My First Chatroom PartyMy First Chatroom Party


Journal Entry #92 – My First Party

Hi Journal!

Well, last night was the big party! I got dressed up really nice and drove over to the Hotspot. They had been spamming the room on the Hookup website I belong to, and I had RSVPed several days before. It was going to be my first party, though you know I’ve met a few people from that room before with notable results.

I was wearing a simple white sleeveless silk top with a simple black skirt with black thigh-highs and my cool black leather Oxfords. It was warm so I didn’t wear a jacket. My hair was down, and my only make up was red lipstick. Underneath I had gone to town and was wearing a full set of black lingerie, lacey black bra, matching panties, and a garter belt. I have to say I was feeling really sexy right from the start.

It was just a little after seven when I got to the Hotspot, and when I went in I felt a little bit nervous. It looked like (and is) a dive bar, with pool tables up front, a little dance floor in front of the DJ/KJ (Karaoke Jockey), with a bar running all the way down the wall and around the back.

The place was filled almost to capacity with a pretty varied group. I could see the Young Guys, between 21 and 35, dressed up to look hot, more than a few in military uniforms. There were the Older Guys, between 40 and 60, mostly cleaned up and wearing Hawaiian or brightly colored shirts, most with shorts. There were the Young Things, girls between 21 and 30, dressed in tight, revealing outfits that most didn’t have the bodies to carry off.

They mostly looked trashy and desperate. More than one was easily over 200 pounds and squeezed into corsets and skirts that were straining to hold them.

And then there were the older chicks, from 30-50 dressed better than the Young Things, but most showing years of mileage I pray I can avoid.

One of the Older Guys, a handsome one about 50-something in a yellow Tommy Bahama and shorts with flip-flops came up and put his arm around me. He said he was AnalCommander61 and I hugged him. He was one of the “Leaders” of the room, and a really nice guy.

“Max wants to meet you,” he said, and he ushered me through the crowd to the back, where Max was holding court.

Max is PrincessMax, a forty-something Asian woman, petite and beautiful. She was dressed impeccably, looking like she was going to go to the finest nightclub in town rather than this little dump. The men and women were gathered around her on her bar stool against the wall. When she saw me her eyes brightened and I went over and we hugged.

“So, my hubby brought me a prize,” she laughed, her arms tight around me. ” I love your shoes!” I could tell the moment I walked in that my 5 1/2 inch heeled Oxfords were a good choice.

Max introduced me around, whispering in my ear whether they were good people or not worth bothering about. I was standing with my back right up against her, with her arms around me as she introduced me. After most of the boring chitchat I normally put up with I finally turned around, and Max kissed me.

I wish I could explain how sexy it feels to kiss another woman when she’s wearing lipstick too. The slip sliding, the softness, well, it’s really arousing for me. I felt her hands on my tits, and then they slid down and pressed against my pussy through my skirt. The fact that there were crowds of people just inches away was making me so hot I couldn’t stand it.

AnalCommander61 was close behind me then, and I felt them both gathering my skirt and lifting it. Max’s hand pressed to my pussy with only the sheer fabric of my panties to protect me, and I jumped. She had a little vibrator on her finger and she was feeling me through my panties, giving me a really good buzz.

“Holy shit! Jesus, what an ass! Take a look at those legs!” I heard the voices of men and women behind me and realized that AnalCommander61 had moved aside but was still holding my skirt up, showing my backside off to the group. I blushed, still kissing Max as she worked her finger around over my panties, which were getting very wet.

I pushed Max’s legs apart and reached under her skirt, finding as I ran my finger along her smooth slit that she was not only very aroused, but that she was not wearing panties under her tight leather skirt. I was slightly afraid of going too far in the crowded bar, but I couldn’t help myself. I broke out kiss and squatted down, putting my face only a few inches from her exposed pussy. She was shaved bare like me, and her full pouting lips had a brownish tint.

In a flash I was sucking on her sweet pussy, running my tongue over her sensitive flesh. Anal moved in and started kissing her, and I felt her hand on the back of my head as she rubbed Anal’s hard-on through his shorts.

I glanced away and saw legs all around us, people who had moved in close to watch but who were also shielding us from more casual observers.

I spread her lips wide with my fingers and went to work on her clitty for a little while, then İçerenköy Escort leaned in closer and went deep with my tongue. Her juices were flowing, and she pushed against my face, so I knew I was pleasing her even though we couldn’t communicate. There was a gush, and her come became thicker, but I hadn’t sensed any tensing or anything. She tasted really good.

I rose up between the couple and they took turns kissing me, licking her juices from my face and lips.

Anal lifted my skirt and I felt his fingers in my waistband. I didn’t discourage him, so a few moments later I felt him work my panties down my legs. He stooped and picked them up and put his face against my ass under my skirt, his bristly beard tickling me. He spread my cheeks and I felt his tongue start lashing my asshole, no doubt getting a mouthful of my running juices too. He stopped, and soon was joining our kiss, sharing my taste with Max.

“You said you were flexible,” Max whispered in my ear, and I brought my leg up and held my ankle up over my head. Max laughed and putting her fingers inside me she said, “That’s wonderful, but not exactly what I meant. You want to come home with us for the after-party?”

I said I did, and she told me she had to be polite and talk to some other people, but that I shouldn’t go too far away.

I went away a few feet and the bartender (Amy, a cool girl who took care of me that night. Thanks, Amy) and ordered a beer. After checking my license she handed me a glass and told me I had a few lined up, already paid for by guys at the bar.

“Damn, girl! You are so hot! Let’s go to my place and fuck!” a guy yelled in my ear from behind me. Wow, I love a subtle guy. I turned and saw it was Sammy, a giant Samoan guy in Marine camo pants and a tank top. Sammy had tried to chat me up on the board a few times, always with the same level of subtlety. I blew him off, a little scared of what he might do or say in person, but he was pretty sweet about it and left me alone.

“TeriGirl!” a harsh voice screamed next to me, making me almost spill my beer. I turned and saw BigPeaches, a fifty-something woman with over processed blond hair, 46 double-D’s that gravity had caught up with a while back, and a belly roll that had easily conquered her overly tight denim mini skirt. She threw her arms around me and tried to crush me.

BigPeaches was one of those women who would try to get you into a threesome with a young jock or military guy, to be their bait. They used you to get the guy, and then hogged him the whole night.

We had started to have a polite conversation when she suddenly leaned in and kissed me, shoving her boozy tongue down my throat, and she grabbed a handful of my crotch in her hand. I was still wet from making out with Max and Anal, but Peaches must have assumed I was all for her because her other hand quickly moved up to me tits. To my relief the bartender came up and told us to knock it off because we were out in the open. I handed her my credit card and told her to charge me for a couple of beers and to add herself a fifty dollar tip if she could keep rescuing me like that. She winked and walked away with the card.

A couple of the guys I’d met before came up and chatted, but I reminded them that I only did one-nighters and they went away pretty easily.

“I’ve got nine inches that wants to get into you,” a man said from behind me, and when I turned I briefly saw a huge black guy before he bent down and kissed me hard, his hand taking mine and putting it on the hardness in his pants. I’ll admit that his dick felt huge, but I didn’t know him and he wouldn’t let me up for air. I started to struggle with him and he finally pulled back, but quickly slipped his hands up under my shirt and started squeezing my titties.

“Stop!” I cried out, still trying to get away, and then I saw Sammy come up behind the black dude. He tapped the guy on the shoulder and said, “What do you think you’re doing to my girlfriend?”

When the guy turned Sammy slammed a fist into the side of the guy’s head, spinning him around. They were shouting at each other as they went outside. A little bit later I saw Sammy come back in, none the worse for wear. He looked over at me and smiled, then waved and went over to chat up one of the Young Things.

I took a couple of turns at the karaoke machine, getting far more applause than I deserved, and it must have been nearly eleven when I went over to find Max and Anal.

Max put her arm around my waist and she kissed me. “We’re having a few people over for the after-party, do you mind?” I said that I didn’t, wondering who was going to be there. She told me that they had come in one car, so she was free to drive with me and guide me in. I said that was totally cool and we took off.

That sounded easy, didn’t it? It actually took up nearly an hour. We had to say goodnight to everyone one at a time, and somehow I ended up on the bar with three different men and two women Escort İçerenköy doing body shots off of me.

One we were safely in my Lexus we made polite small talk. Max kept looking at my car and then at me. Finally she asked me what I did that I could afford a new Lexus. I told her I was an avowed Daddy’s Girl, and she laughed. I told her about some of the jobs I’d had in the past, and she said I was an idiot for even doing that, since Daddy was willing to support me. I asked her who was going to be at the after-party and she laughed and said it would be a surprise.

She led me to a gated community and along beautiful streets filled with big houses with perfect lawns. I pulled into the garage of a gorgeous two-level and parked next to a red vintage Porsche, and we went inside.

Their house was perfect in every way, with thick white shag carpets and gorgeous antique furniture. Max put me in the living room and I sat on the humungous sofa while she got us some drinks. She handed me a scotch and sat down close to me, and I barely had a moment to sip before her arms were around me and we were kissing. I carefully put my glass on the table and put my arms around her, settling back so she could have her way with me.

We kissed and touched for a little while, getting pretty hot, but not touching anywhere that would get us in deeper. Max stood up and slipped her skirt down, then unbuttoned her top and took it off too, revealing perfectly round, full breasts enclosed in a tan demi bra. Her perfect little body was glorious, and I could tell she was very proud of it as she slowly removed the bra, leaving her naked except for her red pumps.

I took her lead and stood up and I pulled my top off over my head and then removed my skirt. Our arms went around each other again and we kissed deeply. I felt a little off balance because I was several inches taller than she was, even in her heels.

“Do you want to join the big party right away, or have a little one-on-one first?” she asked me before taking one of my nipples in her mouth through my bra.

“One-on-one,” I said, and Max led me up the stairs to a little bedroom. I could tell it wasn’t the master bedroom, but I didn’t say anything as we fell to the bed and started making out for real.

Max kissed down my body, pausing to flick her tongue across and around my navel piercing. When she got down to my pussy she lapped at me deeply, then started playing with my pussy with her lips and tongue.

It wasn’t long before I was thrashing around, moaning and whining. I mean it, the woman has a gift.

We didn’t even slow down when the door opened and one of the older guys from the party came in. He took off his bright yellow shirt and tapped Max on the shoulder. She stood up and kissed him on the mouth, and then left the room!

I was pretty freaked out by that, but I was also on the verge of coming. The guy got on the bed between my legs and started licking my pussy. I ran my fingers through his thin white hair and moaned, and he put a couple of fingers in me while he worked on my clit. He paused for a couple of seconds to drop and then kick off his red shorts, and then he tore open a condom packet with his teeth before going down on me again.

I was biting the side of my hand just about to come when he started moving up my body, stopping when his big belly was on mine and we kissed. He tasted like beer, and I could tell pretty quickly that he was missing a couple of back teeth, but I was pretty far gone. I felt his fat fingers spread my pussy, and his cock found my creamy center fast enough. It must have been exactly what my body was craving, because as soon as his fat (if a little short) cock was inside me I started to come.

I brought my legs up around him and stuck my heels into his ass and bucked like a bronco, wailing with joy. He started fucking me fast and hard, right away, which was the perfect choice. I came all over his dick and then collapsed back on the bed, exhausted. He kept up the pace for a few more thrusts before slowing down and fucking me with long, slow strokes.

“Give me your big, fat cock,” I whined.

“Your pussy is so tight!” he gasped, and I had the feeling he was going to pop off pretty soon. I dug my nails into his sweaty, hairy back and pushed back against him, thrusting my hips into him with every thrust. I was working myself up pretty good, and I felt another come building up slowly. I heard the door close and looked over and saw KatMaggie, an older girl with a pretty good body slinking over to the bed, naked.

She had a big thick black bush over her pussy, and her B cups swung with each step. She climbed onto the bed behind the guy and disappeared from view, but when he moaned loudly I thought I felt breath on my pussy, so I guess she was either tonguing his ass or sucking his balls. Either way, it wasn’t long before he grunted and shoved his dick in as far as he could. I guess he was coming, because he immediately İçerenköy Escort Bayan fell on me with his full weight.

He pulled his dick out and moved aside, and KatMaggie fell on my pussy like it was a treat and started tonguing me deeply. I mean it too. Her tongue felt like it was six inches long, the way it slithered up inside me and writhed around. I watched the guy get off of the bed and wander over to a trashcan, where he stripped off his condom and tied it off before dropping it inside.

KatMaggie’s tonguing was getting me going so I threw may arm over my eyes and didn’t see the guy leave. KatMaggie stopped and pulled her tongue out and whined, so I moved my arms and looked down to see one of the younger guys behind her, fucking her while she ate me.

I wasn’t getting anywhere except for watching the show, the skinny younger guy was pounding away at KatMaggie’s pussy, shoving her face against my pussy. She pushed up and crawled over me, I guess sliding off of his dick, and she put her knees on each side of my head and lowered her sloppy pussy onto my face.

It was sloppier than I like, loose and with fat, heavy lips, but I went to work on her, lapping her juices and buzzing my tongue across her clitty. I felt fingers probing my pussy, and then he grabbed my legs and lifted my ass up off of the bed. He set my butt on his thighs and slid his dick into me.

This guy had the longest, thinnest dick I think I’ve ever had! It wasn’t enough to stretch me, but when he got it all inside it felt like he was getting close to unexplored territory. It was like being fucked by a really long slim-line dildo.

He started fucking me with long, strong strokes, holding my thighs in his hands. After a while I felt him release my thighs and the next thing I knew my bra fell away. He leaned forward, bending me almost double and started sucking on my nipples, one at a time.

KatMaggie was really grinding down on my mouth by then, and I had to concentrate on working her good, but I vaguely registered it when the guy started slamming into me hard, then pulling out really slowly, then slamming back in fast.

My nipples exploded in white-hot pain as he pinched them hard and twisted. I ground my hips hard against his and thrashed my face against KatMaggie’s sloppier pussy. The final result was that I came really hard right at the same time KatMaggie sprayed her come all over my face, humping my face hard and squealing.

KatMaggie climbed off of my face and turned around and started making out with the guy fucking me, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride, finally free of her hairy pussy.

“I’m gonna come!” he yelped, and he whipped his dick out of me. KatMaggie pulled off his condom and took his dick in her hand and started beating him off fiercely until his thick, white come started splurting out all over my belly. She aimed it lower and he shot his remaining loads onto my excited pussy.

He fell back away from me, and KatMaggie got back down and started licking up his creamy deposits from my pussy and belly. The guy climbed off of the bed and came around to where my face was. He kissed my lips and said thank you before leaving.

I was feeling pretty well fucked, but I sill wanted to join the real party. I wanted to suck on Max’s pussy so bad, and the thought of sitting on Anal’s cock made me dizzy. Anal’s cock was famous for two reasons. Firstly, it was supposed to be pretty fat and ten inches long. I wanted to have some of that. Secondly, he was famous for only fucking a girl up the ass, a pretty safe assumption given his chosen name. I’d never had anything that big inside my butt, but he was very experienced so I knew he wouldn’t hurt me intentionally.

I climbed out of bed and gave KatMaggie the obligatory kiss before heading out into the hall. The sound of screaming led me to the master bedroom, where I found Max sitting quietly in a chair in the corner, a young blond’s head in her lap, and Anal on the bed reaming out a BBW redhead.

She was on all fours and her ass shook and her tits swung with every powerful impact. I watched his hard ass tighten and relax with each slamming thrust as he went balls deep into her, and the redhead was screaming like he was splitting her in half. I looked at the skinny blond eating Max and saw that her ass was bright red already, a big wet spot on the carpet between her legs.

Max looked over and saw me, and she brought her leg up and put her red leather pump on the blond’s shoulder and pushed her away. The blond looked around confused, and then slowly crawled out of the room on her hands and knees.

“Darling,” Max said, rising to her feet, “The main course has arrived.” Anal looked over and smiled at me, then slammed home one more time before slowly sliding his cock out of the redhead’s ass. When it popped free the redhead collapsed onto the bed, crying. Anal’s condom looked absolutely disgusting, a slimy sheen of shit and lubricant covering the bright yellow latex. He stripped it off and dropped it into a trashcan, and as he slowly stroked his massive rod I wondered if I would be able to take it.

Max helped the redhead from the bed and we all watched her stumble out of the room, her legs like rubber. As soon as she was out Anal closed the twin doors and locked them.

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