My Future Father-In-Law Ch. 04My Future Father-In-Law Ch. 04


I lay next to my sleeping fiancee Mike and I thought of the nearly unbelievable happenings of the past 48 hours or thereabouts since we had arrived. It had been early Friday morning when we finally made it to Mike’s Father’s home. It was now early Sunday morning and I was trying to make some semblance of order and rationality out of what had transpired during that time. I wondered if my future Fature-in-law was doing the same.

I had spent most of the day Friday wondering if Big Mike, my potential future Father-in-law, could hardly pull his eyes away from big chest or if I was imagining things. Was I flattering myself? It would be the next morning before I really knew for sure and it was kinda fun showing off for him a little bit in the hope that he liked me as much as his son did. It was a REAL trip learning of the true impact I’d had on ‘Dad’! My fiancé collapsed on the couch in the den Friday night and slept late Saturday morning. I was up early and stroked Big Mike’s huge log to a monstrous orgasm in the kitchen while he ogled the thin silk of my night gown stretched tightly across my chest. His son lay asleep in the next room. Big Mike and I both loved it and he admitted he loved the way I filled out my tops! I was moist – to say the least!

After a quick nap Saturday afternoon, my horny fiancé Mikey took me doggy-style bent over the bed in the guest room where we now lay. Big Mike was sitting in the den just on the other side of the wall and the bedroom door was just slightly ajar. I knew he must be able to hear us. Bappity…bappity…bappity… As Mikey pumped me into a nice orgasm I wondered if his Dad needed the barked peeled off of that big log of his again. The thought of it all made me orgasm that much harder I was sure of that. Despite the fact that Mikey’s much less than average endowment only spent 60 seconds or so plunging into me I came quickly and hard with a picture of his Father’s equipment swaying in my mind!

At our pre-nuptial dinner Saturday evening I just couldn’t help teasing my Father-in-law to be whenever I had a chance. Which was often because Mikey was really celebrating. I even managed to ‘bribe’ Big Mike into pulling his large slab of steak out for me right there in the darkened supper-club. After dinner and drinks that evening Mikey passed out in the back of his Dad’s truck and I teased Big Mike even more on the way home. By the time we dumped my fiancee in this very bed where he now lay Mike, Jr. was completely out. The evening ended with Big Mike’s tube buried in my head and me struggling to swallow his powerful immense emission. His son lay passed out barely two feet away. My future in-law had literally begged me for it!!! What a turn on!!!

So here I lay lost in thought and wishing Mikey would wake up and lick me off!!! Mikey was good at that and he would do it without hesitation any time and for as long as I wanted. Uuummmmm…

Tap…tap…tap… “Anyone awake in there?” my fiancé’s father whispered.

“Just me, ‘Dad’ (I couldn’t resist the ‘Dad’!),” I returned his whisper. “I’ll be out in a minute or so.”

I wondered what the morning would bring and I smiled inwardly. I didn’t want to appear too anxious so I took my time a bit. I lingered with the fingers of my left hand just feathering over my puffy areolas and swelling nipples and my right hand gently cupping my vulva. Uuuummmm… I was warm inside. And, I decided to be a bit more demure in my choice of attire. I pulled on a white, only semi-transparent ‘F’ cup bra that hooked in the front. I then pulled a short, thin, conservative yellow button-up cotton night gown on over it. I decided at the last second to forego anything that would cover my gradually heating loins so I didn’t put on any panties. Halaskargazi Escort I took a quick look at my angelic sleeping fiancé and slipped quietly through the door into the den. I left the door ajar so I could hear Mikey sleeping.

I sat down in an over-stuffed leather chair in the den until Big Mike appeared from the kitchen with a cup of coffee in each hand. He had on another pair of silky jogging shorts and he quickly checked me from head to toe. He wore a big smile. And, I noticed (surreptitiously and deadpan) a bigger bulge. I gazed up at him innocently and gave him a broad smile.

“Morning, Daughter,” he said quietly as he handed me a cup. “Did you sleep well?”

“Not as well as you,” I teased him as I crossed my legs exposing a bit of my lightly muscled tanned legs to him as I unbuttoned the top button of my night gown, “But maybe I will have some ‘relaxation’ today.” I was feverishly wondering if I could have his tongue on me. I’ll bet it wouldn’t take 15 seconds!!!! Uuunnnhhh…yeah! My loins were warming even more as I gazed at his face.

My future father-in-law sat down on the footstool in front of my chair. He was clearly ready for anything more I wanted to do or have him do. His gaze traveled from face to my big bust where he lingered and then down to my ‘lap’. As he looked at the ‘V’ formed by my thighs I uncrossed my legs and opened my knees as far as the chair allowed. I used my left hand to push the cotton fabric of my gown demurely between the opening between my upper thighs. I brought the coffee cup to my lips and sipped as I stared at his face with smiling eyes over the rim of the cup. His gaze returned to my face. I’ll bet that bulge was growing I thought as I sat my coffee cup on the end table and simultaneously ran a palm up the inside of each thigh pulling the light cotton material with it. The touch and motion of my hands warmed me even more. I left my vulva just barely covered and cupped myself with my left hand as my right hand unbuttoned the top of my gown further.

“Haannhh,” Big Mike exhaled audibly as he caught his first glimpse of my cleavage and then noticed the completely exposed expanse of my inner thighs. “Ooohhh, Daughter.” he cooed. I warmed further.

“Do you promise – really promise – me that you won’t try to put that Big Boy of yours in me if I let you see ‘Her’?” I breathed. “Promise?” I repeated. “I’ll take care of ‘You’. I will. Somehow!” I offered. “Just promise me you won’t try and force that slab of yours into me!”

“I promise! I promise! I promise!” he grunted with his eyes glued to the yellow cotton cloth covering my lap. He breathed audibly through his open mouth as I gradually eased the material upward. I warmed even more.

I watched his face as I pulled the cloth ever so slowly, agonizingly slowly, upward and very, Very, VERY gradually exposed myself to him. My splayed thighs allowed him an immediate view of my fully spread pink petals. I was WET! I was HOT! I could feel the moisture and I knew he could see the dew on my lilies. I wondered if he could feel the warmth that emanated from my depths. I panted almost in time with the pulses that I saw in the bulge of his front. His manhood was throbbing. I wondered what it would be like to be taken by him; No! I jerked myself back to really, not that! He was TOO thick and I was to tiny.

“What do think?” I asked softly. “Want more?” as I watched his gaze engulf my heated vulva.

Big Mike was hypnotized; he was transfixed. He swallowed, swallowed again and glanced over my right shoulder. I knew that from his vantage point that he could see his son sleeping in the next room. He looked at me and then back over my shoulder; then he looked at ‘Her’ Escort Halaskargazi again and back up to my eyes. He smiled and pulled the thin nylon material aside and took out his huge pulsing tube.

“No, Daddy! You promised; Remember?” I said. “You promised you wouldn’t try to impale me on Him! You can tell I’m far, far too small.!” I said as I sat up, closed my legs and leaned forward.

“I know; I know! I won’t!” he quickly replied. “I just want it to swing free while I taste you. OK?”

I smiled at him and took his immense manhood in an underhanded grip and fondled him. His flesh was hot and pulsing; the rubbery glans throbbed and the opening oozed. I held him for a few moments as I moved the thick skin up and back to hear him moan and groan. Then I released him gently lay back in the chair and spread my legs fully. I continued back as I lay my calves upon on each arm of the chair. I was fully exposed to him.

“Yeah, Daddy! Taste me! Lick me!” I agreed readily. “Its OK to let ‘Him’ sway loose! It’ll be easier for me to get to Him when its your time.”

Big Mike slipped off the footstool and knelt between by completely splayed thighs. My mind flashed again with the vision of his impossibly large organ penetrating me. I glanced down at It swaying mightily. My stomach lurched and swirled!! I was yanked back to the present by the sensation of his warm, rough tongue starting to drag along my right inner thigh.

Daddy Mike nibbled and licked his way up my right inner thigh until his cheek caressed the lips of my Lady. He gently touched Her as he moved across my lower loins to my left inner thigh. He softly licked the creased that formed at the juncture of my thigh and my lower pelvis. The sensations were intense as my stomach tossed and my hot, tight, dripping, silky tunnel pulsed and pulsed.

“Ooowww,” I couldn’t help but softly coo as he breathed warmly across my folds.

“Aaagggnnnhhh!” I groan as the tip of his tongue gently entered my outermost opening.

“Uuunngggnnnhhh!” I grunted gutturally as his tongue ran up and over and off of my swollen a clitoris. I throbbed! It was torture!

“Stop a sec,” I whispered “Come up here,” I said.

Big Mike raised himself over me with one hand on the end of each arm of the chair. I was totally open and completely vulnerable to him. His giant sack rested lightly on my downy fur just above my vulva and his magnificent organ swayed over my torso with it’s head nearly reaching my bust. I took him in an overhand grip and stroked him. He twisted and writhed above me as I handled his shaft. I pulled the skin up to the corona and just rocked my hands back and forth over the mighty ridge. He groaned and grunted and his copious fluid dripped between my breasts.

“More, more, more! Now! Please!” I hissed through clenched teeth as I gently unwrapped my fingers from his tremendous girth. “Now!”

He took his place on his knees back between my spread thighs again and bowed his head to me. Mike looked into my face over the edge of my mons and stuck his tongue back into me again and held it there momentarily. He then closed his eyes and licked across the open petal on my right and then just lightly nursed on the petal on my left. I squirmed and quivered as he lathed back up and over and off…up…over…off…up…over…off… Again and again his warm, heavy, slightly raspy tongue drug my flesh with it as he repeatedly lathed my opening and my turgid, trembling Little Girl. My guts churned and my tight tunnel was steaming and starting to really flow from his ministrations.

“Don’t…stop…don’t…stop…Dad…dy…unh…unh…yeah…yeah…” I was nearly out of control as my entire pelvic Halaskargazi Escort Bayan cavity began to glow and fill with warmth. “Do…it…do…it…do it, Daddy, do it!” I hissed as his heavy tongue assaulted my labia again and again. This was good; this was intense.

The torture – sweet, sensuous torture – continued as the pressure built within me at every touch of Big Mike’s tongue. My entire vulva must be swollen and red now I knew. My tunnel oozed fluid continuously. My tiny opening – nearly the same size as the opening in Big Mike’s monstrous glans – now pulsed rhythmically. It wouldn’t be long; my hot flue fluttered along its short length and the nearly seismic waves radiated deep into my pelvic girdle. The heat at my core burned; the pressure intensified; my insides seem to engorge and stretch.

“Yyyeeeaaannnggghhh!” I gurgled deep in my throat as Mike took my now large and swollen clitoris into his mouth. He softly and gently suckled me with his lips lightly encircling my large throbbing bud. When the tip of his tongue touched me again…

The lights flashed; my vision dimmed; my insides tore and the rush of heat began just at the base of my tightly drawn tube. The intense wave washed out over my being as I nervously waited. This was different; this was new! What would… The it happened! The waved formed a crest and slammed into my mind as I exploded with streams of fire from within. The burst from deep within my guts sent a gush of liquid out over Big Mike’s tongue, lips and chin. He held on as he still kept his lips around my Girl as my hips involuntarily pumped my vulva against his face. My entire body – no SOUL! – squirmed, shook and spasmed repeatedly. The tidal waves washed repeatedly over my being for a full five minutes pounding the shores of my consciousness as I continuously hammered my mons into my future Father-in-laws face and my body trembled, quaked and shook inside and out. Finally, finally, after what seemed eons a warm, dim haze began to engulf me and I collapsed.

“Wheeeewww! Boy, Oh, Boy, Oh, Boy, Ooohhh B-o-o-o-y!” I quietly breathed when I finally opened my eyes and looked up at Big Mike. His jaw was slightly agape and his eyes were glazed. His chest heaved and I saw, as my dim gaze traveled downward, that his long, thick throbbing organ hung, swung and swayed menacingly between my splayed thighs just inches from my tiny opening. Clear fluid was pouring from the pulsing glans and the veins were grossly distorted along it’s immense shaft. The scary, unavoidably stimulating vision of him splitting me flashed through my mind as I looked back up into his face. Oh, no…no… I glanced fearfully back down at the monster swinging forward…

“Unh, humpfh, cough” softly came a sound from the next room. The bed creaked as my fiancee rolled out of bed and then the door to the bathroom muffled his cough as the door closed.

We both jumped!!!!

Oh, God, I thought. That was close. I wasn’t really sure if I was referring to the fact of nearly being caught by fiancee or the thought of being wedged full and spread deeply apart by my future Dad’s massive meat. Oh, God, that was close! I sat up and closed my legs and buttoned up my gown. Big Mike tucked his huge distended organ away and quickly sat on the end of the couch across from me. I was sipping my coffee and smiling dreamily into my cup when Mike, Jr. kissed me on the forehead and mumbled.

“Good Morning, Guys!” he stammered “My head is killing me. Where’s that coffee?” as he headed into the kitchen.

I glanced quickly at Big Mike who was sighing a huge sigh of relief and I mouthed silently “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I smiled broadly and then I leaned forward and whispered “Don’t worry! I’ll take care of Him! I promise. I’ll REALLY take care of Him!”

Mike, Sr. heaved another sigh of relief – for a completely different reason this time – and whispered “Okay, okay, Daughter. Thank you!” His eyes had a puppy dog look and he nearly wagged his tail as I smiled and winked at him while adjusting my bra.

(To be continued.)

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