The Roommate Experience Pt. 03The Roommate Experience Pt. 03


– “I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for you and Barb.” said Laurie.

– “I liked her – a lot. We just didn’t …”

– “I know. But I really thought you two would be good together.”

Amazing. My dickhead cousin Ronnie had just left her, three weeks before Christmas, and yet Laurie was thinking about me. She got on with business, and worried about my love life.

I went over and gave her a hug.

– “What’s that for?” she asked.

I told her.

“What am I supposed to do? Curl up in the fetal position, and eat a box of chocolates?” Laurie pushed me away. “I’m a big girl, Joe.”

– “Listen, Laurie … I want to tell you something.”

– “Go ahead.”

– “I’m going to go to Ronnie’s Christmas party.” I said. “But I want you to know why.”

– “It’s a free country.” she said. “You don’t need my permission.”

– “Listen.” I said. It was important to me that she understand my reasons. “First of all, I want to tell Ronnie, to his face, that he’s an asshole.”

Laurie just nodded. That was a given.

“And second .. I sort of promised Eli that I’d take him. I must have made it sound like a big deal – he thinks that he’s going to meet the future Mrs. Eli there.”

That got me the ghost of a smile from her.

– “Go ahead, Joe. I understand.” she said.

So we went.

Ronnie must have known that I wasn’t thrilled with him: he didn’t come to the door to greet us. Instead, I found him in the kitchen with a couple of his douchebag friends.

– “Joe!” he said, coming toward me with outstretched arms and a beer in each hand. I let him come close, and awkwardly put his arms around me. He couldn’t actually hug me, because his hands were full. But he was close enough for me to say what was on my mind.

– “Not cool, Ron. Laurie didn’t deserve that. But you also took off on Rose and me – and left us with your share of the rent. Not cool at all.”

– “Hey – come on, Joe. It’s more complicated than that.” he said.

– “Not to me it isn’t.”

I left him standing there.

Eli followed me into the living room. Thankfully, he hadn’t felt the need to add his own obvious truths to what I’d said to Ron.

We met Christina, the girl Ronnie had moved in with. She was dark, with curly hair, and – I hate to admit it – much more attractive than Laurie. She seemed nice. I was polite, but no more. I didn’t expect to be seeing much of her after this.

Eli was scoping the room, looking for Ms. Right, or Ms. CloseEnough, when I felt the pressure of a very female body against my back. Then a cool hand covered my eyes.

– “Guess who.” said a voice.

– “Sid Vicious.” I said.

– “Close.” she said, with a laugh. I turned around, to find Tanya smiling at me.

Sam’s sister was about the same height, but where Sam was slender – almost skinny – Tanya was … full-bodied. She had really blossomed, and the flannel shirt she wore, with three buttons undone, made it abundantly clear. She was, as the Germans might say, all Titzenbum.

– “Eli, this is Sam’s sister – Tanya.” I said. I had been about to say ‘younger sister’, which I doubt she would have appreciated. “Tee – my friend Eli.”

Eli barely managed not to drool on her. “Very pleased to meet you.” he said. “If, for some reason, my friend Joe here doesn’t want to have sex with you, I would be very happy if you’d accept me as a substitute.”

Tanya laughed her ass off. “Oh – he’s awesome! Where’d you find him, Joe?”

– “Circus sideshow.” I said. “I lost a bet.”

– “I’ll be right over there.” Eli said to her. “If you need a change of scene, or someone with a sense of humor …”

– “I’ll get your number from Joe.” said Tanya.

Eli was already a good friend, but he won my eternal gratitude by making himself scarce at that point.

– “So … hey.” said Tanya, with a little toss of her head. She must have been mowing them down in the halls of her high school with that particular move.

In terms of facial features, Sam was prettier. But Tanya had a certain look. It’s hard to describe. She was still in her teens, but had mastered the sidelong glance, the smoldering look, the suggestive lip … and she had the voluptuous body to back them all up.

She had one thing in common with Sam: away from home, Tanya was quite different.

– “Hey back.” I said. “Nice to see you here. Ronnie invited you?”

– “How’d you know?”

– “Telepathic powers.” I said. I had to play it cool: as long as I’d known her, Tanya had little tolerance for earnestness or sincerity. Guys probably fawned all over all the time. This girl liked witty banter, and would chew me up and spit me out if I couldn’t keep up.

She just grinned.

– “Guess what, Joe.” she said. “I’m 18. And you know what that means?”

– “You can vote?”

I was just playing her. From the moment she stuck her hand over my eyes and pressed her tits into my back, I knew what Tanya was after. And for a minute or two, I actually hesitated. Believe it or not, one of my first thoughts bayan escort ankara was about how Sam would take it if she found out that I had fucked her sister.

Because that was on the table. Tanya might think that she was some kind of accomplished temptress, but she was making it painfully obvious that she was ready to roll. I tried to think of a reason to say no.

I couldn’t.

But it wouldn’t be wise to let her think that she had the upper hand, so soon in our new relationship. I had to raise the stakes.

– “Would you be interested in seeing my new apartment?” I asked her.

– “You know I would.” she said. “When?”

– “Now.”

Tanya just grinned. “What about your friend?’ she said.

– “I’ll get you his phone number.” I said. “You can call him tomorrow.”

She laughed. “I’ve missed you, Joe. I wish you came around more often.”

– “My place, Tee. You coming?”

– “I sure hope so.” she said. Then she tossed her hair, tilted her head, and gave me the smoldering look. Brazen hussy.

I got us a cab ( the bus would have killed the mood).

Laurie was out, seeing her parents. Since they were divorced, and lived with new partners, she had twice the social obligations. Rose was visiting her mother in her hometown, almost 6 hours away. Neither one would be back for days.

Eli was more than willing to get home on his own.

– “I’ll be imagining her, in my dreams. You have to tell me more, later.” he said.

– “Get used to disappointment.” I said. He found that funny.

In the back of the cab, Tanya placed a proprietary hand on my thigh.

– “I don’t know what you saw in my stupid sister,” she said, “when you could have had me.”

I picked up her hand, and held it.

– “Tee, you don’t want to go there.” I told her. “I’m not going to say a bad word about you – ever. The same way I have nothing negative to say about your sister.”

Tanya had always been smart. She shut up, and leaned her head against my shoulder.

When we arrived, I gave her a tour of the place. Then I poured her a drink, and took her to the living room. Yes, I was deliberately delaying, just to get her going.

It worked like a charm. I didn’t kiss her, or make a move of any kind. When I started describing the view from our balcony, Tanya must have felt that she had to regain control.

She came forward, and pressed herself against me. She kissed me hard. In between kisses, Tanya started taking off her clothes. When she unhooked her bra, and tossed it on our couch, I had to bite my lip.

Wow … her breasts were big, and surprisingly floppy for a girl so young. They hung low on her chest, and spread apart, so that her nipples seemed to be pointing at her shoulders. Big, full, fleshy tits … then she turned away, and peeled off her jeans.

She had lingerie on underneath – one of those black lace garter belts. And no panties. Tanya was either very sure of herself, or she really got off on going without underwear.

When she turned back, I wasn’t able to meet her eyes. That was partly because, without underwear, I could clearly see that she had trimmed her pubic hair. I could see her prominent outer labia.

She tossed her hair. “You like?” she said.

How the fuck does an 18 year old get so confident? I had no idea. But those were second thoughts. I went with my first thoughts: I picked her up, and tossed her onto our couch. Then I kissed her knees, and began working my way to the junction between her thighs.

Tanya obviously didn’t think that she was supposed to just lie back and enjoy it. She writhed like a snake, shifting and squirming. Her legs went over my shoulders, and she drummed her heels on my back. She squeezed my head with her powerful thighs.

And she talked.

– “Oh, yeah. Right there! Like That! Oh yeah, Joe.”

It was distracting, at first. Then it became a bit of a turn on. I found myself wondering where she had learned all of this, considering how young she was. But I have to admit that it was getting me hot.

When she came, Tanya was incredibly loud. She let out a sound somewhere between a squeal and a scream. Thank goodness nobody was home. Thank goodness, too, that we had no neighbors.

I had originally planned to tease her, but I was starting to feel the urgency, too. I got a condom on, and inserted the head of my cock between her lips. Tanya suddenly lunged forward, gobbling up half my length – thankfully, she had the correct angle, or she might have snapped my dick off.

She was not a passive partner. Fucking Tanya was like a wrestling match. She grabbed my face, and pulled me closer for a fierce, almost savage kiss. Then she put her hands on my chest, and pushed me back, so that she could look down, between our bodies, and watch my cock sluice in and out of her.

At one point, she had her feet up around my ears, and her hands on my butt cheeks, pulling me into her harder.

– “Yeah! More! Aaah … yes – just like that!” demetevler escort If Tanya wasn’t talking, she was grunting, or just stringing together swear words, one after the other.

My orgasm didn’t build slowly. All of a sudden, it was there, and I had an instant inspiration. I whipped my cock out of her, and pulled the condom off, just in time to fire several powerful jets of cum all over her tits and belly. It was just like they did in porno films.

Tanya’s eyes went wide. Then she laughed.

– “Awesome! Holy shit, do you ever come a lot!”

She let me rest for about 15 seconds.

“Let’s go to your bedroom. I get to be on top this time.” she said.

She sucked my cock, to get me hard, and then rode me like I was some kind of mechanical bull. I did get to enjoy watching her fleshy tits bounce up, down, and all around.

After that, Tanya phoned her parents, to tell them that she was staying over at a friend’s. “In case you need to reach me, the number is …” Tanya then reeled off 7 digits that weren’t even close to our phone number.

When she hung up the phone, she saw the look on my face.

“What?” she said. “If they try to call me, they’ll get a wrong number. When I get home, they’ll ask me about it, and I’ll go ‘Oops! Made a mistake!’ Works every time.”

Every time? It didn’t bother me at all that she had done this before. I didn’t care who with, or how many times, because tonight she was doing it here – with me.

After a little fluid replacement, Tanya wanted to play with my cock and balls. She held them, stroked them, weighed them in her hand. When that produced a new erection, she asked me to fuck her from behind, hard and fast.

In the morning, she molested me in the shower, and sucked my cock until I came in her mouth. I dried her off, then wrapped her in a fresh towel, and carried her back to my room. I pinned her to the bed, and went down on her at a much more sedate pace.

I felt the need to re-establish some kind of balance – to level the playing field. So I teased her. When she bucked, or struggled, I simply stopped. She was partially tangled in the towel, and my weight was pinning one of her legs, but it took a while for Tanya to realize that squirming and fighting were counter-productive.

She protested – loudly – for a long time. Then I found a nice steady rhythm, and Tanya started to moan. I don’t know that I fully converted her, but she stopped complaining long enough for me to bring her to a drawn-out, satisfying orgasm.

Of course, after that she needed to have the last word, so she got me hard and then rode me again – at her own frantic pace.

I was done. I barely had the energy to get out of bed, much less to take Tanya home on the bus. I paid for a cab for her.

Then I slept for the rest of the day.


I spent part of Christmas day with Ray and his girlfriend. It was nice of them to spare some time for me, when they had family obligations. I was also surprised when my Dad showed up. He had a gift for me, too.

It was lamp. Sounds stupid, maybe, but I did need one in my room. The overhead fixture didn’t cast much light – which was fine if I had a girl in my room, but not so great if I was studying, or writing a report at my desk.

– “That’s actually a pretty good idea, Dad.” I said. “I can use this. Thanks.”

– “You’re welcome, Joe.”

– “I, ahh … I didn’t …” I hadn’t bought him anything.

– “Got time for a beer with us?” asked Uncle Ray, coming to the rescue.

– “Well, maybe just one.” said my Dad.

Nobody mentioned the elephant in the room – or elephants, plural – and we all got along fine. Not for the first time, I regretted my father’s choice of a second wife.


Rose was still away, and Laurie was spending the evening at her brother’s place. I gave Tanya a call, and invited her out. I would have taken to the Lion, but some of the waiters were scrupulous about carding people. I suggested a little club which played live music – pretty girls never got asked for I.D. there.

– “Can we go to your apartment afterwards?” she wanted to know.

– “Odds are good.” I was struck by the way she’d asked her question – as if having a place to fuck later was more important than going out on the date itself.

My suspicions were entirely correct. Tanya enjoyed getting into the club, and being served a drink. But the band were only ‘okay’, as far as she was concerned. She didn’t even want to stick around for the second set.

– “Let’s go back to your place.” she said.

Tanya did her level best to wear me out, again. She wanted to be fucked in a standing position, with her hands against the wall. Then she straddled me while I sat on one of our kitchen chairs, and rode me to orgasm.

She got me lying down on my bed, and went down on me. I think That Tanya was trying to tease me, as I’d done to her the first time we got together. But she didn’t have the patience. Soon ankara evi olan escort she was attempting to deep throat me. She kept it up, too, despite repeated failures – but I didn’t like the gagging noises at all.

So I flipped her on her back, and rode her hard. Tanya was just as wild, and just as loud as she’d been before. She literally screamed out my name the second time she came.

– “That was … wicked.” she panted.

– “Okay, Miss Wicked.” I said – once I’d recovered my breath. “Grab a shower, and I’ll take you home.”

– “Can’t I stay over? There’s so much more we could do …” She ran a fingernail down my chest.

– “Laurie’ll be home around 11.” I told her.

– “I don’t mind.” said Tanya.

– “You may not mind, but I’m not so sure that she’d appreciate hearing you all night.”

– “I can be quiet.” she said.

– “No you can’t.”

On the way home, Tanya seemed a little miffed that I hadn’t let her stay over.

– “Just because of Laurie?” she said. “Why, are you sleeping with her, too?”

– “No.” I said. “You don’t know me very well, do you?” That was the end of our conversation.


It’s not easy, trying to find someone to share an apartment with three other people, at short notice – especially over the Christmas holidays. But word of mouth travelled fast, and within a month of Ronnie leaving us in the lurch, we got a nibble.

Rina was a slim brunette with a very pretty face. She wore headbands and fitness gear, or workout clothes. I didn’t know if she was an exercise nut, or if she was just trying to imitate Olivia Newton John.

She was also Barbara’s best friend.

Rina had been over a couple of times, but only when we’d been having a party, or a large group. She took a tour of the apartment, and then asked most of the same shrewd questions that Laurie had asked the landlord before we signed the lease. Rina was especially pleased when she heard what her share of the rent would be.

– “I can move in February 1st.” she said.

– “Super!” said Laurie.

I have to admit that I was a little worried about Rina. It’s true that I barely knew Rose before we became roomies – but Rose was a sweetheart. And I hadn’t been dating her best friend.

It was a relief, then, when Rina set me straight right away.

– “We’re gonna be good friends, Joe. Barbara said you were a really nice guy. She still considers you a friend, too.”

That was nice to hear. We all quickly discovered that Rina was remarkably frank and open. She might not be in Eli’s class, when it came to telling the truth, but she was very, very close. We found that out even before she officially moved in.

Rina brought over a few boxes, and a few of her clothes.

– “I’ll need some help moving in, though.” she said.

– “I can help.” I told her that I could borrow Uncle Ray’s truck, and find a friend to help me carry her furniture.

– “That’s fantastic!” she said. “Oh, Joe, if you could do that, I’d really make it worth your while.” She batted her eyes at me.

I’m sure my mouth fell open. Rose spit a mouthful of soup across the table, spraying Laurie’s arm.

– “Geez!” snapped Laurie.

Rina though that Laurie was reacting to what she just said. Who knows? Maybe she was.

– “I didn’t mean that I’d fuck him.” said Rina. She smiled at me. “I just meant that I’d buy him a case of beer. That would be alright, wouldn’t it?”

– “You don’t have to buy me beer.” I said.

– “Then I’ll buy it for all of my roommates, and we can share.”

I got Eli to help me. I figured that a beer or two and an introduction to Rina would be well worth the price of admission.

We carried her bed and dresser up the stairs, and then load after load of clothes. I swear, this girl had 29 pairs of shoes – at the age of 21. Even Imelda Marcos took a few years to amass her collection.

– “You’re beautiful.” Eli told her. “I’d love to go out with you.”

– “Probably not going to happen.” said Rina. “Nice of you to say, though.”

We had ourselves a new roommate. Once again, we would be splitting the rent four ways, instead of three. Of course, Rina was not an unmitigated blessing.

The night after she moved in, she had her boyfriend over.

She must have bought her bed at the same store where Ronnie and Laurie got theirs. It was the serenade of the springs all over again.

The next morning, Rose couldn’t meet my eye. It was probably worse for Laurie, though; she was in the room next to Rina, trying to sleep through it.

– “Rose, you wouldn’t have any earplugs, would you?” she asked.


Tanya was a bit cold with me, over the phone, for a week or so. Then we just had trouble connecting. I did ask her out, but when Tanya found out that coming back to my apartment afterwards wasn’t on the agenda, she lost interest.

It was almost two weeks later when she called me, and invited me over.

– “My parents are going away for the weekend – and they’re taking my sisters.” she said.

– “You’re not going?”

– “Unfortunately, I’m going to be terribly sick.” she said. “Too sick to go with them. I’ll need my boyfriend to come over and make me chicken soup. And maybe rub my tummy …”

I did end up rubbing her tummy. She also fucked me on their couch, in her bed, and blew me against the wall in the hallway.

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