Massage with a Happy EndingMassage with a Happy Ending


You tell me that you arranged for me to have a massage, so I show up at the spa, go into the massage room, take my clothes off, and get under the sheet facing down. I hear the therapist knock on the door and I say, “come in.” I hear you laughing and talking to the therapist as you both come into the room. Only then do I hear another voice, and realize the therapist is a man. You tell him to make sure he rubs me down really good and that you will watch.

He starts by massaging my feet and legs. As he gets to the top of my legs, I feel him brush up against my ass, between my legs. I assume it is innocent, but it sends a wonderful heat through my body. I move my legs apart to give him better access. He continues “accidentally touching” between my legs and I feel myself getting wet.

He moves to my back, brushing against the mounds of my breasts that are pressed beneath my body, but squeezing out on my sides. He spends lots of time, making sure Esenler Escort I’m good and greased up. I hear you unzip your pants as he rubs my breasts from the side. I lift my head and look over at you. You have pulled your cock out and are stroking it in rhythm with his strokes on my back and breasts.

He tells me it is time to roll over. When I do, he again begins with my legs. This time the touches on my cunt are more intentional, and again, I move my legs apart to give him access. He works his way up the inside of my thighs, eventually stopping the pretense of a massage. His fingers bury in my now soaking wet pussy. He finds my clit and starts to tease it mercilessly. When I am just about to climax, he stops and moves up to my breasts which had until now, been covered by a sheet. He removes the sheet, throwing it into the floor, exposing my totally naked body.

He immediately begins rubbing and pinching my nipples, Esenler Escort Bayan making them hard and stiff. When he starts this, you stand up and walk over to the massage table, still stroking your cock. You turn my head so I’m sucking your cock while having him play with my nipples. He moves his mouth down to my tits, using his teeth to bite them and turn me on even more. He rubs his hands over my stomach, working his way back down to my pussy.

He then turns his total oral attention to my pussy, burying his face in my cunt. He again teases me until I’m about to cum and he stops. He tells you to move because he needs to fuck my face, so you climb on top of me on the table and push your hard cock into my wet pussy. He unzips his pants and starts fucking my face, gagging me with his cock. At this point, you are on top of me on the massage table, banging my pussy as hard as you can. He is standing at the top Escort Esenler of the table making me suck his cock. I can’t hold back anymore and start cumming hard.

He tells you that he wants to cum in my pussy, so you need to move. You still haven’t cum yet, but you move out of his way. He moves back over me on the table and begins fucking me, filling my pussy with his dick. He soon fills me with a hot, juicy load. He tells you the only way you can cum is if you first eat his juices out of my pussy, then you can cum wherever you want. You want to cum badly, so you go to work eating his creampie out of me. When he is satisfied that I am good and clean, he tells you that you may cum now, wherever you want.

You immediately climb on top of me and start fucking me again. You empty your load into my pussy very quickly, and he tells you that you now you have made another mess and you need to clean your own creampie out of me because he can’t send me out of a massage without being totally satisfied. You again eat my cunt until he is satisfied with your job and I have cum again. When you are finished and I am spent, he gently rubs my nipples and asks when we would like to reschedule. I say, “Very Soon!!” This was the best massage I’ve ever gotten!

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