An Insomniac’s Night OutAn Insomniac’s Night Out


Erin lay in her bed that night listening to the rain beat softly on the window pane. She couldn’t sleep. She could never sleep. Since her brother’s accident, the black haired beauty had suffered from insomnia. At first, she tried to fight it. She would watch T.V. or lay in bed for hours, closing her eyes and imagining herself snoozing. Her therapist had told her visualization would help her achieve her goals. It didn’t. Eventually, Erin decided to take advantage of her insomnia by working late, doing shopping, completing chores, and most recently partying all night.

Staying out late, Erin met some interesting characters. One night she entered her favorite club at around 1:00 am. She wore a red slip dress that was deeply cut all the way to her navel, showing off her dark tanned skin. It was short enough that when she bent over you could see her white lace thong poking from beneath the silk fabric of her skirt. Her hair was long, thick, and straight, a black mass of shining strands grazing her rear end. And what a rear it was. She had a tight little body with nice round cheeks and voluptuous breasts that sat up perfectly on their own. With no bra, her nipples were clearly visible as the satin fabric sat sumptuously on top of her perfect tits. Her legs went on for days, toned and glistening in the lights of the club. When she entered, she noticed a group of her girlfriends in the corner. As she strutted over, she eyed the good looking bartender she frequently talked to. He was looking especially good that night. His shirt was open, exposing his sexy stomach and chest. His jeans were so tight, she could see his package bulging as he watched her switch her hips. She knew he wanted her, but oh how she loved to tease.

After a night of dancing and drinking ankara escort with her girlfriends, Erin sauntered over to the bartender. The bar was emptying and it was time to shut down. “Hi, Jason,” she sexily whispered licking her lip tauntingly.

“Hi,” he replied as he opened the door to the back of the bar so she could enter. He pulled her close, grabbing her backside as he drew her near. “So when are you gonna quit playing these games and come home with me?” He asked nonchalantly.

“How ’bout tonight?” She replied, surprised at herself for being so forward. She had wanted him for a long time. It was now or never, she thought to herself.

“Sure, let me just finish cleaning up and I’ll pick you up out front.” Erin couldn’t believe she was doing this! This was the first time she had ever gone home with a man. But to spite her nervousness she needed some sexual satisfaction. It had been so long since a hard cock had come near her aching pussy. On the car ride to Jason’s, all Erin could think about was her companion’s rock hard body and hopefully equally impressive dick. She couldn’t wait to rip his clothes off and lick him up and down his body. When Jason ran his hand up her thigh to her panties, she could hardly contain herself, but it was when he moved her lacy undies aside and tickled her clit with his finger that she could no longer stand it. She crawled to his side of the car and unzipped his jeans. “What are you doing?” Jason asked, surprised.

“I just can’t wait any longer,” she stuttered as she pulled out his massive cock. I have to have it inside me. She plunged his dick into her mouth and began to gobble it vigorously.

“Oh yeah. That’s fine, you just go ahea… Mmmm! You do that so well. Ahh, kızılay escort suck it,” He whispered. She licked around the base and made her way up to the head, flicking her tongue in circles about the throbbing tip. She swallowed his entire dick into her mouth and sucked up and down up and down, until she was writhing in anticipation. She wanted that dick in her and she couldn’t wait any longer. As Jason struggled to maintain his composure while drivin, Erin slipped off her white undies and straddled the driver.

“I’m about to fuck you like you’ve never had it before,” she said as she prepared her pussy to engulf his member. As she slid his brick hard cock into her, she moaned with pleasure. “Mmmmmmm! Yeah, oh that’s good. I’ve been waiting for so long for some dick like that.”

“You like that dick?” Jason asked.

“YEAH!” she screamed as she bobbed up and down on his hard cock. “Yes! Yes! I love it!”

“Tell me again!” he demanded.

“I love that cock! I love that cock! Yes! OH! Yes!” she cackled in ecstasy as she swerved her hips.

“Fuck that dick!” he ordered. “Fuck it hard!!”

“Yeah. I’ll fuck it hard! Ooooo yeah!” She rode his dick with fury and passion that she had never realized she had before. “OH! I’m coming! I’m coming!!”

“Yeah, slut! Come on! Come on!” Jason demanded as he tried to keep his hands on the steering wheel. “Come for daddy!”

“OH! OH! OH! YES! AAAAAAAAAAA! Uuuh, yes!” She panted frantically as her body exploded in orgasm. Jason pulled the car over. They had made it to the apartment. The pair rushed to the door as to finish what they had started. As soon as Jason unlocked the door, Erin dropped her dress and panties. God was she gorgeous. polatlı escort Her body was delicious and Jason had to have a taste. He threw her onto the bed and stripped off his clothes. His cock looked even larger in the light, Erin thought. He grabbed her legs and jerked them apart and buried his head in her dripping pussy, licking up every bit of juice he could. She moaned in excitement. “Damn! You can lick a cunt!” she exclaimed as Jason slowly put his tongue into her pussy. In and out he worked his sumptuous tongue, until Erin could take it no more. “Fuck me you bastard! Fuck the shit out of me!” she commanded.

“Oh, yeah. Turn over slut.”

“Mmmmmm. Say it again!”

“Slut. Take it like a slut!” Jason exclaimed as he pushed apart her firm ass cheeks. Those ass cheeks were phenomenal, as was the view of Erin from behind, her long hair draped across her back and her large firm ass protruding from her tiny waist line. Jason pulled her to the edge of the bed and stood behind her. He grabbed her hair and wrapped it around his had as he plunged his growing cock into her leaking cunt.

“Oh! FUCK ME! YEAH FUCK ME!” she screamed as she squirmed underneath Jason’s hands. He jammed his dick in and out in and out and Erin reached down to play with her clit.

“Do you like it?” Jason asked.

“Yes….” Erin concentrated on teasing her clit.

“DO YOU LIKE IT!?” he asked more insistently.

“I love it! I love it! I love that dick! Fuck me harder!” Erin exclaimed sensing the urgency in Jason’s voice.

“Say it again!” he commanded. “Louder!”

“I LOVE THAT DICK! FUCK ME! FUCK ME SO HARD!! FUCK ME!!” she screamed in pleasure. With that, Jason exploded inside of her, filling her juicy cunt with hot, salty come. As he climaxed, Erin began coming again. “OH! YEAH! I’M COOOMMINNG!!!” she screamed. “AH! AH! OOOOOH!”

The pair pried apart, dripping in sweat and sticky from the heat. Jason turned to his spent beauty and smiled devilishly, “You wanna go again? I can go all night.”

“Good,” Erin replied. “Because I don’t sleep.”

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