First Thirst Ch. 11First Thirst Ch. 11


Chapter Eleven: First Meal

(Note: first I apologize to those readers offended by my careless use of German words. I would take more time and be more considerate if i were to make this a novel; I’ve written a few. I wanted no more than to have my character make “utterances” and could just as well have made them alien. NP)


Nutte too liked taking me by the balls, and used them to lead me out of the bedroom. I figured all women were like this and gave it no mind. She guided me down the steps and headed for the kitchen. I was led to a corner of the kitchen and made to stand facing into it. Nutte allowed me to put my arms down and keep them by my sides. Though a bright and well-lit room, my corner was quite darkened. I found myself staring into a long thin line created by the walls juncture. I let my eyes travel up the corner and down, but dared not look around.

We’d moved to the kitchen quickly and my brain was clouded, so I’d seen little of the rooms we’d moved through. I’d considered them for a moment and remembered only thick dark-colored carpeting. I was happy to be clean and rid of the itching, at least most of it. There were still a couple spots and as I stood there contemplating, newer ones arose. I was still perspiring and my cock still drooled like a teething baby, so what was I to expect. Now my stomach began to complain and competed with my hard-on for attention. Nature’s two most basic appetites collided in an ancient battle for supremacy, and I had no control over anything.

My nose picked up the scent… lamb chops probably. My persistent boner realized he was being overshadowed, though not vanquished. The stomachs satisfaction was to their mutual well-being, but I needed to orgasm so bad it hurt. Never had I stood so rigid, stayed hard for so long, or ached so much. Only my stomachs ache could compete, and the competition added to a wealth of psychological misery. This was all on top of the growing itchiness, and there was nothing I could do except tolerate.

My imagination was a cauldron of sexual fusion, as I tried to see through the crack formed by the meeting of the walls. They were a pair of white walls that blended into a darkening gray and then black. I traveled on and in, looking for the opening to another dimension, seeking an exit, the crack of light leading out. I sensed being close and spotted a glimmer, but the aroma of toast slowed me down. I was so exhausted I almost fell forward into the crack. I’d wanted to, to fall through the crack, but the smells kept me in reality. I wanted to send my hard-on through to the other side, to fuck the crack and shoot my load into another world, but my stomach stayed with Nutte.

“Achtung,” I heard Nutte bark. Her word came as an echo growing louder. I was stopped at the edge of an abyss and turned around. I turned from the world of shadows and reentered her reality. With head lowered and breathing labored, I turned to face Nutte.

The little monster was sitting in a chair facing me. To her left was a table on which she rested an elbow. It was set with a plate of food and accompaniments. I was starving and couldn’t wait to dig in. I looked to the tom-boy for direction and her eyes took mine to the floor. She demetevler escort sat straight, with her legs parted and her feet planted on either side of a big bowl. It was a large pink bowl and very deep. On the outer edge facing me was the word ‘BOY’ in large letters. The word was done in glitter that sparkled. I looked up from the bowl, to a very sinister looking Nutte.

“Hinunter,” she continued, motioning for me to kneel. I did and watched for further instructions. “Kriechen zu mich,” Nutte said pointing to the bowl and calling me forward with the tilt of her head. She gave me a sarcastic look and said, “mmmmm, lunchpaket.” I began crawling, drawn on by the aroma.

I couldn’t understand a word of what Nutte said and yet I understood everything she said. I was amazed at my abilities and crawled to Nutte and the bowl. My eyes kept bouncing between the bowl and Nutte’s eyes until I reached her. Then my eyes zeroed in on the contents. I was surprised and didn’t know what to do. I smelled the marinated lamb, and eggs, the buttered toast, and coffee, but I couldn’t smell the oatmeal. I looked at the wad and almost began crying. Nutte’s hand came to my chin and lifted my face to hers. My eyes were tear-flooded and it was difficult for me look at her just then.

“Blick an mich,” Nutte barked. She pinched my chin and my eyes went to hers. I surmised what she wanted and saw no reason to wait. We looked at each other and I could feel her supremacy. I accepted her control and sovereignty over me. I paled in this woman’s shadow and cowered, while dangling from her palm. A few tears escaped my eyes and ran swiftly down my face. I could feel and followed their course.

Suddenly Nutt spit in my face. She hit me with a spray that covered my face and formed a thin coating. Nutte laughed aloud and made some derogatory statements, then she let my face drop to the bowl and followed me down while talking.

“Du essen,” she said. I dropped my face into a bowl wide enough to accommodate my entire head. It was deep and piled high with oatmeal. My mouth landed on the tip of the mush mountain and I bit off the point. I discovered the meal cold and slimy –and gagged. I glanced up to Nutte with fresh tears in my eyes and found her glaring, a wedge of crispy toast at her lips. My head dropped as I munched and tried to swallow the mush, while retching. I was repulsed by its taste yet driven by my empty gut. My gut swallowed and vomited simultaneously, which caused me consternation.

After successfully consuming the first wad, my mouth dropped for more. I could smell the eggs and heard fork against plate. I had to open my mouth wider in order to take in the next bite. It was another struggle but my retching eased, and I teared less. I could hear sipped coffee while going for another bite.

By now I was extremely thirsty and needed to let Nutte know. Her upper torso was turned toward the table and she was working on a bite of lamb. The aroma kept me hungry and I made loud smacking noises, hoping to get my point across. I was afraid to speak and did my best with bits of dissonance. Nutte picked up on my plight immediately and turned to me with a glass dikmen escort of water.

I tilted my head and opened my mouth, expecting her to pour it in, but she didn’t. Instead, after chewing her food, Nutte swallowed and took a big mouthful herself. She looked down into my eyes and laughed, while swooshing the water around in her mouth. I eventually closed my mouth and produced a pout, expecting naught.

After I’d given up at receiving water, Nutte brought her face to mine. Instinctively, I opened my mouth again and waited as Nutte came closer. I felt like a baby bird in a nest waiting anxiously for mommy and a regurgitated worm. I also felt sure a kiss was imminent, though I needed water. Nutte stopped with her pursed lips just over my open gullet and waited until our eyes were tethered together well.

I didn’t know what to expect and was a bit shocked when Nutte began squirting a stream of water into my waiting mouth. I held myself still and let my mouth fill before swallowing. While I swallowed, Nutte took another mouthful and began swishing it around. She even gargled with it and I saw nothing amiss. After a few mouthfuls I was satisfied and went back to the oatmeal. I couldn’t rebel, I couldn’t say no, and I couldn’t run away. Nutte smiled and reached for a butter knife.

I took in a larger wad of cold oatmeal this time, while listening to Nutte chew. She chewed with her mouth open and she was very loud. I let myself get lost in her music while diving for mouthfuls of cold gruel. I knew better then to leave some and figured the sooner I finished the better. After a long struggle and several mouthfuls of water, I neared the bottom of the bowl. It was a roomy bowl but it left my face coated in oatmeal. My face carried a film of mush that spread from ear to ear and from hairline to under my chin. It was thick, felt disgusting, and there seemed to be little I could do about it. When I spotted Nutte looking down at me shaking her head in disgust, I thought it best to find a way. I knew better than to touch myself though.

I dropped my head to the bowl and tried using its edge to scrap the oatmeal from my face. I grabbed the bowl with both hands, er, paws, to keep it still as I worked, and it worked pretty well. There were areas of my face the edge didn’t fit, contours it couldn’t match, but I deemed my efforts successful. I was able to rid myself of a good quantity, which ended up in the bowl. I looked up to Nutte.

Nutte was looking down at me after having finished a sip of coffee. She carried a serious look and was placing the cup onto its saucer. Her look turned a bit quizzical and I went for the scraping’s. It took me a moment to slurp them up and then I licked the bowl clean. Somehow I just knew it would have been her next demand. When finished I looked up at Nutte and found the arrogant bitch with a big smile on her face, a cigarette dangling from between her lips.

I’d never known anyone who’d smoked before and suddenly Nutte was more fascinating then ever. She sat tall and looked relaxed, puffing gently on the thin white stick. She blew the smoke down at me and it reached me as an expanding white cloud of astringent fumes. elvankent escort They were not pleasant, and I became a bit dizzy. I became light headed and giggled a bit. Nutte smiled and I smiled back. With a foot, Nutte kicked the bowl away and motioned me near.

I inched forward through another plume of smoke and slid between Nutte’s parted thighs. She called me closer until my face came to the chairs outer edge and I could see Nutte’s sex through material. With help from a finger I brought my chin to rest on the seat. I found my head protected by Nutte’s thin warm thighs and my nose brushing her shrouded organ. I was in heaven, the scents told me so, and I sought to find what I’d found in Deborah. I couldn’t get at Nutte’s skin and considered sucking on the silk hoping to obtain the necessary chemicals through it. But I dared not, I was still unsure of how to behave.

I looked up to find Nutte looking down at me, relieved to find her smiling. She sent me another cloud and I took in the smoke with glee. She moved her hips and wiggled her sex against me, but gave no indication of permission. She went back to smoking and relaxing, allowing me time to enjoy my surroundings. What a wonderful place it was between Nutte’s legs, warm, erotic, intoxicating. I took in deep breaths and starred at all I could see. I peered carefully and used my eyes to pry under the surface, as best an ignorant virgin could. I saw moisture in the deepest recesses and moved my nose into the darkest junctures hoping to get high. I did of course, and it only served to drive me more insane, demand more… beg for more.

I started relaxing and let my body rest on my chin. I became progressively dizzier and had to control myself, which was becoming more difficult. I wanted to taste Nutte, even through silk, and I moved my lips closer. My lips were dry so I licked them, and I couldn’t hold steady, as I was losing control. I was afraid of the punishment, the loss for disobedience, but I needed to taste her one time. Her scent had my head spinning like a top and I was taken by it more and more. I was inhaling more slowly, taking her scent deeper. I held each scent longer and exhaled only at the last moment, in a quick short burst, followed by another deep inhalation.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” I found myself exclaiming quite accidentally. I caught myself, inhaled and looked up again. Again I found Nutte looking down at me still smiling, and felt relieved. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and lifted it to her, hoping she understood and she did.

“Nie, kleines. Nie,” she said with a shaking finger.

I put my tongue away and dropped my eyes. I was dejected and left to what scents I could garner through silk. My eyes strained to see what my tongue was denied. I did my best and stayed close to cheating.

“Zeit fur euer lektion, kleines,” Nutte suddenly said. She looked down at me and stood. My head still spinning, I looked up at the erotic form of an urchin and almost lost it. I had to cum so badly I considered giving everything up for one orgasm. The pain and weight of desire was becoming inhuman. Nutte moved before I had a chance to blow it and called for me to follow.

“Mitkommen,” Nutte said from over her shoulder. She indicated I should crawl along beside her and I did just that. A strand of lubricant connecting my hard-on to the rug broke, and I carried the swinging rope strand a good three feet before it fell to the floor.

“Ferse,” she barked, pointing for me to move in close to her. She wanted me beside her and waited for me. Then we moved together.

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