Sharing A Home: Chapter 4Sharing A Home: Chapter 4


CHAPTER FOUR: Long Time Coming Melisa knew she had made a lot of bad choices in her life, but she had confidence that wanting to fuck her older brother was one of the best choices she’d ever make. No other man had ever been there for her as much as Scott had. Even when their parents had disowned her for getting pregnant at 17, and when her first husband, father of her only son, Cody, had abandoned them, Scott had always been there with open arms. She was smiling when she came out of the bedroom because she had just let her brother breathless and hard with a naughty kiss and a lick across his cheek. Between her legs her pussy burned red from her devious desires. It may have seemed like she’d planned all this out, but she hadn’t. Well, she hadn’t, yet she hadn’t did anything to prevent it from happening. When she’d given Scott her panties last night she’d done it out of sisterly love for her brother whom she knew hadn’t been with a woman in years. Sisterly love, huh? How many sisters give their brothers their dirty panties and tell them to go jerk-off? A loving sister, she concluded. Melisa walked into the dining room where Molly and Cody were hauling grocery sacks in from outside and placing them on the table. “Where’s dad?” Molly asked. “Oh, he’s in the bedroom. He’ll be out in a moment.” Melisa looked at the two teenagers. They were both beautiful kids. Molly had matured into such a sexy young woman who would drive the boys crazy, and her son had developed into a handsome well-toned young man who would have the girls falling all over him–or maybe he already did. Sometimes I want to fall all over him, she thought naughtily. She knew it wasn’t right for her to think that way about her son, but when she was horny as she was then she always saw Cody as a fine young stud. “What did you and dad do while we were gone?” asked Molly. We almost fucked each other on the couch, she instantly thought with a wicked grin. “Um, we just went to and picked up some drinks and came back home and watched a little t.v.” “Hey, mom, me and Molly wanted to go see a movie in a little bit. Do you mind?” Cody leaned against the dining wall. “Sure!” She said a little more excitedly than she meant to. She felt a little guilty that she was so eager to get the kids out of the house so that Scott and her could be alone again. “I’ll get you some money,” she added. Scott finally came out of the bedroom. Melisa noticed he looked a bit tense in the face. “Scott, the kids want to go see a movie. I told then they could, is that alright?” She had turned to look at him, her back to the kids, and batted her eyes at him. Scott stared at her with a blank expression for a second. “Umm, yeah. That’s fine.” “Thanks, daddy!” Molly rushed to her father and gave him a tight hug. Scott’s cock stirred from the sudden snug embrace. He wrapped his arms around his daughter and stroked a hand through her sexy long hair. He was still in an aroused daze from what him and Melisa had just done. Molly’s hug felt a little tighter than usual. Molly finally broke away from him. “The movie doesn’t start for another hour so Cody and I are just gonna hang out in my room for a little while.” Melisa had taken some money from her jacket and was giving it to Cody. “You two seem to having a good time together,” she remarked. “Yeah, I guess.” Cody took the money turned to leave. “Hey, mister! Wait istanbul travesti up a second.” Melisa grabbed Cody’s muscular arm. “What is it, mom?” He grumbled. “Well, don’t I get a big thank-you hug, too?” “I guess, if you want.” Cody put his arms around his mother. Melisa pressed herself into her son’s body. Cody’s arms slipped around her waist and rested just above her tight denim shorts. Melisa gave him a wet kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, honey. Now you and your cousin go play.” She giggled. “Jeez, mom! We don’t ‘play’.” But in his mind he was thinking about how they did play. Play with each other’s bodies. * * * Cody hurried away after him and his mother hugged. He had almost placed his hands on her ass, he was thinking. When he walked into Molly’s room he saw her standing on the air mattress grinning back at him. She bounced off the mattress and threw her arms around him. “Come here, sexy,” she whispered. She kissed her cousin’s lips forcing her tongue into his mouth. “Mmm….I love kissing you.” Cody kissed her neck several times. “I know you do,” he said in a smug voice. “You did it like three times in the grocery store.” “I know! I couldn’t help myself.” “I’m just glad no one we knew saw us.” “Yeah. I wasn’t really thinking about that.” Cody lowered his hands down his cousin’s side then slipped them inside her pants. “It’s okay,” he whispered. “My friends would be jealous if they saw me kissing such a hot babe.” “Are we still going to go through with our plans?” Molly ran her hands down his back. “I hope so, otherwise what did we buy the condoms for?” Molly giggled. “Okay, good. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.” “So why don’t we just leave now?” Cody asked. “I told dad the movie didn’t start for another hour.” She pouted. “It’s not like we were going to the movie anyhow. We’ll just tell’em we’re going to grab something to eat before the movie.” “Ohh! That would work.” She kissed Cody on the lips. “C’mon, then. Let’s go!” She released herself from his grip and bounded out of the bedroom. Cody was right behind her. * * * Melisa was pouring coke into a couple glasses and adding a shot of Jack to them when Cody and Molly came sprinting back into the dining room. “What are you kids up to now?” Melisa asked, handing one of the glasses to Scott who stood next to the table. “We’re going to go ahead and leave so we can grab a bite to eat before the movie.” Cody explained. “Yeah. I’m starved.” Molly added. Melisa sipped from her glass. “Ahh! That hits the spot. Okay, well you two have a great time.” Scott took a swig from his glass. “You two be safe.” “We will, daddy.” Molly insured him. The two teenagers grabbed their jackets and headed out the door. For a moment Melisa and Scott stood in silence, enjoying their drinks. They both listened and heard the car pulling out the driveway. “So, Scotty,” Melisa said in a low voice. She faced her brother, sat her drink on the table, and wrapped her arms around him. In an instant their lips sealed. Scott clumsily searched for the table to place his glass on it before placing his arms around his sister. In the back of his mind there still existed a faint warning that told him he shouldn’t be giving in to this forbidden temptation. The whiskey had made that warning even more faint, and his quickly hardening cock was starting to do all his thinking. “God, Scott, istanbul travestileri I need you so bad!” Melisa moaned. “Mmm….I think I need you too, sis.” Scott clasped his hands across his sister’s rump. “Then come take me,” She huskily, before tearing away from him and fleeing into the bedroom. He saw her halter top flinging through the air before she even passed the doorway. Scott picked up his glass and took a large swig. He let out a deep sigh. I’m about to fuck my little sister, he grinned. Shit, I’m about to fuck, period. It’d been so long since he’d had a woman that he was actually feeling like a virgin again and was about to have sex for the very first time. Scott hurried into the bedroom. His eyes widened when he saw Melisa already sprawled out on his bed in nothing but the black thong. A little patch of black fabric is all that hid her pussy from his view. Her tits, however, were completely exposed. Scott began ripping his clothes off. When he yanked his briefs off his stiff cock sprang out and stood between his legs, pulsating. “Ooo, baby!” Melisa coed. “Bring that beautiful cock over to me right now.” She beckoned him with a finger. Scott crawled onto the bed. Melisa crawled towards him and they met half-way. She stroked her slender fingers across his cock causing it to jerk excitedly with each movement of her hand. “Mmm, I can’t believe your so hard for me.” “Me either,” he said. “God, Mel, you’re so beautiful. I can’t believe I never noticed how sexy you are.” She continued stroking his cock. “I’m your sister, silly. You’re not suppose to realize I’m such a sexy bitch.” With that she bent down and licked the tip of his cock. “Shit, baby! That feels nice!” Scott closed his eyes and couldn’t believe what he was saying. He’d just called his sister “baby” the way lovers do. Melisa took her brother’s cock into her mouth. He wasn’t as big as her husband, but definitely harder and the heat from his cock burned the inside of her mouth. Being that he wasn’t as big she was able to slide him deep into her throat. She could already feel and taste the pre-cum seeping from the tip of his prick. “Ohh, sis! God, that’s so good!” She pulled back for just a second. “You like me sucking your cock, bro?” Her big smile beamed up at him and then she was going down on him again. “Yess…keep sucking it.” Scott’s voice sounded low and distant. His hands reached down and his fingers began running through his sister’s silky black hair. Her warm, juicy lips began to fly faster and faster over his throbbing cock. Scott’s body went on autopilot when his hips began thrusting forward. He started fucking his sister’s mouth as she devoured him whole. Everytime he pushed forward her head would bob down and he could feel his cock head slam into the back of her throat. Damn! His sister was deep throating his cock! It finally registered in his consciousness: his sister was and had always been a slut and she’d probably learned to suck cock this good when they were still teenagers. “Ohh, Christ, Melisa! You’re gonna make me cum!” Melisa bobbed her head on his cock a couple more times before popping it out of her mouth. “Not yet,” she gasped for fresh air. “I don’t want you cumming so soon.” She fell back on the bed, spreading her legs. “Come eat me out, Scott.” As she made the request she batted her eyes. She lifted her hips, travesti istanbul hooked her fingers under the black strings circling her, and slid her thong panties down her legs. For the first time in his life Scott saw his younger sister’s pussy. It was shaved bald and glistened with juices. Melisa pulled her right leg out of her thong and dangled it front her left foot. She lifted that foot to her brother’s face. “So tell me, do you want to take these into the bathroom or would you rather come down here?” Her right hand slipped down to her dripping slit. Scott pulled the thong free from her foot, then tossed it aside. “God! I don’t need those anymore.” He dropped his face to his sister’s crotch. Meanwhile, Cody and Molly were driving down the street when they stopped at an intersection. Suddenly, Cody slammed his fist on the steering wheel. “Shit! We gotta go back to the house.” “What? Why?” Molly cried out. She’d been sitting close as she could to Cody in her dad’s compact car, her left hand running along his thigh. “I left my wallet back in the room and it’s got my license and the condoms in it.” They pulled back into the drive way a few moments later. “I’ll be right back.” Cody jumped out of the car and rushed into the house. He was only half-way across the house when he heard something from his Uncle’s bedroom. He froze. It sounded like his mom’s voice, but in a tone he’d only heard on very rare occasions and always accompanied by the buzzing of her vibrator. Slowly, Cody tiptoed towards his Uncle’s bedroom door. “I don’t want you cumming so soon.” Cody distinctly heard his mother saying. “Come eat me out, Scott.” He heard her saying a few second later. Cody’s heart started pounding against his chest at the same time as his cock began growing hard. He carefully peeked around the corner of the doorway. His mother was lying on the bed, her legs spread far apart, and one of her legs lifted towards his Uncle Scott’s face. “So tell me, do you want to take these into the bathroom or would you rather come down here?” Shit! Cody heard his Uncle say something before he dropped his head between his mother’s thighs. Holy shit! His mom was letting his Uncle Scott eat her out! Cody lowered his shorts, and took his cock out. He started stroking it as he watched and listened to his mom moaning and the wet slurping noises coming from between her legs. He was close to cumming when he suddenly stopped and stuffed his cock back into his shorts. He didn’t want to sit there and jerk-off to his mom and uncle, well, he did since it was one of the hottest things he’d ever seen, but he had his hot and willing cousin waiting in the car. He decided he wanted to save his energy and give her one of the best first fuckings he’d ever given a girl. Shit! He was going to fuck Molly’s brains out! He hurried to the bedroom, grabbed his wallet and rushed out the door. * * * Scott plunged his face into his sister’s groin. Her tangy womanly scent intoxicated him. He gingerly licked at her labia with the tip of his tongue, gently and slowly trailing it along her slit until it softly probed it inside of her. His sister tasted more intensely than her panties could ever have told. Even though he couldn’t remember what his wife’s pussy had tasted like he believed his sister’s twat was the best he’d ever had. Once his tongue was inside of her he unleashed his ecstasy by quickening his tongue. Suddenly he was savagely tongue fucking his sister’s cunt. “Yess! God, yess! Eat my pussy, baby!” Melisa begged. “Suck my clit, you bastard!” She roared. Scott pushed his mouth against her swollen clitoris and began to suck it between his lips.

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