Subject: No Nut November — Chapter 17 NO NUT NOVEMBER – CHAPTER 17 On the final day of November, I woke up in my own bed with a calm mind and a massive erection, which strained against my white jockstrap. Other than the jockstrap, I was naked. Normally, I’d be a lot more self-conscious in this state, but Bobby still hadn’t returned from break and thus the only other person in my dorm room was Ryan. And at this point, he’d seen me in all kinds of compromising positions. He’d put me in all kinds of compromising positions. So I didn’t really think twice when I pulled my slender, athletic body out of bed and climbed down from the top bunk. I stretched my arms up with a big yawn. As I yawned I involuntarily pulsed my hard cock. I looked down at my cock tenting my jockstrap. There was a small wet spot right at the tip of my dick. Precum. Wow. That’s the state my body was in after a month of denying myself the ability to nut. Just a simple morning stretch made me precum a little bit. I looked down at Ryan sleeping in the bottom bunk. If he opened his eyes right now he’d see his college roommate with a massive boner in a jockstrap with precum. I wonder what he would say if he woke up right now. He’d probably notice my hard-on and freak out, tell me to be careful not to cum, that I better get on my knees and suck his cock to take my mind off of it. Ryan was sleeping shirtless as he always did. I wondered if he was wearing underwear now, too. I noticed a definite bulge coming from his crotch area under the sheets. I bet he had morning wood, too. I heard Ryan snore a little bit. He was so peaceful when he slept. He wasn’t mean or demanding. He just existed in his perfect college-boy body with his messy hair. He probably had morning wood, I mean, all guys get it right? Maybe I could just check, I thought. Just see if he had it, too. He seemed fast asleep. I dropped to my knees and slowly lifted the sheet, poking my head underneath. I gasped in surprise to discover that he was, in fact, not wearing any underwear. Maybe with Bobby gone he figured he didn’t need to. I had obviously seen him naked a ton. I mean, I spent most evenings on my knees in the dorm room showers sucking his cock. The same way I felt comfortable just wearing a jockstrap around him, he probably felt comfortable naked around me. But of course, with no underwear, I could see his perfect, hard cock. He definitely had morning wood. I can’t lie that every time I saw his dick I got a little bit jealous. I looked back down at my big erection and it didn’t seem so massive by comparison. I just had an 18-year-old boner. Ryan had a massive, college-boy hard-on. The kind you could really wrap your hand around. With my head under the sheets I could smell his musk. I think because he sweats a little at night it was especially strong. It smelled like his balls. It was this kind of foul odor but at the same time it made me a little light-headed. I traced his hard shaft with my eyes down to his big nuts hanging in their sack. I leaned closer and sniffed them a little more. Yeah, it smelled like Ryan, all right. I felt my cock strain in my jockstrap even more. I never thought the smell of another man’s dick would get me hard, but this No Nut November experiment had taught me a lot of things. Namely, that no matter how straight you think you are, when you are desperately horny from being denied the ability to cum, you’ll do anything for release. I was the rat in Ryan’s experiment, and thus was the number one exhibit for this truth. Because in high school, I was totally straight. And I came into college ready to hook up with all kinds of girls now that my girlfriend and I had broken up. I was one of the more popular guys in high school, and I’m not going to lie that I had a pretty cocky attitude coming in. I assumed it was going to be easy to find slutty college girls who wanted my big dick. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, though. And I think I didn’t realize that in high school I’d just been a big fish in a small pond. I mean, right off the bat, I met my roommates Ryan and Bobby and realized that they were objectively hotter than me. And not long after that it became clear they had the bigger dicks, too. So just in my own dorm room I was bottom of the pecking order. And then the other guys on my floor… I mean, I do think I’m a good-looking guy. I’m kind of skinny but definitely fit. I have a photogenic face. Girls always told me I was really cute. So I think I probably had plenty of the guys on my floor beat in the looks department. The dick department, who knows? Well, I guess all the guys on my floor but me would know… because they’ve all seen my dick now. Hell, they’ve seen it hard. I still couldn’t believe Ryan would pants me in front of all of them like he did. They all got a good look at my hard prick and thus they each sized me up. Some of them knew they were bigger. Maybe some realized they were smaller. But whatever. The key to this month was realizing my dick didn’t matter. If I wanted to win the $600 No Nut November bet that my floormates had made at the start of the month, then I had to be clever. Ryan helped me realize that. He showed me how if I distracted myself from my own sexual urges, I could control them. It started by me focusing on the guys in porn. Watching their pleasure, watching them cum. Thinking about how good they feel, and tricking myself into believing that when they came, I was satisfied. Once I got the hang of that, then I was ready for the real thing. Well, I guess what really happened was that Ryan took away the porn. Or his computer messed up. I’m not really sure. But the porn was gone, and I was desperate, and Ryan, despite being a straight stud, agreed to let me watch him jack off. My head was still under the covers. Staring at Ryan’s hard morning wood. I had watched him stroke this very dick until he came. And man, when Ryan came, he came rockets. It was so impressive. It was awesome. God, I fucking hated him. How could one guy be so funny and suave and clever and attractive and also be blessed with such a perfect cock? I felt so lame compared to him. He was who I really wished I could be. But the good thing was that I got to pretend that his dick was my dick. First that meant watching him jack off. Then it meant jacking him off. Then he let me suck his dick. And he came on my face, and I swallowed his cum… okay, I know how this sounds. I sound like a pathetic bitch whose roommate tricked him into sucking him off all the time. But it’s not like that. Ryan was the only thing stopping me from cumming. And if I came, I would lose the $600. So even if it sounds objectively crazy, there was a method to his madness. And honestly, pretending Ryan’s cock was my own when I sucked it was awesome. I did everything I thought would feel really good, like licking it from the base to the tip. And feeling his cock start pulsing out cum, knowing we were cumming, was such a crazy dopamine release. By the time his load was in my belly, I felt at ease, and any thought of my own horniness was gone. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. If he just decided to stop letting me take showers with him out of the blue? I’d go absolutely nuts. Then again, today was the last day of the bet. The last day of No Nut November. Which meant that at midnight, the money would be ours. I could go into the shower like I used to, and jack my own dick off. Woah. I couldn’t even imagine what that would feel like. I was probably going to have such a huge nut. I should film it. I bet Ryan would get a kick out of it. Well, maybe not. He never really wanted to see my dick. Which is why I always had to wear a cage around it. Or, now that my floormates had discovered my cage and thrown it out, I had to wear this jockstrap at all times, including when I needed to piss. Yeah, maybe Ryan wouldn’t want to see a video of me cumming. Maybe if he had a cage on his cock for a month he would, though. Yeah, for sure he would. But he didn’t have a cage around his cock… when November started he told me he did, that we were in this together. We’d both wear a cage and win together. But that was a lie, I discovered. He would never cage his big dick. I don’t blame him. A dick like his deserved to cum big loads every day. And maybe every morning, I thought to myself, still inhaling the scent of his balls, my head under the sheets. I leaned forward, still on my knees. Fuck, was I really going to do this? I carefully licked the head of Ryan’s dick. I tasted his salty sweat. Then pressed my tongue all the way against his shaft and licked it again. I felt a little pulse and tasted some precum. He probably wouldn’t mind if I sucked it… right? I mean, I know it’s weird to suck someone’s dick while they’re asleep, but… I was already licking it. I wrapped my lips around the tip of his dick and heard myself moan a little bit. Goddamnit, what was that about? Whatever, I thought, and slowly lowered myself down on his shaft until I felt it hit the back of my throat. I stopped myself from gagging. I only had half of it in my mouth. Fuck. What a fucking cock. I slid my lips up, up, and off his shaft, then drifted toward his big balls. I licked one, then the other, then took one into my mouth and sucked on it, rolling it around. Why did it taste good? It tasted kind of foul, but in a good way. It was the real, unfiltered Ryan, before he’d even woken up, ankara escort before he’d showered or dressed. This was the real, naked, pure Ryan. I wondered if his cum tasted different before he woke up. I wondered if I could get him to nut like this. Maybe he’d have a crazy dream. I mean, I was already sucking his dick and nuts, why not keep going and see if I could get him to nut? That would definitely help my teenage boner die down. In fact, it was already just a chub in my jockstrap now. I’d gotten so distracted by Ryan’s dick I’d stopped thinking about my own. Perfect. It was working. I definitely couldn’t stop now. I moved back to his shaft, and this time I brought one of my hands under the covers, too. I gripped the base of his shaft and waggled his dick a bit. Damn, it was hefty. It’s funny how well I knew every vein in his dick by this point. I knew it better than my own. I let saliva drool from my mouth onto his dick and spread it with my hand, jerking him slowly, deliberately. I felt his cock pulse again. Fuck yeah, this was awesome. I sucked Ryan’s dick, building up more speed, the suction noises getting louder. He might wake up. Whatever. If I were Ryan, I’d think this was an awesome way to wake up. Who doesn’t want to wake up to a blowjob? I took his dick as deep into my throat as I could, gagging, my eyes watering. I wanted him to cum so bad. That would be so awesome to be able to say I had made him shoot his big load while he was still sleeping. I lost myself in my roommate Ryan’s perfect dick, my head under his sheets, surrounded by his musk, in a perfect little bubble world where nothing existed except his cock and balls and aroma. And then I heard the lock in our dorm room door click. And then I heard the door swing open. Oh fuck. I scrambled out from under Ryan’s sheets and fell backward onto the floor, wide-eyed. Standing there in the doorway, jaw totally slack, was my other roommate–Bobby. I guess he’d finally come home from Thanksgiving. Fuck. Oh fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. We just stared at each other for a long moment, him with a suitcase in the doorway, me wearing a precum-stained jockstrap and nothing else. “Bro…” he finally said. “What the fuck?” I stumbled and stammered over my words, pleading with him to understand, that it wasn’t what it looked like. Bobby looked over to Ryan, who was starting to stir from sleep. “I don’t care if you’re gay, but that’s fucked up, bro–” “No — no, I’m not gay, it’s cool, it’s… Ryan’s cool with it.” “You haven’t done that shit to me, have you?” Bobby asked, fear in his voice. The truth was, when Bobby was asleep one time, I had tried to peek under his covers to get a look at his dick. I’d heard all the rumors about how big it was. And I was curious. But obviously I couldn’t tell him that. So instead, I said, “Of course not! I would never do that!” Ryan finally opened his eyes and saw the situation. He laughed at me on the floor in my jockstrap. “Fuck are you doing, Eth?” “You gonna tell him or should I?” Bobby said. My breathing became fast, my face flushed. I couldn’t believe Bobby had caught me sucking off Ryan while he was asleep. This was a nightmare. Bobby didn’t know about any of this shit. I didn’t think he did, at least. “He was sucking your dick, bro,” Bobby finally spurt out. Ryan froze, looking between the two of us. “Seriously, dude? That’s disgusting,” Ryan said, giving me a look that made me feel about two inches tall. “I’m sorry,” I muttered. “I don’t know if I feel comfortable with you being our roommate anymore,” Bobby declared. “What?! No, please… Ryan, tell him.” I looked at Ryan with big, pleading eyes, and I saw something in him soften. “You dumb bitch,” he declared with a sigh. “Whatever. It’s cool, Bobby, I let him do it.” Bobby took a deep breath. “Of course you did… wow.” “It’s no big deal, bro, chill,” Ryan declared. He climbed out of the bottom bunk with absolutely no regard to modesty. His dick was still fully hard as he crossed the room to his dresser. Bobby got one look at his hard-on and practically screamed. “Bro! What the fuck!” “Oh, you’ve never had morning wood before? Christ…” Ryan said as he slipped on a pair of Calvins. “You need to lighten the fuck up. It’s college, okay?” “So does this mean the rumors about Andy were true?” Bobby said, rather serious. Ryan glared at Bobby. “You’re supposed to be my best friend, dude.” “Yeah, and best friends don’t lie to each other. Is it true or not?” “What the fuck do you care? That was in high school,” Ryan said. I stayed on the floor in my jockstrap, my heart slowing down a bit now that it seemed I wasn’t the center of attention. I had no idea what Bobby and Ryan were talking about. Who was Andy? “Whatever, bro. You do you,” Bobby said, continuing into the room. “Both of you need to put some fucking clothes on.” * * * I had some studying to do before classes started again, and I figured it would be a good thing to keep my mind off my dick in these final hours of No Nut November. Thus I immersed myself a textbook in our dorm’s study room. I was drinking coffee I’d gotten from a cafe on campus, but I’d spiked it with some whiskey. Not enough to get drunk or anything, just something to take the edge off. My encounter with Bobby in the morning had left me feeling a little frazzled. I was deep into a chapter on an economics case study when I felt two hands grab both of my shoulders. I jumped a little bit and spun around to see it was Peter. He was wearing a tanktop and staring at me with those big eyes of his. Behind him was Bobby. My stomach dropped a bit. “Jesus, you scared me,” I stuttered. “We’re hitting the gym. You wanna come?” Peter asked. As if I’d ever gone to the gym with him or Bobby. I hadn’t gone to the fucking gym in a month, too scared to let me cage show through work-out clothes. “Oh, I’m good, thanks…” “You’re coming,” Bobby said, arms crossed. “What’s going on?” “I filled Bobby in on what happened while he was gone… the party, all that stuff,” Peter said quietly. “We’re going to lift some fucking weights, and we’re going to have a little chat. Sound good?” Bobby asked, arms still crossed. He phrased it as a question, but I got the sense there was only one right answer. “I, uh, gotta get changed,” I said. “No need, I’ve got some spare workout clothes here,” Peter said, tapping a duffel bag slung over his shoulder. “That’s okay, I can run upstairs–” “Ryan’s still in the room,” Bobby said. “…So?” “So you’re gonna come to the gym with us, not go see him again.” Bobby was acting so stern, like he was my dad and I’d gotten in trouble. What had I done? Well, I guess it was obvious what I’d done… I’d sucked Ryan’s cock and he’d caught me. Still, I couldn’t understand if he was mad at me or at Ryan… or why Peter was involved in this. But the fact that Peter was coming made me feel safer, somehow. Even if Bobby was mad, I knew Peter had my back. He was the one who’d taken care of me that night in the showers when I was disgusting and throwing up. Even if he had revolted when I tried to kiss him. That was stupid. But he still let me sleep in his room. * * * When we got to the gym, Bobby went straight to the weight room since he was already in his gym clothes. He had on a tanktop that showed how truly jacked he was along with some thin athletic shorts. I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t see his bulge in them. I wondered if he realized how pronounced it was. He just walked through campus from our dorm to the gym with that bulge. I definitely noticed a couple girls check him out. Ugh… Bobby was so lucky. Tall, muscular, self-assured, and a huge cock. What more could a college boy hope for? Maybe a quick wit. Ryan had that. When he wanted to be, he could be so funny… and adventurous. Yeah, maybe Ryan was even luckier than Bobby. I don’t know how I ended up dorming with two of the biggest studs I’d known. I guess I should feel lucky by association. Peter and I headed to the locker rooms with his gym duffel in tow. It wasn’t all that busy, maybe because everyone had just gotten back from break and wasn’t ready to get back into the swing of the gym or something. Still, there were a handful of guys in the locker room in various states of undress. Some weren’t particularly attractive, but I did spot one guy in just some red boxer briefs. I didn’t get a good look at his bulge, but he had a really nice ass. It occurred to me that never before had I tried to check out other guys in the locker room before and I let out a sigh. “What?” Peter asked, hearing my sigh. “Nothing…” I replied, then snapped my gaze away from the red boxer briefs, hoping Peter didn’t notice. We grabbed a couple lockers next to each other and Peter tossed me some clothes to change into. I glanced out of the corner of my eye as he quickly stripped off his shirt to reveal his fit, slender frame. Peter had such an ease to his posture and body, like some kind of European model or something. I pulled my shirt off, too, eyeing my own muscles. My arms looked skinnier than I remembered. If I worked out more, though, I bet I could achieve a physique like Peter’s. I just needed to work harder. If this month taught me anything, it’s that when I put my mind to something, I can achieve it. Peter unbuckled his jeans and shimmied them down to reveal another pair of really tight black boxer briefs. They pushed ankara olgun escort his bulge up and out and I could definitely see the outline of his shaft. I took off my own pants so I was standing in the locker room in nothing but Ryan’s white jockstrap. Before this month, I would never have been okay wearing a jockstrap in a locker room around a bunch of my peers. I was usually pretty modest when changing — I’d change my shirt first and then my pants. This time, I’d just followed Peter’s lead in stripping down to my underwear completely before putting on any workout clothes. I noticed Peter eye me in my jockstrap. Specifically, he glanced at my exposed ass. He was trying to be sneaky about it, but as someone who had recently been sneaking looks at guys, I caught it. I tensed my ass cheeks when his gaze landed on them. I wondered if he thought they looked fit or not. Peter put on his workout clothes — a pair of tight, silky soccer shorts and a tight T-shirt. The silky shorts didn’t really do much to hide the bulge his tight underwear created. I put on the clothes Peter gave me — a similar pair of shorts and a tanktop with the sides cut partway down. The tanktop fit me well, but I felt practically topless with how much it exposed me. I’d seen guys wear tanks like this in the gym before and always thought they were trying too hard to show off. Oh well, I couldn’t complain, I should be grateful to Peter for lending me his clothes. As we left the locker room, I got a look at the two of us in the mirror. We looked like a couple bros about to hit the weights. I pulled my shoulders up and back. I looked pretty cute in these clothes, actually. So what if I hadn’t hit the gym in a month? I was still the same good-looking Ethan that girls had fawned over in high school. I noticed I had a bit of a bulge showing in these soccer shorts too. A normal bulge, not the bulge from a cage. I was just a normal boy at the gym. It felt nice. We found Bobby at the bench press. The three of us took turns lifting and spotting. Bobby lifted the most, then Peter, then me. Not very surprising. I did push myself to try and lift more than I usually would in an effort to compete with Peter. But that just resulted in me failing to get the bar up and needing Bobby to save me. Bobby was my spotter, which meant that while I lied on my back on the bench, he had his legs on either side of my head ready to pull the bar up if needed. As a result, my point of view on my back was of Bobby looming above me. The opening of his shorts was just inches away from my face. I wished he would step just a few inches closer… I might be able to actually see up his shorts in that case. Once we had all started breaking a sweat, Bobby turned the conversation around to current events. “So… what I saw you doing this morning,” he started. My face flushed red as I looked between Bobby and Peter. “I told Peter already,” Bobby said. My shoulder sagged forward and I couldn’t bring myself to meet Peter’s eyes. He knew I’d sucked Ryan’s cock now, too. “Why did you do it?” Peter asked. I shrugged. “Have you done it before?” Bobby asked. I didn’t answer, didn’t move. I wanted to get out of this gym. “Ethan, how many times have you done that to him? More than a couple times?” I remained silent. “More than five times? Ten? Thirty?” “No, not THAT many!” I blurted. My heart was racing. How many times had I sucked Ryan’s cock? “How did it start?” “It’s not my fault, I… he tricked me,” I said. “Can we just do the next exercise or something?” “How did he trick you?” Bobby said, emotionless, like a lawyer. “The cage. He said we were both going to wear one for November, but he lied. It was just me wearing one.” “Ok. And does he have photos of you?” Bobby asked. How would Bobby know about the photos? Surrounded by the grunts of weightlifting college boys and slamming weights, I felt totally trapped. “Yeah. And videos.” Bobby gave Peter a look as if to say, “See? Told you.” “That’s fucked up, Ethan. What he’s doing to you is fucked up,” Peter said. Was it? I mean, yeah, it was fucked up of him to trick me into wearing a cage. And I guess it was fucked up to get me to suck his cock all the time. “Is that how he got you to do it? He had photos of you in that cage thing and threatened to expose you if you didn’t?” Bobby asked slowly. I was starting to feel like they had the wrong idea. Ryan was fucked up, but he wasn’t really blackmailing me… was he? When I didn’t respond, Peter added, “Did you enjoy sucking him off all those times?” “Of course not,” I spat back. “Right. Of course not. So then why did you do it?” Bobby asked. “Was it because he had photos of you?” I nodded. I would never have just sucked a penis before. There had to be a reason I’d sucked Ryan’s. He had all this incriminating evidence on me… he’d had me trapped in a cock cage… yeah, he’d coerced me to suck him. Something about being in a gym, sweating with other boys my age, made me feel more like a man than I had in weeks. I wasn’t a cocksucker. Ryan had tricked me into it. “I had no choice,” I said quietly. Bobby nodded. “Fuck. I’m sorry bro.” Bobby put his big hand on my sweaty shoulder and squeezed. “I’m sorry for getting so pissed at you earlier… I didn’t realize Ryan was up to this kind of shit again.” Again? I remembered back to Bobby and Ryan’s conversation in the dorm. “Who is Andy?” I asked. “Back in high school, when we were on the soccer team together… there was this kid named Andy. Good kid, really friendly, always smiling. Looked kind of like you, even. And one day after practice, one of our teammates caught him sucking Ryan off in the shower.” “Oh shit,” Peter said. “Yeah. And so everyone was like, oh Andy’s gay, Andy’s a fag. But he claimed he didn’t want to do it but that Ryan had catfished him and gotten some incriminating photos of him, and then Ryan used those to blackmail him into giving him head.” “Dude, that’s so fucked up,” Peter blurted. “What did Ryan say?” I asked. I felt confused… I didn’t want to believe Ryan would do something like that. It sounded just evil. Making a straight high school boy suck his dick by threatening to release nude pics? That was so fucked up. “He said it was Andy’s idea. No blackmail. That Andy had practically begged to suck his dick, and he figured a mouth is a mouth,” Bobby answered. “Did you believe him?” “Yeah. Because he’s my best friend. But now? I see he’s doing it again. Look… I can’t imagine any amount of blackmail causing me to suck another guy’s cock. It’s just not in my blood. But guys like you and Andy? Maybe it’s not as big a stretch for you, especially if you’re more anxious about having your photos leaked.” Peter rolled his eyes, “Of course, you would never care if your nudes leaked.” “Honestly, no, I wouldn’t. I’d be like, you’re welcome everyone,” Bobby laughed a deep, baritone laugh. Peter joined in, and I nervously joined in as well. “So does this mean you aren’t gonna kick me out of the room?” I asked timidly. “Hell no. Dude, you’re a victim here. And we need to get you justice. Me and Peter are gonna help. When we’re done, Ryan will never try to pull this shit again.” I saw a little twinkle in Bobby’s eye — it was a familiar twinkle, a similar one that I often saw in Ryan’s eye when he had a devious plan. I felt my heartbeat quicken. Bobby definitely had a plan. * * * I was soaked in sweat after our workout. Following that conversation we did a bunch more exercises, and it got me feeling good. It was so nice to work my body like this, and to have Bobby and Peter on my side pushing me harder… it was awesome. Afterward, Peter and I returned to the locker room and Bobby departed. I watched Peter strip down to his boxer briefs again, eyeing his glistening, sweat-soaked skin. He had a light dusting of a happy trail above his crotch and I noticed a sheen of sweat there. I wondered briefly how salty it would taste to lick. “You gonna hit the showers?” I blurted out. Maybe a little loudly, for Peter gave me an odd look before answering. “I might just take one at the dorms. You?” I had never taken a shower in the gym before. The showers were just a bunch of nozzles around the edge of an open room. No privacy like our dorm showers. Not that our dorm showers had been particularly private for me lately. But still, while I did sometimes see guys go shower there, big open showers like that weren’t really my thing. I was too modest I guess. And yet, here I was, saying: “I’ve gotta take one, I’m soaked.” I gestured at my body, which was now wearing only Ryan’s jockstrap again. Peter glanced me up and down. “Yeah man… you worked hard in there.” There was a pause, then Peter said, “You’re not gonna jack off in the shower, right?” I gave him a screwy look. “After I’ve made it all this way? Hell no.” “I’m not sure that I believe that,” Peter said, crossing his arms in front of his bare chest. We were just a couple of college freshmen, joking around in our underwear in the locker room. “You’re welcome to chaperone me, bro,” I said, laughing. “You know what, I’m fucking sweaty too. Let’s hit the showers.” Peter crossed the locker room to grab a couple towels. “So you ARE chaperoning me?” I said, crossing my arms like he had. “Gotta make sure you’re on the up and up,” Peter shrugged, tossing me a towel. I wrapped it ankara ucuz escort around my waist, still wearing my jockstrap. “I think the whole idea is that I do not get up and up,” I joked, but my smile was wiped from my face when Peter casually dropped his boxer briefs and deposited them in his locker. He just stripped naked in front of me without a second thought. And that’s when I saw Peter’s cock for the first time. Thank god I had my towel on, because I immediately got hard. Luckily between the jockstrap and the towel, it wasn’t too noticeable. Peter’s cock had closely-trimmed pubes, well manicured. His balls were pretty much hairless and clung up tight to his body. The shaft itself was girthier than I’d expected and hung down so casually in front of his balls. He looked like a sculpture. I mean, the dude really needed to be a model. Again, he wasn’t the most muscular, but his lean frame had all the right muscle definition — a lean V-cut from his abs down to his cock and surprisingly well-defined leg muscles. Not to mention his ass, which was hairless and tight. I envied his ass a little bit. He clearly took leg day seriously. And then a moment later Peter wrapped a towel around his waist and his beautiful cock was out of view. I followed Peter to the group shower room, feeling a bit like a mesmerized puppy. I’d wanted to see his dick so badly when he let me sleep over in his room… after he’d pushed me away for trying to kiss him… and he just casually let me see it here. I mean, I guess it wasn’t that crazy. We were two dudes in a gym locker room. Guys were naked in front of each other all the time. But I guess I was surprised Peter would be comfortable in front of me like that knowing what he knew about me. Then again, he had agreed to shower together, so… but no, that was just because he wanted to make sure I didn’t cheat and masturbate. He wasn’t interested in me. The group shower had about ten nozzles around the edge of the room. Peter pulled off his towel and I watched his cock swing free again as he turned on the water. I followed suit, taking the shower nozzle next to his, hanging my towel beside it. But I still had my jockstrap on. Peter stepped into the water and then quickly stepped back. “Fuck, it’s gotta heat up,” he muttered, crossing his arms and sticking his hands in his armpits, shivering slightly. Peter glanced at me, noticing me jockstrap. “The fuck are you doing?” “Huh?” I looked down and realized I still had a boner pressing agains the fabric of my jockstrap. Fuck. No. I was such a moron. “Oh, sorry… I just… get them all the time now.” “No, I don’t care about that… I meant, are you gonna shower in your underwear?” “Oh… well… I’m not supposed to take it off,” I mumbled. “Says who?” Peter asked. Then he realized the answer. “Fuck Ryan. You’re your own man, Ethan. You got that?” I nodded, squirming a bit. “Take `em off,” Peter said, a bit commandingly. “But I’m still hard…” I protested. “I don’t fucking care, bro, I’m not interested. As long as you don’t jack off, we’re good.” Ryan would be pissed if he knew I was taking my jockstrap off. But… he wouldn’t know. He’d have no way to know. If he didn’t know, then he couldn’t be mad. Plus, who cares if I disobeyed him? He didn’t own me. I hooked my thumbs under my jockstrap and pulled it down to my ankles. My erect cock sprung out and slapped against my stomach. I turned beet red as I kicked the jockstrap off. I was standing naked in the group showers of our college gym locker room. And thank god nobody else was in here except Peter, because I also had a raging hardon. Peter stared directly at it. “Is that precum?” He asked, screwing up his face. I looked down at my dick. Yeah. There was some precum leaking out. “D-dude, you don’t understand… I haven’t jacked off for a month, it like… has a mind of its own. I swear, it’s not because of like… you or anything,” I stammered. Peter, seeming only now to realize he too was totally naked, looked down at his own dick. “Oh, I didn’t think that was it. You’re cool, bro, just take a shower.” I saw Peter absent-mindedly grab his dick and balls. I wondered what it looked like hard. No way was it as big as Ryan’s. It was probably bigger than mine, though. We showered, and I noticed Peter was keeping an eye on me. He had to make sure I didn’t sneakily jack off, I guess. My cock wouldn’t get soft, though. Something about being out in the open, naked like this, really turned me on. I heard other guys in the locker room, and I knew that at any moment one of them might walk in and see me showering with a full-on boner. Normally when I had a boner like this, I would get rid of it by focusing on some porn or Ryan’s dick or something. I didn’t have either of those. All I had was Peter’s dick. So while he was a little distracted shampooing his hair, I took a good long look and imagined how he would react if I dropped to my knees and sucked that beautiful cock. He’d probably gasp in surprise, but then… maybe if I made him feel really good he’d let me keep going. Maybe this straight soccer boy would just go along with it. A mouth is a mouth, right? I already had him naked right next to me… I wanted so badly to see him get hard. I might never get another chance. My raging horniness took over. I needed some way, anyway, to see Peter hard. And so, I said: “Ryan’s dick is bigger than yours, you know.” Peter stopped what he was doing to shoot me a look. “Fuck off, bro.” “It is, just saying.” Peter rolled his eyes, but I could tell his brain was working. “How big is it?” I shrugged and held out my hands to approximate the size of Ryan’s cock. “No way,” Peter said. “It’s true. Way bigger than yours.” “You don’t know how big mine is.” “Uh… it’s right there,” I said, smirking. “You don’t know how big it is hard, I mean. I’m sure Ryan’s isn’t WAY bigger.” I shrugged. “How does yours compare to mine? You’ve seen mine hard, obviously.” Peter looked back at my cock, which remained stiff. “Mine’s definitely bigger than yours. Sorry, bro.” “I dunno, I bet we’re similar,” I said, egging him on. I felt like my plan was working… Peter seemed like a prideful guy, and if there was one thing guys prided themselves on, especially college guys, it was their cocks. “Whatever you say, my man.” Peter clapped me on the shoulder as he turned off the water. He started toweling off. Fuck, this wasn’t what was supposed to happen. He was done? He reached over and turned my water off, too. I stood there dripping wet, naked and cold. “Come on, let’s get out of here,” Peter insisted. Peter started out of the showers, and I blurted out, “You don’t wanna just prove me wrong real quick?” Peter glanced back over his shoulder. I’d just asked him if he wanted to get hard in the middle of this group shower so I could see how big his cock was. I had maybe crossed a line. He hesitated for what seemed like awhile, then just turned away. “Let’s go, bro.” I’d failed. Oh well. I slipped my jockstrap back on and left the showers just as a couple guys in Speedos entered. I wondered if they had heard me. They definitely both noticed that I was wearing a jockstrap. I almost wanted to shout to them, “Don’t worry, I didn’t shower in it!” so they didn’t think I was weird. Peter had hesitated awhile when I suggested he get hard for me. Had that been because he was considering it? Or was he just shocked I would suggest such a thing? For someone claiming to be straight, claiming Ryan had coerced me into sucking his cock… I sure was acting really gay. But Peter had been so nice to me these last few days… I think he understood my mind wasn’t working right. We walked back to the dorm mostly in silence, and I started feeling guilty. Finally I said, “Sorry if I acted weird.” My boner had finally gone down, and when my out-of-control horniness subsided, I fully realized how inappropriate what I’d suggested to Peter in the showers was. I didn’t want him to think I was some creepy gay guy trying to spy on his cock or something. Peter eventually just patted me on the back. “Don’t worry about it, Ethan. You’re okay.” I looked up at him and he met my gaze. Those eyes were so warm and friendly. He really didn’t care? Here was this straight boy who I’d tried to kiss, who I’d tried to get him to show me his hard cock… and instead of calling me a faggot or something, he just forgave me and said I was okay? I felt some kind of warmth inside me, and I wanted his hand to stay on my back longer. I wanted to kiss him again. No, of course I didn’t want to kiss him. He wouldn’t even want that. I just wanted him to know how much I appreciated him… maybe by sucking his cock. Haha, okay, no obviously he wouldn’t be into that either. But I wish he were. I’d give him such a good blowjob. His toes would curl and he’d shoot a massive load down my throat and then he’d smile at me and tell me, “Thank you” and I’d say, “No, thank YOU.” Fuck I was hard again. I needed to get the fuck away from Peter. I needed Ryan, I needed to get his nut so I would calm down. He hadn’t nutted this morning because Bobby interrupted us. I hoped he was still saving it for me. * * * Thanks for patiently waiting for this latest update to NNN! Last time I mentioned there would only be one more chapter, but it turns out I had a lot more to write about that I initially thought. So get ready for an additional THREE MORE CHAPTERS after this, one of which is by far the longest chapter of the entire story. Plus, you won’t have to wait long between chapters as they are all finished! I’ll probably release them once a week. As always, feel free to email me at ethanjsharp@ and sign up for my mailing list to get updates on this and future projects here: tes -Ethan

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