Janey’s Night OutJaney’s Night Out


“Come on, man, you gotta know something about this chick.”

“Rob, I know as much as you. Her name’s Janey, she’s raring to go, but she won’t settle for less than two cocks. You don’t seem to be a total fuckhead, and so I figured we could both get some.”

Janey walked ahead of them, the breeze blowing most of their words away. Her hips swung from side to side like a pendulum as she led the boys up to her apartment. Brian was mid-20s and solid, built like a wedge of muscle only just now starting to spread from a desk job. He’d zeroed in on her as soon as she walked in the bar, and she’d given him just enough to keep him interested all night. A touch on the arm (her left ring finger having a conspicuously untanned patch on it), a press while dancing and, of course, letting him buy a couple of her drinks. She’d shown less interest in Rob, but when she’d whispered in Brian’s ear that he was going to need a wingman to keep up with her, Rob had naturally fallen in with them… they’d been amiably trash-talking football whenever her attention wandered.

She ran her hands down her body as a little gust blew around the corner of the motel, then pulled a key from her empty pockets; she, of course, didn’t need money to drink in the bar, and wasn’t going to get carded when someone else was buying. She looked back to be sure her toys were still behind her before she opened the motel room door. She might as well have had them on a leash, the way they followed her in.

She sat down on the corner of the big bed, her legs naturally falling on either side of the corner. Brian took a couple steps forward, and she pulled his hand so he’d sit down on her right. As Brian’s hand started going up her thigh, as his mouth started towards her neck, she flipped the room key at Rob. “Rob, hon, get us some ice… and don’t bother to knock when you come back.” Rob looked a little startled, but she gave him a wink, then succumbed to Brian’s attentions.

Her little black dress got was around her thighs, but Brian nudged it higher as he started to squeeze her right thigh with his own right hand. She nuzzled down, moving his lips from her neck to her own, pushing escort bursa her tongue into his mouth as she pulled his shirt out of his shorts, her left hand fumbling with his belt. She pulled it off him as his thumb found her clit, causing her to gasp a little and bite his lip. He pushed her back on the bed, shaking his shorts off his hips, followed by Janey shoving his briefs to the floor. Brian knelt above her, kissing her into the bed, pushing down her dress so he could paw her tits, loving it as she slowly jacked his shaft and teased his balls.

Janey pushed Brian back, making him break the kiss and stand. With an impish grin, she knelt before him, her dress now a black band around her waist. She took him in one hand and slowly stroked, looking up at him looking down at her.

“You want me to suck this cock for you?” She squeezed a little. “You want this big, thick cock to go into my little mouth?” She squeezed again, harder this time, just this side of painfully. Brian moaned in approval, and Janey took his head in her mouth, licking and sucking at it while she held and stroked and squeezed the shaft, sometimes, instead, taking him deep into her mouth while she held onto a muscular thigh. Rob walked in on this, bearing a bucketful of ice, seeing Janey furiously masturbating herself while she bobbed her head along Brian’s shaft.

“Brian, man, don’t bogart the hot chick. Get her on the bed; I want to taste her.”

Janey reluctantly broke off from Brian’s cock, laying down on her back. Rob pulled her to the edge of the bed, while Brian kneeled above her, feeding his cock into her mouth. He loved watching the mushroom head of his cock disappear between her lips, feeling his balls rest in the palm of her hand as he started to fuck her face, careful to not give her too much, her fingers twined in his pubes helping to keep him honest.

Rob, meanwhile, had dived into Janey’s hot cunt with gusto, sucking her clit into his mouth and circling it with his tongue. Janey moaned around the mouthful of cock she was enjoying as Rob started to push one, then two fingers into her, his tongue still dancing across her clit, his thumb pressing bursa merkez eskort against, but not penetrating, her asshole. She redoubled her sucking on Brian, slurping and licking and stroking him, letting him push his cock further down her throat, hardly surprised when he roared and a flood of hot cum poured into her throat; it hit her airway wrong, causing her to cough a little bit and his cock slip out, sending another stream of cum across her cheek and into her hair. She kept her grip on his cock, milking the cum out of it and onto her tits and throat, then letting go while Brian fell forward, collapsing on the bed beyond her, letting her give full attention to Rob’s head between her thighs. He savaged her with his tongue and lips, sucking the juice from her peach, looking up and letting her see it running down his chin as his fingers fucked her now, hard and fast, his tongue keeping up a counterpoint. She screamed as she came, clamping her legs around his head, jamming her heels into his spine, and pulling his tongue into her with both hands on his head.

She hadn’t come down yet when she felt Rob lift her legs, taking an ankle in each hand, and bury his cock in her. Still buzzing from the last cum, she didn’t last long from his hard, quick strokes, her knees bent around his upper arms as he pounded cock into her. She fingered herself while he fucked her, just chanting “more more more more more” under her breath. Another wave of orgasm broke over her, and Brian was beside her, nipping and sucking and kneading her tits while Rob pounded her cunt. She reached out, blindly, taking Brian’s cock in her hand as he assaulted her breasts, feeling it grow stiff as she squeezed and came and moaned. Rob came, hard, blowing his load inside her as she rode a wave of orgasm down.

They lay there panting; Rob had fallen on her left, Brian was on her right, his cock growing hard again. Brian, better rested, was the first to recover. He stood up, smiled down at Janey, and said “My turn.” Janey knelt on the bed, letting him take her from behind, her own face turn toward’s Rob sticky cock. She took that in her mouth, bursa sınırsız escort even as Brian pounded into her from behind. She loved the contrast of the two cocks, both in her mouth and in her cunt. How each man fucked her differently, how they tasted, how they held her head as she licked and stroked their shafts. Rob was getting hard in her mouth was slipping into a steady rhythm, spicing it with occasional slaps on her ass. If there had been a fourth person in the room, or a peeping Tom outside the window, they would have had a lovely view of Janey being drilled from behind while she pounced upon Rob’s cock, bringing it back to life, then fucking the hard tool with her face. Her moans turned into grunts around the cock, and her hands played with her own breasts, squeezing and tugging.

Brian came, hard, his fingers digging into Janey’s ass, his knees buckling as she clamped down on him in her latest orgasm. A few more strokes and he pulled out, his cock too stimulated to keep going; he kept fingering her, though, listening to the juices squelch around his hand. She finally shuddered to a stop, closing her legs and gently kicking him away. Rob, still at full mast, looked disappointed as she stopped sucking him, crawling up on the bed beside him, stroking instead of sucking.

Brian spooned behind her for a moment, hand running up her thigh, feeling the dress still bunched about her waist and grinning. They rested for a moment, Janey gently jerking Rob, Brian close behind her, when Janey said “Ok, Brian, you gotta go. I owe Rob at least one more, but I still gotta get to sleep, and if both of you are here, I’m never gonna finish.” Reluctantly, Brian got up and found his clothes. He poured Janey a glass of mostly-melted-ice-water, which she took, gratefully, pulling him down to her for a hard kiss.

“See you later, handsome.”

Brian left as Janey took Rob’s cock back in her mouth, and he felt some jealousy as he let the door close. Curious, and still a bit turned on (even if his cock wasn’t going to rise to the occasion), he looked in the window and listened closely as Janey mounted Rob, exhaling slowly and raggedly as she buried his dick inside herself. He heard her talking, but her voice was too low to hear her say “Thank you, Rob. I love your cock, but I don’t get enough men on the side.”

Brian also didn’t hear Rob tell his wife to just remember that it was her turn, next time, to pick out a girl for both of them.

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