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Daniel was late back from the office once again – the third time this week.

The amount of paperwork submitted for his approval this time of year was getting ridiculous. He normally enjoyed his role as accounts manager for a medium sized sportswear firm on the westcoast. Not only did it give him the opportunity to try out some new products on the market before they went on general release but it paid well and usually it was a pretty laid back and flexible company. Following the messy divorce to his wife Patrice, the work-life balance the company offered was excellent in affording him the time to spend with his daughter, who he adored. Daniel was a fairly fit and healthy individual, and used to take part in a lot of sports in his younger days. He loved to windsurf and take the small yacht he shared with a co-worker out on alternate weekends.

Standing at 6’2 he was no slouch, and although he enjoyed a drink of whisky every now and again down at the yacht club on the harbor even at 45 he was hardly a pound overweight for his height. He liked to think that the only give-away for his age was his graying hair, but he wasn’t yet vain enough to shave it all off or dye it in a fit of pique. Not yet anyhow.

He had hoped to be back earlier than this. It was 8pm as he approached the driveway to his 4-bed modest home in a semi-exclusive suburb. Since the divorce it had been difficult for his daughter and it wasn’t fair to leave her to fend for herself so many nights in a row. He vouched to make it up to her as soon as the weekend arrived. Pulling up in the drive way in the jet black Audi, he took his sports bag out the boot of the car – always there in-case he wanted to embark on a spot of squash straight from the office. It currently contained his works suit he had worn early during the day, and now he was just clad in a pair of grey cotton slacks and a white t-shirt with red piping and the yellow company logo of Harbourt Sports on the lapel. He hadn’t managed to go to squash, but he still felt the need to change.

“Work, stays at work, as do work clothes” was often his reasoning. He approached the porch noticing the lighting subdued and just his daughter’s bedroom light on indicating any sign of life.

“Hey, hunny, Daddy’s home.” he shouts at the top of his voice as he crosses the threshold, eager to relax. Thursday, only one more day to get through until the weekend.

Samantha was used to coming home to a quiet house, but all the solitude gave her too much time to think of everything. Usually her thoughts would eventually turn towards anger. Anger at her mom for doing what she did to ruin the marriage. Anger at her dad for letting it all happen. Anger at the world for not caring. She was 18 now so she was an adult in the laws view, but in a lot of ways she was still just an angry teenager.

She had tried to keep as busy as possible so that she wouldn’t have to think about it all. She would read as much as she could. Immersing herself in a world of magic and fantasy. Some of the books she was reading were dark, much too dark for a girl still trying to finish high school. She didn’t really care what the other kids thought about her anymore. Actually since she started changing her appearance she reveled in the lack of attention. Actually that wasn’t it at all. It wasn’t that the kids were ignoring her. It was just that they were giving her a different kind of attention. Fear, or better yet intimidation. Her classmates were a little bit afraid of her now.

First came her hair. Overnight the long golden locks were gone, replaced by jet black short hair. Then came the piercings. First her ears were turned into sieves. Then an eyebrow gained a jewel. Next her nose, and then finally her lip dawned a metal loop. She definitely could not go through a metal detector without setting it off anymore.

Nowhere else was her change more noticeable than on the volleyball court. She loved playing volleyball because that was the only place she could totally forget about all of her problems. Her teammates were a little scared by her new hair and piercings, but they were glad to have a 5’9″ outside hitter that could jump out of the gym. That skinny, quiet kid had a new fire in her that made her hit the shit out of the ball now. She heard her dad pull up and was immediately happier. She longed for the silence of the house to be broken. Even if it meant talking to a man that couldn’t understand the things she was going through.

Leaving his bag at the bottom of the stairs to be carried up later Daniel strode through the house like a man with a purpose. He got through the hall, the kitchen and then the lounge as he made his way to the drinks cabinet. It wasn’t that he was a particularly heavy drinker, it was just a little routine of his, his way of saying it was Thursday and that tomorrow is the end of the week. He was very loathe to do it any normal working night, but Friday’s tended to be half-days in the office anyway. Opening a bottle of red wine he poured himself a large glass and then Şişli Escort Bayan hesitated, his fingers around the stem of another glass. Would Samantha like a drink? Would it be inappropriate on school night? He took the glass anyway and poured half a glass, even if Samantha turns it down he’ll finish it off. Judging by the way she has been rebelling with her appearance right now, he wondered if she would drink it or not.

“Hey where are you hunny?!” He moved to the bottom of the stairs and called up, the house sounded empty, not even any neo-classical music (rock or otherwise) playing from her bedroom. She must have her head in a book again.

“I’ve poured you a glass of wine. Have you eaten already?” His wife had been a superb cook, Daniel on the other hand was a takeaways, restaurants or ready meal guy. Not because he couldn’t cook. Far from it, but these days he really didn’t have the time to concoct the perfect meals his ex-wife always seemed able to.

“Come on down, and let you Old man see his favorite daughter!” he chuckled to himself, he’d called her that for years even though she was an only child. He placed some Wes Montgomery jazz on the old 45 record player and settled onto the sofa taking a large sip of the wine. She barreled down the stairs with all of her pent up energy from reading and studying. She liked alone time to an extent, but the prolong silence of the house these days really got to her. She was wearing grey sweat shorts that had been her favorite since the eighth grade. The only difference now was that her legs were way longer, and the short shorts left little to the imagination.

Her black tank top was of some heavy metal band that she liked, and then hated, and now just thought was ok. Her breasts had been nonexistent for so long, but now she was showing her womanliness. Her breasts were still small, but they were perky to the extent of pointing at the ceiling. They actually looked much bigger on her skinny long frame. And the fact that her shirt was a couple of sizes too small didn’t make them any more inconspicuous.

There was dad slouched on the coach looking beat from work.

“I wish he can be happy again soon” she thought.

She plopped next to him on the coach and gave him a big hug

“How was work pops?” She asked and stared up at him with childlike eyes that made him forget all the shit they both had been through. At times she could be the biggest bitch of a teenage girl, but other times she was his little angel again. An angel with dyed black hair and piercings everywhere he could see, and probably elsewhere.

“A glass for me? If you insist. But just one, I have practice tomorrow and a big test. Wine always makes me sleepy anyway”

She grabbed her glass and had a long drink.

Watching her approach the couch, it seemed like Samantha needed a new wardrobe. Daniel could have sworn those were her shorts from a few years ago, before a growth spurt, that were now only slightly longer than hotpants, clinging to her buttocks. That alone would have been enough, but her top half was no better, her shirt clinging to her form, extenuating her perky breasts, and exposing a little of her midriff if she leaned back or held herself upright fully. He considered what boys her own age would think if they saw her now and quickly came to the conclusion that they would think her HOT. He smiled to himself, and her embrace was warm and genuine.

“Work was good thank you,” out of politeness more than anything else, work was a bitch recently. “How about school? Much homework?” Already knowing the answer would be a resounding yes, as it was close to the end of term, the time when all the tests and essay must be completed.

“You deserve a glass every now and again! You work hard at school, and you have to put up with me!” he laughed, a weary laugh, he knew things were hard for both of them right now and not acknowledging that would not help matters.

“One more day and it’s the weekend poppet. You have any plans? We could do something together, go to the cinema or go to the mall and get you some better fitting clothes…” His gaze was warm and friendly as he turned to her again to inspect her clothing and her body underneath once more. He was proud and pleased to have an attractive daughter. Even if she had decided to go for an alternative look with the nose stud, eyebrow jewel, and the lip piercing. He considered for a moment if she had piercings he couldn’t see, and then dismissed the thought almost immediately. ” “My clothes fit just fine.” She looked down at her shorts and shirt. Her midriff was exposed, showing a fairly new piercing that she didn’t want her dad to see, so she tugged her shirt down. She also noticed that besides showing off all of her long legs, which she didn’t mind, her shorts had settled ever so slightly into the cleft of her newly shaved vagina. She quickly, subconsciously, straightened her shorts. As she glanced back at her dad she could have sworn that she caught him glancing Escort Şişli between her legs and smiling ever so slightly.

Whether it was true or not, the idea of her dad checking Samantha out made her feel good deep down. It wasn’t a sexual thing. It just felt good that a man found her attractive. The boys at school were so immature, and they looked right past her, or so she thought. And if she was anyone else she would have thought her dad was hot. He was in great shape, and the looks he gave with his gorgeous eyes could make anyone’s heart skip a beat.

She had a big paper due on Monday, but it was almost done. If she finished it as soon as she got home from practice, she would have time for a movie. And it sounded like her dad was into buying her some new clothes. No matter what she tried to tell herself, she really would like some new shorts. She didn’t have any jeans that fit right anymore since her last growth spurt.

“A movie sounds like fun dad, but I get to pick it. And if you want to get me some new clothes I won’t stop you. ” She glanced down at her exposed midriff again and tugged her shirt down again.

“I better get to sleep then. I have to get some serious work done tomorrow before our big date.” She laughed, finished her wine in a big gulp, and then, quick as lightening, jumped up to give her dad a good night peck on the cheek.

He liked his daughter’s laugh, and it had been a while since he had heard it genuinely and not forced. It was slightly shrill, but filled him with joy whenever he heard it. He watched her little hips sway as she made her way out the room, and noticed again the tightness of the shorts around her buttocks. Maybe it was the wine or the lack of any sexual contact with anyone for a long time, but he found a heat appearing between his thighs. He guiltily pushes the feelings to one side, before realizing that it has been a very long time since he had had any sexual pleasure.

After another glass of wine, Daniel decides to call it a night himself, early to work in the morning and he could be out by midday. He turned in, but took his laptop with him. Making sure Samantha’s bedroom light was off, meaning that she’d be asleep, he lied naked under the quilt and turned the machine on. He flicked through a few news sites and forums, but soon more carnal desires took his attention. Unable to rid his mind of his daughter’s clothing, and alternative looks, he flicked through a few porn sites dedicated to ‘Goths’ and Emo’s’. Settling on an alluring picture of a young girl with baby pink hair and piercings, roughly the same build as Samantha he began to masturbate. He slid his hand down to his cock, and could feel it immediately grow. He slowly traced his penis with the tips of his fingers, feeling pleasure as it quickly rose to attention. Images of the girl spread over her bed, spreading her tight pussy for the camera soon got him fully erect. He grabbed his thick cock with his whole hand and marveled at how hard he had grown.

“Feel like steel.” He thought as he slowly started to massage his cock. He soon found more hardcore images of the punk girl sucking a huge cock. He could feel the precum starting to trickle out of his cock, so he used his thumb and forefinger to rub the slippery substance all over the shaft of his cock. It felt so good. With his other hand he click forward on the series of pictures with the hot little teenie. Now she was jerking off the cock, with her legs spread wide for the camera. “I wonder if Samantha shaves her pubic hair like this girl.” He thought and then tried to push the thought far from his mind. The girl in the pictures had one of her hands on her pussy now as she took the enormous cock in her mouth again. Daniel started to stroke his cock a little more deliberately. Now she hand a finger in her little bald cunt as her other hand rubbed her erect clit.

“Fuck she has a big clit. I bet she is really turned on.” Daniel loved porn where the girls actually seemed to enjoy the sex. “I wonder if Sam masturbates.” He thought as he started to jack off more vigorously. On the next pictured her hand had gone from her pussy to her asshole. She had her pointer finger buried in her asshole up to the second knuckle. Dan could feel himself getting very close. The next picture had the giant cock erupting a wave of cum at the girls face. Her eyes were closed, but she was smiling with her mouth open. As if she wanted to catch every drop. The next picture showed that most of the cum drenching her face and perky little tits. Daniel lost it. His cock pulsated and erupted in his hand. He didn’t have time to grasp a Kleenex or anything. His sheets got soaked by what seemed like gallons of his seed. As he laid in post orgasmic bliss, his mind grasped on what had put him over the edge so suddenly, those little perky tits reminded him entirely of his daughter’s.

Samantha got home earlier than expected the next day. Volleyball practice was cancelled because of a burst pipe in the gym. She was a little sad Şişli Escort that she wouldn’t be able to practice, but was glad to get a head start on finishing her paper. She was strangely excited about going to a movie with her dad. The two of them had not hung out much for the last couple of years. They used to be close when she was younger, but as teenagers often do, she began to distance herself. Then all the trouble before the divorce happened, and lately she just seemed far away.

Last night was fun however. She enjoyed just the two of them talking on the couch. It made her feel warm. Or maybe that was just the wine, but it had felt good to be close to her father again. It just felt good to be close to anyone. She had been so withdrawn lately, and her new appearance did not exactly invite people to get close to her. On top of all of that, her dad was fun. He was smart, funny, and good looking. Wait, did she just think that about her own dad? Gross, but it was true. There was no denying that her dad was good looking.

Once home, she finished her paper in less than an hour, but when she tried to print it she realized her printer was out of ink. She went to grab her dad’s laptop which was wirelessly connected to their other printer, but it was missing. After searching around a bit, she found it in his bedroom. She didn’t think much of this, and continued printing the paper. As it was printing, Samantha decided to check the internet for movie times. As she typed the first two letters to the theater, the auto fill feature flashed “Hot horny Emo Teen”

“What the hell.” She clicked on the link, and the screen was filled with a young, attractive girl with cotton candy pink hair. Her body had even more piercings than Samantha, and she was totally naked and shoving a big black dildo into her shaved pussy. Even her pussy was pierced. Samantha was taken aback.

“Oh my god! Dad has been jacking off to this?”

Her first instinct was to look way, but curiosity got the better of her. She clicked for the next image. It was a zoomed in image of the girl’s pussy. The girl’s pubic hair was shaved clean except for a small pink patch above her vagina, whose lips were spread so incredibly wide to accommodate the huge tool penetrating her. Her clit looked huge and erect, and its clitoral hood was pierced with a bar with two studs on the ends.

Samantha had seen porn before, but nothing like this. The idea that her father probably masturbated to these very images aroused Samantha. She click on the next image.

The girl was joined by an attractive man. Now they were kissing. In the next image she was reaching for his fly. Now his cock was out, and it was huge. Samantha wondered what it would be like to touch a cock like that, or even try to fit it in her mouth.

She suddenly realized that her hand had subconsciously gone to the crotch of her shorts, and she was mindlessly rubbing her crotch through her clothing. It felt good. She clicked on the next image. Just as she was starting to enjoy herself a thought popped into her head.

“That girl dad was jacking off to looks a lot like me!”

Daniel’s day at work had been mostly uneventful. Friday tended to be the day everyone in the office tied up loose ends before starting the following week. It was not unusual for members of staff to go home at lunch time. Despite his best wishes and intentions it appeared that the world was conspiring against him today.

Firstly, his boss called him into a meeting at eleven AM. One that required his input and attention as his boss hadn’t been keeping himself up to speed and reading his emails from Daniel. Annoying. Secondly, four financial approval forms were submitted to his desk at 12:30, just as Daniel was finishing his sandwich and thinking of hitting the gym. There was nothing that could be done about it. Just one of those days. By the time he got out of the office and hit the gym it was 2:30. He had a little routine he did where he’d use the cardio machines for an hour, then lift some weights for half-hour, finally hitting the pool for forty-five minutes for a few lengths and to cool off. It was his twice weekly routine and it had been keeping him fit as a fiddle since he had started doing it religiously three years ago.

By the time he had finished in the gym and pool and got changed, it had gone 5pm. Samantha would have finished school and be home by now, even if she had gone to volleyball practice. He liked to think that he was a good role model for this daughter by going to the gym, and he always encouraged her with her sports. Throughout his work out however, he could not stop thinking about her pulling her skimpy top down to cover something up.

“Just what could that be?” he wondered curious. He decided to stick to his plan of bringing it up while they were shopping tomorrow. But as his mind thought about her antics, it developed towards the images of the girl he masturbated to the previous evening. He couldn’t quite believe that he had found the images so alluring considering the girl looked not a million miles away from Samantha. Even more concerning was that the images he found so attractive were not just the soft-core ‘expose’ shots, but the full blooded hardcore oral pictures. He shook his head to himself somewhat guiltily. What did this mean?

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