Deliberation Ch. 02Deliberation Ch. 02


It had been three days since I was last permitted an erection. The plastic cage on my cock kept it from getting hard. As I said, I’m a 23 year old male – I’m in the height of my sexual prime. If it wasn’t for Mistress Steph’s orders, I would be getting off two or three times a day.

Not being able to get off was doing a number on my body. People commented that I seemed tense. I awoke every night gripping the cage. These night erections were the worst – I guess my sleeping mind wandered down the alabaster avenue of Mistress Steph’s thighs, legs crossed, a shiny leather boot bobbing in the air. In my dreams I’m kneeling before her, naked, blushing, jerking off, and she’s fully clothed, tapping a riding crop in her palm. In my mind her crop lands on my thighs and ass, but in real life the torture is in my cock, trying to wake up from its nightmare, solitary confinement.

I needed to get the key back from her. Bad. This is too much, I thought to myself as I tried to calm myself down after an especially difficult bout with willpower first thing in the morning.

Mistress Steph gets annoyed when I’m weak or whiny, so I knew better than to ask directly for the key. She said that she’d start off easy, maybe letting me out every few days, but it would get longer and more difficult as she “trained” me to do without the orgasms I craved so much.

Simply not being able to touch my cock was torture. I could tell that it was getting very sensitive without any attention – sometimes I was able to lightly brush my foreskin through the bars, and it felt delicious… I was imagining what it would feel like for her to take my cock in her hand and slowly stroke it to full length… but these thoughts became problematic as I swelled. The funny thing about a chastity belt is that you can’t even THINK about sex. God forbid you look at naughty pictures while so restricted – It was like Mistress Steph was punishing me for having unclean thoughts.

I rang her doorbell at our usual time, 11 PM. I stood there on her steps, nervous and sweating. I had showered and shaved, top and bottom. My swelling balls were well baby-oiled so they wouldn’t chafe against the fastening ring. I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I was wearing a leather collar with an O-ring on the front. This was the letter of the law of Her Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort word. Eventually, Mistress Steph answered the door. She was wearing my favorite thigh-high boots, a PVC corset, and short a PVC skirt. Her soft breasts seemed to spill like liquid over the top of the corset. Around her neck, there was a tight choker with an O-ring on the front that matched mine. She glared at me.

“Get ready for me,” she said with a yawn, and shut the door.

My mind raced. Mistress Steph prefers when I’m naked in her presence – it is a clear demonstration of which one of us is in charge. Did she really want me to…?

Standing on the front steps, I peeled off my shirt and hesitantly dropped my pants. The cool night air was such a rush! I stepped out of my shoes. I was completely naked… I rang the doorbell again, my skin rippling with goosebumps, muscles tense and poised. Anyone could drive by and see me, standing naked on Mistress’ front porch…

What seemed like an eternity later, Mistress Steph opened the door. She took a long look at me, up and down, her eyes dwelling on my cock cage. “fine,” she said, “you may come in.” I quickly stepped forward to be met with a slap on the cheek. Mistress Steph snapped her fingers and pointed at the ground. Rubbing my cheek and mumbling appologies, I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled into the apartment, dragging my clothes with me. Steph closed and locked the door. I gulped, my heart in my throat.

“Slave Dan, I want you to meet your new friend,” she said, after carefully securing me to the banisters of her staircase, my arms spread wide above my head, my chest tight and poised. “Relax,” she whispered, her nails drifting across my washboard stomach, fingers tracing lines into clawmarks. I began to feel the cage bars closing in on me.

Mistress Steph backed slowly out of the room, teasing me with her eyes and a playful smirk. She returned to the room with a box wrapped in brown paper. She approached and opened the box, slowly drawing out its contents. It was a large, black dildo, hard and shiny in the dim apartment candlelight. Sweat began to roll down my brow.

“I want you to give your new friend a kiss,” Mistress said, holding the shiny rubber cock up to my lips. I hesitantly gave the beast Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort a peck on the side, but Mistress pressed it against my lips again, pulling my hair with her other hand. “I think you can give him a nicer kiss than that,” she purred through clenched teeth, clearly enjoying my humiliation. Her hand encircled my exposed balls, giving them a tight squeeze. I gasped and opened my mouth, french-kissing the side of the black dildo.

“Ready?” Mistress Steph said, giggling playfully. As I tongue kissed the plastic penis, she turned it towards my face, pressing it in between my lips. My teeth grazed the top of it, trying to stop her from pushing it into my throat, but I received a sharp slap to the balls which made me whimper from behind the gag. Scared and humiliated, I opened my mouth to receive her gift. The dildo filled the inside of my mouth, the head resting on the back of my throat.

“Work it with your tongue,” she ordered. “You had better give your new friend some really good head or you won’t be getting out for at least another week!” Mistress giggled, using her spoiled princess voice. “If you don’t play nice, I’m sure not going to play nice with you!” Looking at her, she clearly had her brat-face on, where she gets really harsh if she doesn’t get what she wants. She was serious – and I couldn’t possibly last another week without having some sort of sexual breakdown. I needed an erection, and I needed to cum now.

Mistress grabbed my hair and worked my head up and down on the dildo. “Yeah, don’t you love it when I push your head down?” she said sarcastically, referencing a time she had to punish me for doing just that to her. I was forced to cum in my own mouth for two days in a row, a punishment which I loathe and fear.

Finally, Mistress slowly pulled the dildo out of my mouth. She untied me and ordered me down on the floor. I instantly fell to my hands and knees, while she dragged me by the ear to the living room. There, she had cleaned up all the magazines off the wooden table in the middle of the room. Mistress Steph ordered me to lay down on the table so she could tie my hands and feet spread eagle. She pushed a pillow under my head and stood right behind me, next to the table. I stared up at her beautiful features – her short Kurtköy Vip Escort brown hair which she constantly pushed out of her face, her cute upturned nose, her striking blue eyes, her small, perky breasts… Mistress Steph dropped her panties and stepped over my head, pinning me in place between her thighs. I moaned, my tongue piercing her soaked pussy. She must have left a hell of a wet spot on her panties, because she was running like a faucet. It turned me on deeply to know she was enjoying my suffering – but my arousal turned into more suffering, as my cock throbbed against the plastic cage.

As I ate her out, my tongue darting up and down her slit, sucking the juices from her clit like an overripe raspberry, she moaned, panting, riding my face. I felt her hands all over my cock, tormenting me, making me want it even worse. I was close to screaming from the dual pleasure and agony I was in. Just as I was about to crack, there was a click near my crotch – she had unlocked me! Mistress Steph slowly and deliberately pulled off my cage, letting my cock throb to rock hard pressure in a moment’s time. There was still a small securing ring fastened around my cock and behind my balls, which functioned as a cock ring, keeping me hard and full.

Mistress giggled again, enjoying the panting noises I was making. She ran her fingers up and down my cock, teasing me so slightly. My moans were loud and pained, desperate, thrusting my hips upwards for her lightest brush.

Taking my cock into her hands as she pressed her sex into my face, she rubbed only the head of my cock with her fingertips. At first it felt delicious, but my cock was so sensitive from not getting any attention in a week. Soon, the rubbing became a fine torture, grating my stomach muscles and forcing me to squirm away from her delicate touch.

As she tormented me YELP like this, my tongue OOH darted desperately in and out of her. I felt AAH like if I could distract her with my mouth, maybe Oo! AAaah– she’d leave my oversensitive cock alone…! My face MMMM worked her sex until I was almost numb–

–Mistress *GASP* cried out *GASP* again, gasping *GASP* for air *GASP*, cumming all over my face. Her fingernails flicked my cock head OOooh GOD I’M CUMmmMING and I moaned helplessly, thrasing about and trying to escape her, my cock rigid and tight, not able to cum, poised at the edddddge

and she steps off of me – I’m thrasing about still, desperate for contact but at the same time afriad.

Mistress is flushed, panting. She giggles slightly, “I bet you’d do anything to cum now, wouldn’t you, you little cock sucker?”

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