Crosswinds Chapter 4Crosswinds Chapter 4


Maddi breathed a sigh of relief as the blue minus symbol came into view. She tossed the pregnancy test in the bathroom wastebasket and folded her arms as she contemplated. From her seat on the toilet she took her time rolling her brown tights over her tapered legs.“This is crazy,” she whispered, rubbing her temples. “She’s so in my head right now.” Maddi couldn’t help but crack a smile as she staggered upright. Did she really think her sister had knocked her up without her knowing? “It’s crazy.” Maddi whispered again. “Right?”The hinges groaned as the bathroom door creaked open. Maddi peaked her head through and her eyes caught Savannah’s sun-drenched nudity as she lie motionless on the bed. Her soft curves rose and fell with the delicate rhythm a relaxed breath. Maddi smiled. She knew Savannah was terrified, but whenever the girl rested in the safety of Maddi’s room, she seemed at complete ease.She found herself disappointed that Savannah still slept on her stomach. Maddi yearned to feast her eyes on her girlfriend’s budding baby bump. She eased back onto the bed, tracing her delicate fingers across Savannah’s silky caramel skin. Maddi’s hand came to rest underneath Savannah. She pressed against the firmness of her girlfriend’s blossoming womb. Savannah’s body heat warmed Maddi’s palm— her pulse throbbed.“Wow.” Maddi whispered as it finally hit her. She was going to be a parent. With that, her mind raced. She and Diana never discussed how they’d parent— or even cultivate their progeny. Were they going to let the girls raise their procreates? Take custody? Child support?The electronic ding of the doorbell snapped Maddi’s pensive stare. Her eyes trained back to Savannah’s angelic face. Still sleeping, she sighed. Maddi straightened her blouse and made a hurried dash down the stairs to the door.Maddi felt the impact before she closed the door. Mary’s embrace sent her spinning, and she took several steps back to buffer the impact.“Ow…” Maddi winced under Mary’s constricting arms. “Oww! Mary!” She feared her brittle rib cage would give way.“Sorry!” Mary cooed, shrinking back after a pained squeak eked from Maddi’s throat. She crossed her slim legs, covered with nude-colored stockings. “Are you okay?”Maddi nodded, still doubled over. Between her calcium-starved bones and easy-bruising skin, it was difficult to tell what on her hurt. “So.” She eased a slow breath from her lungs. “What’s up, honey?”“Well, um.” Mary sucked on her thin, rosey lip. “Just seeing if you wanted to see me before class.” She rubbed herself through her skirt. “May we go upstairs?”Maddi’s heart stopped. No, no, no, she thought. This wouldn’t do at all. If Mary or Savannah caught the other here, her plans to knock up the rest of her eating disorder support group would go up in flames. But Maddi couldn’t pull her eyes away from Mary’s beautiful, thin hips.“Dang Mary, that sounds wonderful!” She smiled, hands moving to cover her bulge. “But we totally can’t right now. I was just about to head to campus early.” Maddi frowned for good measure.“Oh, poo.” Mary’s voice deflated as her face reddened. She twirled nervously the frayed ends of her fiery hair as she recoiled in the mix of embarrassment and disappointment. “Sorry, I should have called.”“Nonsense, Mary.” Maddi’s knees found strength again. She turned the tables and wrapped her arms around Mary’s waist and kissed her neck. Maddi squeezed even harder, grinding her cock against what little flesh Mary carried around her hips. A faint groan, pain mixed with pleasure escaped her lips.Maddi’s hand snaked around taksim escort and found Mary’s crotch. The girl’s wetness already soaked through her pantyhose—and that made Maddi’s cock ache all the more. The thought of once again sullying this sweet Christian girl filled her with sinful glee. “What about your purity vow?” Maddi whispered in her ear.She considered wrenching herself away at last, fighting against the butterflies that battered her gut. Her cocked jumped with that familiar spasm. She had something hot and creamy for Mary—locked and loaded. “Oh, god. Mary, we gotta stop.”Mary wheezed, clutched her flushed bare chest. “Mmhmm.” The poor girl seemed unable to talk. She stumbled toward the door and put her weight on it, drunk in ecstasy.“Just let me grab my things.” Maddi backed away and up the stairs. “And it would be best if you waited here. I don’t think I could keep my hands off you if you were near my bed again.” She winked.Mary blushed again. The flattered youth plopped down on the trundle bed leading to the living room. “I’ll wait here, then.” She cleared her throat, wearing a goofy awkward smile. “This time.” Mary covered her face fast, embarrassed by her attempt at flirting.Maddi raced up the stairs two at a time, bursting through to her bedroom in a few seconds. A brief wave of relief hit her; Savannah was still sleeping. She retrieved her bag and penned a quick note on her stationary. Going to Diana’s. Family emercency. Make yourself at home and take care of our baby! Love, Maddi. She slipped out without making another sound.—-Maddi tapped on the XM Radio dial of her sporty blue Civic as she pulled from the winding driveway. As her favorite pop-punk power chords blared through the speakers, she stole a glance at her passenger. Mary’s purple canvas book bag sat on the floor between her legs. Her knobby knees knocked together at the rhythm of the roaring engine. Mary’s nervous fingers lay templed in her lap. Her palms ground against her clit through her dress’s thick fabric.“Having fun?” Maddi asked.“Hmm?” Mary snapped from her glazed stare and looked at Maddi. “What do you mean?”Maddi wetted her lips as she returned her eyes to the road. “You’re touching yourself.” She smiled. “You must be soaked by now.” Saliva pooled under Maddi’s tongue. “And you probably taste rather delicious too.”“Delicious?” Mary cocked her head, blushing.Maddi flicked her blinker and made a sharp right merge onto the highway. She fought the urge to roll her eyes. If this girl were anymore childish, she thought, fucking her would be illegal. “Your pussy, Mary,” Maddi said sharply. “Tasting what’s dripping between your legs would be exquisite.” She paused a moment before saying, “Is that clear enough for you, dear?”Mary blinked her pale emerald eyes and pouted. “You don’t think I can be bad?” She whined. “Pull over.”Maddi tried to hide her smirk as eased the car onto the shoulder on the winding country road. Mary worked quickly, unbuckling her seatbelt and fumbling for her crotch. Maddi planted her head on her window, shutting her eyes fast as Mary’s inexperienced tongue worked over her throbbing head. She rolled her tightening lips up and down the shaft in an awkward jerk—not that Maddi was complaining. Mary’s velvety, tender warmth would make her explode. For someone that never gave head before, Maddi thought, she was getting the job done.With fateful zeal, Mary licked the baggy flesh bunched beneath Maddi’s cock head. Ribbons of spittle splattered and tumbled down the shaft. She took a deep breath then ran her tongue straight beşiktaş escort down to Maddi’s balls. The scent was intoxicating, and turned the choir girl into a drooling, panting mess.Maddi wasn’t much better off. She rocked her hips forward and Mary gagged on her pulsing cock. She pulled Mary’s flaming red hair back and marveled at the sight. Mary’s spit glistened on her flesh. She yanked on her fistful of hair and led Mary’s gasping wet mouth to cover her’s. They shared a sloppy kiss that pushed Maddi even closer to the edge.“Backseat.” Her voice dripped with desperation.Mary obeyed. Her skirt flew up as she twisted herself back onto the seat. She fumbled with her panties until she yanked them halfway down her angular hips. The insides of her panties glistened with her excitement, also reflected with the ease Maddi enjoyed slipping her cock inside Mary’s pussy.Mary’s cunt squirted with a gushing force that only a horny, oversexed, nineteen-year-old could produce. Soon Maddi’s backseat became soaked as the pungent scent filled the air. Maddi buried her face in the nape of Mary’s neck, sucking and biting the supple skin. It bruised fast under her hungry mouth. Mary cries were mixed with the occasional throaty grunt, her flat chest heaving against Maddi’s thrusts.“Oh my god. Oh my god,” Maddi cried, quickening her strokes. She wasn’t yet certain Mary was pregnant, and the thought of her oncoming blast doing the deed drove her wild. She grabbed two claw-fuls of Mary’s dime-sized ass and plowed away. “Oh my god Mary…” she hissed. “Will you let me cum in you again?”“Promise to marry me!” Mary cried, wrapping her twiggy legs around her lover. She dug her chewed nails into Maddi’s shoulder and screamed.“I promise!” Maddi cried out. Her hips buckled as she made one final thrust. As her balls exploded inside Mary, Maddi made a loud grunting noise. She thrusted even deeper. “You’re mine.” she hissed, capping it with a grin. Her semen left her in thick, bubbling ropes. She remained buried inside Mary to ensure every drop had a chance of inflating her belly. As her rapid pulse faded, she withdrew her wilting shaft. “My god, you’ve drained me.”“Wow.” Mary was mortified. Her hands covered her blushing face. “Maddi we need to get married soon. We can’t keep messing up our purity like this. We’re breaking God’s heart.”“I know, honey. I know.” Maddi cooed in the girl’s trembling ear. “Just trust me, okay? Everything’s under control.” She kissed her cheek.—“Everything’s under control.” She muttered to herself, leaning her full weight on the door. Maddi’s bony knuckles popped and snapped as she flexed her hands. A few minutes passed before the deadbolt clicked and signaled Maddi to ready herself. Her head tilted up as the door opened—she didn’t expect her receiver to be so tall.“Oh,” Maddi said, surprised. “Hey Christy. Is Diana home?”Christy Masters playfully tossed her greying blonde curls behind her shoulder than her eyes shifted in contemplation. “Nah, she went to school already.”“I know,” Maddi sighed. She sucked her teeth before continuing. She found biting her lip a serviceable method of curbing the frustration conversations with Christy afforded her. “But it’s nearly four, Christy. She should be coming home now.”“Oh, well she’s not home.” Christy skipped her slender, 5’6” frame back inside. She waddled her hips with some discomfort. “I gotta go to the bathroom, now.” “Do you need help?” Maddi asked, fighting not to sound begrudging.“No,” Christy snapped, disappearing into the half bath the massive open-spaced foyer.Maddi wandered down the hall at a strolling pace. The walls were adorned with picture frames, and one portrait in particular caught Maddi’s eye. She remembered the day fondly. Their mother pulled them both from school when they were seniors in high school. Straight to the beach they romped, and this was their cherished souvenir. Maddi and Diana held each other around her tiny waists as they posed for the camera. She couldn’t help but smile, for the pair wore vibrant pink and yellow bikini tops, but dull red board shorts below. A necessary evil: With all the yummy girls on the beach, Maddi labored through a hardon most of the day.“I wish I was like you guys,” Christy sighed as she gawked over Maddi’s shoulder.“Being futanari isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.” Maddi sighed, eyes still roaming the pictures. “I’d be dreadfully lonely without Diana.”Christy shook her head. She twirled her fingers around some of her curls that had started to gray as she snickered. “I have a secret, Maddi.” She looked off in the distance knowingly.Maddi’s eyes shifted to her Christy’s stomach as her voice flattened. “Yes, I know already. Diana told me you two were playing ‘Doctor’. Are you having a baby, Christy? Is that your secret?”“HA!” Christy cackled. “That’s only PART ONE!”“Okay.” Maddi grit her teeth. “Then what?”“Diana plays doctor with a lot of girls.” Christy’s face grew dim. “Sometimes they’re even sleeping.”“Yeah well Diana’s mean, Christy.” Maddi turned to pull her buzzing phone from her skirt pocket. “Hello? Savannah, love! How are you? Yes, of course you can spend the night tomorrow. I’ll be home in a few hours so I’ll call you again. Bye bye, I love you too.” She ended the call and turned back to Christy. “I should get going. You don’t have to tell Diana I stopped by.”“Are you going to see your girlfriend?” Christy playfully cocked her head and leered at Maddi. “What’s her name again?”“Her name’s Savannah, and she’s not my girlfriend. It’s just a game so that she’ll have my baby.”“Oh…” Christy drew back. “So, you’re mean like Diana?”“Oh, no.” Maddi chuckled and threw her palm in Christy’s face. “No. No. FUCK NO. I’m nothing like her. Diana gets girls drunk. That’s completely different.”“Not really,” Christy said. “You’re lying to that girl and love is like being drunk.”“Christy, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Maddi started to walk away.“DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT JUST BECAUSE I’M NOT AS SMART!” Christy screamed from the top of her lungs. Her rage rattled the dozens of wall frames as her cry echoed. She heaved for air as her eyes welled with tears. “I know the difference between right and wrong, and you’re both WRONG!”Maddi motioned toward her with outstretched but cautious arms. “I’m sorry, Christy. I didn’t mean to upset you.” She cooed in a subdued tone. “Diana and I just want to the change the world. The ends justify the means sometimes.”Christy stifled herself and feigned distraction by staring at the pictures on the wall. Maddi watched this behavior for a few moments before turning for the door. Christy’s words still jabbed under skin like a splinter. Was she just a subversive version of Diana? Maddi had conflicted feelings about that conclusion.“Mary, Savannah…” Maddi whispered. “All the other girls carrying my seeds. Nobody forced them. Nobody forced any of them.” Her hands grazed the doorknob as it flung open. Diana came bustling through with her book bag, black leather purse, and two plastic grocery bags. “Diana?” She stopped dead in tracks.“Maddi…” Diana sharpened her eyes. She spoke in a cautious monotone. “What’re you doing?”“Waiting for you, of course.” Maddi pulled her hands behind her back. “I was just talking to Christy about her baby.”

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