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My older sister Jenny was on a terrible low after breaking up with her baby’s father whom she’d left home and gone to live with three years ago despite the warnings of family and friends. She was twenty-one then. A year later she became mother to a beautiful baby girl, but that’s where the fairy tale romance ended and the horror show began.

To cut a long, miserable story short: After she found out she was pregnant and intended to keep her baby against the wishes of the father, the guy changed from prince charming to prince harming. He treated her like dirt and cursed and slapped her around almost on a daily basis. Soon after, he stopped contributing financially to the household and started drinking heavily.

After the birth of the baby he took the slapping around to a higher level, beating her regularly to the point where she constantly carried cuts and bruises on her body; and had even suffered a fractured rib. Maybe out of embarrassment or in the hope that the guy would eventually change for the better because of the baby, and begin to love her again, she stuck with the douchebag, hiding his ill treatment of her from everyone except her best friend. The guy then started openly sleeping around, which included bringing trashy young women into their apartment while she was at work.

The best friend decided that she could no longer keep quiet about what was going on, so she paid a visit to our family and pleaded with us to go rescue Jenny. By this time Jenny had already lost her job and the guy was hardly ever at home. We found her and the baby in an emaciated state, and she was deeply in debt.

She was overjoyed and very grateful that we had come for her and did not hesitate to come back home. Dad and I hunted down the SOB and after smashing his car, to the pleasure of his neighbors who knew how he treated Jenny, gave him a sound beating that caused him to be hospitalized for a couple of weeks. Jenny’s friend had taken photographs of all her injuries and kept the medical reports and a couple of recorded phone conversations; this prevented the guy from bringing charges against us after we worked him over. He told the cops that he had been mugged

A mere two weeks after coming back home, due to regular, healthy meals, jenny and the baby began putting on weight and Jenny developed a glow that had been long absent. Before leaving home Jenny was a healthy, active, fun loving young woman; pretty as a picture and with a perpetual sparkle in her light brown eyes. She was five seven with a deceptive, shapely and sexy figure.

By deceptive I mean that if you were to see her sitting inside a car or standing behind a fence where only her upper body was visible, or saw her in very loose clothes, you’d expect her to be a slim or even boney person, but upon seeing her entire body, especially in close fitting apparel you’d be pleasantly knocked over by her lush figure; the slim upper body flared out generously from the tiny waist into wide, shapely, fleshy hips with full, rounded thighs and a firm hefty backside.

Her breasts are what is referred to on porn sites as ‘puffy’, being small and cone shaped, standing straight out from her chest with an appearance of all areola and just a hint at nipples, always smooth and shiny as if oiled. She had my mom’s smooth dark brown skin as opposed to my lighter tan, the color of our dad. Her eyes had that watery sparkle like a swimming pool that made you think of jumping into them for a swim. I love her to death, and longed to see her get back to her sparkling, lovable self.

Jenny was obviously depressed and had become very lethargic in her movements and speech, never wanting to leave the house and very unmindful of her appearance. Her eyes had become dull and her smiles were few and far apart. Mom and dad told her to forget about working for the next year or so until she was back to her old self and settled emotionally. I vowed that I would do all in my power to bring back the sparkle in her.

I started out by doing little chores for her and helping out with baby. I also complimented her on little things and on her looks. Sometimes I would bring home a little gift for her, things I knew she enjoyed eating, or little things she could use, like perfume, books, inexpensive jewelry, cd’s and dvd’s.

As I went about helping jenny to find her old self I found that I was gradually beginning to see her in a new way. That is, not just as my sister but as a beautiful, sexy woman. I began noticing with some amount of sensual titillation, the bounce of her juicy ass as she moved about, the upward curve and fullness of her lips, her long shapely legs and thighs, her full hips, her dainty fingers and most of all her cute little breasts. When we were teens I used to tease her in a playful way about her tiny breasts.

Years ago, when she was about nineteen and me eighteen she told me that despite all the teasing she thought I really liked her small breasts and was actually fascinated with them. I told her that she was right I really loved tiny breasts and thought they were sexy, especially hers. Mehterçeşme Escort She had laughed and playfully called me a freak. Back then there was nothing sexual in that exchange on my part, or maybe it was but I choose not to notice or admit to it.

As the weeks went by I found myself increasingly looking at or thinking about my sister with lust. I started covertly staring at her ass or fat crotch when she was in short shorts or spandex tights. My eyes would feast on her pert tits whenever she was braless which was often. If she wore a short, flowing skirt I would wait patiently for her to climb the stairs to the upper flat of the house so I could sneak a glimpse of her crotch and ass.

At nights I would lie in bed and jerk off to mental pictures of her I had stored in my mind; glimpses I’d gotten of her in compromising positions, like an up-skirt or down- blouse or crotch flash when she happened to be sitting carelessly. I loved it when she walked about with only a bath towel wrapped around her. On a few occasions due to careful stalking I’d gotten glimpses of her in panties only by way of a slightly open bedroom door.

It reached the point where just being close to her and looking at her tit imprint or bare thighs or snugly covered ass gave me a raging hard on. And I used any opportunity to touch or hug or kiss her in a seemingly innocent manner, but which for me was loaded with sexual intentions. I soon devised a plan that would allow me to kiss her every day. This I hoped would gradually melt the ice and sway her in the direction of being hot for me the way I was hot for her. I just had to put ideas in her head.

Almost every day I would use something she had done to compliment her about, sometimes accompanied by a little kiss on her cheek and sometimes her neck or shoulder. All seemingly innocent little pecks between brother and sister and after a couple of weeks I began to sense definite, positive results; she appeared to be expecting a kiss after every compliment. Soon, she began responding by holding or touching me while I gave her the little peck.

One day I suggested to her in an innocent manner, that from henceforth there was going to be a kiss of the day with a stated reason. She said that I couldn’t possibly find a reason to kiss her every day but it would be fun watching me try to invent reasons.

The first day I came home from work and after she had opened the door to let me in I planted a quick kiss on her cheek.

“This is just to let you know how happy I am that you’re back home and how much I enjoy having you around all the time,” I said.

The second day after dinner while she was alone in the kitchen I kissed her again.

“This is for the delicious meal I just ate, I enjoy your cooking,” I declared.

The third day I said, “This is my way of telling you how lovely you look in this yellow dress.”

The fourth day, a little peck on the neck, accompanied the words:

“This is just because you’re the most beautiful sister in the world.”

And so, in that manner, I continued to soften and open her up.

One day I accosted her in the corridor between bedrooms and pulling her firmly against my body, planted a kiss on her lips.

“Because there will come a day when I’ll want to kiss my beautiful sister and she won’t be around so I’m doing it now,” I said.

“I hope that day will never come because I always want to be around you; you make me happier than anybody else ever did,” she said, in voice threatening to break.

She hugged me tight and the touch of firm, puffy, braless breasts on my chest and the soft belly against my cock caused my sex muscle to rise rapidly. I pulled away before it got a chance to register on her mind – I hoped. I didn’t want to push her too fast; what I had in mind was incest, and that is not your everyday ‘boy meets girl’ sex. I had to be careful. As the days flew by we got closer and my desires grew stronger.

One day, for the fun of it, I didn’t kiss her.

She cornered me by my bedroom later that evening.

“No kiss today?” she asked.

There was a half-smile and a little puzzled look on her face. I laughed, grabbed her, and pulled her close and planted a kiss on her lips, letting my lips linger. I felt her fingers dig into my back.

“Because you asked for it,” I said.

“Now I feel better. Don’t ever make that kind of joke again unless you want to see me die,” she said playfully and blushing.

The next day while mom was playing with the baby and dad was out in the garden I heard Jenny tell mom she was going upstairs to take a shower. A few minutes later I hurried upstairs and positioned myself behind my bedroom door as I listened for Jenny’s footsteps. When she passed my room heading for hers with a little white towel wrapped around her, I crept up from behind and encircling her around the stomach I pulled her close against me feeling her plump ass press into the half erection in my shorts. I planted a kiss at the base of her neck.

“Just in case I can’t think Escort Mehterçeşme of a reason today and you don’t ask,” I said.

“Please be informed that you don’t ever need a reason,” she softly whispered.

She laughed and started turning around. I deliberately held on to the towel as she was turning her body, resulting in it falling away from her and remaining in my hand.

“Oops!” we both said.

She reached for the towel and quickly wrapped it around her, but not before I got a glimpse of the black bushy triangle between her thick thighs and the perky brown tits with their shiny, wide areolas. She blushed deeply and smiling, headed for her room.

We continued the everyday kissing game with a slight change in plot:

“Just because,” we’d both say, just before my lips landed.

One day while we were alone at home after she’d finished breast feeding the baby she removed the rag that she usually covered the breast with at such times. Before she could tuck away the breast into her blouse the rag fell to the floor and she leaned over to retrieve it, leaving the breast momentarily exposed.

I stood there staring at the naked breast with its large areola and rich sheen, feeling the growing expansion in my crotch. My eyes latched onto the little saucy beauty and I licked my lips as I imagined myself suckling on my sweet sister’s breast, tasting the hot milk. I was so lost in the fantasy that I didn’t realize Jenny was looking at me until I heard he voice.

“What are you looking at like that, you’re ogling my breast?” she cried out, but not in an unpleasant voice.

I was nevertheless embarrassed, but quickly regained my composure.

“You know how much I like those two little beauties, I told you so a long time ago, don’t you remember?” I asked.

“Of course I remember, how could I ever forget that? That was the day I began feeling comfortable with my tiny breasts, the day I realized that being small didn’t mean they weren’t beautiful or desirable. I’ve always been grateful to you for that, even though I never thanked you,” she replied joyfully.

“Well thank me now,” I burst out

She threw back her head and laughed.

“Come over here and bend over,” she said, giggling.

I did as she said and she reached up, held my head and pulling me, close give me a big smacking kiss on my cheeks, making one of those mmuaahh sounds.

“Thanks for making me like my breasts, it changed my life,” she declared.

During all this she hadn’t yet put the breast out of sight.

“Is that the best way you can thank me for such a huge job?” I asked thoughtfully.

“How else can I thank you dear brother?” she asked sweetly.

There was an encouraging glint in her eyes that emboldened me to take the first big step. Make the big play that would send a definite message; then wait for the results.

“I have to admit … I’ve always wanted to touch them … please, just one touch,” I said in an anxious and pleading manner.

She looked up at me with an expression that was a mixture of shock and excitement, and I saw her lips quiver slightly as she tried to smile.

“Ok,” she said softly.

She looked me straight in the eyes.

“I guess that’s not asking too much, have your touch. You deserve it,” she declared.

I leaned over quickly and planted a kiss on the soft little brown avocado, licking its little pip with my wet tongue.

“Whoa!” she exclaimed.

She was startled and pulled back like she had been burned or pricked with a needle, but definitely not angry.

“Cheat, you asked for a touch not a lick,” She declared in a mock, accusing manner.

“And that’s what I did, I touched you. The hand is not the only thing you can touch someone with,” I said.

She gave an exaggerated but playful sigh, her sparkling eyes looking straight at my tented shorts for a brief moment.

“You’re quite a smoothie aren’t you? Well I guess I can at least be thankful that your lips and tongue were all you touched me with,” she blurted out, laughing.

Giggling sweetly, she tucked away the object of that sexy episode. Just then we heard the distinct sound of our gate being opened and she nimbly buttoned her blouse. I retreated to my room, knowing too well how long it takes to collapse my tent. it was at that moment that I knew my fantasy of fucking Jenny could be realized if I played my cards well and didn’t make any rash moves that could spook her.

During those weeks of lusting and plotting to fuck my sister, I learned two important and lifelong lessons about life: (1) One thing always leads to another, and (2) Crossing certain boundaries gives you the confidence to tackle other boundaries. I learned those two things in a strange way, for since feeling the arousal of sexual desire for my sister, I found that I began looking at my mother in a different way.

Mom was a slightly shorter and a bit stouter version of Jenny. She even had the same kind of puffy breasts like my sister, they were just a wee bit Mehterçeşme Escort Bayan bigger. Prior to my sexual feelings for Jenny I never entertained lustful or unbecoming thoughts about my mother, although I have always been aware of and admired her beauty. But now I noticed with a stirring of lascivious feelings the roll of her plump ass, the lusciousness of her lips, the fullness of her thighs and the imprint of her breasts when she was not wearing bras around the house, which, like Jenny, was most of the time.

I started ogling her while she was moving about in the mornings or at night in her thin nightdresses. I kept my eyes on her when she crossed or uncrossed her legs or when she bent over.

After a couple of weeks of checking out mom’s sexy body, I realized that she had become aware of it, because on a number of occasions when I was lost in admiration of her juicy parts I would look up to find her staring at me with a strange but amused look on her face; there was always just a trace of a smile which served to make me know she was aware of my interest and was not at all annoyed. And I noticed also that sometimes she would look into my eyes with an unwavering, challenging gaze while talking to me.

As the days went by I grew bolder in the way I looked at her, and also started complimenting her, but sparingly, on her looks – always out of hearing of Jenny, though – I think she was more than a little bit flattered by my attention, for she started paying more attention to her looks while at home, putting on lipstick and mild perfume. Even jenny noticed it and joked about mom and dad having a second spring. If only she knew.

And so, with bold and unambiguous looks and body language I continued to play with the mind of my mother just as I was doing with my sister – pleasing and priming them both up for the eventual opening of their thick thighs to my lusty twenty two year old cock. I wanted them both to want me, undeniably.

After the breast kissing episode I noticed that Jenny no longer covered up once we were alone at home, but did so when mom and dad were present. It was as if she were deliberately letting me see them because I had reiterated how much I liked looking at them. I enjoyed those times.

One thing I was now certain of is that she was game for a little erotic adventure; what I wasn’t certain of is how far she was prepared to go.

One day I decided to up the game a little and test the waters; I kissed her full on the lips, letting my lips linger against hers for a while before gently poking my tongue between them. As she felt the unusual intrusion she started to pull away, but then stopped and opening her mouth, allowed my tongue to enter, but not for long, she quickly flicked her tongue against mine then pulled away and stepped back.

“You’re full of surprises, and very sneaky,” she said

“Wasn’t it a nice surprise?” I asked, smiling.

“Maybe, but I’m not quite sure it’s the kind of surprise I would want to experience again,” she said with a questioning look.

“Well, maybe you won’t, or maybe you will … as you said, I’m full of surprises,” was my reply

I reached out and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close to me, bringing my mouth to hers, but just as our lips touched she wriggled out of my grasp and stepped back a few paces. She stuck out her tongue playfully at me and then turned and ran away, laughing like a little schoolgirl.

That night I approached her in the kitchen while our parents were in the living room. As I drew next to her while she was doing the dishes, she turned around and looked at me with slightly wet eyes.

“I’m so confused Cliffy,” she cried out

“I’m confused too Jenny,” was my feigned retort.

I had to lie, just to make her more comfortable. I was not confused; I knew exactly what I wanted and how to go about getting it. Without saying another word I walked away.

Later, lying in bed and thinking about her while stroking my aching tool, I decided that I was going to fuck her that weekend. Mom and dad were leaving Friday afternoon for an out of town family visit and would not be returning until Sunday night. I was going to make my move as soon as the baby was put to bed Friday night. I couldn’t help but wonder if the same thoughts were going through my sexy sister’s mind.

I dropped off to sleep after emptying a load of hot sperm into a wad of tissue while imagining pumping Jenny’s pussy with my hard cock.

I was awakened by a soft sound and light from the corridor flooding my bedroom through the partly opened door. Turning my head I saw my sister standing in the lighted space. She stood there for a minute looking into the room as if trying to decide whether or not to come in. she was wearing a knee length very sheer nightdress that allowed me to see with the help of the light behind her the outline of her juicy figure.

I could also make out the black luxuriant triangle between her thighs and her little erect nipples poking the front of the nightdress. She closed the door carefully and stepped into the room. My cock was already at half-mast and still growing by the time she came to stand over me. I never sleep with clothing unless it is raining heavily and a bit chilly. She sat down beside me, and my cock, in a flash, completed its stretch and spread. I felt her hand grasp the hard hot muscle and squeeze it gently

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