

“Mom’s a sun worshiper,” Kelsey said. “She’ll be all over you if you’ve got tan-lines, though. If it’s not an all-over tan she’ll scold you.”

“I will not!” Kay said. “Sharron’s free to tan any way she wants to. Or not at all.”

“I must admit,” Sharron said, “being on the beach those two times with Kelsey, it felt so good to be…bare.”

She looked at Bobby but regretted it, hoping nobody had seen her furtive glance, but Bobby did. He liked Sharron. He thought it was cute how certain things made her nervous.

“It’s such a beautiful evening,” Kay said. “We should burn off some of these calories in the pool.”

And just how is she planning on doing that, Sharron wondered? What goes on in a swinger’s pool? Sharron tried to stop the thoughts, but three big glasses of dinner wine had loosened them quite thoroughly.

“Did you bring a suit, Sharron?” Kelsey asked. Sharron was relieved to hear a bathing suit mentioned, but she didn’t have one with her. “You could just wear a t-shirt and panties if you want.”

Good Lord, here we go, Sharron thought. A freakin’ wet t-shirt contest in front of a naked man. Funny thing was, it sounded kind of fun. Another glass of wine maybe, or maybe two.

Bobby filled her glass, seemingly reading her mind. Kay only got half a glass before the bottle was empty.

“Should you get a restraining order?” Kay asked her, killing the mood for a moment. “We can find out about one tomorrow if you want.”

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