Scenes From a Cum ShhowScenes From a Cum Shhow


The man carefully washed the last dish and stacked it in the drying rack. Then he drained the water and wiped down the sink. He made two cups of tea and took one upstairs. He set it beside the bed. The woman smiled her thanks at him. He smiled down at her and gently brushed her grey hair.

“Need anything else?” Looking around he made sure book, phone, TV remote, glass of water and medications were all close to hand.

“No” she said faintly. “I’m alright.”

He kissed her softly, lingering on her thin papery lips, remembering how they used to be. “OK love. I’ll be in the Den. Just text me if you need me.”

Once in the Den he closed the door and turned on the computer. The show would be starting soon. She had posted the time on the social media account that he’d started following.

He logged in with his anonymous user name, GRD876 and bought some tokens on his credit card. They had saved carefully through the years and now they weren’t going to use all that money so it may as well go somewhere it was appreciated.

The young woman was already on, sitting in front of her webcam wearing a lacy outfit that showed a lot of cleavage. She smiled into the camera “Hi Gord! Good to see you again!” She called him Gord because it was close to ‘GRD876’ and sounded more personal.

He typed back quickly. “Hi there beautiful. It’s nice to see you too!” He didn’t have a webcam hooked up, preferring to stay faceless. But it was nice to be acknowledged. He sent her a few tokens.

“How have you guys been this week?” she asked brightly, giving her breasts a slight wiggle.

He typed back: “Not too bad. But seeing you always makes it brighter.”

He watched her read the responses that he was sure other patrons were also sending in. He felt a small pang of jealousy and wished he could keep her all to himself. “Oh, thank you guys!”

So the session went as she smiled and joked and teased and cajoled tokens from her subscribers. Eventually the threshold was met when she dropped the straps of her top and displayed her full breasts, cupping them and tweaking her nipples in her fingers for them to admire. The man undid his pants and pulled them down and sent her a few more tokens. He was rewarded with a smile. He loved that smile, he always had.


Jack carried a stack of fresh sheets from the laundry room to the linen closet. He passed Ellie’s studio room and heard her on her Cam show talking to her patrons. She was good at it. She was always working her brand on social media and posting sample clips on porn sharing sites to get lonely horny men to subscribe to her channel. She talked to them like they were there. She talked to them like she genuinely enjoyed their company. Which she did, to be honest. She admitted a certain affection for her fans. Her “Daddy’s Club” she called them since she intuited that the majority were middle aged or older. Any kind of Daddy-Daughter role play got a heavy response, so she leaned into it. The music started and he peeked in to see her slowly gyrating in front of the webcam, slowly lifting folds of her lacy lingerie to reveal more flesh and then dropping it again. Shaking her bare breasts close to the camera. Turning to run her hands over her rounded bottom. Spreading her legs and bending over to briefly display her pussy and coax more money out of the audience.

“Is this what you like to see boys?”

She turned around to lean into the camera again. “Is it? Hmmm?”

She continued dancing to the music, an older hit with suggestive lyrics that she figured was popular with her older audience.

Jack got hard watching her. He knew that after her show she’d want to fuck, even if she’d already made herself cum for the camera. “After fingering öğrenci gaziantep escort myself for all my on-line Daddies, there’s nothing quite as good as Daddy’s cock for a girl!” she had once said.

Once, for her Father’s Day special, she’d had him on. Well just his hips and erect penis really, which she lovingly stoked and sucked on and made him jet his cum all over her tits as she cooed at the camera “I hope all you Daddies get a good blow job from your little girls this Father’s Day!”


The man sent her more tokens hoping to get to the threshold when she’d begin touching herself.

“You are so beautiful. I love watching you rub your pussy.” he typed and then went back to stroking his cock.

“Yay Gord! We’ve reached the threshold to start the cum show at last! Thank you! You know I love touching myself too. Especially for an appreciative audience.”

She rolled the chair back and checked the camera angle and zoom. Fluffing her hair over her shoulders she spread her legs to reveal her bush and glistening cunt. “Cocks out boys? Everyone ready? I know I am! I’m like, super horny tonight!”

She began slowly rubbing her clit and brushing her pubic hair, sighing happily. It was a good night, the tips had flooded in and continued to pile up as she began inserting fingers into herself. “What a way to make a living” she thought between the ripples of pleasure. “I’d be doing this anyway, it’s nice to get paid for it.”


Jack was standing on a step ladder picking an order for Marion’s on-line sex toy business. He jumped slightly as firm fingers grabbed his ass. “You know Friday is Work Naked Day” his wife said.

“I don’t know” he said pulling a boxed dildo off the shelf “I’m going to have to complain to HR about the sexual harassment in the workplace.”

“Oh poo” Marion pouted. Jack turned around to see that his wife was following her own company initiative and was quite naked. He admired the fullness of her breasts and the curve of her thighs. “Well, then I guess you don’t want to participate in Fuck the Boss Day then either?”

He got down from the step stool and gathered her into his arms, enjoying how her breasts felt against his tee shirt. With his free hand he caressed an ample butt cheek. “Well, it is one of the benefits of my otherwise unpaid employment here!”

They kissed slowly, lips parted, tongues dancing with each other. Tasting each other’s desire.

Marion began backing into the living room towards the couch. “Well then, how about you be a good Team Player, and join in with Work Naked Day?” Jack began undoing his pants. “Then you can also participate in Fuck the Boss Day!”

Naked, he joined her on the couch. Leaning in for another kiss he said “Well, it is good for employee morale!” Laughing she pulled him down on top of her and grabbed both hairy ass cheeks. “It’s good for the Boss’ morale too!”


The man was breathing heavily now. On the computer screen the young woman leaned back, legs spread in a wide erotic V while she moaned and plunged two fingers in and out of her slit.

“Oh oh ooooh myyy….” she gasped. “Is this what you daddies like? Do you like watching your little girl fuck her pussy like this?”

“Oh yes baby” the man whispered as he stroked his cock. “Fuck yourself. That’s how I like it!”

He switched hands and fondled his balls while he typed a message “Oh yes, baby! I’m so hard for you!”

He sometimes felt guilty, talking like this to another woman while his wife was upstairs sick in bed. But he couldn’t gaziantep öğrenci escort help himself. When his wife had first gotten sick, she’d tried to make love with him but he could tell it hurt her and she wasn’t desiring it anymore, so he stopped suggesting. Eventually in his frustration he turned to on line porn. Goodness there was so much of it! He’d cruise the porn sites and masturbate to random women.

Then one night, he found her and fell in love. He added social media apps to his phone, something he’d never bothered with before and followed her. He enjoyed the brief chats, sometimes he’d make a joke on her posts and felt pleased when she’d reply in kind, keeping the flirting going. He logged into her cam show every appearance, depositing money into her account. Sometimes it was just fun flirtatious chat as she wiggled her breasts and danced and displayed her pussy while her patrons stroked off in lonely rooms. But once a week she did a ‘cum’ show and for the right number of tokens deposited she’d masturbate with them, encouraging them like a cheerleader, her dirty talk getting more vulgar as she and they reached their separate climaxes together. She would promote her explicit videos in which she masturbated in the woods, or the back yard, or had sex with various men or sometimes even women. He bought them all. At Christmas he watched her use a candy cane to pleasure herself while wearing striped leggings and an elf hat. On Valentine’s Day she wore a red silky peignoir with white feathery trim and then dripped chocolate over her nipples and licked them clean. At Easter she fucked herself with a massive dildo while wearing pink bunny ears.

He drank it all in. He loved her.

He wished he were in the room with her, his cock hard, between her spread thighs, plunging into her wet eager cunt as she cried out in joy.

“Oh yes! Yes! I’m going to cum soon guys, are you ready?”


Marion’s store, Aphrodite’s Garden had gone entirely on-line and was doing quite well again with the reduced overheads and the tax write off for running it out of their house. Eleanor had asked them to help her set up a Web cam channel, so they invested in her with a dedicated studio room, lights, cameras, monitors and, of course, sex toys, for which she plugged the business on her show. It was a good symbiotic relationship. When Jack wasn’t at his regular job he helped out with the extra laundry, wrangling lighting and camera work plus the happy job of fucking her for her sex videos.


The woman moaned and squealed on the screen as her fingers worked faster and faster into her sopping cunt. The sucking and slurping sound of her wetness was obscenely loud.

Panting, she stared into the camera. “I’m… so… c-close! Are you ready boys? Are you ready to cum for me?”

She kept fingering herself. “That’s right Daddy, stroke your hard cock for your little girl! Come on Daddy, come on…. are you rea- UUUNNnnnngggggh!” With a howl she rocked forward, as her muscles tightened with the explosive orgasm.

At the same time the man also came with a gasp and a short splurt of sticky semen spilling onto a tissue.

The woman recovered, laughing and catching her breath. She sat up in the chair again, smiling brightly into the camera. He could see her cheeks were flushed and her still naked breasts heaved with her heavy breathing. “Boy howdy! That was super fun! I hope you guys had fun with me.”

The man typed out a reply. “Oh yes. I came so much. You are so beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful time! See you next week.”

She smiled as she read gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan and then looked into the camera. “Aw that’s so sweet, Gord. I had a good time too.” She blew a kiss at the camera. “See you next week!”


Jack walked by Ellie’s studio room. She was busy on the computer but dressed in a tee shirt and shorts now with the web cam and lights turned off. He walked up behind her and rested his hands on her shoulders while looking at the screen. “Daddies Club or book keeping?” he asked. She also did freelance book keeping for small businesses, including Marion’s. Jack’s hands slipped down to her breasts and began softly caressing them. He felt her nipples harden under her top.

She leaned a cheek onto his arm and sighed. “The Daddies.” She waggled a cursor at one entry: GRD876. “This guy is my biggest fan. Bought every video. Logs in twice a week. Very generous.”

Jack kept messaging her breasts and kissed the top of her head. “Nice.”

“I call him ‘Gord’. I know it’s not his real name, but he’s nice, you know? Asks how I am. Seems to really care, unlike some guys who are just ‘show me your pussy!'”

Jack gave her breasts a squeeze and chuckled. “Well, he is watching you masturbate.”

“I know. I mean he likes my pussy and seems to get off, but he also seems to care about me as well, you know?”

“I know.” Jack started to withdraw his hands.

Ellie grabbed a wrist. “Don’t stop. That felt nice. In fact, it gave me an idea!”


Ellie was naked again and on her knees. She looked up into the camera lens. The recording light blinked at her. Jack was also naked, holding the camera.

“Hello, Gord” she whispered. “You’re my biggest fan and I’d like to show my appreciation.”

She reached out to grab her father’s cock and began stroking it to hardness. “This is how I’d like to show it.” She opened her mouth and slowly sucked Jack into her mouth. Jack groaned and tried to maintain focus as Ellie’s head bobbed back and forth, her full lips and tongue sliding over his shaft.

Then she got up and went over to the bed. She spread her legs and beckoned for the camera to follow. “Come to me Gord! Fuck me! I want you inside of me!”

Marion assisted by grabbing the camera so that Jack could take care of business. Although it was hard getting the POV angle on Ellie’s face while her father fucked her. She panned down to capture her daddy’s engorged shaft thrusting in and out of her pussy, then up again to focus on her face and heaving breasts.

“Oh yes!” Ellie said softly to the camera. “I love feeling you inside of me.”

“Yes, Gord. Fill me up. I want your hard cock moving inside of me.”

Ellie watched her dad, saw his nostrils flare and his eyes close. She knew he was close.

“Cum inside me, Gord. I want to feel your cum fill me up.”

She reached down to stimulate her clitoris, bringing herself to a soft orgasm. Marion caught her daughter’s changing expression as she came and then again as she felt her father grunt his seed inside of her.

Ellie smiled into the camera and blew a kiss. “Oh Gord, that was wonderful.”

Jack pulled himself out of his daughter’s dripping pussy and grabbed a couple of towels so they could clean up.

Marion looked at them. “I don’t think that will require much editing. I think ‘Gord,’ whoever he is, should like it!”


GRD876 pulled up his pants, dropped the soiled tissue in the garbage and switched off the computer, then went upstairs. His wife stirred when he entered. “Hello, Douglas.”

He bent to kiss her head. “Hello my sweet. How are you feeling? Want to watch Poirot on PBS?”

“No, there’s that new one on Britbox. What were you doing?”

“Oh, nothing much. Watching the news. I was just talking to our Ellie over the Internet.”

His wife brightened at the mention of their granddaughter. “Oh, how is she?”

“She’s doing well, dear. Just wonderfully. In fact, I sent her some money to help out her new business.”

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