Chase in the ParkChase in the Park


To Chase’s credit he was quite willing but it was very risky. He was a beautiful young man and I loved to show him off. Some might call it a trophy thing and maybe that’s true, but is that so wrong? Anyway, this sunny Saturday we did some daring sunbathing. It was daring because we were only sheltered by a few trees and bushes and people could walk past and see us. All very well for me, I had my bikini on but I persuaded Chase to lie nude in view of passers by. There were not many but there were a few, men, women who looked, some trying not to appear as though they were checking him out.

I liked him — obviously. He was a curly haired blue eyes Greek god type, an Adonis and he did not mind showing his cock to people but, as it transpired, only in my company. He was a nicely proportioned male, fit, muscular with, admittedly a reasonably generous endowment. Two girls walked past and stared at him. I was just wore my thong bikini. Then they walked back, and one said, “hello… but this is not a nudist colony…”

I replied “I know dear but it should be when there are men like this one to show off…” They laughed and chatted. One sat down and damn if the little slut did not flash her panties at Chase.

Now one of the things I love about my Adonis is his ability to erect his cock at the slightest provocation. They wanted to see and frankly I did not mind. Nor did he, just looked at the girls in his combination of smouldering innocence that brought dampness to my gusset. The cheeky little minx, a cute brunette, she just sat there and flashed her panties at him.

“I think she wants to get a rise out of you…” I suggested to him and he smiled and nodded. “Oh look,” I said to the mix, “you have…” The other girl asked if she could take a photo of him. I told them to ask him and they did. He smiled a little and nodded and they took their phones out and took pictures. I rather think they posted to friends and possible some social media – but probably not public forums. Messages and emails were read and related.

“Oh my god, Amelia is so envious and wants details…”

Now at this time I should mention that while we were not overly exposed we still however were, the occasional passer-by must be wondering what was going on, oddly so was I. I wanted to grab his cock and I think the two girls did as well. After a time they went on their way.

We went back to our near sunbathing and he calmed after a while and just let the sun and my hand stroke his pert bottom. He told me my action was distracting and I replied I know as he knew very well. I gave him a little smack and he writhed a little. He rolled over still erect and a woman walking past saw his erect cock. She smiled and waved a little. I decided we should go for a walk and he finally agreed. I put on my skirt, blouse, straightened my sunglasses and watched him put on his t-shirt, shorts, socks and trainers. Another thing I have to confess is that I encouraged Chase going commando. I know it’s a bit bad but I liked watching him walking with his cock swinging under his shorts and also yes, the other women who looked and many times did not bother to hide their looking at him. But I was horny and this made me that way, live once and for a long time as well as one can says I.

We had a bit of an incident when I had to dash to the Ladies’ which was some distance away. I saw Chase walking ahead as he saw me leave the loo. While waiting for me without making it look as though he was, he had walked by a bench of women who checked him out enthusiastically and flirted volubly. They had seen as I did his shorts expose a little tanned thigh and cheek. God I could hear the internal groans of frustrated desire from the sun warmed women.

“Pull your pants down,” one woman who almanbahis was old enough to know better, called to him to some encouragement from the others. They didn’t know I was with him and I acted as though I wasn’t. One of the girls flashed up her skirt at him. I did notice his penis take on that prominence of the imminent erection. I was not the only one as the women became quite voluble. I stood watching as they chatted to him. He was polite and smilingly chatted back.

“You’ve not got undies on,” one desperate housewife mentioned, “am I right?”

“Pull his pants down,” another young lady told me.

“You seem popular with the ladies,” I told him and he played along.

“Mistaken identity…”

“I doubt it, these girls know what they like and they like you,” I gave his bottom a little pat in front of them.

“I don’t think you need him to pull his pants down for you ladies,” I said to them standing back a little. His cock, semi-hard, was quite visible through the material. They were making a lot of squealing noise. No one wanted to make the first move and I took advantage of our relationship. It was not often but this was one of those times and was one of my bedroom fantasies. Fantasies in the office, on a train or anywhere truth be told. However, this one only involved Chase. I put my hand on his cock and squeezed.

“Oh my god,” one of the women stared at his hard on showing through the shorts. I should mention that at this stage there were passers-by. Most stared and walked by but a few stopped to watch what was a spontaneous floor show. I hoped none of them was police. He laughed and turned away, momentarily modest and I suddenly pulled his shorts down.

“I knew it,” one squealed.

“We know he’s commando, just look at that…”

“I want to feel that thing…” There were about eight of them on the bench and I did not help matters. I looked around. There were a few others, woman, all watching the … whatever this was a pussy tease? One of them gave his bare ass a smack, a little harder than affectionate but appreciative, so I thought. He was a bit dazed I could see, but truth to tell this was fun. I’d make it up to him later. Another girl felt his bum and I turned him around and she grabbed his cock. How far was this going to go and I could read that question on their lustful faces. Chase pulled his shorts back up but that stil showed him to all. Talk about only have eyes for you, they all had eyes for his cock which came in to view poking out under his shorts. That really set them off. Chase smiled but the girl who had grabbed his bottom pulled his shorts down again, the precedent had been set. He stood there cock erect in front of all these women including me.

“We shan’t do anything, can we have a feel?” One of the more polite girls asked. He laughed and hands touched him, one wrapped around his erection and stroked him. Naturally the chicks goddamn lied and one of the women, near my age just popped her mouth around his cock to the squeals and delight of the other women. Chase was well, sort of passed around and groped. One of the girls, a blonde just grabbed his buns and even kissed them, ass girl clearly. One of the passers-by started filming with her phone camera and I stood back watching before I remembered to capture the moment for posterior, um, posterity. Hands stroked and squeezed his penis and some of them gave head in front of everyone.

Somehow the collective decision to stop communicated in tones and body language. Chase pulled his shorts up. One of the passers-by went up and spoke to him. She gave him a card and walked off. I couldn’t help but notice that none of them wanted to take things further, pick him up for sex. Maybe they sensed he really was not open for almanbahis yeni giriş offers just available to grab. It was just a moment thing I suppose. We walked off, I hooked my thumb in his shorts hem and felt his tight buns against my hand as we strolled onward.

“What did that woman want? The one who gave you her card?”

“She said she was a photographer. Get in touch, she wanted to do a photo shoot.”

“Really? Nude I suppose…”

“I don’t know. But under circumstances, I um…”

“Don’t be so modest Chase,” I whispered in his ear, “you’ve just had a dozen chicks suck and feel your cock in one of the most spontaneous … events … I had ever seen.”

We walked down a footpath and past a woman who looked and I realised his cock still showed through his shorts. Just the way liked it uh huh, uh huh I murmured into his ear. I stroked his bare cheeks under the shorts; oh I so wanted him. He was such a gorgeous young man and I loved, yes damn it, I have to admit I loved showing him off. I loved putting tight jeans on him and people, women especially looking at his cock showing through, staring at that beautiful bulge.

Right then his shorts were only partially hidden by his t-shirt. Another girl walked by and she smiled as she saw through his pants.

“Marta, I think I need…”

“I know. So do I…” We turned a corner and he kissed me.

“Time for you to join in the fun…” He knelt, ran his hands up my skirt. I had my bikini on but I got shy a little as he fiddled with the strings. I stood and told him that he was being naughty.

I should have realised he had his little agenda. He had loosened my bikini and damn if the bikini bottom did not fall to my ankles. And in front of people too it was so embarrassing. I bent to pick up the bikini bottom and realised my own backside showed and everyone around knew that it was bare. I kicked the bikini bottom aside picked it up heedless of whoever saw me. I gave his bum another little smack. Trouble is I was still horny from watching all that business as well, and I did like to tease a little as well. I do like people looking at Chase more but was not above a little panty flash for fun.

We walked on laughing quietly and he put his hand on my bare bottom. I felt his erection and squeezed him. We walked up a little path into some long grass. We laid our towels down; I was the pack mule with the bag. We kissed, he was so warm. My hand was between his legs and I had his beautiful erection out. I dipped my head and slid that smooth hardness around with my tongue. I pushed his t-shirt up and kissed his chest, feeling abs and his pecs.

We were a little close to people as I became aware when a couple walked past. I realised my naked behind was on show and they said “hello” but with a grin. I buried my face in his chest but it was true, I was laughing, and horny. The second or was it third relatively accidental moment was when Chase had his hand between my legs.

This boy knew how to finger a girl and he did. He would lighten his hand at the right moment driving me mad. I would touch my clit he would press the g-spot end at the same time and I was a suitable mess after he had finished doing that. I lay legs wide and a man suddenly walked past and saw my spread legs. To my mother’s shame and my complete lack of regret, I just let him look and Chase didn’t mind that either. We rolled over in the long grass and next thing I knew his cock was finally inside me. I was momentarily concerned he was so worked up over the past events he would shoot his load quickly. I could hardly blame him for that. I knew he’d get hard again but I wanted, needed for him to use that hard penis to bring me off and right now. He was so right for me in that almanbahis giriş regard. He was in charge and I lay legs wide as he smoothly thrust his cock in me. I had no need not worry abut his immediacy he was in complete control. By now I know I couldn’t give a damn if anyone saw us, objected or otherwise. I rolled him over and I suppose if there was anyone around they’d see his big erection in me from behind. But I loved it and felt the heat on my behind, the sun’s heat that was. I ground down on that meat clutching and feeling the skin, the internal hardness. His hands stroking my bottom a finger cheekily and knowingly circled my bum hole those sensitive areas in my middle becoming electrified.

He rolled me over, and I lay on my front and he entered me from behind. I had lifted my hips, his hands spread my cheeks and he gave me a little spank but he was again thrusting hard in me. I felt my responses inside and the damp between my legs was all me right up to the moment he made his contribution with a long series of thrusts that culminated, as ever, with his ejaculation. He tells me the feeling of the vagina on his very sensitive erection just drove him mad and that was his uncontrollable moment.

Sometimes I took his cock out at the right moment and his come went everywhere spattering our faces. This time I let him come in my pussy and he went to into uncontrollable mode. He filled my pussy, I was all bowl between my legs and goddamn, he filled me with his big cock and his come. The climax went on in a seemingly eternal explosion. Post-coital bliss was wonderful. His cock became softer, but more like semi-hard. However, he stayed inside me.

We were still in the grass and I suppose if anyone walked by they would have seen us together but if they did no one said boo. Then I felt him grow hard again in me and I let out that earthy groan I could not help and I know other women can’t either. Nothing quite like a guy who fancies you getting his penis hard again inside of one’s pussy.

We were slower in the sun and I just held his beautiful bottom as he slowly screwed me into more orgasms, slower clenches for a long while. But as his arousal grew mine matched his and soon he was grinding into me. I rolled over — again – as I like him doing me from behind in this moment. Just the way it felt the way the orgasm grew and the feel of his hard cock against the other side of my pussy. We must have been at it a while But I was away and could not give a damn about time place or anything just Chase’s hands on my boobs, his chest against my back and that lovely penis of his drawing back and sliding back in as he used all his powers to make me come again and again.

After a while, I rolled away from him and took him in my mouth. Hard, wet with his come and mine I liked his helmet and groped his sac as well. But he had not finished with me. I was by now getting spent and exhausted but no way was I going to stop him now. I knew I would be shattered and we probably should have been at my place but we weren’t. We were still in that little grassy enclave in the sun. I held his cock and even put him briefly in my bum. I loved that a little bit. However, I stroked his cock more because I loved doing that as well, probably a lot more so. Then he fucked me again and again. I was no longer responsible for my actions or emotions and held on for dear life, crying and giggling. I kind of wanted him to come in my mouth but also my pussy and left that decision to him.

He pounded me in a powerful rhythm and I thrust trying to match that power and energy he never really lost. Then he finally came again and I had to have both, greedy girl I knew. He came in me and I moved quickly to put that penis of his in my mouth and licked him clean.

Then we lay there in the sun, wordless for once. After a time we dressed a little, he had no undies to wear and I didn’t bother either and we walked slowly out of the park, hand in hand the sun on our heads and bodies and we drifted back home, at least to my place.

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