Meeting the ParentsMeeting the Parents



Randi Boehmon and her family had been invited to visit the home of their son’s new girlfriend. Jake was a freshman safety on the University of Cincinnati’s football team and had met Erin Mason in one of his pre-med labs. Although the Boehman’s lived quite comfortably, both Randi and her husband earned well into the six figures, the impression that she got from her son was that Erin’s family was in another stratosphere. Old money, he told his parents, Erin’s grandfather had made millions in textiles. Randi and her husband were wanting to make a good impression since they had met the girl and found her both sweet and attractive.

Their daughter was a counselor at summer camp, so it was just the three of them that climbed into Randi’s BMW X-5 for the short trip down the interstate to Indian Hill. Randi’s long blonde hair was down and she was wearing a white sleeveless sundress that showed off her great legs and contrasted nicely with her tan skin. Although she was in her forties, Randi appeared to be much younger, with stunning blue eyes , slender legs and an ass that was nearly perfect. She was wearing a cinnamon shade of lip gloss and she had to remind herself to back off slightly from the amount of eye make-up that she usually wore. She had thought about wearing her wedge sandals, but at the last minute , opted for the thong slides with the 3 inch heels.

The Mason’s home was located about a quarter of a mile behind a set of huge wrought iron gates, and as they made their way up the winding lane, Randi was struck by the size of the home. Easily 20,000 square feet, she estimated, built in a beautiful Italianate design with lavish landscaping tastefully designed.

The Boehmons pulled up in front of the home and as Randi stepped out of the SUV she saw Erin and her parents come down the long stone steps to greet them. Erin’s father Paul was a big, barrel-chested man with a flowing mane of black hair just turning gray at his temples. His wife Janet had long auburn hair, big green eyes and huge breasts bursting above her tiny waist.

Paul approached Randi’s husband and shook his hand vigorously, introducing himself and his wife in a booming voice. Randi recognized his type right away from her work at a large electronics firm. He appeared to be much like the top salesmen she encountered; aggressive, cocky and loud.

Randi’s husband replied “Hi Paul . . .I’m Bill Boehmon and this is my wife Randi.”

Randi felt his eyes almost physically pass over her as they ran quickly up and down her petite frame. He took her tiny hand in both of his big mitts and squeezed her in a manner that caught her off guard when she felt her pussy tingle.

“So nice to meet you both!” he said, looking deeply into her icy blue eyes, a killer smile on his full lips.

Her husband helped her son unpack their luggage as Janet led Randi into her home. After a long tour, Janet led Randi to a large patio deck that looked out over the pool and surrounding hillsides where she found the others talking. Paul was an attentive host, getting Randi a superb glass of Chardonny only after asking detailed questions about her wine palate. Keeping her glass nearly full during dinner, Randi found herself quite buzzed by the time the sun had set behind them.

Erin invited Jake and his dad inside to watch the Red’s game on their home theater and Janet excused herself to make sure the guest rooms were in order. Paul and Randi remained outside and Paul freshened their drinks before taking a seat next to her. Pulling out a Cuban, he asked “Would you mind?”

“No . . . Not at all.” Randi replied “In fact ” she said conspiratorially, as she reached into her purse and removed a hard pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s, ” I was hoping to have a quick cigarette myself.” “I don’t smoke in front of my family.” she added, flipping the top of the hard pack and bringing the long, white cigarette to her wetly shining lips to accept a light from Paul.

Randi took a deep drag and exhaled a thin stream up into the air as Paul lit his cigar. “I like a woman with secrets!” he told her, his eyes glinting with humor.

Paul shared stories with Randi as the two of them sat and smoked. At one point, at Paul’s urging, Randi put the big cigar up to her luscious lips and took a small puff, the nicotine raced through her body causing her to become light-headed. Randi found herself laughing with Paul, she recognized that he was a player and it was clear to her were this was headed. She was not at all suprised when he asked if she would like to see his wine cellar. When she quickly agreed, a knowing smile crept across his square jaw.

Paul flipped the lights on in the wine cellar and closed the heavy door behind them. Randi felt his hands on her bare shoulders briefly before he spun her around and crushed him against his big chest. Paul kissed her roughly, his tongue pushing between her lips, one hand pawing one of her perky, firm breasts. Randi opened her mouth wide, her tongue meeting his anxious thrusts, her hands Çatalca Escort sliding from his shoulders to cradle the sides of his face. The two kissed deeply, almost fiercely, the alcohol fueling their lust.

Paul moved his hand away from Randi’s breast and lifted up the front of her dress, his fingers pushing between her legs. Randi spread them slightly, and he moved the thin strip of her thong to one side, her pussy already wet in anticipation. Paul thrust his middle finger up into her warm, wet hole and, after a few short minutes of vigorous attention, soon had Randi moaning into his mouth as they continued to kiss, her legs turning to jelly.

Paul withdrew his finger and pulled his lips from Randi’s, her blue eyes smoldering as she looked up at him, panting heavily, her face flushed.

Paul unzipped his pants and withdrew his hard cock, applying a slight downward pressure on Randi’s shoulders, a clear indication of his desire. Randi quickly got to her knees and took his thick cock into her hands. As she slowly stroked him, he could feel the metal of her wedding bands against the sensitive skin of his shaft.

Randi dropped her jaw and took the fat head of his cock into her warm, wet mouth. Her head bobbed a steady rhythm and she used both of her hands in unison with her loving mouth, a low moan building in her chest. Randi loved to suck cock and she knew she was quite good at it. After several minutes, Paul roughly grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her face. Randi adjusted quickly, and placed both her hands on the sides of his hips as she breathed through her nose. She expected that he wanted to cum in her mouth and was suprised when she felt him pull his wetly shining shaft from her lovely lips.

“I gotta fuck you!” he said breathlessly “I gotta get some of that pussy!!”

He helped Randi to her feet and, without bothering to zip up, took her hand and led her through the door and down the hallway to his den. Randi grabbed his engorged member and led him into the room, a lewd smile on her face. The tiny tip of her tongue ran the length of her wetly shining lips as she stared at him, desire burning in her eyes.

Paul kissed Randi as he backed her up against a big leather couch. He spun her around and Randi braced herself on the back of the couch with outstretched arms. Paul flipped her dress up and quickly slid her thong panties to her ankles, her luscious ass proudly presented to him. Paul grabbed her by the hips and thrust his aching cock deep into her unfaithful pussy. Randi’s head arched back in pleasure as she pushed her ass back to meet his urgent pounding.

“I knew you were a little cum slut the minute I saw you!!” Paul panted as he fucked her. “I knew that I’d be fucking you!!!”

Randi laughed sensuously in response, her eyes squeezed tightly, clearly enjoying the fucking she was getting.

Paul suprised her by sharply smacking her tight ass, causing a short yelp. He suprised her again, by grabbing a handful of her long blonde hair and tuggging it hard. Randi had never objected to a good, hard fucking from any of her lovers, but she had never been with someone who was into the dominant/submissive kink. Being the good slut that she was, she willingly played along.

Paul tugged her hair again “You want me to stop fucking you, Whore?!!”

“No Baby! . . . No! . . . Please keep fucking me . . . just like that! Your cock feels so good inside my pussy . . . Fuck me harder, Baby! . . . Harder!!!!”

A cruel laugh spilled from Paul’s mouth as he continued to pound his thick shaft into the sexy MILF. “Yeah . . . You like it rough, don’t you . . . you hot little bitch! Does Billy-boy ever fuck you this good?!!”

AAAAaaahhhh . . . No . . . mmmmmmmmhhh . . . No one . . . Baby! No one has ever fucked me like this!!! AAAAAaaaaah SHIT!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!”

Paul picked up the pace of his thrusts, grunting loudly as he fucked Randi, still holding her long hair in one hand, the other grasping her ass. Randi moaned in response as she felt the first wave of her orgasm begin to pulse through her body.

Neither of them heard the door crack open behind them or the suprised exclamation from Janet Mason. Looking for her husband, she had guessed that he was showing Randi his wine cellar, given their shared passion for the grape. Seeing the light shining under the door to his den, she was stunned to find them sharing a passion of a altogether different sort. Janet shut the door quietly and stood frozen in the hallway, the muffled shouts and moans eminating from inside caused her rage to fire.

That Bitch!! That fucking little-titted blonde tramp! Fucking HER husband in HER house! Janet’s mind was racing. She wasn’t naive, she knew that Paul fucked around on a regular basis, and given the number of young lovers she had taken during their marriage, she wasn’t being hypocritical. But not in HER house, as HER guest! That fucking BITCH!!! As Janet moved quietly down the hallway, she was already plotting her Çatalca Escort Bayan revenge.

Back inside the den, Paul handed Randi a ball of tissues which she used to wipe the cum that had streamed down her leg. After cleaning up, Randi stepped back into her panties, hiking them up her shapely legs. Once dressed, Paul pulled her back into his arms, his tongue lashing out to meet hers. After a few short moments, Randi broke from the kiss, placing her tiny hands on his barrel chest, pushing him gently away.

“We’d better get back, lover.” she said in a soft tone, still glowing from the fucking she had received, “My husband might be wondering where I’ve gotten to.”


The next morning, Jake was lying outside on the extra wide chaise next to the pool reading the sports page from The Enquirer. It was going to be a hot day, so he was wearing a sleeveless Under Armor shirt over his baggy gym shorts. Always a hard worker in the weight room, the strength and conditioning coach at U.C. had packed a solid 15 pounds of muscle on his frame, mostly on his chest, shoulders and arms. Jake was fair, like his mother, and had inherited her sriking blue eyes. He liked to keep his hair short and recently, Erin had gotten him to start shaving his nuts.

Jake’s dad was training for a mini-marathon and he and Erin had driven to a local bike path to get in a short run. Erin’s dad had invited his mom to the club to play tennis and Randi had quickly accepted the invitation. Everyone was expected to be back after lunch.

Jake finished the paper and laid back in the chair, closing his eyes. He and Erin had snuck out of their bedrooms late in the evening and met downstairs in one of the rooms in the spacious basement. While they were fucking, Jake thought he heard someone outside the door. But after lying still for a few moments, Erin urged him to renew his passionate thrusting into her hard body and tight pussy.

Jake dozed for a few minutes, but opened his eyes when he felt someone nearby. Standing above him was Erin’s mom, Janet, her long auburn hair flowing down over hair shoulders. Although she was wearing a cover-up, Jake was still able to take in long, slender legs, his eyes drawn to a gold ankle bracelet that she wore on her right leg.

Janet smiled down at the daughter’s boyfriend and pushed her stylish sunglasses up on her head. “How’s it going ,Jake. Can I get you anything?”

“No thank you. I’m fine. Just getting a little rest.”

“You must have had a rough night.” she replied, a playful glint in her eye. Jake wasn’t sure if he caught a hidden meaning in her response.

Janet turned and stretched her arms causing Jake’s pulse to jump. “It’s going to be a hot one, don’t you think?” she asked.

She undid the tie on her top and let it slide slowly down her toned, tan arms, before looking over her shoulder at the young man. Janet was wearing a skimpy black two-piece that revealed a generous portion of her huge breasts. Jake had thought that his mother had kept herself in great condition, but Janet Mason was spectacular in her own right.

She turned slowly towards him, a thin smile creeping across her painted lips as she watched Jake try not to stare at her heavy breasts. Paul had sent her to California to have them done, and by popular acclaim, they were magnificent.

Smiling sweetly, she sat down on the chaise next to Jake. She pulled her sunglasses back over her eyes and stretched out, knowing the effect she was having on her daughter’s boyfriend.

As the morning turned to early afternoon, Jake tried his best not to get caught staring at the sexy older woman lying next to him. He found the exposed sides of her jutting mounds particularly tormenting. Jake felt that he was getting a hard-on and sat up to take off his shirt intending to turn over on his stomach to hide the fact that he was lusting after his girlfriend’s mother. With his arms above his head, he winced noticably when a pain shot through his shoulder.

“Are you okay?” Janet asked, concern in her voice.

“Yeah . . . I’m fine. My shoulder’s been a little sore is all. The trainer thinks it might be a rotator cuff.”

Getting to her feet, Janet moved next to him saying “Let me take a look. I”m good with things like that.”

“No . . . That’s okay. It’s not that bad, really.”

“I insist. Now, turn around.”

Jake reluctantly did as he was told, turning to sit on the side of the chair facing the house. He felt Janet kneel behind him, he could smell the lovely fragrance of her perfume as she leaned into him. Taking the ailing shoulder in both of her hands, she began to knead the thick muscle of his shoulder, her breasts lightly brushing against his broad back.

“How does that feel?” she asked in a tone that Jake found entirely too sexy for the situation.

“Great . . . Really good. I can feel it loosening up.”

Janet’s hands left his shoulder and wrapped around to his smooth, deep chest, squeezing each of the Escort Çatalca thick pads of muscle in her manicured fingers. Before Jake could react, she leaned into his ear and purred hotly “That’s funny . . . because I was trying to get you hard!”

Stunned, Jake turned towards Janet to see if he had really heard her correctly, and Janet pulled him quickly to her lips, kissing him passionately. Jake found himself kissing her back, his tongue wound around hers, her breasts pressed tightly against him.

After a few lust-filled moments, Jake forced himself from her hot embrace, and grabbed Janet’s arms gently, but firmly, holding her back from him.

“Mrs. Mason . . . We can’t be doing this! I mean . . . What about Erin and your husband?”

Janet ignored Jake and reached up to take his face in her hands, pulling him back to her hungry lips. As she kissed him, her hand slid down his taut body to find the head of his erect cock peeking out of the top of his baggy shorts. When she slipped her hand inside to rub the length of his shaft, Janet heard him begin to moan.

Janet, breathing heavily, pulled away from the young boy’s lips, smiling lewdly, and pushed him back prone on the chaise. She grabbed the sides of his shorts and tugged them off, Jake raising his ass off the cushion.

She stared at her daughter’s boyfriend’s hard cock and was very impressed and more than a little jealous. Longer and much thicker than her husband’s with a beautifully shaped head, Janet had not had a cock like his in a long, long time. Her hands felt like warm silk as they slowly moved up and down his shaft, one hand moving to cup his smoothly shaven ball sack.

She leaned over from her knees, and just using the tip of her tongue, slowly licked up the length of his shaft. She repeated this several times, causing Jake to squirm. She lowered her head and sucked one of his heavy balls into her warm, wet mouth, lovingly running her tongue around the edge of his nut. A low moan started deep in her chest and the vibrations it caused drove the young man crazy.

“AAAaaaaahhhh . . . Shit! Mrs. Mason, That feels so good! AAAAAaaahhh . . .Fuck!!!!!!”

Janet spent some time sucking his other ball before once again licking slowly up his thick cock, this time lifting it up towards her mouth. She took his bulbous head past her painted lips and took the length of his thick shaft into her mouth. Using one hand, she stroked him in time with mouth, the wet sound of moaning and slurping seeping into the erotically charged air.

Janet continued to lustily suck Jake’s cock, impressed with his control. Realizing they didn’t have much time, Janet pulled her lips from his straining cock with a loud pop, and leering at her daughter’s boyfriend, used the flat of her tongue on the sensitive underside of his cock’s head.

She turned her back to Jake and lifted her hair, offering the tie of her swimsuit top to her young lover. He quickly pulled the knot and Janet stood, reaching behind her to remove the thin material. She turned back to face him, smiling when she saw his reaction to her huge breasts. Janet shimmied her bottoms down over her rounded hips and slender legs exposing a well-trimmed landing strip above her moist slit. She turned her back once again, clearly showing off, smiling sexily over her shoulder.

Janet knew her ass could not have been more perfect. Seemingly cut from marble, it was so wonderfully proportioned that many of her lovers asked if she had work done on it. She would laugh and tell them it was a gift from Mother Nature as they would run their hands lightly over its contours, loving the firm lines on what was, amazingly, the best feature on an incredibly beautiful creature.

Jake was no different than her other lovers and she watched with pleasure as he slowly reached towards her twin globes. She let him explore them for awhile, then turned back to him, crawling up between his legs, his hard cock rubbing against her tanned body, falling into his hot embrace.

As they kissed, Jake pulled her hard against his muscular body, her breasts crushed between them. His hand slid slowly down her firm waist and up and over her rounded hip, before moving up the inside of her thigh towards her pussy. He could feel the heat coming from between her legs before his finger parted her sopping wet folds. He added a second finger and began working them in and out of her love tunnel, the liquid crackle of his work reaching his ears, causing Janet to thrust her tongue even deeper into his mouth.

Janet pulled herself from his lips and laid next to Jake, spreading her legs. Jake moved quickly between them and leaned over the top of his girlfriend’s mother. The fat head of his long cock slid easily through her moist lips, followed by the rest of his thick, hard shaft. Jake thrust into her her in a slow, steady rhythm, almost pulling completely out of her tunnel, before slowly feeding inch after glorious inch of his shaft back into her writhing body. Janet thrust her hips off the cushion, her hands wrapped around his muscular back. He lowered his face to hers and Janet opened her mouth expectantly, her tongue darted out to meet his. As they kissed, Jake picked up the pace of his thrusts and Janet could tell he was close. Jake raised up on his arms, pushing even deeper into her married pussy.

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