Naked in the nightNaked in the night


It had been a hot day. Even now in the evening the temperature had dropped only a little.
A slight breeze ruffled the curtains at the open window as Yvonne and Rob prepared for bed.

Yvonne, just out of the shower, had the slightest hint of lightly perfumed soap about her fresh, smooth skin.
She slipped her tiny nightie over her shoulders, letting the delicate, pale pink, semi-see through garment fall lightly over her body.
Making a bow of the ribbon tie at the front of the nightie, she next pulled a pair of very brief, matching pink panties up over her slender legs.

Rob looked at his wife, the beautiful little nightie showing a good amount of Yvonne’s small, white breasts temptingly visible courtesy of the way that she’d only loosely tied the front of the nightie together.
His eye roamed down to the tiny panties that his wife wore, then down her so sexy legs.
His cock swelled and swung out before him.
He glanced at the window with the curtains still wide open. He thrilled at the thought that anyone looking from outside, would be able to see his lovely, sexy wife as she moved about the room.

A notion came to his mind, and giving Yvonne a cuddle and a kiss, he suggested that they go outside for a while.
Rob slipped on a shirt and pulled on his pants but when his wife looked to put something more modest on, he told her to go as she was.

Opening the door, they stepped from their holiday apartment.
Glancing at the neighbouring units, Rob noted many open windows and doors as the occupants tried to find some cooling air. Some windows were lit by the lights inside. The sound of a TV in one house competing with soft musical strains from another. Now and then the sound of voices and laughter could be heard from one of the many lit windows nearby.

Immediately in front of the apartment, Rob and Yvonne were in shadow. It would be unlikely that they could be seen if anyone should be outside and looking about. Once away from that protective shadow though, they would be in the open with just a few bushes dotted about the small patch of lawn, and a nearby streetlamp throwing its light on the general area.

Rob took his wife’s hand and went to lead her forward.
Yvonne pulled back and giggled as she exclaimed that she couldn’t go out dressed as she was.
Rob persisted in his attempt to lead her out into the open, telling her that she looked beautiful and sexy.

“But what would anyone think if I should be seen,” she exclaimed.
“They’d think that you were a fabulous little sex pot,” her husband laughed. “Besides,” he added, “no one here knows us anyway.”
Yvonne laughed happily, enjoying the thought that she should be described as a fabulous little sex pot.

It was true for both of them that they always felt more inclined to be sexually adventurous when away from home on holidays. At such times any immoral act would be unlikely to find its way back home to be a subject for gossip.

Rob pulled gently on his wife’s hand, and this time Yvonne let herself be led out of the shadow and onto the lawn at the front of the unit.
“Oh my God,” she giggled, “I hope that no one is going to see me dressed like this.”

Yvonne allowed herself to be led right to the front of the lawn, adjacent to the pavement.
“Oh, what would anyone think of me,” she again exclaimed in her excitement.
This time her husband answered much more explicitly. “They’d think that you were a dirty little slut,” he said.
Yvonne giggled and agreed that they really would think that of her.

Rob held his wife and kissed her lovingly, letting his hands roam over her breasts and down onto her cunt.
His hand slipped down the front of her panties, over the closely cropped pubic hair. He found the wet slipperiness of her cunt, and, knowing that his wife’s cunt always became so wet and slippery whenever she was sexually excited, he knew that she was now ready to be led further in this sexy game.

Yvonne nervously glanced about her, ready to flee back indoors should anyone appear.
Her husband too, glanced about and then tugged the ribbon tie of his wife’s sexy little garment so that it came undone and the front of the little nightie fell open, fully revealing Yvonne’s breasts.
Yvonne gave a little squeal of surprise as she clutched at her nightie. Rob took her hands and moved them to her sides, letting the nightie fall open showing her nakedness underneath.

Yvonne pretended to be flustered and embarrassed, but in truth she was greatly excited at being even more exposed in this public place.
“Who’s this dirty little whore showing herself off in public,” her husband teasingly laughed as he led her onto the actual pavement and walked her up and down.
Yvonne giggled and felt a trickle of juice run down the inside of her thigh.

“What a dirty little harlot,” her husband continued mockingly. “Perhaps she’ll take her panties off next, and show her cunt to everyone.”
With this, Rob hooked his fingers in the waistband of his wife’s panties and made to slide them down over her hips.

“Oh darling! I can’t!” Yvonne exclaimed, giggling merrily and clutching at her panties.
“C’mon, you know you really want to be a dirty little whore,” her husband urged.

Yvonne held onto her panties for just a moment, then, her body filled with surging lust, she let her hands fall away and her husband quickly slid her tiny, pink panties down over her legs.

The very short hemline of the nightie, trimmed with delicate lace depicting little pink hearts in a white lace surround, came to just on a line with Yvonne’s hips. Now the lower half of her ass cheeks could be seen, while at the front she was totally naked from her feet to her exposed cunt, up over her firm belly, right up between the gaping front of her nightie to her exposed breasts.

“What a filthy little slut you are,” her husband said in such an admiring and appreciative tone.

Yvonne had long ago found out that males were not all of the romanic type that she’d read of in trashy novels while still a schoolgirl.
Her explorations on the internet had soon opened her eyes to the fact that many men had great admiration for women who flirted with immorality and perverted sexual games.

She’d been amazed at, and had taken quite some time to understand the fact that some men had a great desire to degrade and defile the one that they loved so dearly.
Yvonne Kumkapı Escort had come to realize that her husband was one of that latter type, and she had rapidly come to realize that it suited her own sexuality to be exactly the sort of woman that he desired her to be.

For Rob’s part, if he had loved his wife so dearly when they had first married, he now loved her so much more that she played the game and let him defile her purity and chastity. The fact too, that Yvonne outwardly appeared so modest and decent, added a delicious wickedness to the times when he pushed her towards acting like a whore and a slut.

The sounds from the surrounding houses and holiday apartments continued to drift on the still night air.
Their holiday unit was just fifty yards or so from the beach road,where an occasional car cruised by.
The sound of waves on the wide, sandy beach made a pleasantly relaxing background just audible when one listened for it.

Another car could be heard slowly driving on the beach road. Suddenly, unexpectedly, the car slowed at the corner and began to swing into the road in which our two lovers stood.
Yvonne gasped and could do nothing more that clutch at her husband and try to conceal herself behind him.
The car came by them and began to accelerate along the road, the driver apparently not having noticed them as he’d followed the beam of the car’s headlights which had illuminated the far side of the road.

Yvonne laughed and relaxed once more, the nervous panic that had suddenly gripped her dissipating as rapidly as it had come.
Rob was filled with very different emotions – emotions of increasing lust and excitement. He now had his eyes firmly studying a semi-darkened doorway at the front of one of the houses opposite.
The reason for this great interest being that as the passing car had turned the corner, its headlights had briefly swept across the far side of the street. In that brief glow of brilliance which had lit the buildings, Rob had noticed two men standing in a doorway, and very definitely looking directly across the road to where he and Yvonne were standing.

Rob, taking his wife’s hand, led her from the pavement out onto the road.
Yvonne, still believing they were unobserved, sexily and laughingly allowed herself to be led.
Across the road to the far gutter they progressed. You could say that Yvonne was not only physically heading towards the gutter, but figuratively speaking, was morally heading towards the gutter as well.

The couple stepped from the road to the far pavement. Yvonne was so busy nervously glancing to left and right, that she still had not seen the shadowy figures watching from their dark vantage point.
Now Yvonne was no more that fifteen yards from the two men.
Rob stood slightly behind his wife and eased the sides of her unfastened nightie well open so as to fully display her naked body to the men. He cupped his wife’s small breasts to highlight them, then slid his hands down his wife’s body and stroked the insides of her thighs before fondling her cunt.

The two men had in fact been watching Rob and Yvonne from the very first moment that they had appeared outside their unit. The men had been sitting on their doorstep enjoying the night air rather than the warm stuffiness inside the house. They had seen the couple appear, and had looked admiringly at Yvonne in her very brief and sexy little nightie.
The men had seen Yvonne’s slight reluctance to venture out into the open. They’d thrilled when they saw the man undo the front of the woman’s nightie and expose her breasts, and when they saw the man take the woman’s panties down, they’d both immediately risen to their feet to obtain the very best view and to stroke their hardening cocks.

The men had thought to conceal themselves when they’d seen the couple approaching across the road towards them. They’d been certain that if their presence was detected by either of the couple, then the woman at least would flee back across the street, and that would be the end to this very sexy display that the men were so enjoying.
It was incredible that the couple, rather than go straight across the street, were moving at a slight angle as if they were intent on ending up right before where the men stood. It slowly came upon the men’s understanding that, in actual fact, the guy who was intent on leading the woman in their direction, seemed to be looking at them. Had he seen them? Was he in fact showing the woman off to them? It became more and more apparent that he actually was.
Once the couple stood out on the pavement before the men’s house, and the man began fully displaying the slut’s body to them, there could be no further doubt. The thing was though, that the woman still appeared to be completely oblivious to the fact that she was being exhibited.

Both men now had their substantial cocks out and were slowly stroking them as they lustfully viewed the lovely slut who was being so lewdly and wonderfully displayed.

Rob now grasped his wife’s arms just a little more firmly as he stood behind her.
“Look straight ahead darling,” he whispered.
Yvonne, smiling and thinking that this was some further game, let her gaze look dreamily forward.
“Look at the doorway,” her husband was telling her at the very moment that her gaze encountered the two men standing there.
Yvonne gave a little shriek and her automatic reaction was to flee back to their apartment. This action was thwarted by her husband’s firm grip.
Yvonne half struggled, her eyes fastened upon the two men.
A part of her mind told her to flee, this was the part conditioned by her chaste upbringing – but the other part of her mind was taking in the gorgeous, big, hard cocks that the men were stroking. This part of her mind told her that she would soon be touching and licking and sucking those wonderful cocks, that they would soon be filling her body as they fucked her. She stopped struggling and stood looking, shamefully aware that her nakedness was fully exposed to the men’s view.

Yvonne felt her husband’s gentle forward pressure behind her. She took a step forward. Then another as her husband, still holding her firmly, pressed forth.
Closer to the men – just a matter of nine or ten yards.
Yvonne felt her husband easing her nightie, which was concealing very little anyway, off her shoulders. It fell to the ground. Escort Kumkapı She was naked.

Yvonne lowered her gaze in shameful embarrassment as her husband led her right up to the men.
Her gaze, while unable to look into the men’s faces, was now directed towards their magnificent hard cocks. She lusted for them. She wanted them. She couldn’t wait to be fucked and to suck those gorgeous, gorgeous cocks.
Her mind was in a whirl. She heard her husband offering her to the men. She was now being mauled, touched, fondled, her most intimate places being explored.

Yvonne’s head was still lowered in embarrassment. Those gorgeous, hard cocks kept brushing against her thighs. She longed for them. She couldn’t wait any longer. Should she touch them? Should she fondle them as the men were fondling her? Would she look a slut if she touched them? She didn’t care, her hands lightly took a cock in each. They felt so good, so hard, so lovely. She squatted down and moved her mouth to the hard, round, swollen head of one of the cocks. She pressed her slightly parted lips onto the end, then pressing forward, eased her mouth slowly over its superbly solid length.

“Fuck! The slut’s definitely ready for it,” she heard one of the guys say.
She felt her head being firmly held and her mouth being fucked by that wonderful, hard cock slipping between her lips and sliding right to the back of her throat.

“Let’s get the slut into the bedroom,” a different voice said, and she was pulled off the cock and taken into the darkened house.
The men led the way to the bedroom.
Yvonne now felt a fresh bout of embarrassment as the electric light came on and she was thoroughly surveyed by the men.

“Fuck! You’re lovely,” one of the men told her.
Yvonne raised her eyes to his face and smiled sweetly.

Around and around, turned this way and that. Yvonne was studied, touched explored. Her legs, thighs, belly, breasts, arms, neck and head – nothing escaped attention. She was turned, bent over, made to squat, stood up again with legs apart, then with one leg up on the bed, her pussy felt and fingered, her breasts pushed this way and that. She felt like an animal at the livestock market being inspected prior to sale, all of which made Yvonne more and more embarrassed but more and more lustfully excited.

In reality the inspection lasted no more than a minute before Yvonne was made to kneel on all fours and she felt hands gripping her hips and a cock gliding easily up into her slippery pussy.
“Ah! What a fabulous cunt,” she heard the guy groan lustfully as his cock sunk its full length into her pussy.
At the same time the other guy had positioned himself before her, and taking a firm grip of her head, his cock slipped into her eager mouth.

Pushing her tongue just slightly forward so that it covered her lower teeth, and keeping her mouth just slightly opened so that her upper lip was pressed back over her upper teeth, Yvonne worked with tongue and lips, sucking her cheeks in to form a soft, fuckable pout with her mouth.
She sucked and sucked, pressing her head forward each time the guy pressed his cock forward so that the cock slid in right to the back of her throat.
Regulating her breath so that she held it each time the cock probed the entrance to her throat, Yvonne was able to stay from gagging, and soon had the guy moaning and panting as his cock and balls came to the point of pouring forth his semen into her mouth.

“Oooorrrrr fuuuuuuck,” the guy groaned in an absolute ecstasy of lust as he pulled his cock from Yvonne’s mouth so as not to cum too soon.
“Fuck! What a fabulous fucking cock sucker,” he groaned. “I’ve never known anything like it before.”
He rested a moment to regain his composure, and then once more began to fuck Yvonne’s mouth.
It only took a minute and once more he was moaning and groaning as his balls felt about to pump his cum out with such velocity that it would have surely drowned the slut.
Again he pulled away before he reached the point of pumping his cum forth.

Yvonne looked up at him during each of these pauses. She was panting with lust as she thrilled to the gorgeous, big, hard cock that was plunging in and out of her now sloppy pussy. The cock slurped in and out making obscene sounds as it slid through the slippery mucus which was literally dribbling from Yvonne’s vagina.
She panted and made soft moaning noises of delight at the fabulous treatment she was receiving.
She held her mouth open, licking her lips and wanting the cock to come back to continue her mouth fucking.
“Are you ready,” she asked in a soft, sweet, and sexy voice as she looked up at the guy before her.

“Fuck! You’re a real fucking nympho aren’t you,” the guy exclaimed as he slowly regained enough composure to once more enter her eagerly awaiting mouth.
Yvonne sucked his cock into her mouth, sucking and using her tongue to full effect on the underside of the fabulous thick penis.
Surely I’m not really a nympho, she thought to herself as she lovingly sucked at the cock.
She considered how sometimes, on rare occasions, her husband and her went for two or three days without fucking – that’s not like being a nympho she thought to herself.
Admittedly she did masturbate a lot, usually not more than once or twice a day though. She quickly let these thoughts drift from her mind as she lusted and fucked with the two men.

What delight Yvonne felt as the big, hard cock slid relentlessly in and out, in and out of her pussy. It was longer and thicker than her husband’s and she really appreciated the extra size, feeling it stretching her so that she felt wonderfully filled by the cock, and with the head of that cock that she so adored, just now and again pressing lightly against the wall of her uterus deep, deep within her as it all but bottomed out in her lusting, dribbling, and so receptive pussy. At the same time she had the lustful delight of being continually face fucked by the second of those two magnificent cocks that were so beautifully abusing her body.

Yvonne rocked back and forth, continually shoved this way and that by the huge, hard cocks that continued on and on fucking and fucking her pussy and mouth. The men’s hands kept mauling her naked body, feeling her breasts, feeling her pussy, sliding over her soft, smooth skin to explore every part of her.
Lust filled her mind Kumkapı Escort Bayan and her body. She listened to the men panting and grunting as they lusted over and in her. This was no more than crude, debauched, lustful, sex with the two men satisfying their animal desires to dominate and to fuck. Yvonne herself was in a delirium of corrupt, wanton indulgence of her excessive sexual appetite.

Just half an hour earlier, Yvonne had never laid eyes on these men. She knew not their names nor anything about them. She had barely even glimpsed their faces and yet here they were fucking and fucking and fucking her – and she wanted it, she cared not what or who they were, she just craved for their gorgeous cocks to keep fucking and abusing her for ever.

The two guys swapped position and Yvonne next had the guy’s cock all covered with her pussy slime entering her mouth. She sucked it lovingly.

“Wait until Charlie and Ziggy hear about this'” the guy mounting into Yvonne’s pussy laughed to his mate.
Yvonne’s husband immediately took interest and asked about these two men that had been mentioned.
Being told that they were two guys staying in the next door apartments, Rob asked if he should go and bring them to join in fucking his wife.
The two guys agreed that he should, and so Robert, excitedly eager to have his wife fucked and degraded to the fullest extent possible, hurried off leaving his wife being fucked cunt and mouth.

Finding the apartment that he’d been directed to, Rob told the guys that their friends in the house next door, had a dirty slut who was turning it on, and that they’d asked Rob to let them know that they could join in if they wished.
It turned out that the only hesitation the guys had, was caused by the fact that they had a couple of their mates with them at the time.
“That’s not a worry,” Rob exclaimed, excitedly solving the problem for them, “bring them along too. The slut that they’ve got in there is such a dirty fucking whore that she’ll take on any number of you.
Moments later Rob was eagerly and lustfully leading the group of four men into the house where his wife Yvonne was being so thoroughly abused.

Yvonne was stunned when the chatter of these four new guys suddenly filled the room as they entered. That made six men – seven counting her husband Rob!
The newcomers quickly stripped naked to reveal their hard, lust filled cocks all ready to fuck this slut’s every body opening. They eagerly gathered around her and six pairs of hands where soon mauling her all over.
Soon Yvonne had two new cocks entering her mouth and pussy, then two more as the men constantly swapped position first fucking her sloppy cunt, then her so delightful mouth, then mauling her breasts, her belly, her thighs, her ass.
Soon her ass was being fingered by man after man as she continued to be cunt and mouth fucked.
The natural progression then, was for her to have her ass fucked as well as pussy and mouth.
She laughingly squatted down onto one guy’s cock as he held it erect and ready for her ass to slide down over its hard, lust gorged length. Leaning back onto her elbows and forearms, Yvonne then brought her knees up and apart so that the next guy could get in and continue fucking her pussy.
Having those two cocks wonderfully penetrating her two lower holes, Yvonne tipped her head back in preparation for a cock to plunge down her gullet.

Yvonne was gagging and choking, tears coming to her eyes as a cock plunged vigorously in and out of her mouth and right down into her actual throat.
She could feel the cocks rampant in her pussy and ass. She could feel them stretching her, especially the one in her bottom. She could feel them both deep within her body, pushing up each canal and almost rubbing together with only the thin membrane wall separating her two fuck tubes.

Yvonne’s body was surging with lustful sensations as she hovered so desperately close to orgasm.
Suddenly, unexpectedly, her mouth was filled with gooey cum as the cock began to pump spurt after spurt of its cum forth.
Yvonne lustfully slid her tongue around and around in the mucky stuff. Licking it about and tasting it as she swallowed it down.
The cock, still quite hard, slid slowly from between her lips. The guy’s cock then slapped heavily across her cheeks a few times before wiping the last remaining globs of white cum over her face.
Yvonne smiled up at the man, lightly moving her lips in a sexy kissing motion towards him.
No time for more of that though. Another cock was immediately filling her mouth. Yvonne sucked the new cock and licked lovingly, lustfully, sluttishly.

Yvonne loved this attention. She was the centre of the men’s world at that moment.
Vaguely she thought that she heard her husband asking the guy’s if they knew of any others who might want to use her. In her lust she would have taken any number of men who might come to fuck and use her.

Pussy and ass were both cummed in, making them sloppy and messy for the next cocks to enter, and enter they did. Once more Yvonne had three cocks fucking her mouth, pussy and bottom.
She was deliriously happy with this treatment. She responded to every shove of every cock, all the time wanting to satisfy every lustful move of the men.

Her brain was not consciously thinking of anything other than the wonderful cocks which were fucking her, yet somehow she slowly became aware that her husband was no longer there. She didn’t care. She had everything she could ever want.

She’d no sooner made this discovery about her husband, than he entered the room with another four men, all looking eagerly and expectantly into the room at the scene of such absolute debauchery.
This new group of men quickly began to strip so as to get their share of this depraved, perverted harlot.

The incredible orgy of moral corruption went on and on with Yvonne being fucked and fucked and fucked, continually, degradingly, used as no more than a living thing for the purpose of satisfying the men’s lustful desires.

Mouthful after mouthful of gooey semen she consumed.
Cuntload after cuntload of adulterous sperm filled her pussy and her bottom until every cock had satisfied themselves, some even using her more than once.

Yvonne lay there naked, fucked, hair dishevelled with cum matting it into a tacky mess. Her face with white cum dribbling down over it. Her pussy and ass oozing cum along with her own juices.
She was panting, exhausted, so wonderfully happy. She heard talk of tomorrow when there would be even more men to fuck her. She dreamily looked forward to more of the men’s lecherous treatment.

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