Home for Summer Break Pt. 02Home for Summer Break Pt. 02


– – – This picks up where Part 1 left off – – –

Bob walked next door right at ten o’clock as planned. Instead of bringing his swim trunks, he just decided to wear them, flip flops, and a t-shirt. Jan opened the door, wearing a pair of light blue shorts and sleeveless white blouse. Bob noticed when she turned around, he could make out a bra strap across her back and a pantie line under her shorts.

Bob was feeling a little more at ease. Seemed like just a normal neighborly visit.

“Would you like coffee or iced tea?” she asked.

“Thanks. I guess coffee if it’s already made, but tea is fine,” he replied.

“Let’s sit down for a minute,” she said as she poured them two cups of coffee “I guess you’ve figured out that I was watching you, too,” short pause “but I want you to know, it’s okay. I very much enjoyed it, too.”

Bob sat in silence looking at the table.

“If you want, we can do it again some time. Like I said, I thought it was fun,” she said.

“I guess this is where we are honest with each other?”

“Of course, Bob. I hope we can always be,” she replied.

“Okay. When I saw you the other day in your bikini,” short pause “well I got turned on,” another pause “a lot.”

“I saw you that first time, too,” Jan said.

“Then the next time, when you took off your top, my head about exploded.”

Jan giggled “I think one of them DID explode!”

Bob chuckled, but it was forced “Then when you masturbated, I think I lost it. I’ve never seen anything so erotic. But then when you let me know you were doing it for me to watch, I about had a heart attack. I’ve been waiting for my parents to come down on me. I thought they would find out.”

“Not from me, Bob. I didn’t mean to drain all the fun out of it for you. I was just hoping I could drain something else,” she said giggling again.

“Not since that day. I’ve been sweating bullets,” he said.

“Would you like to cool off with a dip in the pool?” she asked.

“Sure, I’d like that.”

“I’ll get my swim suit on. Be right back.”

She returned wearing her bikini “You seemed to like this one.”

“I think you’ve already seen how much I do,” he said with a sly smile.

At the party a few days ago, he wore his t-shirt into the pool. Today, Bob pulled his t-shirt off. Jan saw he had well defined stomach muscles, not an extreme six-pack, but nicely defined.

They slipped into the pool and swam across a few times together. Bob asked “So I guess you really didn’t need help with anything?”

“Nothing I wanted to tell your mom about,” she said laughing.

They sat next to each other in a pair of lounge chairs to dry off.

After a long silence, Jan asked “Would you like to get off again looking at me?”

“Funny. I already have. Many times in my mind’s eye!”

“Oh my. And I missed it? Let’s go inside,” she said.

Jan instructed Bob to sit in a comfortable chair in the living room as she disappeared down the hall. She returned a few seconds later with a couple of hand towels and handed one to Bob “We may need these.”

“You can take your trunks off if you like,” she said as she took her top off.

Bob was already hard imagining where this was going. His cock was standing straight out when he dropped his trunks around his ankles.

“Oh. Nice. I like it that you’re circumcised,” she cooed. Jan untied her bikini bottom and let it fall to the floor. Bob could see she was neatly trimmed, leaving a strip of hair just above her pussy lips.

Jan slid the coffee table between the chairs and they each sat in chairs a few feet apart facing each other.

Jan started like she did the other day. She placed her feet on the table and spread her knees wide. All four fingers of her right hand rubbing her mound and left hand on her nipple rolling it between her fingers.

Bob watched, stroking his cock, very slowly. He didn’t want to finish aydınlı escort too soon. His eyes covered her body and open pussy. Her eyes were fixed on his hard cock being gently stroked. Looking at his face, she saw him staring at her body as he masturbated for her.

They locked eyes as they pleasured themselves when Jan cried out “Oh shit. OH SHIT, I”M CUMMING!” Her feet slipped off the table to the floor, lifting her ass off the chair as wave after wave of pleasure surged through her body.

Bob was blown away at experiencing a woman having an orgasm a few feet away. He kept stroking his cock as she finished and relaxed in her chair, still panting.

After several seconds, still watching Bob stroking his cock, she slid the table out of the way and said “Maybe I can help,” as she knelt between his knees.”

Jan removed Bobs hand from his cock and lowered her head taking him into her mouth “Oh FUCK!” he said as she took every inch into her mouth and into throat. Jan had learned several years ago how to relax her throat to deep throat a cock.

She lifted up and asked “Have you ever had a blowjob?”


“Ever fuck a woman?”


She smiled to herself and took him back into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down about half his length, then pushing her head down, forcing his cock well into her throat.

Her lips were against the base of his cock, he could feel her tongue sliding around the bottom of his shaft. “Oh Jan. I’m not going to last. I’m there, I’m THERE!” Bob grunted. Every muscle in his body tensed up. He gripped the arms of the chair as the fire in his groin rushed through his balls and up his cock.

She increased her speed and intensity of slamming his cock into her throat. She felt the head of his cock swell and his shaft becoming even more rigid. She felt the first pulses of cum flowing up his shaft into her throat. She lifted her head slightly, feeling the pulses of cum now filling her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down, draining every last drop that she could milk from his balls.

Sensing he was done, she let his cock slip from her lips. She looked up at Bob and smiled.

“Holy shit!” Bob exclaimed. He leaned forward placing his lips on hers, exchanging a passionate, tender kiss.

Jan was beaming with pride knowing she was the first woman to take his beautiful cock, and was equally excited in the prospect of having him inside her soon.

Sitting across from each other for a few minutes chatting, Jan asked if he would like some iced tea.

As they sat at the kitchen table, Bob’s cell phone rang. The caller ID showed it was his mom. He took the call “Hi, Mom. What’s up?”

“Uh huh. Sounds great. See you in a few,” then hung up “My mom had a doctors appointment this morning and is on her way home now.”

Jan perched her bottom lip out showing her disappointment “Too bad. I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow. What time are you coming over?” she asked.

“When do you want me?” Bob asked.

“Right now! But I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. How about same time?” she asked.

“Sure. I’ll see you in the morning,” after a pause “I take that back. I’ll be seeing you tonight!” he said laughing.

“I’ll be thinking about you, too,” she cooed.

Bob got home and was working before his mom pulled into the driveway.

# # # # #

At dinner Bob’s mom asked “Did you get over to help Mrs. Baker today?”

“Yeah. She mentioned there are a couple other jobs she could probably use some help with?” he replied.

“Good,” Bob’s dad added “We missed having you home last year. It’s good you decided to spend this summer at home. I know you’re working on projects, but I think it would be good for you to come up for air, maybe help a little around here, or for others in the neighborhood.”

“Happy to, Dad,” he said “It’s bağdat caddesi escort great being home.”

After dinner Bob took his laptop up to the balcony and sat at the table working on his project. After about ten minutes, he heard Jan’s sliding door open and close. He looked over and saw her looking up at him waving.

Bob sat back in his chair and waved back. She was wearing the shorts and blouse she was wearing that morning. He had been thinking about her all afternoon. He kept replaying the day in his mind. Seeing her masturbate for him, the incredible blowjob, her big tits swinging below her as he exploded in her mouth. He was hard again and really wanted to jerk off but decided to save it for her..

After looking at her for several minutes, he looked into the house to see if his parents were upstairs, then blew Jan a kiss. She returned the kiss and waved as she went back into the house.

Bob went to bed, again quite nervous about the next day. He hoped he would be able to perform. He started second guessing his decision not to jerk off. He was now worrying about finishing too quickly. This was new territory for him. He decided the only way he would be able to get to sleep is to play a round of golf in his head.

# # # # #

Jan thought about how to greet Bob. She picked out the sexiest lingerie outfit she had chuckling to herself that he might cum in his pants as soon as he walked in and saw her.

She topped off the package by brushing her hair, putting on a little makeup, and just a touch of perfume.

Bob was keenly aware of the clock, checking it every five minutes. Like the day before, he arrived next door at exactly ten o’clock wearing shorts and t-shirt. Jan stood behind the door as she let him in.

Jan had been preparing for his arrival, putting on black bra, garter, panties, and stockings. She was a vision wearing all black with her brunette hair flowing over her shoulders.

“Holy crap! You look fantastic!” he said “Did you want me to dress a little better?”

Jan laughed “Not much point in that. You’ll be out of your clothes in just a minute.” She approached Bob, pressing her body against his. She put her arms around his neck and placed her lips against his.

They kissed for what seemed minutes. The intensity and urgency of their kiss increasing until Jan reached between their bodies and found the hard bulge straining in his shorts. “I see you’re happy to see me,” she said smiling.

“You are what my dreams are made of,” he whispered.

“Mmm. I’ve been dreaming about you, too.”

She led Bob to the center of the couch. He sat down and Jan immediately straddled his lap. Her tits were practically flowing out the top of her bra at eye level.

She wiggled her ass down on the bulge in Bob’s shorts. Under his breath, Jan heard him say “Damn.” Seeing Bob’s eyes glued to her tits, she reached behind her back and released the hooks on her bra strap. Taking the shoulder straps, she lifted the bra an inch at a time until her tits fell out the bottom of the cups, tossing the bra onto the cushion.

Bob looked up at Jan’s smiling face “May I?”

“Oh hell yes!”

Jan’s eyes closed as Bobs hands ran over her tits, softly caressing them, feeling their weight and softness. Then leaned forward taking her right nipple into his mouth. Bob heard Jan gasp when he sucked her nipple in between his lips.

Jan’s head tipped back with her eyes closed. Both of Jan’s hands held Bob’s head against her breast as he licked and sucked. He then switched to the other, sucking her nipple into his mouth. His left hand caressed and tugged on her right nipple while sucking on the other.

“Oh fuck that’s nice!” she whispered “My tits are hard wired directly to my pussy.”

Bob’s hands slid down to her hips and pulled her crotch against his bulge, releasing the bostancı escort pressure and pulling her across it again and again. Bob whispered “I’m gonna cum in my pants if we keep doing this.”

Jan took Bob’s face in each hand and kissed him on the lips, whispering into his mouth “Come with me.”

Bob followed Jan into her bedroom. Jan turned around at the edge of the bed. She quickly released the button and zipper on his shorts and let them fall around his ankles. Grabbing the bottom of his t-shirt she pulled it up over his head in a single motion.

Bob slipped the band on his underwear over his hips letting them fall into his shorts at his feet. Then took the waistband of Jan’s panties, slid them down below her knees and let them fall to the floor. It was then he realized that she put them on over the top of her garter straps and it would have been awkward nerdy moment if he was left tugging on them, trapped by the straps!

“Lay down, Bob,” she said standing aside.

Bob laid in the center of the bed with his raging hard-on standing straight up. Jan straddled his hips and positioned herself over Bob’s cock. She reached between them grasping his cock and rubbed it around, mixing her wetness with his pre-cum.

Being well lubricated, she positioned him at the entrance to her vagina, lowering herself a little at a time until he was completely inside her.

Bob said “Uhhh, I don’t have a condom.”

“You don’t need one. I can’t get pregnant.”

With her weight sitting on his pelvis, Bob said “Shit, you feel amazing.”

Smiling, Jan leaned forward placing her hands beside Bob’s shoulders and started raising and lowering her hips. Rising to the last fraction of an inch with his head barely inside her lips, then lowering herself with her ass firmly against Bob’s hips.

Her breasts dangled and swung freely inches from his face. Bob softly caressed her heavy tits as they swayed inches from his face. Remembering her reaction a few minutes earlier, he picked up his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth. At the same time, he rolled her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger, lightly tugging.

Bob could hear Jan moaning with pleasure and felt her whole body shudder when he sucked her nipple between his lips. Jan increased her speed with long strokes. At the bottom of her stroke with Bob completely inside her, Jan would thrust her hips forward slightly.

“Oh shit! Oh shit! I can’t hold it! I’m going to CUMMM!” Bob grunted gripping the bedspread in both fists.

“That’s it, baby. Don’t hold it back. I’m going to… I’m THERE, BABY!” she squealed.

Bob bucked his hips under Jan’s pounding ass coming down on him. He felt the intense inferno deep inside rushing through his pelvis to the final pulsating release of hot cum deep inside this beautiful woman. He felt one spurt after another pulsing through his shaft.

Jan felt Bob’s hot seed filling her. Her vagina walls began to spasm around his throbbing shaft, milking everything he had to offer. Her climax rushed through her quivering body as she tried to continue fucking Bob’s long hard cock. Her trembling body slowed to a stop, with Bob deep inside her.

Some of Jan’s hair had stuck to the sweat beads on her neck and shoulders. She looked into Bob’s eyes and smiled. Bob saw a radiant expression of satisfaction on this woman. Even though he has known her most of his life, he has never seen this woman before. He thought this was the most beautiful he has ever seen.

Jan leaned down to kiss Bob’s glowing face. Mashing her heavy tits on Bob’s chest, their lips met and the tips of their tongues touched. As they were kissing, Jan couldn’t help but notice that Bob was still hard. She flexed her pussy walls to squeeze his shaft causing his cock to twitch.

Smiling at each other, Jan rolled off and fell on the bed next to him facing up “Hard to believe you’ve never done this before,” she said.

Bob laughed “I can’t believe I waited this long, too,” after a short pause “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have a conference call at noon I have to get on.”

“That’s okay, Bob. We have all summer,” she whispered “and I want you to know something. As long as you are unattached, you know, no girlfriends or wife, we can enjoy this.”

End of Part 2

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