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Well, having one of your usual Saturday afternoon writer’s blocks, I see… to divert your attention and pass the time, I offer you a playful suggestion…be my submissive. You have alluded to some interest in S&M in the past, but we have never forayed that direction. Heh…you have forgotten how cunning and playfully-evil I can be, particularly in light of boredom. Boredom breeds mischief.

To start, I order you to bring in a chair from the kitchen. While you’re doing that, I put on a little black slip and some naughty, skimpy panties. After you bring in the chair, I order you to take off your clothes, and because I’m such a good sport I turn up the thermostat for you…ain’t that generous of me? I then direct you to sit while I rummage through the dresser drawers for my fur lined restraints. I proceed to place each of your hands by your side, cuffing each to the back braces of the chair. I start to caress your legs, looking you in the eyes while I shackle each of your ankles. I rise to kiss you but, you’re already meeting me with defiance, and you turn away. I grab your face and turn it my direction “Bad Boy.”

“OK then, fine.”

I leave the room, and come back with a stack of comics you’ve never read before. I watch your eyes start glimmering, and get a little glint in my own…I walk right by you displaying the comics, smirking. bursa escort I put the stack down on the floor, and fan them out in front of you. The comics are far enough out of your reach for you not to be able to make the text out clearly, and to give me enough room to lay before you. I proceed to lay on my stomach, head facing away from you, completely blocking your view of the comics. I have my knees bent, legs slightly apart and my feet resting at your knees. I go on to read aloud some of the more salacious parts but careful not to reveal too much. While I read I can hear your agitated breathing, so I then start to hike my slip up ever so slightly revealing my naughty little panties…pink see-through with embroidered little pink flowers, your favorites.

I can hear you breathing yet faster now, with more agitation. I’m wet now. I need some attention, and well, you can’t help me out so…I proceed to finger myself. I’m alternating inserting fingers into my hot, wet, cunt and stimulating my very hard clit, all in plain view for you, you can actually hear my wetness. I look over at you and I can see that you’ve become hard, this of course excites me even more. Picking up the pace I start to really fingerfuck myself, but I am still managing to recite story lines up until the moment I cum…cumming hard all over my fingers and the bursa ucuz eskort panties. I hear you let out a small groan, while you swallow hard. I turn around and crawl up to meet you. I wanna kiss you but you turn away again. “Oh I see, OK.”

I slip off the panties and move up to put them on you, over your face so the wetness is at your nose, and the leg holes still permit you to see everything. I pick up one of the comics and I parade naked around you with it, reading, not even vocalizing the small parts anymore…I’m just reading it for myself, silently, not aloud. It happens to be issue

of Eightball, you’ve been dying to read that now, haven’t you?! Becoming highly defiant and breathing heavily, you call me a cunt! Well, well…that won’t do, so I yank the panties off your head, ball them up and shove them into your dirty, disrespectful mouth.

Now you’re pissed and can’t say shit. I straddle your lap while kissing you on your cheek, then all the way down your neck, every so often sliding my wetness against your rock-hard cock. Your chest is heaving as my lips make their way down it, your breathing is labored, and I’m kissing you all the way to your cock…your very hard cock. I grab a hold and start caressing it, every inch of it, then do the same to your balls. Taking you in my bursa anal yapan escort mouth, I hear your muffled groans, and I am pleased. I keep moving you in and out of my mouth, increasing the suction and pace until I think you may be close to cumming…then I stop. That’s not where it’s going to end…no no. I’m gonna get mine see, and I’m gonna give it to you but good.

I come back up and smirk at you…you have a look of intense frustration on your face. I slowly lower my cunt onto your cock…very slowly…this gets me even hotter and I’m starting to gasp. I ride up and down on you a few times, and then I stop for a moment. I reach down to collect some of my wetness and then lower myself back onto you…deep…you moan again and writhe, rising up to meet me. I lean into you and reach behind to your ass. Your eyes get big, you can’t believe it…a mixture of terror and delight perhaps.

I begin to finger your ass, my fingers soaked with my wetness, while I’m still slowly riding you. I finger your ass until I’m deep inside you, and then I pick up the pace, squeezing your cock gently with my cunt muscles while I fuck your ass with my fingers. This really gets some muffled vocals out of you through my soaked panties. You totally stiffen and I whisper in your ear “give it to me”…you do, and I’m moaning in tandem with you now. After the moment of ecstasy, I reach up and pull the panties out of your mouth…I raise my lips up to kiss you and you meet me deep in your mouth with tongue, and suck my mouth with grateful lips. Finally, I let you loose, free to devour the comics for the rest of the night, if you so choose. [smirk]


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