The GameThe Game


The school year was done Jake came home from college for the summer. He wasn’t excited to be there. It hasn’t been the same since his mom left last year. If he could even call it home. It never was. Jake got out and did everything he could to stay in the dorms. Jake’s mom married Dan, he and his son Austin did not like Jake. The two of them were mean and bullied him all the time. They could be cruel treating him like the literal step child. Jake’s mom was too caught up in her romance with Dan to notice or care. Apparently good dick was hypnotizing. Now that she had left to shack up with another man, they resented Jake even more. Not only did she hit it and quit it, she left her son behind for them to deal with. It was in no way Jake’s fault, but that didn’t matter. He was a target for their toxic-male behavior.

Jake had built something while at school. The device, while crude, proved to be quite effective in altering matter. After lugging several heavy boxes inside the house, he set everything up in the den to show he had done something worthy of Dan and Austin’s attention. As much as he hated them, they were all he had. Jake’s mother was always moving around from man to man and as a result, he never met his extended family. This device was a bright future. It meant success, fame, and fortune for Jake. Jake had other intentions though. He had a plan up his sleeve to get back at them for all the shit they had put him through.

Dan pulled into the driveway and parked in the garage. Dan walked out when he realized Jake’s car was parked on the street. “God dammit, why are you here?” he said to himself while he stood in the driveway. Dan waved hello to his neighbor Brad. Dan and Brad were buddies. They knew each other from school and might as well have been brothers. They were each other’s workout buddies too. Dan was a handsome and fit man. With a squared jaw and fit body you would never guess he was in his mid-forties; at least not until you noticed that his hair and trimmed beard were peppered with gray.

Dan walked inside making his way from the kitchen to the front of the house hearing Jake in the den. Dan approached the arched entry to the room and flipped out when he saw the mess Jake had made with his equipment.

“What is all of this crap, Jake?” Dan said in a stern voice. Before Jake could even respond Dan cut him off. “You know what, I don’t give a shit what it is. Pack it up and get the fuck out of my house or we’re going to have problems.” Jake stood there looking at him in defiance, “Hello to you too…” Dan stared back at him, took a deep breath and clenched his strong jaw. “I’m going to go shower. When I come back down, I want you gone. Don’t make me put hands on you.”

Jake waited while Dan showered upstairs. Dan turned on the light in his bathroom and shed his black t-shirt exposing his toned, muscular body. His chest was dusted with a trimmed layer of hair complimented by a subtle treasure trail down the center of his abs leading down into his pants. Dropping the shirt to the cold tile floor Dan reached into the shower turning on the water letting it warm up. Dan unfastened his belt and unzipped his dark denim jeans kicking off his shoes. Dan dropped his pants to his ankles and stepped out of them. His briefs which fit snug against his body soon followed. Dan’s hips were very well defined with v-lines directing one’s attention to his thick flaccid penis. Resting, Dan was impressive in the size and girth between his legs measuring at least six inches. Hard, his dick was an even bigger story. It was easy to see why Jake’s mom, as well as any other women who met Dan, wanted a piece of him.

Jake debated whether he should sneak upstairs to catch a peek of Dan in the shower. The thought of his muscled body soaped up in the hot steaming shower drove him nuts. Jake decided not to. Once Dan and Austin discovered Jake was gay, they treated him worse.

When Dan was done showering, he went back downstairs wearing gym shorts and a tank top expecting for Jake to be ready to leave, but instead Jake had turned all of his equipment on. There was lighting set up with white panels forming a backdrop like in a professional modeling photoshoot standing in front of the entertainment center blocking the television. Straight ahead from the backdrop was a machine that resembled a video projector with a long cylindrical tube attached to the front. It looked like a telescope and a tank had a baby. Behind it, Jake had a computer keyboard and a computer monitor. Angered, Dan slapped the archway with his hand getting Jake’s attention.

“I told you to get your shit out of my house…” Dan said as he entered the room. “Do you not listen?” Dan’s brow was furrowed, and the tone of his voice was clearly annoyed. He quickly approached Jake with his fists balled and tightened. Jake backed away, “Hey, Dan, stay back.” Jake said with a tremble in his voice. Dan had a temper at times and was clearly stronger than he was. Dan continued escort fatih and went around the table. Jake quickly tapped several keys on the keyboard and circled the sofa table and made his way around to the front of the sofa keeping distance between them. As Jake made his way back to his set up Dan was directly in front of the projector device. Jake smiled and pressed the spacebar on the keyboard.

From outside the house bright flashing lights could be seen through the windows. Dan’s neighbor Brad noticed as the flashing lights shined into his home. He went to his window peeking through the blinds and watched as the flashing lights suddenly stopped.

Later that evening, Austin comes home from the gym. Austin had finished a long day at work and a good work out was how he stayed fit and unwound after his shift. Austin was a spitting image of his father. Handsome and square jawed, fit, lean, and tall, but with a messy more youthful haircut. Walking into the house he could see a shadow coming from around the corner and looks in to see Jake tweaking with some of his equipment. “What the fuck are you doing here loser?” Austin asked, never having been kind to Jake. Austin became jealous when Jake’s mother moved in with his dad and he would bully Jake as they grew up as a way of acting out and dealing with his feelings. Dan had a “be a man” mentality, and as a result Austin wasn’t very good at managing his emotions. When it became known that Jake came out Austin would tease him and beat him up. Austin would taunt Jake in front of his friends calling him out for wanting to touch his dick and then knock him down or hit him. Austin’s friends all thought he was a real tough guy for that behavior. Austin reached the archway and turned towards the den and looked at some of the equipment scattered around. Austin saw the projector pointing towards the white backdrop in front of the tv. “Hey, I asked you a question…”. Austin said aloud, not liking Jake’s lack of response. Jake just looked at him and shrugged him off and flipped a switch turning the device on. Angry, Austin tossed his gym bag down onto the floor. Austin walked toward Jake not realizing he was now directly in front of the projector. “Hey, did you hear me fag? I’m talking to you…” Jake pressed a button and Austin stopped dead in his tracks almost falling forward.

“What the hell…” Austin’s feet were stuck to the floor like they were super glued down. Struggling, Austin tried to pry his feet off the floor. It was no use, untying his shoes Austin found that not only were his shoes stuck to the floor but so were his feet. “What the … what did you do?” Austin demanded. Jake pushed another button and typed something on the keyboard and Austin stood up straight against his will. Austin looked around confused and continued to move his feet.

Jake walked over to Austin and he swung a fist towards him. Jake stepped back and pushed another button; Austin could not move at all now. His body stood rigid as if he were paralyzed. Austin tried to speak and yell, but his mouth was glued shut. Austin could only manage mumbles and make incoherent noise. Jake walked back over towards Austin, “Now that I have your attention. We’re going to play a little game. I’ll ask you some questions and if you get them right, I will give you more freedom to move. If you get them wrong, you’re going to lose a piece of clothing.” Austin’s eyes got big at the thought of Jake wanting him to strip down and he got angry grunting through his sealed lips when Jake placed a hand to his chest pressing slightly then firm. “If you lose the game, well let’s just say that you don’t want to lose.” Jake ran his hand down Austin’s chest over his hoodie. “Do you understand?” Austin nodded yes and Jake gave him back the ability to speak. “You can’t make me take off my clothes… I won’t strip for you, you pervy fag…” Austin continued to struggle with his feet. “I always knew you wanted me… but I’m not going to take my clothes off.”

Jake smiled, “You won’t have to…” Jake aimed the projector towards Austin’s torso and pushed a button. In a flash, a beam of light shot forth striking Austin in the chest and his hoodie vanished. In a puff of smoke, the hoodie was gone, and Austin stood there in his tank top, well more like a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off down to a thin band of fabric at the bottom hem. Austin’s eyes got big and he was speechless.

Jake walked back over to his stepbrother and runs his right hand up Austin’s bare forearm and squeezed his bicep. Austin’s muscles were firm but not rigid despite his inability to move. Jake trailed his right hand inward over Austin’s shoulder and down to Austin’s left pec hooking the jagged cut off edge of fabric with his index finger exposing Austin’s smooth chest. “You know Austin, growing up I always found you attractive despite how much of a grade-A asshole you were to me. You’ve grown up well, and now is my chance to enjoy what I’ve always secretly admired.” escort istanbul Jake ran the back of his fingers over Austin’s smooth skin. The sensation gave Austin chills. Jake runs his left hand up Austin’s right arm and does the same. With both hands Jake massages and squeezes Austin’s chest. Jake runs his hands down teasing and caressing Austin’s abs.

Austin clenched his jaw and looked away, avoiding eye contact with Jake who stood right in front of him. “So, what happens if I lose? You gonna force to me to have sex with you?” Austin asked. “I’m no fag and nothing you do is gonna get me hard for you.”

Jake laughs, “As much as I’d love to get you in bed, I know that won’t happen. You’ll lose the game before we get that far…” Austin clenched his jaw again, “Well you’re obviously going to get me naked for a reason…. So just tell me….” Austin was getting angry again and said “You know what? Play your little game. When my dad comes home, he’ll be pissed for sure. He’s going to kick your ass and you’ll finally be out of this house.”

Jake continued feeling up Austin’s body and replied, “I’ve dealt with worse from the two of you…” Jake caressed Austin’s neck and pulled the front of his shirt collar down exposing more of Austin’s chest. Jake gripped Austin’s shirt in his fist pulling him face to face, “Payback time…” Jake kissed Austin on the lips shoving him back up right.

Austin kept running his mouth, taunting Jake, trying to get a rise out of him. That’s what Dan and Austin fed on, the hurt reactions of those who they saw as weak. Jake simply ignored Austin as he struggled to hold back his fury from being dismissed to avoid being silenced again. Jake circled his fingertips around Austin’s nipples with the slightest and most gentle of caresses. Austin’s skin broke out with goosebumps all over as chills ran down his spine. Once Austin’s nipples were perky and alert Jake smiled and with a slight pinch he said, “Let’s get the game started, shall we?”

Jake goes through a few trivia questions, and Austin does his best to protest and argue the whole time. Jake got out a pair of gloves that resembled what one would wear during a virtual reality game and slipped them on. Austin gets some questions correct gaining a bit more freedom to move but ends up getting more questions wrong than right. Jake simply took away some more of Austin’s gained movement to set the rules of the game as well as to delay stripping all of his clothes away. Jake mixed up restricting Austin’s freedom with removing his clothing by hand and zapping them away at random keeping Austin alert. Jake used the gloves to force Austin into holding a new pose that would either embarrass him or accentuate the newly exposed part of his body. The white backdrops and lighting allowed the gloves to control anything within the space, like a type of energy field. In this case, Austin was merely a puppet.

“It’s a good thing I was nice, otherwise you’d be bare assed right now with all of your wrong answers.” Standing in just his gym shorts, boxer briefs, and shoes Austin stared intently at Jake, plotting how he would get free and beat the shit out of him. Every time Jake vaporized a piece of clothing there was a bright flash and a beam of light that hit Austin’s body followed a small puff of smoke left behind billowing around Austin’s increasingly exposed fit muscular form. Jake enjoyed every minute of stripping Austin of his clothes slowly but surely. Austin had zero control of the situation and it turned Jake on to be the one in control.

Austin was getting nervous. He didn’t have much of his clothes left to lose before he lost the game. “My dad will be home soon, just you wait.” Austin said, trying to maintain hold of whatever control he could command.

Jake smiled at his sexy half naked stepbrother, “I’m not worried about that. Your dad came home already.”

Taken aback, Austin wondered why this has gone on for this long without his dad barging into the room and kicking Jake’s wimpy bitch ass. “Wait, what? Where is he? Dad!!! Dad?” Austin started to yell. There was no answer. The only sound Austin could hear was the hum of the cooling fan inside of Jake’s device. Austin waited for his dad to answer, maybe he was asleep.

Jake pushed another series of keys on his keyboard forcing Austin to clench and flex his abs while Jake used his gloved hands to force Austin to lift his arms clasping his hands behind his head. Austin had no control over his body anymore, he could only follow the movements Jake made with the gloves.

Jake approached Austin again, caressing and feeling up his body admiring and tracing the various veins that stretch along his muscled body with his fingertips. “There’s no use in calling for him. He already played my little game and he lost. You, on the other hand, have lasted much longer than he did, but I’m not surprised though. You’re much younger and have more stamina than he does.” Jake slipped a glove escort bayan taksim off and pressed his finger to Austin’s lips pulling his bottom lip down sliding his finger down his chest. Jake’s finger traced the center line of Austin’s asymmetrical abs stopping at the waist band of his shorts.

Austin looked into Jake’s green eyes and down at Jake’s hand as he hooked his fingers into the front of the waistband. Jake pulled Austin’s shorts forward sneaking a peak at the base of his cock. Austin looked back up as Jake smiled and licked his lips. “Mmm, nice and smooth. I’m surprised Austin.” Jake enjoyed the surprise reveal of Austin’s clean-shaven package.

Austin blushed and looked away as Jake slid his hand down into his shorts caressing the smooth skin of his groin. Austin moaned slightly as Jake stopped short of taking hold of his stiffening dick with his thumb and index finger framing the swelling base of his shaft. Jake slowly teased Austin, wanting illicit another sexy sounding moan from Austin’s straight boy lips. Austin did what he could to ignore Jake. “Old lady, saggy tits. Old lady saggy tits…” Austin repeated to himself. He let a moan slip out, but he wouldn’t give his faggot stepbrother the satisfaction of getting him hard.

Jake thought about taking hold of his stepbrother’s cock but instead blew it a kiss. “I’ll see you soon…” Jake teased as he let go of Austin’s shorts with a devious grin. The elastic band slapped against Austin’s bare skin.

“Where the fuck is my dad? Where is he? You said he lost the game… what does that mean? If I have no choice but to play this game what does losing the game mean?” Jake laughed and then smiled at Austin as he remained in the same pose. Jake moved some of his boxes near the wall and grabbed the doorknob to the coat closet.

“Let’s see what’s behind door number one…” Jakes said in a sort of game show host voice. He opened the closet door and began to slide out a figure covered in a big bed sheet. Jake pulled the sheet away. Austin watched in anticipation and confusion as the sheet fell away exposing a solid stone statue of his dad Dan.

Locked in stone, Dan stood there totally nude with one hand attempting to cover himself, even though he was much too well endowed to hide his manhood with his right hand. Dan’s big dick stuck out long and erect stretching above his hand. Dan’s balls hung down below. Dan’s left arm was stretched outward trying to shield himself from whatever turned him to stone. Dan’s body was well muscled for a man in his mid 40s, perfectly preserved from aging any further. Jake smiled at Austin who was speechless and slid his hands across Dan’s cold stone figure, appreciating what his mother used to have so much fun with finally understanding the appeal. Jake felt every curve and ridge of Dan’s powerful body. His muscles remained tensed and flexed, carved from a fine off-white marble.

Trying to find his words, not wanting to believe what was standing in front of him “What the fuck?! Dad! What did you do to him? You killed him!!!” Austin yelled. Jake was quick to reassure Austin, “He’s not dead. He’s very much alive in there, he’s just a statue now. I can turn him back whenever I want to, but he lost the game and now he’s mine.” Jake continued to fondle his stone stepdad’s rock-hard body. “At this rate, you will be too.” Austin watched as Jake molested his dad’s nude form. Austin did the best he could, but he kept fixating on the sight of his dad’s massive marble dick.

“Don’t touch him!” Austin commanded still stuck with his hands behind his head. His muscles were tense and straining from holding this pose for so long. Various veins across his body popped out making his now sweating body all the more appealing. Jake ignored Austin walking around the silent statue of Dan as its smooth glossy surface reflected the lights in the room. Jake slapped Dan’s stone globes which no longer had the soft appetizing bounce of a nice ass and reached around grabbing his erect dick.

“Damn, Dan, big dick… I can barely close my fingers around it.” Dan’s cock was roughly 8 inches long, thick and meaty and circumcised. Dan couldn’t react but he could feel Jake’s firm grasp of his manhood. Whether Dan was disgusted or enjoyed the feeling of Jake’s hand on his tool no longer mattered. Jake was in control and would do what he wanted to Dan and Austin with or without their permission. Austin was breathing hard, his chest heaved, and his stomach tensed more with each deep breath. Again, he couldn’t stop looking at his dad’s cock.

“You know, before your dad lost the game, I jerked him off so that I could see where you ‘came’ from…” Austin swallowed the hard lump in the back of his throat. Jake looked toward Austin as he remained still with his gorgeously sweaty torso flexed smiling devilishly. “I can see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.”

Austin then realized he was rock hard now. The front of his shorts stuck out like a flagpole was in them. Was it the lack of control in this situation? Austin was always in charge. Was it the sight of his naked father watching him? Whatever it was, it made Austin’s cock throb. His dick bobbed and twitched as it jumped in his shorts and Jake smiled.

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