My First TimeMy First Time


I was raised in a very strict Christian home. My name is Amy, at 16 I felt different than my friends, i didn’t really flirt with boys like they did, and was more of a loaner. I studied a lot and had my heart set on going to college. Nobody in my family had ever gone before.

I studied hard on my eighteenth birthday I found out I had been accepted to a big 10 school. I was so excited, I went out and celebrated alone, while i was eating at a restaurant this woman walked up said it was crowded which it really was and asked if she could share a spot, I said sure. She was in her 30’s and now it was obvious she was soft butch, but I didn’t really know I had lived such a sheltered life.

She told me her name was Angie and she was a teacher, was great talking with her she was so intelligent. I was very relaxed, she said she owed me a dinner and invited me over a week later. I said sure not thinking anything of it. She told me i should broaden my horizons and suggested that I read some adult things. She said she knew my church wouldn’t agree, but that i should at least learn about the world. She gave me a book called the Well of Loneliness although it was older book it shocked me. The love scenes in the book intrigued me. I read each love scene over and over, I felt so alive inside when i read it. Soon it was Friday night and I was prepared to go to Angies house. I got there at 5pm she explained the other friend who was coming had to cancel so it would just be us two.

She was a great cook we ate and Zeytinalanı Escort talked she gave me some wine i simply took a glass and sipped it. After dinner she suggested we watch some tv, we sit on the couch she turns on a movie, its called the Lword. I soon realized it was a series about lesbians she had recorded.

As i watched the show I didn’t notice Angie’s arm around my back, as I relaxed I noticed it back there but ignored it. She asked me what I did on the weekend I told her how active I was in church, she said its good I am not in trouble like other girls my age. Then I felt her arm around me caressing my left arm as she touched me I didn’t notice it at first, and before I knew it my body as reacting. I looked on the screen two beautiful young women were locked in an embrace in underwear. Before I could complain Angie’s hand had started stroking my arm I moaned.

Suddenly, I realized what was happening, I pleaded with her to stop, she quit rubbing but kept her arm there. I said this is sinful, Angie just simply kissed my earlobe, I could not help but react and sigh, she simply started licking my ear. I said Angie I can’t. She kept on kissing my ear. My body betrayed me. Suddenly my nipples stiffened which Angie saw.

She turned my face i said Angie its sin she kissed me clothed mouth over and over, Then her tongue tickled my lips. I opened them, she began probing, i tried to resist but my body needed this. The lust inside me building. Before i could Escort Zeytinalanı say stop her hand caressed my side.

Now I was quickly forgetting rather it was right or wrong. Angie sensed this as her hand went to my breast. Without being told I reached for her breast, I had her shut off the TV and told me to stand I did. She led me to her bedroom, as I tried to explain I was a Christian and couldn’t do this, Angie simply kissed me again, this time no pretense I kissed her deep. Our tongues danced. She suddenly stopped and suggested I call home and tell them i was staying at a friends, I said I had nothing to sleep in she said good neither did she, I blushed which excited Angie. I then called Mom asked if I was ok and I said yes, she said i sounded funny. Finally I hung up, I turned and saw Angie was completely naked, she had taken off her clothes while I was on phone/ Before I could say anything I felt her pulling me to her, and she placed my hands on her bare breasts, as I said I can’t its a sin my hands were kneading her breasts. She smiled and laid me back, without being told I laid back.

I felt her hand unsnap my jeans,( yes even Christian girls wear jeans lol ) my legs parted. Without any instruction i knew I wanted her. She smiled and began massaging my mound. Mu jeans were suddenly feeling so warm, her hand kept probing, over my jeans her hand was massaging. Before I could think I saw her smile then i felt my jeans unsnap and the zipper come down. I then felt Zeytinalanı Escort Bayan her hand in my panties, i said no, but even as i said no my back arched. Her hand then began to rub my bare mound skin on skin. Now my mind shifted she knew it, she got a smile on her face and said enjoy the sin. I just moaned all resistance was gone. She knew she slid my pants and panties off suddenly i was bottomless in her bed. She loved i shaved and without saying a word went down on me. What a feeling her lips and tongue were magic. As i moaned I started to take my blouse off she stopped me. She liked me bottomless as she ate me I massaged my breasts through my blouse, finally I took it off.

My bra came off next i finally was nude. Now it was time for me to feel lesbian love. She kissed my eyelids, then her tongue went over my eyelids like a butterfly. As i moaned loud she placed her body over mine, now i felt her body press on me. As our mounds touched my legs instinctively wrapped around her. she began to move so good I was hers.

We made love as she kissed me told me how beautiful I was. I tried to keep time with her movements but my excitement gave way, and i simply clung to her. She told me I was a natural. Soon our movements became synchronized as my orgasm got closer I felt her tender kisses on my neck, when I exploded she held me close.

After holding me in the afterglow I knew what she wanted, without speaking i moved her off of me and began to taste my first pussy. She was so sweet to me and I loved how her nectar filled my mouth, she orgasmed very quickly, i think more to her excitement from our tribbing than my expertise. This was just the beginning of a new life for me. If you liked story let me know and I will tell of how I found I wasn’t the only woman in our church to have the same sexual desires as me.

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