Ann’s sitter lllAnn’s sitter lll


Ann’s sitter lllStanding in front of her dresser Ann took her panties off. Reaching between her legs she wiped her pussy with her hand. Bringing it up she wondered what it was, It didn’t feel like pee. Putting clean panties on she tossed the damp pair in the laundry basket and went to bed.Walking home the events ran over and over in her head. She never thought about other girls before, why now.Laying in bed Mary thought about how it felt when her tits and nipples were touched by Ann. Taking her pajamas off under the sheets she ran her hands over her tits. She imagined it was Ann’s hands touching her. She couldn’t believe how excited she was getting. Touching her pussy she was shocked how wet she was. Closing her eyes she pictured it was Ann’s fingers touching her.A knock at her bedroom door brought her out of her fanticy. Are you ok, came from the other side of the door. Her covered with her vaginal juices, she didn’t realize she was so loud bringing herself to orgasm. I’m alright kaçak iddaa mother, she called out. It was just a nightmare.Friday night didn’t come fast enough for her. After her shower Mary was staring into her underwear drawer Mary tried to decide what to wear. She longed for Ann’s touch again. She pressed her thighs together tightly deciding to go braless. Putting on a tee shirt she looked in the mirror. To her shock her nipples were poking out. Tossing it, she chose a dress. Pulling her hair into a ponytail Mary looked at her reflection in the mirror.Perfect she said to herself.Ann was arguing with her mother when the doorbell rang. Opening it, Ann went silent. Clearing her throat Mary said, hello Ann. How are you tonight. Thank goodness you’re early, a voice came from the bathroom as Ann’s mother came out. I might be coming home later then the other night, she told Mary. That’s fine Mary said smiling. Stay out as long as you want. Looking over Mary’s shoulder at Ann, she kaçak bahis said softly, if I get lucky I might be out all night, then winked.Her mother said, don’t you think you should get ready for bed young lady. With a smile Ann said ok and ran to her room.Closing and locking the door it dawned on her. What if she doesn’t want to do it again. After making popcorn, Mary sat nervously on the couch. Ann came from her room in her nightgown. What would you like to do tonight, Mary asked. Standing in front of Mary Ann said, can we. Um, you know. What we did the um. Other night, then leaned forward and kissed her. Mary’s heart nearly jumped out of her chest. Relived Mary said, of course we can. Ann sat on Mary’s lap and kissed her. Opening her mouth Mary let her tongue enter. Mary ran her hands down Ann’s back. Reaching her waist, she brought them up her side till she reached Ann’s chest. Sitting up Ann looked at Mary studying her face. Moving her hand, she felt Ann’s left tit. Ann’s illegal bahis facial expression changed. Mary thought, what was I thinking. Ann stood up and looked at Mary for a minute. Taking a deep breath, she raised her arms. Mary felt a trickle between her legs reaching forward. Pulling the nightgown up Mary’s eyes widened with Ann’s body coming into view. She gasped seeing Ann’s thin panties. She could see her pubic hair through them. Ann’s flat belly moved in and out as she breathed heavily. Pulling her arms down Ann covered her tits as her gown was removed. Mary’s mouth was dry as she took Ann’s hands and pulled them down. Little goosebumps serounded her dime size areolas. Her nipples standing out made Mary’s heart flutter. Everything in her body screamed suck them. Pulling Ann to her, Mary lowered her head and opened her mouth. A lightning bolt shot straight to her wet pussy feeling her nipple on her tongue. Ann’s legs began to shake. Mary’s tongue made her body tingle. A wet spot on her panties grew when Mary bit softly. Her breathing was shaky feeling Mary’s hands on her ass. Sitting back Mary’s hands shook unbuttoning her dress. Leaning down Ann helped with the lower buttons.

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