Filling in the Gaps, Part ThreeFilling in the Gaps, Part Three


After the first few weeks and making some interesting connections, my work schedule took precedence over my sexual adventures. With almost no time for clandestine meetings, I suspended my ad in the personals. Work went into overdrive so even a long lunch for a quickie blowjob wasn’t feasible. The lie of working late that I’d told my wife was now the truth. Instead of sucking the cocks of strangers in their cars I was at my desk, alone, sometimes into the night. In a couple of weeks our project schedules had relaxed a bit. Overtime was optional again, not mandatory, and everyone was more relaxed. It also set my mind thinking again about, well, other things. I decided to once again go to the personal ads for some fun. I longed for that sweet salty taste and the sexy way a man’s cock grows hot and stiff just before delivering his cum into your mouth. Before I got the chance to get online I got a surprise call at work late one afternoon from Stephen, the hotel manager. After exchanging initial small talk he got to the point. “I’ve got a room available tonight,” he began, “after about 5:30 but for as long as we want to use it. Are you still game?” I remembered parking in a grove of trees while he fed my face eight inches of uncut beauty. Stephen had isvecbahis told me sometimes rooms became available when people checked out late and asked if I’d be up for joining him again. Hell yes I was still game. I stammered a bit while my mind went through things. What excuse could I give to give me the most time? Where could I be that I couldn’t be called? I told Stephen I could be there. “When you get here just come up to the front desk and I’ll give you the key,” he instructed. “Just go up to the room and get undressed. I’ll call the room before I come up.” I agreed and hung up the phone. I decided to tell my wife I was staying late for a prototype build in the lab. After hours the receptionist went home and the phones didn’t ring in the prototype build lab. I could be there half the night! At 5:30 I locked my desk and left work. Most people left at five so the plant was pretty deserted. I drove downtown to the hotel and parked. I took a small bottle of baby oil from the glove box (just in case) and went inside. Stephen was at the front desk. He saw me approach and greeted me. “Good evening, sir,” he said, handing me a key. “Enjoy your night.” I thanked him and walked to the elevator. Once on my floor I found the room and went inside. isveçbahis giriş I was nervous, the butterflies in my stomach going crazy. The bed was unmade and I sat down at the end and began to undress. I kicked off my shoes and socks, removed my shirt and finally lowered my pants and stepped out of them. Not having any idea that Stephen would call, I had not worn anything special to work. I looked down at my satin panties and gave my hardening cock a rub. They were simple red satin Vassarette briefs with high cut sides, my favorite for work days. They were cut generous enough to hold everything in place but still, with the high sides, they showed off my long legs. The material was butter soft and stretched enough to hold my growing cock. I thought about Stephen’s stiff prick and the way he had held my head that day in his car and fed it to me. There was a growing wet spot in the material now. I was startled back to reality by the ringing phone. It was Stephen, apologizing for taking so long but saying he was on his way. In a few minutes there was a key in the door and Stephen walked in and locked the door behind him. He strode over to stand in front of me, looking down sternly. I’d stopped stroking myself but the wetness on the front of isveçbahis yeni giriş my panties betrayed me. “Didn’t I tell you to be naked?” he scolded looking down at my wetness. “And what’s this about?” “Er, well I …” I stammered. “Stand up and turn around,” he ordered. “And bend over.” I stood up meekly and obeyed. I faced the bed and bent at the waist until my face was in the covers. Stephen took hold of the waistband of my panties and roughly jerked them down exposing my ass. Crack! His hand landed firmly across my ass and sent me forward into the bed. I started to protest when his hand landed a second stinging slap to my naked butt cheeks. I winced into the covers and then a third crack filled the room. Almost in tears I leaned my head down on the bed. “Next time when I say ‘be naked’ what will you do?” Stephen reprimanded. “I’ll be naked, sir,” I whimpered. I reached back and slid the panties down, letting them fall to the floor. He began hurriedly undressing. When he was in his socks and t-shirt he walked over to stand behind me and stroked himself hard. My ass was hot and red from the spanking, a new and very sexy feeling for me. I couldn’t believe the mixture of stinging hot and cool air on my exposed ass. The feel of Stephen’s cock in the crack of my ass brought me an erotic mix of anticipation and apprehension. I remembered how big his cock was in my mouth and almost panicked to think of it pushing into my tight ass. “I brought some baby oil,” I blurted out.

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