A New BeginningA New Beginning


Karen knew the effect she had on both men and women. At just over 50 years old and widowed, she was well off. While she wasn’t what one would call beautiful, she still had a nice figure for a lady of her age. Her breasts were still large and full. and when braless they hung down and liked to flop off to either side if they could. She knew she was getting a belly, and her ass will always be a bit on the ample side. She had always believed in being as natural as possible, Particularly in her favored spot. It had never seen a razer from the time her hair began to flourish as a teen until now. She had also never shied away from wearing a skimpy bikini, which could never hide all her hair,

She knew all those things, yet she still hadn’t been able to find a suitable man since her husband had died. The tryst she’d tried with younger men had been disasters. Even the young ladies she brought home, while better than the men, wasn’t all it could have been.

So now she is at a local gay pick up spot looking for a lady to take home.

It had to be the right one. She knew she knew the right lady when she came.

Karen sat at the end of the bar nursing a white wine and looking around for some time.

She came in very confident, and with no looking around at the crowd, she went straight to the bar, ordered a drink, and sat down to drink it. Karen watched her for several minutes, sizing her up and getting up her nerve. Finely with one last sallow of her wine, she straightened herself up and boldly walked to her small table on the far side of the bar. The din of the nose of the bar seemed to disappear as he approached her table. Finally she stood in front of her..

Jan looked her up and down over her glass of wine.

“May I?” Karen indicated the empty chair across from her. Jan nodded and Karen sat down

” Hello, My name is Karen,”

” Jan here, Nice to meet you, I see we’re the only ones here over 30″

“Yeah So I’ve noticed. Kinds make us in our own little club..eh?”

” Yep, So what’s the plan?”

“Depends on what you’d like to do.. I’m open to pretty much anything you like.”

” Karen I haven’t done this in a very long time, but I’m willing to see if things still work..”

” We can go back to my place, you can follow in your car if you like. If you don’t feel right, or want you leave, I understand.”

Twenty minutes later they were back at Karen’s place. She let them in and offered each of them a drink. Which Jan declined, saying if she was going to do this it was with a clear head so she could enjoy it. Karen agreed, and they put up the drink.

They sat on the couch talking a bit. Now Karen had a chance Sincan Escort to really look at Jan. She was elegant, and nicely dressed in a silk button front blouse. and flowing skirt. The fluffiness of the blouse made it hard to tell how big her breasts were, but there seemed to be enough to fill it nicely.

Finely they kissed. they caressed each other’s backs as they pulled together,, their fingers tracing their respective bras through their blouses. Their tongues taking turns licking each mouth and cheeks and neck down to their throats, each finely reaching the top of the other’s blouse. Their hands had already been exploring their breasts through their blouses and bras.

Breathlessly, Karen slowly unbuttoned Jan’s silk blouse slowly revealing her neck and eventually her bra. Jan’s breasts were indeed big, and full, filling her black lace bra very nicely. Karen just sat and enjoyed the view of them as Jan slipped her blouse the rest of the way off.. Caressing and squeezing them, Karen, nuzzled her face between them,, and breathed in Jan’s scent. Jan leaned back on the couch and let Karen caress and fondle her breast a bit. Finely she sat up and asked her to help her to get the bra off. When Jan’s breast plopped out of her bra, they were a sight to behold. big and full, her nipples already hard. Karen just and and stared for a second, then she bent to kiss and suck gently each one, while fingering the other one..

Jan leaned back against the couch again. Closing her eyes and letting the sensations of her breast being played with take over her mind. She hadn’t felt like that in years, no woman or man had done that in a long time.

Karen came up for air. Unbuttoning her blouse and sliding out of it, it quickly flew to the floor on top of Jan’s. She wasted no time in taking off her bra. it too was on the floor.

Jan sat looking at Karen’s breast, and reached to kiss and caress and squeeze them, and make them hers. Karen’s nipples which were already hard from playing with Jan’s, grew harder as Jan worked them. Soon Jan worked her kisses down below her breast and down her belly. Stopping at her belly button, tonguing it and fingering it. Soon Karen was laying on her end of the couch while Jan explored her breast and belly. Karen breathed sharply when she realized how skilled Jan was.

She could feel herself getting wetter by the second. Looking down between her breasts, she saw the top of Jan’s head as she approached her pants. She suggested she stand up so Jan could get them off easier.

Karen stood up, her breast swaying as she moved. Jan was seated on the couch in front of her. Pulling Karen towards her, she kissed Escort Ankara her belly button again before unbuttoning her pants. Karen wiggled her ass and helped Jan get them down over it and slide them down her legs.

Once they hit the floor, Jan was face to face with Karen’s hairy pussy and a pair of very wet panties. Jan sat looking at her for a second and pulled her body to her face. smelling her wet panties. then caressed her ass. Jan wasted no time in ripping her panties down.

When she saw Karen’s lush hairy pussy, she stopped in amazement. Never in her years had she seen such a beautiful hairy pussy. Karen’s belly hung low over her pussy almost covering it. Pushed the extra belly aside and gently nuzzled her nose in the fur. Mmm, it smelt and felt good. Jan had to have it now.

She laid Karen down on the couch and spread her legs. Karen’s breast hung to either side and her belly settled into a mound of flesh above her pussy. The view from there was even better. The hair came up from her crack and flowed over whole lower belly and into her legs. Kneeling in front of Karen’s pussy, Jan gently fingered Karen’s fur, finding her clitoris. She fingered it lightly and made it pop out of its hood. Karen took a sharp breath when she did that, and her breathing continued to get even heavier as Jan fingered her, she felt herself losing consciousness, Suddenly she felt something inside her. It was Jan’s fingers roaming around. She relaxed when she realized what it was, and then it got more pronounced. Within a few minutes Jan had all four fingers in her. Her thumb was fingering her clit, while her hand went in and out. Karen felt herself about to cum. Suddenly she bucked and stiffened up as she had the first orgasm she’d had in years. Karen lay panting and sweating as Jan sucked her juices dry and wiped her pussy clean.

Jan came up next on the couch next to Karen and they kissed and felt each other’s breasts. Karen could taste her juices on Jan’s lips.

Now it was time to return the orgasm. Still shaking, Karen helped Jan get her skirt off. Her panties were equally soaked. They came off. Once naked Karen truly appreciated how beautiful Jan was.

Jan may have been over 60 years old but she had kept in shape, and her large ample breast only served to highlight her body. Her pussy was hairy too and slowing signs of graying. Although not as thick and generous as Karen’s.

Jan laid down on the couch and let Karen have her way with her. Karen started back at her breast, kissing and nibbling each in turn. They were alive and hard as she nibbled and kissed them. Back and forth between them, at times burying her face in their Eryaman Escort Bayan fullness. Slowly Karen worked her kisses and caressed Jan’s body, stopping at each stretch mark and line she found to kiss it and savor her years of living. Finely Karen arrived at Jan’s most treasured place on her body.

Karen took her time looking over her lover’s pussy. It was flush with hair and juices, her time with Karen’s body had made her that much the more wetter. Karen lightly fingered her hair, stirring it and making it stretch a bit as she played with it. All around the edges she played from the upper left corner, across the top, down the ride inside of her leg, then back up the left inside leg, to where she started. Then she went into the mass of hair.Karen could feel Jan’s breathing become heavier as she fingered her hair. She bent down and nuzzled it and smelled it,, mmm. It was so good.

Letting her fingers wander down, she found Jan’s clit, a light touch brought it out from its hood, and more light touches brought a sharp intake of pleasure from Jan. Karen let her fingers work their way down into Jan’s lips. She found her juices flowing like water and it was easy to slide one, then two fingers inside. for a moment she just let them stay there, unmoving enjoying the feeling.

Watching Jan’s face over her belly, she slowly started moving them.

In and out just a little bit. Faster and harder, she started getting a response from Jan as Jan started moving her ass and hips moving in time to her hand.

Three then four fingers in. Jan was moaning as Karen’s hand was almost inside her.

“Put it in ” Jan panted breathlessly.

“Ok here it goes, Hon”

Karen slowly worked her thumb in and then twisted her hand as gently as possible to slide it into the older woman’ pussy. It slid in remarkably easily and once in, was easy to move. Only slight in and out motions and wiggle her fingers.

All of this was enough to make Jan have the first orgasm she had had in years. When Jan finished bucking and panting She asked Karen to leave her hand in her for a few minutes as they lay together, Karen kissing whatever body parts she could reach.

Finely Karen slid her hand from Jan’s pussy. It was covered in Jan’s juices. They both spent a long time licking as much off her hand as they could.

Karen got down between Jan’s legs to see her now widened pussy. She fingered it and licked her juices still flowing from it down her crack to the couch.

After some time they lay together on the couch cuddling and kissing, each still exploring the other’s body, now they had had their first orgasm together, they could relax and really enjoy getting to know each other and each other’s bodies.

That had been over six months ago, now neither felt the need to go looking for companionship. Two mature ladies who knew what they needed and wanted, had finally found what they were looking for.

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