Succubus Wasteland Ch. 03Succubus Wasteland Ch. 03

Age Difference

Author’s Note: Chapters 1-2 were more like samples that have elements of the story. The real story starts now in Chapter 3.


Nimbus woke to find he was completely naked and chained to a wall. Three demon succubae surrounded him. Each of them held a whip and were dressed in tight leather armour. The room he was in was dark and made of stone, like a dungeon. He had no memory of these women, or how he got here.

“The vessel awakens!” said the succubus in the middle, her wings spread out giving her more room. Nimbus could not help but become aroused as he saw the three women get on their knees in front of him. If this was a dream, then he hoped it would at least last long enough for him to enjoy it.

“I hope he has enough to give,” said the succubus in the middle. She reached out her soft hand and wrapped her fingers around Nimbus’s cock. Slowly, and with great attention, she stroked him. Nimbus let out a shudder as heat filled his lower body. The damp dungeon air covered his body in a layer of perspiration. The pleasure was building up more and more as the succubus continued stroking him. The succubus to the left knelt down and being caressing his balls. Nimbus couldn’t believe his luck. He didn’t care that he was chained to a wall in an unknown place. As long as this kept up, he wouldn’t mind staying here.

“Soon my sisters. Soon he will release,” Nimbus didn’t know what they were talking about. Although Nimbus was hard enough, he knew his limits, he wasn’t anywhere near coming just yet. Just then, Nimbus felt a strange sensation, not in his balls, but all over his body. It was as if his energy was being drained away. This was unexpected and very much the opposite of what he wanted.

“Wh… What are you…” He tried to speak, but the more energy that was drained from him, the weaker he became. His eyes were about to close, and he felt a sheering pain, like fire, burning in his chest.

“Yes! Yes! Give us your Anima!” said the succubus on the right. She now held Nimbus’s cock, sucking the tip and swirling her tongue around it. Nimbus started shouting in agony as the pain grew too much for him to bare. He was weak, but had enough energy to only scream. He felt like he was being burned alive as the succubae continued their work. There was no pleasure in this, despite all three succubae licking his cock at once.

“Stop! Please just stop!” he shouted, trying to move his body away from them. The chains that held him were too tight. That, and the fact that his lower body was completely trapped by the hands and mouths of the succubae, prevented him from moving. What was once a heavenly pleasure was now a hellish torment as Nimbus felt a stabbing sensation starting in his lower body and working up to his chest.

“Almost finish!” said the succubus in the middle. The pain blinded Nimbus, but he could see enough to notice that the three demons were starting to glow. Their bodies emitted what looked like sunlight while his own body became cold and dead.

Just when all hope seemed lost, the dungeon door burst open. Light poured into the chamber and a woman stood in the doorway. Nimbus could not make out her features, but it didn’t matter. With lightning speed, the woman charged at the succubae. She drew what looked like a sword and sliced the head off the one in the middle. The two remaining succubae got off their knees and raised their claws in defence. The woman swung once, but her sword was blocked by the claws of the succubus on the left. The woman bared down hard on the demon while the other succubus came from behind, raising her claws high over her head.

Before Nimbus could shout out a warning, the woman swung with her free hand and knocked the succubus off balance. With one swift movement, she spun her sword around, slicing both demons in half. Nimbus watched in amazement as the woman slowly walked over to him.

“There is no time. More guards will come,” she said. With one swift motion, she cut the chains that held Nimbus çekmeköy escort to the wall. He collapsed on the floor, too weak to manage to stand. The woman reached down and gentle brought Nimbus to his feet.

“We must hurry.” Her voice was calm, soothing despite having just killed three demons before his eyes. Nimbus laid against the woman. She was warm, different than the others. His arms were limp against his side as his head rested on her shoulder. The woman reached a hand and caressed his back.

“I know, but now is not the time for weakness,” she said. The woman gentle pushed him off her then bent down towards one of the dead succubae. She pressed her lips against hers, kissing her deeply. Nimbus watched as a strange glow faded from the succubus and entered the woman.

“Come on, let’s go,” she said while taking Nimbus by the hand. They walked out of the chamber and into the hallway. Outside, they heard loud voices coming from a room at the end of the passage. The woman walked in front of Nimbus to keep guard. The hallways were covered with blue fire and lined with bones dangling from the wall. Nimbus looked at the skull of one whosf jaw was cracked open and hanging down. Seeing this, he felt a pain shoot from his body, remembering the torment he endured earlier with the succubae. He walked closer to the woman. He was now able to get a good look at her features, noticing the fine corves of her body.

She was a tall woman with short red hair. Her body was covered in blue armour which, based on its flexibility, could have been leather or some other tough material. Her sword hung from her back. It was a rainbow coloured blade with two blades intertwining. They made a diamond shape with sharp curves at both ends. She had violet coloured eyes, which were now fixated on her surroundings as she led him down the hallway.

When they reached the end of the hallway, the woman pressed a hand against Nimbus to stop him. A large oak door separated them from the main entrance. Many voices could be heard on the other side. They sounded like they were arguing. Nimbus could make out some of what they were saying in the stillness of the empty hallway.

“It is unwise to let those three succubae guard such a valuable prisoner,” said a voice. It was feeble and weak. As if it belonged to an old man. “We must find out more about him and if his Anima can even be harnessed.” The old man’s voice was soon interrupted by a loud, rough sounding voice.

“Enough old man! The time for patents is over! Makembo gains power every day! At our gates! Would you have us beg like dogs at the feet of their army?!” The fighting continued as the old man tried making them listen to reason. The woman turned to face Nimbus.

“Looks like we have to find another way out. Stick with me. Things might get a little dangerous.” Nimbus’s strength was slowly returning. The fire in his body was starting to cool down, which allowed him to finally speak without it causing him pain.

“Who are you?” he asked. The woman smiled as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Another succubus. But don’t worry. I’m a friend,” when Nimbus felt the woman’s hand touch his skin, he instantly jerked away. He had not forgotten the pain the other three had caused him. Why should this one be any different? The succubus looked concerned as she slowly brought her hand back to her body. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.” Nimbus still looked leery as his body stiffened.

“I’d rather not take any chances… demon.” That last remark seemed to have hit a nerve with the succubus. Her gentle face showed a flicker of anger at the mention of the word.

“Fine, just follow me then. I’m your only way out of here,” Nimbus couldn’t argue with that. He had no idea how to get out, or even where he was for that matter. Not to mention he was completely unarmed. For the time being, he felt he had no choice but to trust this woman, just as long as she didn’t cevizli escort lay a hand on him.

Nimbus followed her back down the hallway and down a flight of stairs. He found it strange that there were no guards patrolling the dungeon. As they reached down the third flight of stairs, Nimbus realized that despite them going lower into the dungeon, the temperature became hotter. The succubus seemed to know where she was going. She also didn’t look very happy on this new path. Nimbus ventured to ask why she looked so worried, but was still afraid that any unnecessary sounds would cause them to be captured. Lower and lower they went, down each flight of the black stone steps. It seemed like ten minutes of nothing but them running down flight after flight. Nimbus, despite having his energy completely regained, now seemed weak as he was not use to this much running.

“How much further,” he said. He felt his lungs stich with pain as the succubus picked up speed the more stairs they went down. It was almost as if she was in a hurry. Nimbus did not know why. There was no sign of guards ever since they left the hallway.

“We have to beat it down to the lower exit before it blocks our path!” said the succubus. She was now two flights ahead of him. Nimbus couldn’t go on. He bent down to catch his breath, noticing the air was thinner, making it harder to breathe. He looked up and saw the succubus was standing over him. She did not look angry. Instead, she looked concerned.

“If we don’t hurry… we might miss our chance to get out of here alive,” her voice was soft yet firm. A stern warning of a matter of fact tone. The succubus reached out her hand to help Nimbus. Despite Nimbus’s obvious struggle, he once again rejected the succubus’s hand.

“I told you. Don’t touch me. Let’s go,” The succubus shrugged. She wished he’d stop being so stubborn. Then again, knowing what he’d just been through she couldn’t really blame him. That was the least of her concerns though. She knew what waited in the lowest depths of the dungeon. The dark creature that guarded the lower exit. She would have loved to have cut her way through the main entrance. No number of guards could compare to what waited in the depths. She couldn’t risk being seen though. If they knew it was her that rescued the prisoner, things would get much more complicated later on.

“It’s just down here! I think we’re going to make it,” shouted the succubus. Her voice echoed in the emptiness of the lower dungeon. Nimbus could see light coming from the end of a narrow hallway. At last, he’d be free from this dark place. “Come on! There’s not much time!” shouted the succubus. Her wings began to flap, giving her extra speed. She seemed to be gliding, not running down the hallway. Nimbus was running at full speed just to catch up.

“No!” shouted the succubus. She stopped completely, making Nimbus nearly run into her. It was around this time Nimbus realized the light was getting closer. The closer it got, the hotter the chamber became. It was fire, not regular fire, but blinding white flames. “Stand behind me!” shouted the succubus,” She pushed out her hands and formed an energy shield around them. The fireball crashed against the shield, causing the succubus to be pushed back a few spaces. The succubus let down the shield and took out her sword.

“What is it!?” asked Nimbus. He had to shout now since just then, an enormously loud voice filled the chamber. It sounded unlike anything Nimbus had ever heard. It wasn’t low or gruff, nor was it high pitched. It was… evil, the best word Nimbus could place on it, like the sound of a woman screaming in the night while swords grinded against stone.

“A Dorcha, a demon,” said the succubus. Nimbus folded his arms.

“Oh, you mean like you?” there was bitterness in his voice, which the succubus didn’t seem to notice.

“It’s more complicated than that… this isn’t going to be easy,” said the succubus. erenköy escort She held her sword in front of her, ready for the coming battle. The ground shook as the Dorcha slowly approached. It took some time for Nimbus to see it in the dark hallway. The walls felt like they were going to fall apart as it came closer. The only thing Nimbus could see were two ember eyes in the distance. It let out a stream of white fire. The succubus ran forward instead of making a shield like before. She swung her sword outward, cutting a path through the flames as she ran forward, her wings flapping more fiercely than before.

In the light of the fire, Nimbus could finally make out the creature. It was an unnatural shape, disproportionate and with no symmetric features. Its left side was longer than the right. It had one large thick arm covered in scales and a thin arm which looked like a cord of snakes wrapped together. It had the face of a bull with one horn sticking outward while the other stuck from the side of its head. As Nimbus looked at it, he felt fire swelling up through his body like it did during his torture with the succubae.

“Don’t look at it!” shouted the succubus. She jumped high in the air and brought her sword down on the creature. It blocked the blade with his thick arm and easily pushed her back. While she was off balance, it thrust out its snake arm. A barrage of deadly serpents struck out, attempting to strike at her. She dodged the first wave and then sliced the heads off the reaming vipers as they continued to come at her. Nimbus was not prepared for what happened next. Out of nowhere, the succubus shot a stream of violet lightning from her fingers. It hit the creature hard, causing it to be momentarily phased.

Nimbus had no idea succubae had that type of power. From all the stories he’d heard, they were only supposed to take the life energy from whomever they were with, a fact Nimbus knew all too well. While the creature was temporarily off guard, the succubus slid under it and sliced its leg. It let out a horrifying scream as blood poured from its wound. Through the creature’s shouts it lifted its head up and noticed Nimbus for the first time. The pain in its leg seemed to disappear as it charged towards him, ignoring the succubus.

“No!” she shouted. The creature was nearly upon Nimbus, who was too petrified to move. The succubus jumped up from behind, attempting to bring down her sword on the monster once more. The creature saw her out of the corner of its eye and swiped her to the ground like a fly with its strong arm. She collapsed to the floor with a loud thud. The creature raised its arm and was about to bring it down on Nimbus. Before it cold deliver the blow, it was struck once again with lightning. Nimbus looked to see the succubus, still laying on the ground, her arm outstretched.

“Move! Now!” shouted the succubus. Her words seemed to snap Nimbus out of his trance. With speed he didn’t know he had, Nimbus ran past the creature while it was still phased. The succubus got back on her feet. Nimbus noticed that the wound on the creatures leg was completely healed. Before Nimbus could do anything else, it let out a stream of green mist from its mouth. Instead of it filling up the hallway, it seemed to focus completely on Nimbus and the succubus.

“Damn, its tracking us!” said the succubus. She then placed her middle and index fingers together, pointing them at the creature’s eyes and shot a purple beam of energy directly at it. The demon placed its hands over its eyes, screaming out in pain as it thrashed about. “Now’s our chance!” Nimbus followed her down the hallway until light, true light, could be seen in the distance. Nimbus felt the Succubus grab his arm.

“What are you—”

“Sorry, but we gotta fly!” when they reached the exit, Nimbus saw that there was a river of fire blocking their path. The succubus jumped up in the air, holding on tight to Nimbus’s arm. They soared through the pale yellow sky over the flames. Nimbus looked back and his heart caught in his throat. The demon was following them on foot through the flaming river. The succubus seemed to know this as she flew higher and faster. It wasn’t long before the demon was out of sight along with the river. They continued flying and Nimbus wondered if the demon was still pursing them, and if so, for how long.

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