Wedding WeekendWedding Weekend


As soon as he stepped off the plane and into the jetway, the heat hit him. He chuckled to himself, as he was still wearing his sweatshirt – something he always wore on planes. He was always cold, but the Arizona heat was enough to even keep HIM warm.

Zach flew in for his best — and oldest — friend’s wedding. They met in kindergarten and remained best friends for all these years. He and Brian lived in a single universe together. There was school, of course, but also summer camp, little league and high school basketball. Growing up, Zach was probably at Brian’s house more than he was at his own. And Brian’s parents treated Zach like a second son, inviting him to join them in everything.

Even though they didn’t go to the same college, they continued to keep in close contact. Zach was also good friends with all of Brian’s girlfriends, including the most important one — Stephanie. In a few days, she would become Brian’s wife.

Zach thought the world of Stephanie, and he was very happy she and Brian found each other. She was smart, funny, and kind. They seemed perfect for each other.

It was a fairly small wedding. Zach was the best man — and the only person standing up on Brian’s side — and Stephanie’s sister, Nicole, was the maid of honor — and the only person standing up on her side. The official Rehearsal Dinner was tomorrow night, Friday evening, but the wedding party — all four of them — decided to get together a night early before everyone else came into town.

Zach ordered an Uber, which showed up really quickly, and headed to the hotel. The mountains looked beautiful against the clear blue sky and intense sun. He smiled at the front yards without a shred of grass — except the ones looking beautifully lush with artificial turf.

At the hotel, it only took a few minutes to check in. All the rooms were called “mini-suites”, which really just meant there was a separate room where the beds were. There were French doors, with sheer curtains, separating the two room. The “living room” was a *little* bigger than a basic hotel room, but it still just had the hide-a-bed couch, a couple of chairs with large, padded arms, desk, desk chair, and a chest of drawers. At least there were lots of lights and lamps in this room.

There were two TVs — one in the bedroom and one in the living room. The bathroom was a little nicer than some basic hotels, with a large walk-in shower and a large vanity. It met Zach’s primary criterion: it looked clean. Of course, that didn’t stop him from pulling out his package of Clorox wipes and wiping down almost everything — ESPECIALLY all door handles, the TV remotes, the faucet handles, and the phone.

After his extensive decontamination procedure was complete, he texted Brian to let him know he was there and to check on plans for the evening. Brian called to welcome him and let him know the plans. Dinner was at 7:00 at a sports bar, and then they’d either stay there or find some other bars to spend the rest of the evening. Brian said he and Stephanie would be coming from the other side of town, so he asked Zach if he’d mind Ubering over with Nicole. Zach, of course, agreed, and they each said goodbye.

At 6:30, Zach headed down to the lobby. Two minutes later, Nicole emerged from the elevator. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a red tube top. Zach thought she looked terrific. Zach smiled when he saw her.

She and Stephanie were an interesting study in genetics. Both of the girls had their mother’s face: small lips, cute small nose, and big blue eyes. All three of them were attractive women. You wouldn’t describe them as “stunning”, like a Hollywood leading lady, but they were very attractive. And all three of them had pitch black, straight hair. If someone just looked at headshots of the three of them, he or she would say “This explains genetics”.

However, if you looked below the neck, you might think they were unrelated. Nicole was five feet eight inches tall, with long legs. She had small breasts, a small butt, and was fairly thin. Stephanie was all of five feet one inch tall (though she liked to say she was five feet one AND A HALF inches tall). She had much larger breasts and a bigger butt. She wasn’t overweight, but she wasn’t really skinny like Nicole.

Genetics also worked in the brains department; just like their parents, they were both really smart. Stephanie went to a top law school and was now in her second year working for one of the biggest law firms in the country. Nicole had her Ivy League undergraduate degree and was now in her third year of medical school.

Zach stood up and started walking toward her. When their eyes met, they both smiled. They had met each other at various family functions over the years, and Zach always thought she was nice.

They gave each other a quick hug, and Zach told her the Uber should arrive within 5 minutes. They decided to wait outside.

“So, they’re FINALLY getting married,” Nicole said. “What the hell took them so long? Everyone Balıkesir Escort KNOWS they’re perfect for each other. And after living together for three years, you’d think THEY would have figured it out, too!” she said as she laughed.

Zach chuckled, too. “Yeah, you’re right. It was inevitable. But I’m glad they’re making the commitment. They’re a fantastic couple.”

“This weekend could not have come at a better time,” Nicole continued. “School has been really crazy these last few weeks. I really needed a break, and I’m ready to party!”

The Uber pulled up, and Zach opened the door for Nicole. She slid over to the other side, and Zach got in. They arrived at the Sports Bar at 6:55.

There were at least 25 giant TVs showing every sporting event in the country, including poker and professional cornhole. And, of course, it was LOUD. And packed. There were two huge bars, with booths along the walls and windows. Tables were placed in every available space.

When they walked in, they saw Stephanie waving to them. Zach put his hand on the small of Nicole’s back and gently directed her in front of him. When they got to the table, Brian and Stephanie were both standing. Stephanie gave Nicole a hug as Brian engulfed Zach in his long arms and gave him a giant bear hug.

“Great to see you, Zach.” Brian said.

“Great to see you, too, Brian.”

Then they switched partners. Brian hugged Nicole, and gave her a little kiss on her lips. Stephanie gave Zach a longer, slightly-open-mouth wet kiss on his lips. The first time Stephanie did this to him, when he first met her, he was a little taken aback, but now he knew to expect it. After the kiss, they gave each other a tight hug. They clearly had a strong bond.

“How you doing, boyfriend?” Stephanie asked.

“I’m fantastic, Stephanie. Looking forward to the weekend.”

“Me, too,” she replied. “I mean I can’t wait to be with the family and a few friends. If I have to marry this guy to be able to have a little party and see everyone, I suppose I can take one for the team.”

“We all appreciate your sacrifice, Stephanie,” Nicole chimed in.

They sat down and ordered drinks. The conversation went from plans for the weekend to making fun of family members to discussing work and school. Brian was also in school, in the second year of his MBA.

After the second round of drinks, they ordered dinner. The conversation turned to each of them telling funny stories about each other. At one point, Stephanie turned to Nicole and said, “did I ever tell you about the time Zach copped a feel off of me?”

Nicole’s eyes nearly popped out as she shouted “WHAT?”

At the exact same time, Zach yelled, “I DID NOT!”, though he was laughing as he said it, as were Brian and Stephanie.

“You DIDN’T?” Stephanie asked.

“No!” Zach answered.

“Oh, REALLY?” Stephanie replied. Then she looked at Brian. “May I question the witness, your honor?”

Brian extended his arm, palm up, and, with a sweeping motion, said, “The floor is yours.”

Stephanie dramatically pushed her chair back with the back of her legs as she stood up. She took a few steps to her left, and then to her right, and turned toward the table.

Looking at Brian, she started. “Your Honor.” Then she turned toward Nicole. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I will prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that THAT man,” she shouted, as she pointed to Zach, “willfully copped a feel off of me.”

Stephanie was in full-out lawyer mode. The other three were laughing loudly.

Turning back toward Brian, she said, “Your Honor. Let’s clear up the law here. Would you agree that the definition of ‘to cop a feel’ would include having a person place a hand on a woman’s breast or ass, not during a consensual sexual encounter, when it was neither desired nor expected?”

“Yes, counselor, that is true,” Brian replied.

“And I suppose,” she continued, “it could also be applied to placing a hand on a man’s genitals or ass, but that is not relevant for today’s case. I call as my first witness, soon-to-be-Doctor Nicole.”

“I object,” Zach shouted. “She’s not a doctor yet!”

“Oh, please. Your Honor,” looking back to Brian, “I am calling this woman as an expert witness. Once you hear the line of questioning, I’m sure you’ll agree she is well qualified.”

In-between laughs, Brian managed to answer, “You may proceed.”

“Thank you, Your Honor. Now, soon-to-be-Doctor Nicole, is it true that you have studied anatomy in Medical School”.

“Yes,” Nicole chuckled.

“And do you consider yourself fairly familiar with the major sections of the human body?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“So based on your expert opinion, would you agree that THIS,” Stephanie said, emphasizing the last word as she turned around, bent over, stuck her ass toward the table, and slapped both hands on her ass, “is my ass?”

Nicole was laughing with everyone else but managed to finally reply, “Yes.”

“Thank you. But more Balıkesir Escort Bayan importantly, would you consider THESE,” she said, again emphasizing the last word as she bent forward and cupped her large breasts, “are my TITS?”

Even Stephanie couldn’t keep a straight face at this point, and they were all laughing loudly. But, again, Nicole managed to snort out a “Yes.”

“Thank you.” Then she walked around the table until she was behind Zach, grabbed his right hand off the table and shoved it toward Nicole’s face.

“And can we agree THIS is a hand?”

One more time, Nicole answered yes.

“And finally…and this is really important. Given that there has never been a consensual sexual encounter between this man and me, if this hand were placed on my tits — especially when I didn’t expect it – would you agree he copped a feel? WOULD YOU AGREE?” she shouted. Everyone was laughing, and they all nodded.

“Now, just one question for the accused. And listen carefully. I will ask you one, single question. And you may ONLY answer yes or no. Is that clear?

Zack nodded.

“Has there ever been an occasion when this hand was touching these tits? And remember… YOU ARE UNDER OATH!”

Through the loudest laugh yet, Zach peeped out, “yes.”

Stephanie slapped her hand on the table really hard, which scared the shit out of all of them, and proclaimed, “I rest my case.”

Then she nonchalantly skipped over to her chair and sat down.

Nicole turned to Zach.

“Umm, so you admit it?”

“Wait, wait. I haven’t presented my defense.”

“I think you already confessed to the crime,” Nicole replied.

“At least hear me out.” Turning toward Brian. “Your Honor, may I explain.” Brian nodded.

Turning directly to Nicole, he started.

“My dad, who started driving long before every car had shoulder harnesses, had a habit. If he made a sudden stop in the car, he’d throw his right arm out to stop the person in the passenger seat from flying forward. For some reason, I picked up the habit.”

He continued, “One day your sister and I were in my car going somewhere — I don’t even remember where. The guy in front of me stopped suddenly, and I slammed on the brakes. Without thinking, and out of habit, I threw my arm out to stop Stephanie from jerking forward. Of course, technology, and the fact that every car has shoulder harnesses, meant she wasn’t going anywhere. But, anyway, I threw my arm out, and, of course, my hand landed right on her breast. I was trying to save her life, not cop a feel.”

Nicole smiled at Zach and then turned toward Stephanie.

“Is this true? Was that an accurate representation of what happened? Is it? IS IT? TELL ME!” Nicole shouted in between laughter.

“M-a-y-b-e,” Stephanie slowly replied. “But the rest of the trip, he kept slamming on his brakes every 100 feet and throwing his hand on my tits!” Stephanie hardly got out the last word before she cracked up.

“THAT’S NOT TRUE!” Zach shouted.

Nicole took Zach’s hand in both of hers, pulled it to her mouth, and kissed it. She turned toward Stephanie. “The man tried to save your life. He couldn’t possibly avoid those giant things!” Then, turning toward Brian, she continued. “Your honor, I find this man not guilty. And…” She paused, and looked directly in Zach’s eyes. “I’d be happy to have him drive me anytime. And stop whenever he wanted.”

Zach smiled back. Then he realized Nicole basically just told him it would be okay if he felt her up — at least that’s how HE interpreted her statement. And he was pretty sure he saw her nipples start to poke through her tube top. He wrapped his other hand around Nicole’s hands, which were still holding one of his, pulled them to his lips, and kissed her hand just as she had kissed his.

“Thank you, kind lady. And based on your last statement, fuck Uber. I’m renting a car for the rest of the weekend and driving you everywhere. Anywhere that’s got lots of stop signs!” Between the alcohol, the excitement of the weekend, and the fun they were all having, every statement that came out of anyone’s mouth tended to bring laughter from everyone.

“Jeez,” Zach said. “I just realized something. I’ve got a Master’s Degree in Information Technology, with a specialty in Security. It’s an advanced degree which is in high demand. But I’ve got the least amount of formal education of anyone at this table.”

“But that makes perfect sense, Zach,” Nicole replied.

Zach had a confused look on his face. “Why, Nicole?”

With a straight face, she replied, “Because among the four of us, you’re the dumbest one.”

And, again, everyone started laughing loudly. And though he was laughing, Zach quickly remembered a very important lesson he learned back in 6th or 7th grade: If a girl says your dumb, she DEFINITELY likes you. At least that’s what Zach was going with.

Finally, they decided it was time to head back to the hotel. Zach again arranged an Uber, Escort Balıkesir and it wasn’t long before they were all back in the hotel lobby, saying their goodbyes for the night. Brian gave Zach another big bear hug and told him how happy he was that he was there for the wedding. Stephanie gave him another wet kiss on the lips, just like when she greeted him, and also said how glad she was that he was there.

Nicole, whether fueled by a fun evening or alcohol, didn’t just give him a quick hug this time. She, too, gave him a slightly open-mouth, wet kiss on the lips. Then she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him tight against her body. Zach reciprocated, squeezing her, too. He realized he was getting hard and that she probably felt it, but he didn’t care. Nicole didn’t break the hug right away and actually ground her body against his. When they broke the hug, she gave him another quick kiss on the lips.

“I had lots of fun tonight. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!” she said. Then they all got in the elevator and went to their respective floors.

When Zach got to his room, he sat on the couch and replayed the night in his head. First, he thought Nicole was REALLY nice. Second, he tried to figure out if he was making stuff up in his head or if she was really coming on to him. And third, he was REALLY looking forward to tomorrow night.

When Nicole got to her room, she smiled as she walked in. “I can’t believe I told him he could drive me and make sudden stops,” she thought to herself. She also thought about grinding against him when she hugged him goodnight, and she shook her head. It was late, and she quickly got ready for bed. She pulled out a clean pair of panties and a t-shirt to sleep in, but she didn’t put them on. And she didn’t rush through her nighttime routine because she wanted to quickly go to sleep. She had other ideas.

She climbed into bed naked and imagined Zach making a sudden stop and putting his hand on her breast. She cupped her breast and squeezed it, picturing Zach doing it. Her nipples were already hard, and she pinched them, still thinking about Zach doing it. She moaned quietly. She had very sensitive nipples, and with her vivid imagination, she could clearly picture Zach’s fingers pinching her nipples. She continued pinching one nipple and squeezing the other breast, and she got very wet.

Then she thought about the goodbye hug and feeling Zach get hard. She moved one hand down to her pussy and just pressed hard against her lips, pretending she was again pressing and grinding against Zach’s cock. She slipped one finger into her pussy and let out a louder moan. First, she imagined it was Zach’s finger, and she stroked in and out. After a minute or so, she pulled it out and inserted three fingers, this time pretending they were Zach’s cock. She stroked her fingers in and out, now going a little faster.

She could almost feel Zach on top of her, stroking his cock in and out. The moans were louder and more frequent.

The feeling was incredible. With each stroke of “Zach’s cock”, she lifted her pelvis to meet him. She continued this for quite some time. Zach was squeezing her nipples and fucking her in perfect rhythm with her thrusts. Suddenly, she pulled her hand away from her breasts and rubbed her clit back and forth, very quickly. The pleasure was overwhelming, and she cried out as a giant orgasm hit her. She kept moving her fingers in and out and continued stroking her clit throughout the long explosion of euphoria, with her pelvis jumping high in the air with each wave.

Finally, she collapsed on the bed, exhausted. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy, curled up into the fetal position, and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, Zach went for an early run. Seeing the mountains in the background made for a beautiful site. He probably ran a little further than he should have, given the heat, but he was feeling really good, albeit exhausted, when he got back to the hotel. He showered and headed downstairs for something to eat.

The restaurant had the typical breakfast buffet section, with silver trays heated beneath by sterno. There was the standard bacon, sausage links, sliced ham, potatoes, and oatmeal in the hot section. The chilled section had cut-up fruit, yogurt, juices, milk, and some apples and bananas. The best part was the lack of rubbery scrambled eggs. There was a separate counter where three cooks were handling made-to-order main dishes. You could get eggs any way you wanted them, freshly made pancakes, omelets or waffles.

The first person he saw was Brian’s youngest sister, Ashley. They gave each other a big hug, and she told him to come join the family after he got his food. When he got to the table, he greeted Jessica, the middle of the three kids, and Brian’s parents. Zach smiled at the familiar scene of him eating a meal with Brian’s family — even if Brian wasn’t there.

Zach liked Brian’s entire family. In fact, in high school, he dated Jessica a few times. He liked her, but he felt like he was dating his sister. But they still remained good friends. The family caught up on recent events in Zach’s life, and he asked each of the girls, and Brian parents, about their recent activities. Everyone was excited and happy about the weekend, as they all loved Samantha.

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