I was at my friend’s place chilling out upstairs, watching the mixer they had with a sorority we’re pretty chill with going on downstairs. I’m not getting involved in this; I’m supposed to meet Sana tonight. My dark little cuteness for the evening. Talk with my various friends throughout, not drinking or smoking because I have to drive and I don’t want to smell like anything except me.

I get a call from her after she finishes up class. A call? I get to hear her voice for the first time, it sounds pretty. Now I can put a voice to the mysterious lady I’ve been talking to for a bit now. I’m excited. It puts me at ease. Sounds like it’s a little easier if she picks me up, about 10 minutes away. I head back to my car to pick up my backpack and duffel since I won’t be driving now. She says she’s close and I split, hanging in the driveway with my bags. She’s driving in a black SUV and waves to me. I pick up my things and walk over. Hop in shotgun and give her a hug, she’s wearing a jacket over a white tank and some grey sweat pants. She’s super cute!

We arrive at her place and hang out in her room downstairs, she’s got her own bathroom, awesome. She doesn’t have TV or wi-fi, but that’s no problem, we get to chat about life and medical school. She was talking about her reproductive system review that went down the other day and how hysterically uncomfortable a lot of her classmates were about it. I understand the feeling ha ha ha. Medical school seriously does need a mini sex-ed program at the beginning of the year though, we agree on this. But she was explaining the hormones that differ in both women and men on how testosterone controls libido in both genders, and in guys testosterone controls excitement while in girls it’s controlled by progesterone I believe? But as she’s laying this on me, I find myself captivated by her knowledge. This is hot! Sapiosexuality is the way. Not only is Sana really cute, but I’m enthralled by the depth of her knowledge in medicine, this is exciting. My testosterone must be kicking in.

As our conversations go on, we progressively take off more subtle articles of clothing: my shoes, socks, and belt disappear and I eventually take my watch off. My laptop’s been quietly playing some chill and relaxing tunes. She’s been sitting comfortably on her bed and me with her. I wanted a closer glance at her rings, one of them is a flower I believe, but the other one is a double helix studded all the way across. Her hands are soft. We discuss her jewelry. Her earrings are also cute. She has 2 diamond-looking ones on her upper ear and a flower on her lobe, which I looked at closer because I thought it might’ve been a jester. She laughs and says there would never be any earrings like that in India, I guess that makes sense haha. We’re finally lying together on her bed talking more medicine. She discusses aortic dissection and it’s a dead give away (no pun intended) if the patient presents with a sharp pain in the middle of their back. I ask ankara escort if it would be on the left side given the aorta travels down that side of the spinal column, but she explains that it radiates to the middle of the back.

I reach over and put my hand on her back

“Hmm…no tenderness? No shooting pains down your back? Just making sure you don’t have an aortic dissection.”

We pull in closer and our lips lock. We start kissing and letting our hands wander and explore each other’s body.

“*smiling* That was really smooth.”


“*Reaching down to me* Yeah…”

Her lips are softer, and her tongue is good at dancing with mine. I try the cloverleaf at one point and she pauses, still smiling.

“I remember you telling me about that.”

We keep kissing; I’m getting hard. But I notice something with my nose; it feels like it’s leaking. Nosebleeds…why? We go to her bathroom and clean up my blood and the little bit that got on her too. We resume where we left off by passionately kissing and being in each other’s embrace. I want to explore more though. I want to experience her. I unhook her bra and start kissing her neck, I hear her gasp a little bit. Is her neck sensitive like mine is? I start squeezing her soft supple breasts. She extends her neck back in pleasure as I start sucking on her little brown nipples. They’re firm and give put some pressure on my tongue, so I pick up the intensity and start sucking across her breast. She runs her hands through my hair and reaches down into my pants and starts stroking my dick through my underwear. Her touch…yes. I follow suit and reach down and start rubbing her pussy and clit through her pink underwear. She pulls herself from our kissing and starts navigating my ear with her tongue. Her warm saliva and the movements of her tongue spark something new to me. I’ve never had a tongue in my ear before, and it feels amazing. I feel myself quiver a little bit from pleasure as she does this, she notices and smiles at me with a longing look in her heavenly pair of “take me now” eyes. I can’t help it anymore. I have to taste her. We achieve higher through desires of the flesh; all senses are stimulated.

We finally pull our pants and underwear off completely and embrace. I’m kissing her up top a bit and begin kissing my way down south. Kiss her on her neck, back to her breasts, sucking on her nipples along the way, down her navel and lightly tonguing her belly button. Then I greet her with a French kiss to her pussy. She’s really hairy but I love it. She wraps her legs around me. I lose myself in her pussy. I kiss on the lips and let my tongue enter her, she gasps louder this time. I spread her open with my fingers and lick her up, lightly prodding her clit with my tongue before I start sucking on it. Her hands are in my hair again, a little more all over the place. She clenches her legs a few times throughout. After eating the divine out for a bit, my neck starts to ache from my position.

“Hold on.”


“Wanna 69?”


We rearrange ourselves, me lying on my back and eating her from behind while she sucks my dick. From here I have a perfect view of her cute little butt and pussy. I sigh but from a pleasure overload, where it’s like an “ohhhhh maaaan *knuckle bite*” kind of sigh. Prop my head up a little bit on a pillow and get deeper into her. Perfectly warm and wet on my dick, and I’m licking her up as well. I have another question?

“Up to you of course, but are you down for anal?”

-She lifts her head up and turns to me.

“I’d be okay with that, but later.”


We get up on our knees and are about to kiss, but I pause to pull one of her hairs out of my teeth. She was 70’s level hairy but again, I love it. I find hair adds more to the scent and taste of pussy. We slowly fall back into the bed. I start fingering her pussy, she holds me tighter. I finger slowly, she inhales with each press I make, gah. I speed it up, and she’s kissing me harder, her tongue is the one dominating this encounter. I rub my finger over my dick a little bit and am about to penetrate her, but she pauses.


“Yup, right over here.”

I put the condom on and pick things back up. I press against her pussy…alright I need some help lining up. She laughs a little and reaches down to my dick and guides it. I slide in slowly but I fill her up immediately. She scratches my back a little bit and gasps loudly. I slowly pull back and go back in, she grabs me by the back of the head and I cannot do anything against the speed of her lips and tongue. Her tongue deep in my mouth as I’m filling her pussy up. Her mouth drops open and her eyes are the size of dinner plates now.

“Holy FUCK you’re huge!”

She leans her head back and starts gasping repeatedly. Alright, let’s take things up a bit. Now we’re going to fuck each other senseless. Go faster, destroy her from above. She is taking me there, I feel it coming, I feel it coming baby. Damnit The Weeknd, working his way into my sex thoughts. Oh well. She’s doing pretty well at not making a sound. But it’ll be harder for her to keep quiet because I feel resistance. Her cervix is now involved. So complete, nothing matters but this right now. She’s wrapped up in me, and I’m wrapped up in her. She pulls her legs tighter around me and I keep pounding on her, her face contorting in pleasure each time I hit her cervix: the internal pleasure button. Play her like it’s pinball and keep smashing that button.

We switch positions; she wants to take control now. I fall down to the side, not leaving her, then roll so she’s sitting on me looking down with a smile. I submit to Queen Sana. Let her ride me from on top for a while. Now it just feels like she’s dropping her cervix on my dick each hop she does. She’s got her hands on my shoulders escort ankara holding me down with her mouth agape, baring her teeth.

“Bite my neck if you need to.”

Okay I really just wanted her to bite my neck, and then suck all the blood to the surface. She pulls my head to the side unflinchingly and bites me on my lower right neck, just over the sternocleidomastoid 1.25 inches distal to the clavicle 😉 I wanted a little power struggle, so I bite her back and we roll to the other side so I’m on top. Now I’m released from her jaws and go harder. She bites me again but just above the collarbone this time, and it’s getting harder and harder. I lick in her ear and I feel my neck get tighter. I whisper to her:

“Hey, I’m going to cum soon. I’m going to have to finish you now.”

“Do it.”

The bed shakes as I dominate this Princess in my embrace. This is one of the hardest bites I’m getting on my chest and I am reveling in it as I finally cum, ending with one powerful final thrust into her. She screams (*TILT*) and her neck snaps back without her letting go of my chest…she ripped a bit of skin open and some hairs off. I’m bleeding. Normally this would be a moment where I go “OW, FUCK!” but I just came and can only utter a basic “Ow”. I’m fine with this instance of pain, pain with sex I’m always fine with as long as it’s not genital pain. I ain’t about that! I can feel the condom full of my nectar all over my dick and realize I should pull out of her before it starts seeping out the back. She sees my chest after I say “Ow” and develops a look of surprise as her eyes widen.

“Oh my god! You’re bleeding!”

“Yeahh, do you have a band-aid?”

“Of course, here come with me to the bathroom.”

She takes me to her bathroom by my wrist, still naked with our wobbly bits out and bouncing around. She gets some peroxide and pours it over the bite into the sink. It stings just a little but that’s more from the liquid touching the bite. Her eyes look tired but concerned, I don’t think she was expecting an injury to happen like this. Put a band-aid on, it’s gonna suck taking it off later but for now we just walk back to her bed and sleep. She puts her hands over her face in bed.

“Oh my god, I am so so so sorry! That’s never happened before I don’t know what came over me!”

“I mean…these things happen. I’m not that upset because I did ask you to bite me. Didn’t think my first time getting a bleeding bite would be in the chest though!”

“I’m sooooo sorry! It was just really really good sex and I may have temporarily lost control.”

“That’s alright. Let’s just relax and be cuddly now.”

“Please don’t hate me…but I do have to get up really early tomorrow morning, err today actually so I can study.”

“I can’t spend the night?”

“I promise after the boards are done you can spend the night.”

“*Sigh* Alright, let me call up a friend.”

“I can drive you back. Same place I picked you up from, right?”

“Yep, that’s the one.”

Okay, this is weird I can’t spend the night. I think my friends are probably just smoking and chilling now, bars are closed at this point. At least I’ll have a story to tell when I get back to the couch I’m sleeping on hahaha.

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