Time with AmeliaTime with Amelia


Okay, I’ll admit the truth. As a 29 year old male who had a few dates in his time, I hadn’t ever “been” with a woman…never to be honest. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always wanted to be with one but my chances haven’t…well I don’t think I’m qualified as a man goes. The idea of being with a woman grew on me. They grew on me a lot and as I got older, the idea to be with one started to grow on me a lot. I felt I was becoming one and didn’t want to be one, but the truth for me was starting to surface. I am a geek, I think. Like I’ve said, I was a 29 year old virgin. I mean, this is until Amelia came along. I’m smiling as I type this because Amelia, a 19 year old recently graduated from high school, seemed to “provide the way” for me. She seems to be a bundle of sweet energetic joy. She appeared to be open to “anything” under the sun and when I say that, I mean that too. By this point of my life she appeared to press on as far as my wants and needs and also my desires were concerned. Amelia, a 5 foot 5 inch long haired beauty was as skinny as they came, but what stood out in addition to that pretty face of her were her big ass boobs and my eyes and libido were all over them. I had to have sex. Our eyes met. She smiled and I smiled back. I don’t think anything was meant by it but seeing as she is my second cousin I knew she was immediately off limits. She did too. I’m sure of it. However, our eyes kept meeting for whatever reason and I didn’t stop it from happening. I’d look over at her. I’d look at her tits as well. I’d look at that skinny and somewhat curvy looking young body of hers and I told myself I would like to sit down and say “hi.” Oh yeah right…like that was going to happen. I’m a geek I finally told myself. I don’t think I’m that good looking, right? Right, I’m not, or I don’t think I am. I’m skinny. I wear my hair short and nicely trimmed. I run. I run all the time; every day have in fact, and it turns out as I discover so does my second cousin Amelia. So I decided to grow some hair on my balls and I “casually” end up walking up to her. I was alone so what the heck, why not I told myself. And here I was. I was behind her. She just so happen to turn around. “Oh hi,” I said. “How’s it going?” She smiled. I accidentally did it. After looking into her face and eyes, I looked down at that tremendous body of hers. Skinny as skinny gets, she had moderate hips, and I looked at those too. But yes, I did focus too much on her tits…those very, if you can believe this, succulent round breasts of hers. Then I looked back into her eyes. “Congratulations,” I told her and she said thank you. I soon discovered there was an air of confidence, not over confidence, şişli escort but enough confidence that had me liking her more then I realized. I found myself smiling as we talked and I also found myself suggesting we sit down at a table at the party. She did say yes to the idea. Great! She asked me all about stuff, about college, about life during college, about areas of study, and about careers after college all the while I’m checking out what I can see of her. We laugh here and there. I’m trying to be nice, informative, and of all things sweet. We talk some more and then I finally do it. “Hey…would…you like to go out some time and well you know…have dinner?” I said. “With you?” she asks. “Honestly…like a dinner date?” “Is that wrong to ask you out on a date? I mean, I know we’re cousins and all. But were only second cousins” I told her. “And hey, what the heck…I’m a guy and well you’re a girl…so why not?” She was nodding when I told her that, half agreeing to what I’d said, and she came back with, with a smile on her face, saying “I guess so…why not?” “That sounds…cool,” I told her. “When would you like to go out?” “Tonight?” she said. “Maybe around 8:30? I can meet you wherever you want.” “Why not come over to my place? We can go from there,” I suggested and she said okay. I gave her directions. We went out to dinner. It was a nice time. She had changed tops but she still looked great regardless. And I still wanted sex with her despite that she was my second cousin. I asked myself “What is wrong with me? I’m going to hit on my cousin.” We went to dinner. I still wanted to feel her out. I still wanted to put my hands on those two soft and round big masses girls call boobies and I respectively call breasts. As skinny as she is, and she is skinny, her tits stuck out in a big way. I thought so. Anyway, dinner was nice. We had a great time. When it was all said and done, I wanted to go out with her again but wasn’t sure I should ask if she wanted to do it again. “May I ask you something?” I said. She said sure. “Did you enjoy yourself?” She smiled and said yes. “Would you like to go out again with me?” I said and she said yes but in a few days. I couldn’t wait. We went out and had a great time it turns out. We talked about odder things then usual and what she’d told me brought back fond memories of high school and being with her only made the time together a lot better that night. Turns out, we went out several times, and in that time I became a lot more impatient. I wanted to be with her, alone. I wanted to be with her intimately. I wanted to tell her how I wanted to be with her so we could “fool around” possibly but even the idea scared mecidiyeköy escort me a little. I told myself it shouldn’t seeing as I’m 29 but it did. “Hey, let me do something next time we go out. Let me make dinner for you,” I said. Surprisingly, she said sure. She’d like that. She came over, happily, and I tried being the perfect host for the night. I think I did alright. I served hor dourves and fake wine, and it all came together either way. She loved being there. I could tell that at least. And she’d follow me to the kitchen and watch as I made dinner. I impressed her too. However, finally I felt I had to say something. I had to I told myself. Dinner simmered and I pit down the utensils and I quieted down before saying it. “Can I tell you something kind of…no probably really strange?” She freely said sure. I was turning around as I said it. I looked at her just as I said it. “Amelia…I think…no, I know this to be a fact. I find you very, very pretty, and I find you to be a very sexy girl. There’s something else too?” I’d already stunned her with me telling her she’s pretty and sexy. I probably shouldn’t have said it but I did. However, it was coming anyway. “I’ve…I’ve always…wanted to feel your breasts Amelia.” Now that shocked the living hell out of her and I could tell it did. Her eyes were big but I also noticed she didn’t jump or move away or anything like that. It simply shocked her. “I’ll admit something else to you too,” I said. But she cut me off. “You…really want to feel my boobs, really?” “Uhhh yeah…yes I do. I uhhh like them…I like them a lot, Amelia. No, I love them.” She actually smiled and stepped closer to me. Amelia took me by the hand and led me to the living room in my apartment. “Here, sit down okay?” she said, half smiling. We sat down. I grew anxious. I was going to touch and feel a girl’s tits. How much and what parts of them I did not know for sure but I knew one thing. I was going to feel tits. She looked me in the eyes as she did this. She took my hand and led it towards her boob as she smiled. “No guy has ever done this before,” she told me. “Nobody at all to be honest with you,” she said as she pressed my hand against her boob. Holy freaking shit, I thought. Ohhhhhhh Lord, ohhh God does that feel soooo good. It was so darn soft and squishy and so darn supple and as I felt it, as I squeezed it she even smiled which told me she was enjoying it too. And I would not and did not overdo it. “Did you like it because I liked it,” she said with a big smile. “I could do that all day.” I was like a little 18 year old getting his first piece of ass I thought. I tingled where guys tingle when something like this şişli eskort happens and I truly enjoyed the experience, wanting to do that again and again. “I know I could too, Amelia. Thank you very much,” I said. She did it again. Ohhhhhhh did that feel soooo darn good I told myself as I closed my eyes while feeling those soft, pillow-like bosoms of hers. I smiled, even with my eyes closed, and when I opened them, a moment later, even hers were closed as she was also enjoying the experience and moment too. “Thank you…thank you…and thank you Amelia,” I told her. I smiled and she smiled back. “I can’t tell you how wonderful that is. It was so darn great. I could do that a million times…one…million…times.” “I think I could too,” she said with a smile on her lips and nodding her head also. “Maybe we could do more at some other time,” I added. She agreed using the word “maybe.” She looked at me. I looked at her. I looked at her chest. She smiled at me. She reached out and took my hand again. What’s going on, I asked myself. I wasn’t sure but all of a sudden my hand felt material as in her top. The back of my hand felt material on it and guess what? The palm of my hand felt flesh on the bottom of it. My eyes opened wide. Yes they did. I felt like one of her just graduated high school friends. Yes I did. She was about to put my hand on her boob. Wearing a bra, I felt it, but before I knew it I wasn’t feeling a bra any longer. I felt her tit, a magnificent lumped softness, created by the man above, and given to me by way of my second cousin so that I could be given a chance or two to feel her boobs. As often as she wanted me to feel them, my hand roamed around that incredible spongy sphere she calls her breast and I felt my hand on her actual tit. And seeing as I was rubbing it, or caressing it, I took advantage of my situation. I then squeezed the real thing. I squeezed it. Damn straight I did and I loved that I did too. I squeezed her boob, softly of course, and that made it all that much better. And Amelia did not mind it at all from what I could tell. She was smiling too. Her eyes were closed, my hand was up inside her top, and it was moving around some as I felt and squeezed it some more. She truly and affectionately loved what I was doing to her. Her face looked as if it was in heaven as I kept on feeling her up. I had never ever felt a girl’s tit before. Yes, I know it. I am 29 and had never felt a girls boob up. Well now I have and now I can say it is a tremendous experience every guy should have. “Amelia…that was…that was the most incredible experience ever. Thank you,” I said. I wanted to kiss her on her cheek. I wanted to do a lot more then that but she jumped the gun. Amelia, excited about what had happened, lunged at me, and her lips gratuitously kissed mine. It stunned me but her lips felt awesome once they kissed. “Wow, what was that for?” I asked. “Umm for feeling me like that,” she said smiling.

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