An Odd EncounterAn Odd Encounter


Felias smiles as she travels slowly through the tavern of Stormwind, the draenei obviously looking to make new friends, as she was very new to the area. She approaches a nearby gnome, thinking it to be a perfect moment to speak to someone that was also not from the area, knowing that they already had something very in common. “Hello there, sweetie!” The draenei says happily as her eyes rest upon the gnome, that now was lifting her head, giving the draenei a huge smile in return. “Hello to you too! My name is Alicia, it’s nice to meet you….” she pauses, waiting for a response from the draenei. “Felias, my name is Felias. It is very nice to meet you as well.” She reaches down, her hand closing around the tiny hand of the gnome, shaking it very gently, finally feeling like she was going to be able to fit in with this area.

“It looks like we found a new friend, Impy!” the gnome says excitedly as she looks up at that imp on her side, which seemed to be only a few inches taller than herself. Felias eyes the creature, not having seeing such a thing from her home. “My, my.. He sure is interesting..” she says softly as she daringly reaches out and pats the imp on the top of the head. In return, the imp reaches down, its hand gripping on his thick, warty cock that was hanging between his legs. His hand begins to pump that growing Ankara escort monster before Felias’ eyes, giving a wicked grin as he does. “Oo!! Looks like he is horny again!” Alicia says with a giggle as she looks into Felias’ surprised eyes.

She gives a soft gulp, “D-does that mean he likes me..? Or does he.. do that a lot?” She asks curiously, the gnome now giggling at those words as she moves in closer to that imp as it jerks itself faster and harder than ever. “Oh, it just means he needs some pussy, silly!” The gnome says casually as she reaches down, gripping the bottom of her robes. She pulls them up over her head, revealing her smooth body, as well as her plump, bubbly ass. She bends forward in front of that imp, smiling as she feels him mount her, as though it was a normal thing. Without much warning at all, the imp presses the head of his cock right up against her anus. “Nngh! He’s never done this before! Maybe you are really exciting him!” the gnome nods to the draenei, that was now staring at the sight in astonishment.

The imp slowly presses itself inside of the ass of that gnome, ramming its cock deep inside of that tight, virgin ass. “Oh.. Oh my…” Felias says softly as she watches that gnome now beginning to get mercilessly pounded by that fat cock. The imp seemed to do this a lot, his speed instantly very fast Ankara escort bayan and very hard. Felias’ hand crept down in between her own legs, gently rubbing at her covered up, though dampening sex. “Don’t worry! He does get like this a lot!” The gnome says happily in between her rather loud moans as her perky breasts bounce up and down underneath her, those huge, sweaty balls of the imp slapping against her wet, used sex. That wart-covered cock pounding her ass hard and deep. Felias didn’t dare do a thing, it was a very odd sight, though she simply couldn’t look away.

“Y-yes!” Alicia moans out as the imp grips tightly onto the hips of the tiny girl, hilting himself inside of that tight little anus of hers. Soon enough, thick, sticky spunk was now gushing out of the head of that cock, stuffing the gnome full of goo. “Good boy! So much this time!” Alicia says with a giggle as she feels the imp slowly pull himself out of her ass. His cock was now limp, coated with hot cum, Felias now on her ass, rubbing herself furiously, though she was still wearing clothing. The imp hops over towards that horny draenei, pressing his now flaccid, warty, cum-coated up against her lips. Felias’ eyes dart open, staring over at Alicia. “Oh just humor him!” She nods. Felias simply gave a gulp and nods as that dirty cock was slowly pressed into her Escort Ankara awaiting lips. She was forced to suck upon that veiny dick, cleaning it of that sticky, imp jizz.

The cock of the imp slowly began to harden once more, the warts from that cock rubbing right up against the tongue of that stranger draenei. She glances over at the gnome that was sitting upon her sore ass now, watching the exciting sight closely. She does as the draenei did, her hand moving down, rubbing her dripping, wet, sloppy sex. Her little fingers running through those wet lips. The imp reaches forward now, gripping tightly on to the hair of that draenei before him, using her as though she belonged to him. The imp begins to thrust his hips in and out hungrily, his balls slapping hard against Felias’ chin, as with each thrust, that fat cock was being forced down deeper and deeper.

Felias reaches her hands up, pouting and moaning all over that thick pole as she presses her soft hands up against the hips of the invading imp, pressing hard against him, though it was no use. His thrusts refused to seize as his thrusts sped up. Soon enough the imp was cumming once more, cum coating the walls of that slutty draenei’s throat. He holds her head tight up against his crotch as that thick rod twitched within her throat. The gnome claps happily, though the draenei was simply thinking to herself, knowing that she was going to dart off the minute she had the chance, as this new place she found, was just too weird for her tastes.

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