The Ladies Ch. 03The Ladies Ch. 03


Chapter 1—Our first orgy Part C

This is a continuation of the story of the ladies Part B and our get together. We are at the love hotel and Honoka had just finished getting her ass deflowered. The ladies were continuing to play with each and work each other up again.

If you want to get to know M Chan better you might want to start at the beginning with M Chan “Chapter 1—First meeting! If you like to get to know how this story all got started I would recommend that you start when I first meet this group of ladies in M Chan “Chapter 6-Later in the night!”


Honoka was still in my arms, so I gently moved my body to slide my left arm out from under her. Someone had thrown a blanket over us, so I slipped out from under it, leaving Hono covered and resting, as I rolled to my right and seen what the ladies were now doing.

They had formed a chain with head to pussy, making a big circle at the head of the bed. Their bodies were facing towards the middle of the bed, with their beautiful round asses sticking outwards. I crawled over them and made my way into the middle of the circle. I wanted to suck on some nipples, play with some nice tits, and make my cock hard again. M Chan was first, with her head and face buried in Risa’s pussy, I sucked her left nipple into my mouth and gently bite on it which made her moaned loudly. I stayed there for a couple of minutes enjoying what I was doing to her, before I moved left to Risa’s little tits next. I laid down on my left side, bending my legs behind me, letting me fit in the middle of the ladies. This left me facing into Risa, so I was able to grab her right nipple in my fingers and her left nipple in my mouth. I felt M Chan take my soft cock in her hand and start playing with it, trying to bring it back to life.

As I felt Risa start to squirm from having her nipples sucked, I let them go and continued to move on to the next lady to the left, which happened to be Yumi and her big tits with those long pointy nipples. However, I first had to get M Chan to release my still soft cock.

When I got to Yumi’s sexy body, Risa reached her hand out and started to play with my cock. I opened my legs and this gave her access to my balls and the area in front of my asshole.

I licked and sucked on Yumi’s fantastic tits softly and slowly to drive her crazy, while at the same time I gently rubbed my right hand over her long legs and her curvy hips sometimes reaching around to squeeze her hard sexy ass. I loved flicking her nipples with my tongue, they were so hard and pointy. Her tits are so firm and big, almost like melons, I was wondering if they were natural or implants, but I couldn’t find any surgery marks anywhere on them.

I spent more time playing with Yumi because I wanted to really get at her hot body, before moving on to Miki to repeat my playing with the ladies tits and nipples. The surprise that I got when my cock was in front of Yumi, was that instead of her hand on my cock I felt her hot wet mouth with that long sexy tongue engulf my still limp dick. Yumi Chan could give lessons on how to properly suck a cock. Her long tongue working on my soft cock was amazing, she kept twisting her tongue around it and slowly pulling it into her hot wet mouth. I could feel the blood rushing back into my cock swiftly making me hard for the third time. As my cock started to grow hard, Yumi started sucking from the tip down as far as she could go, then her tongue came out and started licking back and forth over my tight balls, then she would start going back up to the tip of my dick while her tongue continued to lick around my shaft.

I didn’t want to move away from Yumi’s mouth working on my cock, but I wasn’t giving Miki’s tits the full attention that they deserved. I had to almost force Yumi off my cock, one of her arms was wrapped around my ass, and she was pulling me into her mouth using both her mouth and arm on my ass.

I broke away from the ladies circle and moved to check on Honoka who was still resting. I went back to the coffee table and got another beer, then I grabbed a small butt plug with an attached vibrator from my bag and returned to the ladies on the bed. They were still in their circle sucking away on each other’s pussies.

I got on the bed behind Miki first. I got on my side in the spooning position and started sliding my now hard cock back and forth from Miki’s wet pussy opening to her tight asshole. I was hoping that Yumi was going to attack my cock with her mouth again, but she didn’t. Yumi did give the tip of my cock a long loving lick, then she guided me into Miki’s hot wet pussy.

“Ummmm.” Came from Miki as I slowly sank my full length into her comfortable tight pussy. When I was totally in Miki, I felt Yumi’s tongue on my balls again. I started to pull back from Miki’s beautiful pussy as I got the butt plug wet with saliva from my mouth. When I was almost completely out of her pussy, I reached down and easily slipped the butt plug into Miki’s ass.

I İnkilap Escort fucked into Miki slowly while working the butt plug in and out at the same time, while Yumi’s mouth attacked Miki’s clit.

“Ummmmm…Sooo Gooodddd…I’m going to cum soon…Ohhhhh.” Miki groaned.

Yumi and I kept a slow pace as Miki built up to growing orgasm.

“There…There…it’s so good.” Miki continued to moan and groan as I felt her pussy and ass tightening around my cock. “OHHHHHH FUCK! I’M CUMMING SO HARD…Jkun, your cock is so good in my pussy.”

I could feel Miki’s juices flowing out of her pussy on each of my in strokes, and I could also feel Yumi licking and sucking both my cock and Miki’s pussy, cleaning up the flowing juices.

When I felt Miki coming down from her orgasm, I slipped my now wet cock out of her pussy and moved off the bed, before Yumi could get my cock back into her mouth. I did leave the butt plug vibrating in her ass as Yumi started working on making Miki cum again.

I moved back onto the bed getting behind my sexy M Chan. I knew exactly what she liked and wanted me to do to her. I grabbed another condom with lots of bumps and ridges on it rolling it down over my now full hard cock. I then got into a position on my hunches behind M Chan’s sexy curved ass. I spread her ass cheeks and positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her tight ass opening, in front of Miki’s eyes. I wanted her to have a great view as I slowly pushed my big hard cock into M Chan’s tight asshole.

I grabbed one of the vibrating eggs that was still lying on the bed and slipped it into M Chan’s open wet pussy, turning it on to full power.

“Ahhhhhhh…So good, Jkun…Give me your sexy cock, please.” M begged as she started to lick Risa’s clit again.

“Miki, make my cock good and wet, please. Give me lots of your spit.” I order Miki, so that it would lube up my cock for the entrance into M Chan which Miki proceeded to do.

When I knew my cock was good and wet, I placed it at the entrance to M’s tight little hole, and slowly pushed it into her. When the head of my cock popped pass the tight ring of her ass, I felt M Chan start to push back against me taking more and more of my cock until I was pressed up against her ass cheeks. I could feel the vibrating egg banging against the head of my cock when I was buried deep in her ass.

I reached around and grabbed M’s left tit and started pulling on her hard little nipple until I felt her moan into Risa’s pussy. I then started to pull back out of her until I had just the tip of my cock still buried in her ass and without stopping, I started to drive slowly back into her again. I continued to fuck in and out of her ass and play with her tits, building up more and more speed until I knew M was closing on her growing orgasm.

“FUCK MY ASS MY HORNY STUD…FILL MY ASS WITH THAT HOT CUM…AHHHH…THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD…I’M CUMMING SO HARD…FUCK ME…FUCK ME…FUCK ME…” M Chan was screaming into Risa’s pussy, enjoying her orgasm while she bucked back against my hard cock.

After already having two big orgasms, I was going to be able to play with my now hard cock, for a very long time. I was really enjoying the pleasure I was giving to the ladies, and they were going to have lots of fun playing with my cock.

As M Chan’s ass loosened its’ squeezing grip on my cock I slowly backed up and slipped out of her. Her ass had gripped my cock so tightly, that it had squeezed most of the blood out of it, making my cock look pale and bloodless.

I got up and changed my condom again moving to play with Risa. As I lay down behind Risa in the spoon position again, I removed her head from licking on Yumi’s pussy, pulling her back against my body.

I reached for a big dildo near Yumi and slipped it into her open trimmed pussy flipping the switch on the bottom to start the buzzing in vibrator so that Yumi would have her pussy stuffed with something. She reached down with one of her hands and took control of the toy and started fucking it in and out of her wet pussy.

I leaned forward and kissed Risa softly on the neck and ear. “Where do you want my cock, my sexy lady?” I asked her as I slide my hand around and started playing with her nipples.

“Can you put it in my pussy first, but play with my ass at the same time? Maybe we can try my ass later, if I think I can take your monster.” Risa whispered looking back to face me.

“No problem, Sexy. We are going to do what you want and give you all the pleasure.” I told her as I looked into her eyes, slowly moving to kiss her beautiful mouth and play with her tongue.

“M Chan, do you want to put my cock in Risa’s pussy for us?” I asked as I moved my body closer to Risa’s so that I could get as much skin on skin contact with her. I also opened my legs, so that M Chan would be able to keep sucking on Risa’s clit and also be able to lick and suck on my balls if she wanted to.

When Escort İnkilap I felt M Chan’s hand gently take my cock and place the head into Risa’s wet pussy, I started to slowly slide into a nice wet pussy. Risa isn’t as tight as the other ladies because of her age and childbirth, but she seemed much wetter than the other ladies.

“I love your pussy, Risa Chan. I love how wet you are. You feel so good on my big hard cock, Sexy.” I whispered into her ear, hoping to build her confidence on her body and opening her mind to enjoying whatever sex she could get.

“Fuck me slowly, Jkun. I want to enjoy the feelings you are giving me.” Risa moaned as I slipped more and more of my cock into her.

When I got all of my cock into Risa’s wet pussy, I didn’t stop, but started my pull out immediately taking all of my cock out, stopping when I felt the tip leave her wet opening, then I started to glide back into her again. I kept fucking in and out of her slowly so that she could feel everything as I built her up to another powerful orgasm.

“God, your pussy feels so good. Fuck me, Risa Chan.” I again whispered into her ear as I pulled on her hard nipple.

When I felt Risa’s body start to have small orgasms building up to a bigger stronger one, I reached out for the vibrating egg that was used by her before. I took it and put it in her left hand which I moved over her nipple so she could use it to give herself more pleasure.

“I’m cumming, Jkun. This feels so good. I love feeling your cock in my pussy. God you are fucking me so good.” Risa groaned. “M Chan, my clit is so big…Fuck, your tongue is so good. I didn’t know you guys could make me feel so good.”

“Ohhhhh god I’m cumming so much.” Risa was moaning and starting to push back at me with her ass.

I reached down between us and slipped my cock back to her asshole when I felt my cock head leave her wet pussy. I used the juices flowing out of her to make her asshole and my cock slick, to be able to slide into her ass easier if she could take it.

“Do you want to try it in your ass, Baby?” I gently asked her. “Just push back at me if you want it. Go slowly until my cock is in, Sexy.”

She turned her face back to me again and looked deeply into my eyes as she pushed her ass back at my cock. I reached down and gripped myself and helped Risa get my cock into her. We kept pushing against each other until I felt the head of my cock break pass her sphincter.

“Stop for a second, baby and get your ass use to my size. We got plenty of time, so let’s go slow, so you can enjoy this more.” I told Risa as I continued to play with her nipples and kiss her neck and ear.

I looked down when I felt something cool and wet spread around my cock. I was surprised to see Honoka smiling back at us as she spread lube around the part of my cock sticking out of Risa’s ass.

“Fuck her ass good, Jkun, just like you did with mine. Risa Chan, you are going too really like this. I came so hard from getting fucked in the ass.” Hono told everyone listening.

That’s when the lady’s circle broke up with everyone moving so they could see my cock slide into Risa’s ass.

“Risa, you’re getting your ass fucked. Oh My God, it looks so sexy.” Yumi moaned still using the dildo to fuck her pussy.

“Are you okay, Risa?” Miki asked surprisingly. “Go slow and you’ll enjoy it so much.”

M Chan had slipped out from between our legs, and had moved up to kiss Risa on the lips before moving down to play with her nipples.

I put more pressure on my cock and moved to slide into her ass more and more, until I felt that I was buried all the way in her. When I was in as far as I could get, I stopped and waited until I knew that Risa was comfortable with my size.

As I felt my cock slide in and out of Risa’s ass with ease and wasn’t causing her any discomfort, I knew it was time to change position so that I could speed up our fucking.

“Risa, I’m going to put you on top okay.” I told her as I rolled over to our left and positioned myself under her little body. That’s when Hono and Miki helped her into a sitting position in the reverse cowgirl.

“It’s so deep. I feel so full, but it feels great.” Risa groaned as she wiggled her ass down onto my cock.

“Turn around on my shaft and face towards me, Risa. I want to look at your face as we cum.” I also groaned.

Risa started to lift up and when she started back down, she turned sideways on my cock. Then she lifted up again and came back down facing towards me.

When she was in position I lifted up my upper body so I could get to kiss Risa’s lips and suck on her very hard nipples.

“Are you ready to make yourself cum, my beauty?” I asked as I slipped my hands around to grab her soft round ass cheeks pulling her up and then dropping her down on my cock again.

Risa was really getting into having her ass fuck because she shifted her legs so that her feet were planted Escort İnkilap on either side of my hips and she wrapped her hands around the back of my neck to help her lift her body easier.

I let Risa control the pace and depth that she took my cock. I wanted her to really enjoy her first anal experience and get her thinking about how much she was missing sexually.

“God, this is sooo gooodddd!…Ohhhhhhhhh…My ass is so full, it feels so fucking gooodddd.” Risa was moaning as she started to really fuck up and down on my cock. “I never knew getting my ass fucked would feel so amazing.”

“Jesus, Risa! Your ass is so tight…Fuck, you feel so good…Fuck me hard, Sexy!” I groaned in her ear before moving to slip my tongue into her mouth. Risa had her eyes closed, and when I kissed her she drove her tongue into my mouth and really started playing with mine.

“I’M GOING TO CUM…FUCK ME…I’M GOING TO CUM…Ohhhhh…THIS IS SO FUCKING AMAZING.” Risa started shouting as she leaned back as far as her arms would allow.

“OHHHHH JESUS…AHHHHHH…SOOOO GOOOODDDD!” She continued to scream as her hands let go of my neck and she fell back on the bed between my legs causing my cock to pop out of her ass. Risa was gulping air into her lungs as fast as she could while her legs were still up on her chest and her asshole was opening and closing almost as if it were sending me kisses.

I jumped forward onto my knees and sank my cock into Risa pussy as deep as I could go. I grabbed her by the ankles and pushed them forward so that I could really drive my hard cock into her wet pussy as fast and deep as I could get it.

“Fuck me you sexy little slut…Fuck my big hard cock…You are so fucking hot…I love fucking your beautiful body.” I was telling her as she looked like she was going to lose control. Her face, neck, and chest had turned beet red and she had her eyes shut tight.

Honoka swung her leg over Risa face and planted her pussy down on Risa’s wide open mouth. M Chan reached under Risa’s pushed up legs and started playing with tits causing Risa’s body to start bucking and shaking.

“UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…” was I could hear from Risa’s covered mouth as I popped my cock out of her pussy. I just fell back out of the way as Miki dove into my place and covered Risa’s cumming pussy with her mouth. I knew Risa was cumming and cumming hard because of the way her body was shaking so much and the ladies weren’t giving her a chance to come down but keep her exploding into continuing huge orgasms.

I rolled away from the ladies and moved over to Yumi who was leaning back against the headboard and driving her dildo in and out of her pussy at lightning speed causing white creamy pussy juice to flow all down over her ass.

I grabbed her hair in my hand and pulled her lips to mine so I could play with that sexy tongue of hers.

“Get you fucking sexy ass over to that dining table now you beautiful hot bitch. It’s your turn to take my cock.” I ordered her as I took her hand and pushed her in front of me, so I could watch her sexy ass as she made her way to the dining table.

When we got to the end of the long narrow table I grabbed Yumi by the hair and bent her over so that her upper body was lying on the table and her sexy curvy ass was sticking out towards me.

“Spread those long beautiful legs, Baby.” I ordered her as I slapped her softly on the left ass cheek.

“Oh…Slap my ass!” She told me, so I smacked her on the right ass cheek much harder turning it red and making my hand sting.

“I told you to spread those legs, Bitch.” I repeated as I smacked her left ass cheek hard like I did with her other one.

“Ohhh…Jesus…You’re going to make me cum so hard…You got me sooo wet…ahhhh…Fuck me, please.” Yumi moaned as I stepped up behind her and drove my cock into her very wet pussy as far as I could fast, hard, and deep.

“Give me your hands.” I told her.

I grabbed both her forearms and pulled her back off the table so only her hard nipples were touching so as we fucked they would rub back and forth giving her pleasure there.

“Ohhhhh…This feels good.” She moaned as I started to fuck in and out of her.

As I pulled my cock back until only the tip was touching the entrance of her pussy, then I slammed back into her slapping our bodies together. Yumi also had her rhythm where as I pulled out she squeezed her pussy and ass, giving me more pleasure. With Yumi’s height she was also most perfect for fucking my cock into. As our bodies banged together everyone could hear the loud slapping and with the juices coming out of her, it all sounded so sexy.

I let go of her arms and grab her hair again to force Yumi back down on the table so I could fuck her really hard and deep. I took my free hand and got it down so that I could rub her clit and make her juice even more. Every time I slid my cock back out of her I could see how much pussy juice Yumi was making, my cock was shining and white cream was forming around the base and starting to slide down over my tightening balls.

“Jesus, your cock feels so good in me. My pussy is getting so wet. I’m going to cum so much.” Yumi was groaning as I really slammed into her. “God you’re making my clit feel so gooodddd!”

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