Tammy Truth and FictionTammy Truth and Fiction


One of the elements of erotic stories is they are based in most cases in fiction. But most fiction is grounded in fact. I get several pieces of feedback about my stories asking me about certain experiences I have described. Not everything in each story has actually happened, but I have personally experienced more of what I describe than what is fiction.

First, it is true that I am an only child of a single mother. I was always told by my mother that the entire time she was pregnant with me she was convinced she was carrying a girl. It is also true I have worn lingerie for a very long time. I was never punished for wearing girl’s clothes but I was not encouraged to do so either. I just really enjoy the feeling of nylon and lace panties and full slips or half-slips and camisoles. In my early twenties I began wearing dresses and wigs and doing my own make-up.

It is also true my body has many more female characteristics than it does male. My shoulders have a downward slope without any hint of square or broad. I have very little natural body hair and when I shaved what little I had the first couple of times, the majority of it has never grown back. Currently I only have a very light patch of thin body hair between my legs. I have zero chest or belly hair and zero underarm hair and zero leg hair of any kind. My arm hair is light blond and sparse and looks very female. Even at my age I have a full head of hair on my head, again, just like a female. On my face it is only necessary to shave once a week to keep my cheeks completely smooth. My hips are not straight up and down; they have a very obvious bulge out to the sides that allow me to fill out female panties perfectly.

It is completely true that my penis is very, very, tiny and always has been. I also have no truly defined ball sack. My little testicles were very late in descending into the little mound I have under my cocklet. My doctor was a bit concerned but nothing was ever done once they felt two tiny balls inside my mound. I do not have the ability to wear a cock ring that separates my balls as they are too tiny to put a ring around and there is no sack to separate from my body. This physical fact makes it far more comfortable for me to wear female panties. Any kind of male underwear has way too much fabric that bunches in the front with nothing in it.

As I am getting older my breasts are comfortably growing into a very small A-cup that fits inside a training bra with no extra fabric to bunch up in front. I have not had any type of breast enlargement surgery but it is one surgery I could see myself wanting to give me a pair of C-cup breasts. My nipples have always been large and sexually sensitive. I am able to bring myself to orgasm by just flicking my thumbs on my nipples. The bigger my nipples grow the more sexually turned on I get. Having a sexual partner lick my nipples is my ultimate joy. I almost pass out in ecstasy when my nipples are licked. When I wear a nylon and lace bra under a slip or camisole my nipples are always at full erection.

It is true that I have never bayrampaşa escort physically experienced the act of sexual intercourse with a biological female. Now being in my late 50’s I doubt I will ever perform the act. I have serious doubts about my ability to have my penis become erect enough to penetrate a female vagina. I have never been in the same room with a female who was naked so the opportunity to have traditional sexual intercourse has never presented itself. And currently I am so happy presenting as and being a girl, my desire for this kind of sexual activity is just not there.

There are many reasons for my male/female virginity. First, it is true I did not have my first ejaculation until I was 28 years old. Prior to that age all I had was wet dreams when I slept. Having no males around when growing up there was no one to teach me how to masturbate and every time I touched my cock it would only become slightly plump but never hard. I never woke up with an erection until I was in my 30’s.

My first ejaculation was involuntary and a surprise to me and I thought I was peeing in my panties. I was running for the bathroom when it happened and instead of pee I lifted my slip and pulled open the front of my panties to find a large mound of white puffy substance piled into the crotch of my panties. It was the consistence of skin cream. I later figured out it was my own semen and was the result of years of not ejaculating. It had to go somewhere and it filled my panties on a weekday morning when I was least expecting it. No erection from me during this release, and to this day my best ejaculations happen only when my tiny penis is soft and flaccid in my panties.

Another reason I am an intercourse virgin is I lived at home with my mother until I was 35 years old. From age 18 through most of my 20’s I was always sneaking into my mom’s lingerie drawer and wearing her panties, bras, and slips which she had in abundance. I was extra careful not to let anything come out of my cock while doing this and nothing ever did. It’s possible I was accidentally training myself not to ejaculate which made it all the more difficult to pull on my tiny cock and cum when I really wanted to do so. My mother finally caught me when I was in my mid-twenties wearing her panties and bras and instead of being mad told me I should buy my own lingerie. She accompanied me to the department store and we purchased a large amount of lingerie that I still own to this day. I began wearing dresses, wigs, and make-up and confidently going out in public as a girl in my late 20’s.

It is true I sleep in nightgowns every night and have for over 30 years. I love the feel and on most nights I am also wearing a pair of full cut panties underneath. I never wake up with a tiny erection of my penis.

I have posed for and taken well over one thousand pictures of myself as a girl in all stages of dress and undress down to completely naked. I really love posing for pictures and seeing the results I get. It is a huge turn on for me. I am always in full make-up escort bayan istanbul in most of my pictures and the majority of my photos are so female looking it surprises even me. My first photographer was my own mother!

I did have a slightly sexual experience when I was living at home in my mid-twenties with my mother. It was when we got home from buying all my lingerie. She told me to take off my clothes and try on what we had purchased. She went into her room and took off her dress and came back into my room in her bra, panties, a half-slip, and a garter belt holding up her stockings underneath. I was naked and pulling on my panties. She reached out and showed me how to tuck my tiny cock and mound into my panties and her hand touched my penis. She then lifted her half-slip to show me what the front of female panties should look like when worn. I saw the outline of her vagina lips on the front of her panties and clearly saw the slit in the middle. I read later this was because her pussy lips were engorged as a result of sexual excitement. I never participated in any physical sex act with my mother.

When the internet came into being is when I was able to truly expand my experiences and put my information and pictures on crossdressing dating sites. I had an immediate wave of response from males wanting to date me.

My story entitled A Real Life Crossdressing Experience is a detailed and completely accurate account of my first date with a biological male and my first ever sexual experience with another person. I was very lucky this man was a total gentleman and we really enjoyed our time together. I have pictures of us having sex with his cock in my mouth and with us tongue kissing in a very passionate way.

After the nervousness of my first ever date in my late 30’s I felt much more comfortable communicating with biological males and going on dates. Almost all of my dates with men have ended up with us together in bed having sex.

I write about anal intercourse but have never experienced it with a man. I have used a penis shaped dildo on myself and was surprised with the feeling as it was more pleasure than pain. But the dildo was very small. I’m fairly sure a truly male sized erect penis would not be comfortable for me to experience.

It is very true I have experienced oral intercourse with a biological male and that I absolutely love it. I have swallowed a man’s full load of semen on several of my dates and I enjoy the taste and feel of it so much I can’t get enough of it. I could easily participate in oral intercourse every day with a man and never tire of the act. I performed this sex act with a man for the first time on my first ever date.

I have also allowed my different male dates to ejaculate on my face, my tummy, and my back. I really enjoy the feel and texture of male ejaculate. I am very female when it comes to this and my tiny penis never gets hard when I am in bed with a man or he is ejaculating on me or in my mouth. I blend into the mind of a female during my sexual sessions so deeply taksim vip escort that any emotion that is not female is foreign to me and unnatural. It is this feeling that tells me I truly am a girl and should never have had a tiny penis between my legs.

It is not true that I have been a bride at my own wedding. That is currently a fantasy, but most of my fantasies have had a way of coming true so I am hopeful the circumstances will present themselves where I can truly experience the thrill of wearing bridal lingerie under a satin and lace wedding gown and walk down the aisle to my man and be pronounced as his wife. I have no doubt I would make a very loving and giving wife to a man who would want to be my husband.

It is true that I have tied myself spread eagle to the bed. I have slept all night tied to the bed wearing my nightgown, panties, garter belt, and stockings. I find bondage as a girl very exciting and one time I tied myself so well I was in a two hour struggle to become loose. I must admit while I was scared during the struggle, I experienced more excitement than fear until I got myself loose.

I am currently training myself to never again have an erect penis, and it is working. As of this writing I have not had a truly hard cock for over eleven months. My nipples on the other hand are almost always at attention. In bed at night I can flick my thumbs over my nipples and get them to grow huge and without touching my limp little cock, pre-cum flows freely into my panties. I gasp for breath when this happens with a mini orgasm. I feel dirty if my little cock begins to get plump in my panties and I am really thrilled that my erection days appear to be in the past. My goal is to disable my penis as a male sexual organ and since it never has been much of one in the first place, stopping its sexual arousal is being accomplished easier than I imagined.

I currently limit myself to one ejaculation monthly. I allow myself to pre-cum during the month, but not to fully ejaculate until my one time of the month. I have learned how to have a full orgasm without touching myself between my legs and without being erect. My body convulses as I cum but my ejaculation is one long soft discharge from a fully limp, tiny cock. No violent squirts like a real man has, just a continuous smooth release that can go on for a minute or two. It fully soaks my panties in the warm semen and I have to change underwear after I relax. I absolutely love this kind of orgasm. I have experienced it in bed with another man as he was squirting his huge hard cock into my mouth, I felt the crotch of my panties becoming wet and warm as we climaxed at the same time. He with a rock hard, massive penis, and me totally soft with a tiny button in my panties.

I have abnormally small male organs and an oversized female personality that I prefer to nurture. I am very pretty when my hair and make-up are done properly further showing me I deserve to be a girl. I am most happy when I am a girl and I am in ecstasy when I am in bed with a real man and he is sexually aroused by me. I feel at my most natural sexually pleasing a male and the males I have been with have all told me I am a beautiful girl. I love it when they tell me that.

If you read any of my other stories this should give you the background to more fully understand what I am writing about.

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