A Girls Fantasy WishA Girls Fantasy Wish


I’m feeling really horny and wild today. I know this is wrong, but I’m so attracted to my girlfriend’s father. I just think he’s so sexy. I’ve never told this to my friend, but I really want to fuck her father. Often, when I’m home, I love to masturbate with thoughts of me doing all sorts of naughty things to him. My name is Gina and I’m seventeen. I’m just crazy about Mr. Foley. He’s just the most amazing man. He really treats my friend Megan so good. He’s always buying her anything she wants and treats her like a complete princess. I want to be his dirty princess. I just want to suck on his cock and give him pleasure. I want him to eat my pussy and fuck me. All these thoughts makes me so horny. I’m lying on my bed and my clothes are off. I’m running my hands all over my fit and tight body. My hands are cupping and massaging my firm and lovely breasts. I’m pulling my nipples and rolling them around my index finger and my thumb. I squeeze my breasts and lick at my nipples. My breasts are rather large so I’m able to do this. “Oh God, it feels so good. I’m dreaming that Mr. Foley is licking my tits. Fuck!” I then spread my legs and grab my dildo and fuck myself. My pussy is so wet. I’m rubbing all around my clitoris. “I’m thinking that Mr. Foley is fucking me with his dick. I’m so wet and hot.” I’m fucking myself so good with the dildo. My juices are flowing out of my pussy. I’m really thrusting the dildo deeper and deeper inside of myself. “Oh God. I’m imagining that his cock is so big and is stretching my young pussy.” In my fantasy, Mr. Foley is calling me his dirty and naughty girl. I want to be his dirty and nasty girl. “Oh God, I’m Bahçelievler escort so wet. My pussy is on fire as I pretend that Mr. Foley is fucking me so hard and so fast. I pant and moan as he is fucking me.” I’m sliding this huge dildo into my cunt so fast now. In my mind he is pounding my pussy. “Oh God! Fuck, I’m coming and my juices are spilling out of me. Oh fuck.” I rubbed my hand all over my pussy and licked the palm tasting my juices. My juices tasted so good. I often play this over and over and get myself so worked up. I just love Megan’s father. I’m going to go over to their house today and I’m going to fuck him. I’ll make him fuck me. I want him so badly. I have to think of a way to get Megan away from the house long enough, so I can fuck him. I’m going to call our friend Danny and maybe have him take her out for a while. I’m so naughty, but I want to fuck her dad. I know I sound like a complete slut, but Mr. Foley is so fucking hot. He’s in his fifties and is 6’0″ and is about one hundred and ninety pounds, but he is all muscle. Her father is always at the gym. He has salt and pepper hair that is very short. He has the most amazing hazel eyes. I love his voice and he has the best smile. I just fantasize about him all the time. I grabbed my cell phone and called Danny. Ring Ring “Hi Danny, its Gina. I was wondering if you could call Megan and maybe take her to the mall for a while. I’ll give you fifty bucks, if you can keep her occupied for the next three hours.” “Fifty bucks, sure I’ll call her right now and pick her up. Thanks Gina.” “No thank you. I owe you. Love you, Danny.” Bahçeşehir escort bayan I hung up the phone and got myself dressed in a slutty outfit. I’m going to be going over to Megan’s house to seduce her father. Her dad has a home business and is always there. I decided on a blue denim short mini skirt with a red camisole top. I’m not wearing a bra, because the bra is in the shirt. I put on my white lace panties. I’ll wear my two inch white heels. I did my make-up and wore my blonde hair in a pony-tail. I went to my floor length mirror and admired myself in the mirror. I thought I looked really hot. I have blond long hair and blue eyes. I am 5’5” and weigh about one hundred and twenty pounds. I have been blessed with large breasts. And all the boys love them at school. I guess, I’m about a 34D cup. I love my breasts and I can’t wait to have Mr. Foley love them too. I picked up my cell phone and dialed Megan. Ring Ring “Hey, Megan its Gina. Are you do anything today? I thought we could hang out.” “Danny, just called and he’s taking me to the mall today. Maybe later you could sleep over. Come by around five o’clock today.” “I’d love to spend the night. Okay, I’ll see you later Megan. I can’t wait. Toddles.” This plan is working out even better. I started to pack up my overnight bag. I ran downstairs to ask my mother if I could stay over at Megan’s house. “Mom, Megan asked me to spend the night at her house. Would that be okay?” “Sure, sweetie that would be fine. Maybe your dad and I will go out for dinner and have some fun.” “You guys are like lovers Mom. That is so gross. Thank you Mommy. Escort Bakırköy I’ll be home in the afternoon tomorrow. Can Megan stay over our house tomorrow?” “Of course Gina. Your dad and I will take you girls out for Mexican food tomorrow.”  “Thanks Mommy. I love you.” I kissed my mom and then grabbed my keys and drove over to Megan’s house. I will make up some story about a book, I left there. I’m so excited that my plan is working out. I hope Mr. Foley will fuck me, that is the most important part of the story. Ding Dong “Hi Gina, Megan is at the mall with Danny. But, come in and talk to me.” “Thanks Mr. Foley. I actually left a book in Megan’s room and I’ll need it for a book report that I need to do. May I go up to her room and look for it?” “Sure, go ahead and then come down here and we’ll talk.” “I’ll be right down, Sir.” I’m a very naughty girl and have left a textbook of mine in Megan’s closet. I had put it there last week. I know I’m so bad. But, I have been thinking about this for a while. I have got to sleep with him. I walked down the stairs with the book under my arm. “I found the book Mr. Foley. Thank God, I need to finish reading it and start the report. By, the way Megan invited me over tonight for a sleepover. Is that okay? My mom said it was okay and wanted me to ask you, if Megan could sleep at our house tomorrow night. My parents are going to take us out for Mexican food.” “That is so nice of your parents. Megan can sleep over your house tomorrow and you can sleep here tonight. When Megan gets home, we can order Chinese food. My wife is working the late shift at the hospital tonight.” “Groovy, can we order from P.F. Changs?” “Of course, we can sweetie. So what is new with you? How is school? How are your parents?” “Everything is going well. I’m doing really well in school. My parents are awesome. They said maybe this summer we’ll go on a cruise for my graduation.” “We’re going to take Megan to the islands for her graduation.

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