March Madness Ch. 05March Madness Ch. 05


Blackmail — it’s a harsh and underhanded thing. Even more underhanded when it’s a friend whose doing it. The last few weeks have been filled by the news of David Letterman who was the subject of a blackmail plot by one of his own show’s producers — or at least that is the allegation. Letterman came clean as far as we know and announced to the world the caper and exposed this scheme.

Looking back a few months ago, I could have done the same. A friend I have known since high school had helped me repair my computer, acting up because of a virus I downloaded in a file. In the process he discovered porn sites and videos I had downloaded — some of them gay. He e-mailed back to his computer some of the history of my sites and then threatened to expose me to our friends as gay if I did not give him a blowjob.

Looking back, I know how lame that sounded. I could have told him, “So what. It’s porn. I looked at it. Big fucking deal. Tell anybody you want — right after I tell them you wanted me to suck your cock. You must be the gay one.”

That would have been pretty easy to do. But all that’s in hind site. Not to mention Randy and I had been drinking most of the afternoon and I was petty buzzed at the time. But even that’s only part of the truth. The thing is, while I had never had any previous gay experiences and really cannot say I had ever fantasized about it. I was absolutely riveted by the videos I had watched the night before. I had pulled my cock out and was stroking it to the guys sucking each other off. I nearly came as I watched some guy getting pounded in his ass. I quickly switched it to a lesbian video and came to that.

I was curious. I wondered what it was like. What did my girlfriend Sandy feel like when she sucked me off? I actually wanted to blow Randy. I just didn’t want my friend to know it. I didn’t want him for a second to think I was really a homosexual or even bisexual for that matter. I put up some resistance but deep down I was thrilled to kneel before him and take my first cock. Even a couple of days later when he requested I do it again, I balked. I claimed that would be the last time but was thrilled when he also wanted to fuck my ass.

It hurt like hell at first but eventually I really liked it. Deep down I knew it wouldn’t be my last. The thing I didn’t count on though was the extent Randy would go. This time it wasn’t enough to threaten me with stored cookies on my computer or downloaded porn sites. While I went to the restroom he turned on a video camera he had set up on a bookshelf in his den. Even today I don’t know exactly where it was hidden. I never saw it. All I know for sure is he then took some of that video footage and downloaded it to the very porn sites I had viewed. Most of the angles avoided our faces entirely and the little bit that did show our faces with me sucking him off, he distorted so it was not clear who was in the shot.

Once he had that video footage, it was like falling in space. He made one after another, each time threatening me with clearing up the footage on the porn site that showed me giving a blowjob or getting fucked if I didn’t cooperate. Now I felt I really was trapped. I would be totally embarrassed and humiliated if my family, friends, and coworkers saw the clips. The videos have been viewed by thousands of people on the Internet. Three of the clips had eclipsed 50,000 page views. Now I was having guys jacking off to me on the Internet.

There was a sick part of me that got excited at the thought and then the other, saner side that was filled with anxiety about what if someone finds out that’s me! Perhaps the one I worried about most was my girlfriend Sandy. We had dated for about three years since we graduated Duke University. That’s how this whole thing started as Randy is a graduate of UNC and we were watching the NCAA Basketball tournament together.

Sandy was no saint in college. Actually the reason we started going out in the first place was she had the reputation as crazy about sex and damn good at it. One of my fraternity brothers had gone out with her and kept us all on the edge of the couch with some of their intimate moments. I know how sick that sounds but guys like to boast. When they quit going out, I leaped at the chance and had no idea we would still be together. We saw other people for the first 18 months or so but for the last year, I believe it’s been pretty exclusive although it’s not really something we talk about. More something we just take for granted.

But in all that time, there’s been no group sex, three-ways, or gay rendezvous. Just the two of us fucking and sucking in public places and as often as the mood hit us. Make no mistake, she was every bit as good as her reputation. She also works hard to keep her body in great shape. She works out about three times a week in the gym. Not so much to get a hard body but one that stays toned. Sandy is 36-24-34 and weighs about 125 lbs. although that’s a guess as she’s never told me. I do know she’s only 5′ 5″ in height.

She Caddebostan Escort looks a much shorter Erin Andrews from ESPN. She has long flowing sandy blonde hair, an infectious smile, and brown eyes. While her tits are just the right size for her frame, she has an absolutely gorgeous ass and beautiful tapered legs which she shows off with her skirts and dresses. She also has small feet and always keeps her little toes either French manicured or painted a soft pink or red color.

Then Randy hit me with the bombshell for which I was unprepared — he wanted to fuck my girlfriend. He and Sandy had met many times over the last couple of years. Actually all three of us had spent quite a few afternoons by the pool at the apartment complex where both Randy and I lived. On numerous occasions he had girls he was seeing there as well and paid no attention to Sandy of which I was aware. There were also a couple of clubhouse parties that we were all at but I don’t recall him ever paying any more attention to her than anyone else. Yet, here he was, telling me he wanted to have sex with her and directing me to help in his seduction plans. Do it or have him e-mail the videos out to my friends and colleagues.

He reasoned with me he too had heard the earlier stories of her college days from some of the guys from Chapel Hill that dated Duke girls. That and now that I had experienced same sex it was doubtful I would ever close the door on that chapter of my life. She was sure to find out one day I liked to experience sex with other guys as much as I liked what we did together.

While I understood his line of reasoning, sharing my girlfriend with him was the last thing I wanted to do. Nor did I want her to know about what we had been doing. Maybe over time, I could work it in to our lovemaking. Maybe even have her suggest some variety. But this was too soon. What would she think? How would she react? The one thing for sure was I was about to find out.

I knew Randy was not kidding and would do exactly what he threatened. Randy had suggested, no directed me to tell her to wear a blue jean skirt she had worn at a party a few months earlier. We were to drop by his place in our apartment complex for dinner and to watch the game. Sandy is not a big sports fan but she does like to socialize and I knew she wouldn’t object. I was to tell her that he was having another girl over but when we arrived it would just be him.

One more little caveat to the plan was I was to convince Sandy to go without her panties — or rather her thong. I didn’t think that to be much of a problem. Actually she often discarded both the panties and bra under her dresses and outfits. She’s simply the sexiest woman I have ever known.

She arrived at my apartment looking spectacular. Dressed in the denim skirt with a white sleeveless top that dipped just low enough to see her breasts. I noticed she had not worn a bra. Not a request on my part, just something she added. Her tits are firm and her little nipples were just two small points poking into the top. She wore sandals and had painted her nails a bright pink color. I made us both a vodka tonic and kissed her soft plump lips before I handed it off to her.

“oooom, that was good,” she moaned. “Are you sure you don’t want to blow your buddy off and just stay here tonight. I think I could make it worth your while…”

Actually blowing my buddy was exactly what he had in mind and my stomach turned at how I was a conspirator to his devious seduction plot. “We said we would go over. We don’t have to stay late if you don’t like.” I actually hoped once we got there, maybe she’d suggest we leave. We could take off before he was able to exercise his plan. It would be her idea — not mine. I had done my job in delivering her. Maybe that was the way to get out of this mess.

Sandy took a couple more drinks and then slipped off her sandals as she walked into my kitchen. Leaning against the counter she struck the most seductive pose. I wanted her. I wanted to attack her right there. I was so horny. I wasn’t sure if I was worked up because of how she looked or because of what was planned for us that evening. I knew Randy intended to have us both. I would suck his cock. Perhaps we both would and then he would fuck her. He would likely fuck me too in front of her. My dick started stirring in my khakis thinking about it.

We had a couple of drinks and then walked across the apartment complex, past the pool, to his place. Randy was already preparing his grill when we walked up and we all exchanges pleasantries. Then he announced his date for the evening had something unexpectantly come up. He feigned that perhaps she was standing him up and actually drew sympathy from Sandy who felt bad a girl would do that to him at the last minute. If she only knew then, it was simply an act and planned all the time.

Randy had me flipping burgers outside as he and Sandy made a pasta salad and did other things in the kitchen. I could hear Caddebostan Escort their voices and laughter but couldn’t tell what they were saying. All I knew for sure was Sandy seemed to be having a great time as they cut up and had a few more drinks.

Sandy was in a sorority in college and is a bit of a professional when it comes to the party scene. I knew she could handle her liquor but I did note she was really sucking down the Grey Goose and tonic and Randy didn’t hesitate keeping the spirits flowing.

We had burgers, beans, and a salad as we watched the basketball tournaments and chatted about friends we had in common. I noticed that Sandy had slipped off her shoes and was feeling relaxed as she slid up close to me and on more than a few occasions when Randy wasn’t looking, nibbled on my neck or gave a playful squeeze to my pants leg. I knew instantly that she was horny as hell and if we left that instant she might actually rape me out by the pool on the trip back to the apartment.

I was just about to encourage her to tell Randy she wasn’t feeling well when she asked to use his restroom. While she was gone, Randy put his plan into action.

“Okay, in a few minutes I’m going to say we’re out of vodka and ask you to run back to your place for another bottle. No matter what she says, if she says she’s had enough or it’s getting late, you encourage her to stay. You got that?” Randy asked looking me in the eyes.

I looked down at the floor. Here it was, the moment I was dreading.

“I asked you as question,” he shot back coldly. “You understand? You go home and bring another bottle. I know you have it, and you can take your sweet time about it. But she stays here. Got it?” he shot back again.

I looked up, “I got it” I said softly with a slight shrug.

Then Randy reached over and pushed his remote and a video started up. I initially froze thinking it was me. Instead it was something akin to Girls Gone Wild. It was a bunch of chicks dancing on stage in a night club, rubbing up against each other and then stripping down to their bra and panties.

Sandy walked back in and looked at the screen. “What the hell are you two watching now?” she said with just a hint of a slur to her mock indignation.

Randy acted startled but he knew all the time she was there. “Oh, I was just showing Dale a video. If it offends you I’ll turn it back but it was halftime,” he lied.

“No, I’m not offended. What is it?” Sandy asked, her eyes glued to the Hi def screen as the girls gyrated to the music. She slumped down on the couch beside me as the scene shifted from a nightclub to two girls who appeared to be in a ship’s cabin on a cruise liner as a voice in the background was encouraging them to kiss and undress each other.

I wondered if Sandy would say to flip it back but she still seemed glued to the TV as they kissed, fondled, and then began going down on each other. Once again her hand unconsciously slid onto my pants leg with no regard to Randy who was watching her every move.

When that scene ended it took right up with what appeared to be three college coeds giving a blowjob to three guys in a race to see which guy could cum on their face first. “Maybe I should turn that off,” Randy feigned embarrassment. “I didn’t intend to play all of that.. and certainly don’t want to embarrass you Sandy,” Randy lied.

Sandy looked over and smirked, “I’m not embarrassed. Nothing I haven’t seen before.” Randy seemed emboldened by the statement and I too thought it a little suggestive but then again it could have been the alcohol talking. There was no doubt it was taking a toll on any inhibitions she might have had.

Randy got up and went into the kitchen before poking his head out and claiming we had an emergency. We were out of vodka and he apparently didn’t have a backup.

“Dale, can you run back to your place and get another? Even if you guys leave shortly I’d like to have a few drinks when the game starts back up,” he added.

Sandy didn’t seem to be moved at his comment. It was almost as if she didn’t hear him at all. Her eyes were still glued to the video of a blonde sucking her boyfriend’s cock. She moved her lips up and down as she jacked his shaft and then would look up, “Cum for me baby. Cum on my face. Cum on me baby. Cum all over me,” as she would take him back into her mouth and kept up her assault as the camera went to the next girl.

I patted Sandy on the leg and told her I’d be right back. I turned to look back as her gaze was still fixed to the screen barely acknowledging my statement. I knew this was the time. Randy would certainly make his move while I was gone.

I almost ran back to the apartment so I could get back as soon as possible. I wanted to be there when he tried something. Maybe she would resist him. What if she did and he kept on? What was I letting him do? My mind was racing as I hurried back and then reentered quietly behind them.

Randy had moved over to the Escort Caddebostan couch and was sitting beside her as they watched the girls now covered in cum, licking each other’s cum covered faces and kissing. They were talking softly and it was difficult but I strained to hear Randy, almost in a whisper. “I think you would like it. I know Dale would. Him fucking that wet little pussy of yours while you sucked my cock like those girls were doing.”

Sandy said something I couldn’t quite make out. She was obviously not offended by his suggestion but she was putting up some mild resistance.

“C’mon Sandy, it’ll be fun. I know you want to. I can tell how horny you are. Look at your top,” Randy said with some degree of confidence he was making ground. Sandy looked down. While I couldn’t see her front, I could only imagine her hard little nipples were now betraying her.

“See how excited you are. Imagine two guys fucking you…having two guys to suck your little nipples and eat that hot pussy of yours,” Randy kept on. “Dale wants to. Dale wants me to fuck you…”

Sandy looked over at him and shot back, “Yea, I bet. I think I know him better than you and sharing me is not at the top of the list.”

“Really,” Randy smirked. “What if you’re wrong? What if I can prove to you he wants us to have a three-way but he’s too fuckin’ scared to bring it up to you?” Randy kept on.

Sandy just looked at him as he eased off the couch, walked over to his entertainment center and fumbled with his video player. Here it comes I thought. I started to rush in but my legs felt like stone. I stood silent watching it play out.

“So you know him better than me huh? Maybe I have a surprise or two for you,” Randy smirked as he hit play on the recorder and the blue screen filled with an image of his den with Randy sitting on the couch. The very den and the couch the two were sitting on now. “What is this?” Sandy inquired.

“Just watch,” Randy shot back.

Then it happened. I walked into view on the TV screen — naked, without a stitch.

“Holy shit…” Sandy started as her hand flew up to her mouth. “What the hell is he doing? Where did you get this,” she kept on.

“Just watch,” Randy said looking at her.

Our voices were crystal clear on the TV, “Get on your knees and come over here,” Randy was saying as I sank to my knees and crawled over. “Tell me what you want. Tell me what you want to have right now.”

“I want to suck your cock. Can I please suck your cock?” I responded on the video.

“Oh my Gosh. I don’t believe this shit,” Sandy was saying through her hand she still had up to her face. That’s Dale. I can’t believe it. He’s not going to do that. He’s not going to…” her voice trailed off in disbelief as the video continued.

“Yea, yea you can have it. Come pull it out. Come wrap those fag lips around my dick,” Randy said on the screen.

I watched as Randy slid closer to her on the couch. He studied her face which was glued to the screen… watching me as I crawled over to Randy on the video. I was glued to the video screen as I saw the image of me, pulling Randy’s shorts down. Soon I had them off as Randy grabbed his cock in his hand and held it up. “This what you want boy? You want to suck on this a while?”

“Yes, can I? Can I suck your cock? I want to feel your dick in my mouth, please,” I had begged.

I could only imagine the look on Sandy’s face as she watched the video of me sucking on Randy’s cock. Randy had scooted closer to her on the couch and I barely heard what he said, “That turn you on Sandy? It turn you on to see your boyfriend sucking on my cock?”

“I… I’ve never seen two guys together,” Sandy gasped. I never would have thought… I never imagined Dale would do anything like that,” she said trying to find her words. Her eyes were still glued to the TV and I couldn’t see Randy’s hands but it appeared his arm was headed to her lap. Certainly his eyes were there. I could only imagine he was trailing his hands, his fingers on her bare legs.

“Watch it Sandy. Look what your boyfriend is doing. I think you’re really going to like this,” he continued. It appeared as if he had spliced out some of the action when it showed Randy reaching over to grab the lube off his den table. “Get down on your hands and knees. Tell me, what is it you want?” he said to me on the video.

“I want you to fuck my ass. I want to feel your dick back there,” I replied back.

“I don’t believe this,” Sandy gasped. “You fucked him. How long? How long has this been going on?” she asked. It was the first time she seemed collected as she looked back over at him and then down at her lap. Perhaps the first time recognizing his advances as he stroked her leg.

“A couple of weeks now,” Randy answered back. “Does it make you hot? I think that little shaved pussy of yours is dripping,” he continued.

Her head shot back, almost in shock he mentioned her anatomy.

“Yea, I know you shave. Just like I made him shave his. I bet its dripping now. Watching him give himself to me. Just like he wants you to do. Both of you. To give yourselves to me. Imagine me fucking your little pussy while he licks your twat… my dick as it saws back and forth in that hot little snatch of yours. Touch it. Feel how hard you made me,” Randy went on and on.

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