Wishes of DistractionWishes of Distraction

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A gentle breeze ripples across my body from the open window, the mellow warmth of a spring morning welcoming another day, another chance to dream of what could be. The sunlight filtering through the window warms my face, my arms chilled from a night wrapped around my pillow, wishing for the warmth of another human being, wishing that things were different and my dreams were reality.

Slowly my mind wakes up and my hands lose their dreamy feeling, gently meandering over my shoulder, feeling for the curve of my neck. The corner that adores a gentle caress, a linger of breathe and the brief brushing moment of morning stubble against my warm and accepting skin. My lips part waiting for the kiss that isn’t there, imagining the feeling as warm lips meet mine, the electricity, the connection and a shiver runs through my body, reminding me that it is in need, wanting more than only I can provide.

My thoughts turn to promises, messages, conversations all weighted with desire and a mutual need for contact and comfort. A charged exchange between two lost souls. Both want and need each other, unable to communicate their desires. Continually resisting for reasons that neither can really explain.

I listen to the waking silence, the birds welcoming the morning in the trees outside, but inside there is nothing other than my breathing, slowly changing as my mind and body work together to wake me up in the way I wish was shared.

Slowly my hands move over my body, the silk of my lilac baby doll warm to my touch. Heated from a night of passionate dreams my body responds to the touch, hungry for more. Slowly I take my breast, firm as I lay on my back and gently stroke towards the centre, each caress making my nipple tingle and respond. As I reach the darker centre I stop myself, knowing that once the connection is made there will be no time for touching and feeling.

I move to the other side, starting the process again, running my fingers along the sides of my breast, feeling my ribs and gently circling my skin as I move my fingers along the lower side, enjoying the sensation of freedom and the responses of my body to the gentle featherlike feel that I can achieve with my own fingers.

Slowly I take my nipple, now wanting more, needing to be tortured to ensure the connections to other areas are made. Gently I roll my nipple in moist fingers, imagining a tongue exploring, circling and teasing until I feel my body respond and start to rise to the need to explore elsewhere. Without thinking my legs part, anticipating where my hands will go next, but knowing that until the connection is made and I can stand it no longer no attention will be given.

I take my other nipple, Bayan Eskort massaging and rolling it in my moist fingers, initially a gentle lick but as my arousal increases a gentle browse across my labia provides the sweet scented moisture that my nipples crave. Increasing the pressure my nipples respond, the connection to my clit screaming and my insides ripple with pleasure. I imagine the feeling as he takes my nipples in his mouth, playing, exploring and appreciating. The sensation of champagne bubbles within his mouth as he gentle teases my nipples in turn. The look in his eyes as he glances up to me, that moment of desire and a promise of what is to come. An intimate connection built on trust and time.

My nipples are burning, warmed by the constant teasing and pulling, the thoughts of teeth impacting and twisting, a gentle tug of my breasts, stretching the nerves and giving a jolt in my clit. Needing more I cup my breasts in my hands and squeeze, savouring the feeling of warmth, the complete enclosure that hands bigger than mine achieve is near but incomplete. The desire to be enclosed in large hands, rolled and toyed with until I near the edge is so great that I feel inadequate with my own body.

Gently I allow my hands to move down my sides, imagining his hands are my hands, running the short distance between my breasts and my hips. Circling my hips I explore the folds of my stomach, pressure increasing within and each movement intensifying the feeling of need. Gently I twist my hairs, the sensations making me feel empty and in need, my legs parting further, anticipating what is to come.

Slowly my hands explore the insides of my legs, the backs of my fingers running down as far as I can reach, before circling back up and ending with pressure on my mound. A rhythmic pattern, repeated as my legs relax and prepare for the tension that will eventually come. With each movement my hands move nearer to my lips, slowly increasing the contact, little by little allowing my body to adjust to this new sensation. How I wish it wasn’t my own hand, knowing what his hand feels like, knowing what he wants to do I persuade my brain that my hand is his, exploring for the first time in many months.

Suddenly I realise that my fingers are moist and my legs are being ignored. My fingers have discovered where they belong and where they want to be. Indulgently my fingers encase my labia, my clit cocooned by the curve of my thumb and first finger. My hand moves slowly at first, enjoying the sensation, the moisture making each movement even more delicious and I force my breathing to slow.

Making myself enter the bubble I need to reach orgasm, I gently raise my feet onto my bedstead, opening myself to the delight to follow. Breathing deeply I take my mind to the first night, the giggles, the nibbles and the licking, oh the licking. Never before have I felt such intense connections or wanted a tongue to explore within me so much.

With the thought of his tongue entering me my finger slowly explores, gently probing and circling, desperately needing to find the spot that takes me to the next level and intensifies all the feelings so far. I gasp each time my finger enters, the feeling of my soft tissues being stroked and stretched a shock of pleasure that I need to feel repeatedly.

As my finger circles, explores and caresses my insides my other hand leaves my breast. The change in contact leaves me swollen and pulsating, hard from the attention, needing respite that will not come. Each movement within me sends a connection to my breast that makes my nipple harder than I ever thought possible.

Moving my hand downwards I find my clit, moist and erect it is desperate for attention. With my mind retreating to our night together, the wonderful sensations, the distraction from reality that only he can provide my fingers roll my clit, gently at first, exploring my labia, remembering how he explored, nervous at first, gently unfolding my soft and creamy skin, delving deeper with each caress, slowly pulling each hair with electrifying reactions.

Moving my hand in slow circular movements, matching the speed of his tongue, flicking and caressing as light as a butterfly touch but with intense effect I feel the sensation inside me intensifying, the moment when the distraction becomes too much and I need to be filled completely nearing.

Slowly my legs part further, following the contour of my bedstead, wide and ready for the intense cold of glass filling me. The shiver of memories as he surprised me with a chilled gift rippling through my stomach and legs followed by a slow and gentle entry engulf my desire, matched by my own hands as I feel my glass fill me.

My muscles respond, pleading for more, needing more and I slowly allow more glass to be drawn deep into me. Enjoying every piece filling me, the ridges enticing me further, making my body respond and relax with each movement. I slowly increase the movement, warming the glass with my own juices and body heat.

Unexpectedly I feel myself gasp as the depth increases, probing deep inside I think back to his gift, the ridges, the kisses as he moves it slowly inside me and the smile on his face as I relax, allowing him to take me to the point of no return.

Gradually my fingers increase their intensity on my clit, circling faster, the pressure increasing to match the pressure I need to feel inside myself and at the same time I desperately need to touch my nipples, my stomach and my hips. I have nowhere near enough hands to allow myself the full indulgence that I need on this peaceful morning, but slowly I realise that this doesn’t matter.

My mind is helping me, allowing me to remember the beautiful touches, the whispered moments and his smile. The naughty blue eyes looking at my every movement, willing me to enjoy the moment and allowing me to forget the world are in my mind all the time as I touch myself and move my glass deep inside.

I hear myself starting to moan, I can’t help myself now, like I couldn’t help myself that night. I want to whisper his name, begging him to fill me, to allow me to explode, to tumble into the free falling abyss that gently leads to a glow of happiness and contentment.

Slowly I feel the moment getting close, my body moving to its own rhythm, my glass deep, no longer enough, my fingers circling hard and my body pushing, all the while pushing me towards the moment of total distraction. My mind carries me near the edge, the shivers building and my breath shallow and deep all at the same time.

I think of our time together, the feeling of completeness and the calm that follows. The whispers and giggles, the shivers lingering and the small intense kisses that I love so much swirl in my consciousness making small ripples explode in my stomach and expand around my clit. I try to keep myself on the edge, slowly teasing my senses but the moment arrives without warning.

I feel the waves hit me, dragging me deep into my own ocean of release. His name floating in the air, his face in my mind smiling at me with a gentle contentment and a need to slow down, to float into the empty space within my mind. The waves take me deep into my own space, smiling at the memories of perfect distraction, the feeling of warmth and happiness that I have not felt for so long.

My hands slow, moving from my clit to gently caress my breasts, holding them as he held me. Calming my breathing, helping me to float back to reality in a glow of peace and tranquillity memories of his caresses allow the day to enter my world.

Gently I pull my silk sheets around me, savouring the comfort they bring. Hoping that soon this dream may be reality. My desires swirl in my mind confused with reality and my need for an easy friendship, built on respect and understanding with a slow and gentle discovery of each other makes my heart ache for what could be in the distant future.

Slowly my mind wanders and I drift in the warm breeze within my room, listening to the world outside awakening, unaware of what I desire the most and dream of when all embracing comfort is needed to make me complete and content again.

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