No Strings Attached Ch. 04No Strings Attached Ch. 04


“Oh man…yeah I’m good with that. Do whatever you want…”

“Ok…now turn over.”

What? Turn over? Why would I want to do that?

Wait a minute. I don’t want to do that.

“Come on. Turn over. You’ll like this just as much…if not better.”

Is he kidding? That’s going to hurt.

“Come on…your curious. So was I. You’ll like it. Trust me.”

Oh man I can’t believe I’m doing this.

“There you go. Just relax. Stick that ass up. That’s it. A little further. Good. I know you don’t believe this…but getting fucked is really hot. You’ll see.”

Is he fucking kidding? How can that be? That just can’t be.

“Now just relax. Just think about my cock…the one you have been sucking…the one you love so much…as I push it into you.”

“Just breathe…and relax.”

Why did I do this? Why?

This is not what I wanted.

Oh shit…there it is.

Oh fuck! That hurts.

“I’m going to go slow…don’t worry…just relax.”

Fuck. His cock feels so big.

“Here…suck my finger. Think about my cock. The more you relax, the more you will like it.”

Oh man…I wish it was his cock. I liked that. That was much better than this.

“That’s it…just keeping sucking my finger…think about my cock…” tekirdağ escort

Are those his balls? Shit! His balls are banging against mine.

That means…

“That’s it…keep sucking.”

Shit…no more pain.

Oh wow…I can feel every inch sliding into me.

Feels good. Oh man…that feels real good.

I’m being fucked…and I like it…wasn’t expecting that…

If I just…stick my ass …up a little higher….

Oh yeah…that’s it…there you go…

“See? Not so bad is it? Told you man…”

Damn….he’s right again. Who would have ever thought…

“You like that? Huh? You like getting fucked…don’t you? Nice big cock in your ass…feels good doesn’t it?”

That is so fucking hot. Pump that cock. Do it! Fuck me man.

“I’m going to make you cum so hard!”

I believe it. I believe it. Fuck me. Do it. Make me cum hard.

“Here…check this out.”

Fuck! What was that? Holy shit. Did I just cum?

“Did I hit the spot? Huh?” he said.

I think he made me cum…with his dick…in my ass!

“Ah yeah…I think so.”

There it is again. What’s he doing to me?

“Well, did I? You like that?” he said.

Oh yeah…hit that spot. Feels so fucking good. Do it again.

Yeah…hit that fucking spot…PLEASE.

“Yeah…that feels…yeah, that’s great.”

Fuck me…give me that dick…just hit that fucking spot.

“Feels good getting fucked doesn’t it?” he said.

Oh man who knew. How could I have known? That dick feels so good.

“You love the cock man. You love it,” he said.

It feels like I’m having an orgasm every time he drives that thing home.

These sheets are soaked. Oh man, look at that. My cock is leaking like a sieve.

I can’t believe this is happening. I’m getting fucked by a cock!

This must be how Tina feels when I’m fucking her.

I loved being fucked.

Man no wonder she loves it so much. This is great.

Oh man, I feel it. That cock in my ass is going to make me cum.

I can’t believe it. I haven’t even touched my dick. Shit.

Here it comes. Oh baby. Here it fucking comes.

OH shit…

“Arrrrggggghhhhhh… fuck yeah….shhhiiiittttt…oh man…do it, fuck me…”

Yeah, yeah, yeah…do it Timmy.

“Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh…give me the dick man…come on…..arrrrggghhhhhh”

Holy shit! What a fucking orgasm! There is cum everywhere.

Oh man he is still going. Man this is crazy good.

Maybe I’ll give him a little help. Yeah, push him over the edge.

“Fuck me Tim…give me that cock dude…”

“You love it don’t you? Don’t you? I knew you would,” he said. “I’m going to fuck you all the time man…you’ll see. You love the cock.”

Oh shit. Well, maybe he’s right.

“Yeah…I love the cock. Give it to me…fuck me man…give me the cock.”

“I…knew…it…ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH,” he screamed.

Oh fuck I can feel that. He’s filling my ass with cum! OH man!

“Do it Timmy…get those rocks off!”

“Arrrgggghhhh…fucking tight….Ahhhhhhhhh…” he grunted.

Fuck man. That was powerful.

Timmy really got off on that. He gave it to me good.

That was hot. Hell we both got off on that.

Several minutes later…

“Pretty cool, huh? Yeah…from getting fucked by a dick. I know, I know. You never imagined in a million years. I was the same way. Turn over man. I want to suck your cock. Hell I’m just getting warmed up. Then I’ll fuck you some more,” he said easily.


Oh man…yeah I’m good with that. Do whatever you want…

“You like getting fucked, don’t you?” he asked.

I guess this is the moment of truth. I can’t believe I’m going to say this out loud. Shit.

“Yeah man. I do. That was fucking hot. I…I want you to do it again.”

“I know man. I was the same way. Hey, know any Liza Minnelli songs?”

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