Meeting My Mother -Chapter 2Meeting My Mother -Chapter 2


“Does she know about us, Joan?”We were lying together in her bed, enjoying a smoke after our coupling. Her head was on my chest and I was stroking her hair.”Would you mind if she did?””No,” I said without even thinking about it. “I’d be proud Joan. I’ve only ever kept quiet because you wanted me to. I’ve always felt very proud when we’ve been out together, you’re the sexiest, most fantastic woman I’ve ever met.””That’s down to you Tommy,” she said and smiled up at me, “You keep me young.””Rubbish,” I snorted, “You’re the one who looks ten years younger than you are, you’re the one with the lovely, fit body. You’re the one who always wears stockings and sexy little panties, it’s all a matter of attitude Joan and you’ve got the right one.”She laughed again and slid down the bed, “And I’m the one who loves sucking your cock Tommy.”I laughed throatily and bade her to turn round. As her lovely hairless pussy descended onto my face, I told her that I was the one who loves eating her sweet little cunt! “You look really smart Tommy,” she brushed an imaginary speck of dust from the lapel of my suit jacket and adjusted the knot in my tie.”And you smell nice too.””I’m nervous Joan.””I can imagine you would be.””I’d better go.””Yes.” There were tears beginning to form in the corners of her eyes, “Phone me sometime Tommy, please.”I kissed her cheek and used my hand to wipe a tear away.”You know I will.”She lived in one of the smarter areas of the city, I found a parking slot without much difficulty and walked nervously up a tree lined avenue until I reached number ninety seven. The curtains moved slightly as I went in through the gate clutching the huge bouquet of flowers I’d ordered the previous day. I didn’t even knock as the door opened and she stood there smiling at me,”Tommy?” Her voice was full of emotion.”Hello mum.”She was beautiful, I could hardly believe that she was my mother, she couldn’t have been any more than five feet tall. Short blonde hair in a page boy cut framed an elfin like face, her eyes were the deepest blue I’d ever seen, her teeth escort beylikdüzü were perfect and her smile seemed to light the whole street up!She stood back and waited for me to enter her house, but to be honest, I wanted nothing more than to stand there and look at her.”You can come in Tommy,” she laughed, “Or would you prefer to stay there?””Oh, oh yes, sorry.””Shall I put the flowers somewhere for you?””Sorry? Oh yes, they’re for you mum.””They’re beautiful Tommy, thank you,” she kissed me on my cheek and suddenly we were in each others’ arms crying laughing and hugging.”You’ve no idea how much I wanted this Tommy,” she said through her tears, “There was never a day that went by when I didn’t think of you.””Me neither mum.” I held her tightly and breathed in her perfume.”Say that again Tommy.””What?””You called me mum.””I’ve always wanted to say it, mum.””I’ve always wanted to hear it.”She led me into the kitchen where we sat and talked over a coffee, she wanted to know everything about me, everything that had happened to me that she wouldn’t have read in the papers. I told her about all my foster parents, how they’d all despaired of me and of how I’d always refused to call any of them “mum” or “dad.””It must have been awful for you Tommy.””It was mostly my own doing mum and it can’t have been a picnic for you either.””Well it wasn’t, but thanks to Mr Smithson, I had regular updates on you at least.””He’s a nice man mum.””Yes,” she agreed, “He is, and talking of Mr Smithson, we should go and listen to what he has to tell us, it’s almost half past four.””Haven’t you got any idea mum?””None whatsoever.” “Wow, this is nice,” she said as I held the car door open for her and dutifully looked away as her dress rode up over her legs, “It’s a Ferrari isn’t it?”I glowed with pleasure at her remark.”Yes,” the record company bought it for me for giving them their biggest ever selling record, “Would you like to drive it?””You’re joking!””No,” I laughed and held the door again for her to get out.She handled it expertly, allowing the raw power escort akbatı of the big engine to take it out of corners and thrust it like a bullet into the straights. She laughed with the sheer exhilaration of enjoying a beautiful piece of engineering and giggled as she squealed to a halt in the courtyard below Mr Smithsons’ office.”Mind blowing,” she laughed, “Absolutely awesome.”I told her that it had cost over two hundred thousand pounds and that Mr Smithson had tried to dissuade me from driving it, he’d said I’d kill myself in it.”Rubbish Tommy,” she said as I held the door again for her, “He’s a lovely old man, but we’ve had a few little disagreements over money, I think it’s for enjoying, but he thinks it’s for saving.”Joan greeted us warmly with a kiss each.”Well?” she asked, “Are you happy now?”We both nodded and held hands.”Very,” I said.”Ecstatic,” said mum.”Right, I want a photograph,” Joan said and produced a camera from her drawer, it seemed quite natural to slip an arm around mums waist as she posed us in a variety of different situations until a slow hand clap behind us brought us back to reality.”When you’ve quite finished,” John said but with just a hint of a smile, “I’m about to retire from working, and you three are holding me up.””Oh don’t be such an old grouch John,” mum laughed and kissed him on the cheek, “You know you’ll miss our meetings when you retire.”We followed a smiling John through into his office where we spent two exhausting hours poring over what seemed like millions of different papers and documents. We signed at least half of them, three times each and then watched as he went to a wall safe and fetched out bundle upon bundle of cash. He divided it into two separate piles and pushed one pile to me and the other one to mum.”There’s half a million pounds there, two hundred and fifty thousand pounds in each pile, please count it and sign for it. That discharges my duty to you both and my erstwhile employer!”Count it?” I laughed.”Yes Tommy, I’m afraid I must insist.””Well stuff that John,” I snorted, “It’ll escort beylikdüzü take all bloody day.””Probably.” and he went out chortling to himself to join Joan in the outer office.”How much money have you got mum?””Why?””Go on tell me.””I’ve got a few hundred in the bank and this quarter of a million here.”I fished my latest bank statement out from my inside pocket and showed it to her.”That’s what I’m worth mum.””My God,” she was shocked, “All that from one song?””Yeah, good isn’t it?””Amazing.”She watched wide eyed as I pushed my pile over to her.”I can feel another song coming on,” I laughed, “But honestly mum, I’m not going to take no for an answer, I know my father would have wanted to make sure that I’m okay for money, but you’ve seen from that statement I just showed you, I’ve got more money than I could ever spend.””Tommy this is ridiculous.””If you don’t agree to take it, I’ll give it to Joan.”She looked at me and grinned, “How about if I take half of it and give Joan half?””I’ll settle for that mum, she told me you were’ er, friendly.””We were lovers Tommy,” she said and held my gaze, “As you were too.”I returned her gaze steadfastly then smiled at her and reached to take her hand in mine.”Yes mum, as I was too.”Joan burst into tears and at first refused point blank to take it, John sat at her desk with his coffee watching and laughing until finally she succumbed and became better off to the tune of one hundred and twenty five thousand pounds.”Right!” he stood up and announced that after we’d been to the bank next door, we were to meet him in the pub across the road where he had his very last act to perform as our solicitor.It was all very mysterious until we walked into the pub where Joan directed us straight through the bar and out into the garden.It took a minute for me to realize that the huge marquee with a banner saying “Happy birthday Tommy.” was for me and it took even longer for me to recognize all the people standing in and around it!A makeshift group made up of Jimmy, Lenny and crazy Pete from the band I’d formed to perform my song were on the stage and struck up with the worst version of Happy Birthday that I’d ever heard in my life!”Happy birthday Tommy,” Joan said and handed me a little package, “Open it later.” she said mysteriously and kissed me on my lips.

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