Tracey taught meTracey taught me


It was the summer before third grade, so I believe I was about 8 years old and my best friend Tracey was 9. Both our parents worked during the day, so we were supposed to go to a summer program at our elementary school a block away from our houses every day until the evening when our parents would soon be home.

Tracey always liked to get in trouble, and one day decided, after attendance was taken, to sneak around the back of the school and walk home for the day. She had an Atari at her house and all the newest games. I was reluctant at first, but decided that since I never get in trouble, it couldn’t hurt.

So, we walked to her house and decided to watch TV and eat some cereal. I don’t remember what we were watching but it was boring, so we changed the channel. Tracey told me that her mom had “grown up” channels on the TV. I didn’t believe her so she kept searching through the channels until she found one.

I remember my eyes were like saucers. There was a man on the TV…. NAKED!!! I saw what I assumed was his penis, but it looked VERY different from the cartoon one in the “Book About Sex” my mom had read to teach me the “birds and the bees”.

I remember Tracey acting very cool about it and laughing at me because I had never seen a man naked before. I told her that I had seen my dad stepping out of the shower by accident once, but looked away too quickly to ever see anything. She asked me if I had ever seen a naked woman. I said no, just my mom sometimes when she asks me to bring a towel to the bathroom if she forgot.

Tracey said she watches these “grown up” channels all the time, and knows all about sex. “They have SEX on TV????” I exclaimed. She laughed at me again and said yes. I told her about my mom reading izmit escort me the book about sex, but nothing else. She said we should watch the channel for a while so I could learn.

We grabbed some chips from the kitchen, and settled in front of the TV. There was a woman on the TV cleaning something in the kitchen and then a man’s voice greeting her as he came home. She ran to the doorway and wrapped her arms around him and they started to kiss. Then of course, they started taking their clothes off, and started having sex. I was glued to the TV, watching the mans giant (or at least it looked giant on TV – to an 8 year old!) penis sliding in and out of this woman. Then things got really fast and she started to scream. I must have looked scared, because Tracey put her hand on my shoulder, and told me it would be okay, that she was just “coming”. I didn’t understand what she meant.

So, she then asked me if I had ever “humped” anything. I looked at her like she was crazy. “Of course not!” I said. She asked me of I remember the woman on TV “coming”. I said yes. She then told me that it was not a bad feeling. It was the best feeling in the world. I wanted to know what she was talking about. She then got up and turned off the TV. I was confused. I thought she was going to teach me. She grabbed my hand and started walking towards her bedroom. Now I was thoroughly confused!

She sat on her bed and told me to sit next to her. I started to get nervous, but remembered that she was my best friend so nothing bad would happen. She then placed her hand on my chest. I didn’t have boobs yet, just tiny little buds. Right away I started to feel funny in my stomach as she rubbed them. But then I realized it wasn’t a bad feeling at all. She told me to try yahya kaptan escort what she was doing. She had little breast “buds” too but were larger than mine. I placed my hand on her chest and started to rub in small circles. She closed her eyes, and I noticed that she started breathing heavy, like after running around. I asked if she was okay. She said yes, but it was sort of a moan.

Then, she asked if I liked it. I said yes, I liked it a lot. She told me there were other things she could do that felt good too. Since I wanted to learn, I asked her to tell me about them. She said she would have to show me. So, she removed her hand from my chest and told me to lay back on the bed. I did as she said. She asked me if she could take off her shirt, because she was started to get warm. I thought that was funny, but told her I didn’t care and that I was warm too. She said we should both take our shirts off so she wouldn’t be the only one. I said okay. We then both lifted our shirts over our heads. We sat there just staring at each other for a minute, then she reminded me to lay back on the bed again. I was so nervous so I closed my eyes. Then all of a sudden I felt a shock run through me as I felt her tongue on my tiny pink nipple.

My eyes flew open, only to see the side of her face, as she started to suck on my nipples and breasts. She stopped all of a sudden and asked what I thought. I told her it reminded me of watching a baby suck on its momma’s breast. She told me to pretend like she was one of my baby dolls, and she was my mom, and she needed to eat. I always liked playing mom to my dolls, so this excited me. So I cradled her head, like I had seen my mom do with my baby sister, and made loving sounds, as she gebze escort sucked and sucked on my breasts. This was great! I was still feeling funny in my tummy and now it was feeling hot between my legs, almost like I had to pee, but I knew I didn’t.

I asked Tracey if this was normal and she said yes. She said she felt that feeling too, but it was worse than mine because no one was sucking her. So I said I was sorry, but that she would have to show me, cuz I had never done that before. She reminded me of my baby sister and my mom, and to just pretend to be the baby this time. My eyes lit up and I immediately knew what to do. She was leaning against the wall, on her bed, so I crawled in her lap and she cradled my head as I licked and started to suck my first nipple. It was so comforting, having her stroke my head and call me baby Emmy as I licked and sucked away. I didn’t want it to end.

Suddenly Tracey jerked away, pushing me to the side, grabbing her shirt. I asked what was wrong and she said she heard her mom’s car. “Put your shirt back on, quick!!!”

I found my shirt, put it on, and stood there staring at Tracey. Her mom was home early!!! What were we going to do???? She told me that her mom was just home for lunch and to run into her closet, and we would hide there until she left.

I had never been in trouble before so I started to cry, thinking her mom would find us, and I would be grounded for life!!! Tracey put her arms around me and assured me her mom would never know. She dried my eyes and asked if I would like her to show me the other places we could rub and kiss to feel good. I jerked my head up, and said “There’s MORE”???

“Lots more. You’re going to love it!” Then she leaned in and placed the tiniest, softest kiss on my lips. I was shocked at first, but knew how good playing “Mommy and Baby” felt, so I knew this was going to be the best day of the summer….


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