Caught Sniffing Pt. 10Caught Sniffing Pt. 10


When I woke the next morning and made my way downstairs, my blurry eyes were drawn to the kitchen table. Wiping the sleep from my eyes I could now see what had caught my attention. A pair of black panties which I immediately recognised as Tasha’s lay there with a yellow post it note attached.

“Thanks Tom xx,” is all it said.

Although happy with my gift I felt disappointed that I wouldn’t be seeing Tasha again as she had no doubt gone to work with Rosemary which meant she would be going back to her own home. My mood soon lifted when I remembered the twins were due home today, although I didn’t know what time to expect them.

Tempted as I was to remind myself of Tasha’s scent I managed to resist a quick sniff deciding I would save that treat for later, although just the thought had me half hard already. After a quick cuppa and a slice of toast I headed for the shower…

It was mid afternoon when I heard the twins return home. It was another warm day so I was sitting in the garden reading a book and enjoying the sunshine.

“Oh there you are, Hello Tom we’re home,” said Amy standing by the back door.

“Hi, have a good time at Helen’s?” I asked.

“Yeah it was fun, what have you been up to?” asked Amy as Emily appeared beside her.

“Oh this and that,” I answered.

“Guess you’ve had to look after yourself without us here,” Emily said.

“Oh poor Tom, no one to play with, never mind were back now,” Amy said.

I couldn’t help thinking, if only they knew!

“Yeah and we’ve brought a present back for you from Helen!” Emily said.

“A present! What is it?” I asked.

“You’ll have to wait till later when we’ve unpacked,” Emily said.

“Yeah you’ll have to wait, come on Em,” said Amy and they both disappeared inside.

Getting back to my book I almost jumped when I heard a voice.

“Enjoying the sun?” it was the woman next door peering over the garden fence.

“Oh hello, yes,” I answered.

It was the first time we had spoken. I had seen her a couple of times but never to speak to.

“Sorry didn’t mean to make you jump. You must be Tom! I’m Janice, I was looking for Rosemary, is she in?” she asked.

“No she’s at work I’m afraid, can I help?” I asked.

Janice was a good looking woman, in her early forties, not very tall, short black hair and from when I’d seen her before a very trim figure.

“No don’t worry nothing important, I’ll catch up with her another time. Sorry to disturb your reading,” she said.

“No problem,” I said as she disappeared.

Just as I started reading again I was disturbed when I heard an upstairs window open.

“Tom, do you want your present now?” one of the twins called.

“On my way,” I called back.

Intrigued I headed upstairs to the girls bedroom.

“Come in Tom,” Amy said when she saw me in the open doorway.

“Now we’ve decided we’ll play a little game and if you win then you can have your present OK!” Emily said.

Both girls had changed in to their nightshirts and stood looking at me for my response.

“OK so what do I have to do?” I asked wondering what they had in mind.

“It’s quite a simple game. Your present from Helen is a nice pair of her panties she wore yesterday. We’ll take our knickers off without you seeing and all you have to do is tell which panties our hers. So lets see if you can remember how she smells, turn around,” Amy said.

Turning around I could feel my cock stiffen in anticipation.

“OK so lets see if you can still tell us apart,” Amy said.

Turning back to face them Amy handed me all three pairs of knickers scrunched up together.

“Looks like bursa escort he’s enjoying the game already,” Emily said looking down at the growing bulge in my shorts.

There was pink, light blue and red panties to choose from. Picking out the plain pink cotton one’s first I sniffed around the material to find that special place. Then the blue lacy pair which smelt very similar and then the red lacy g-string which I knew from that distinctive musty odour were definitely Helen’s.

“These are Helen’s!” I said confidently holding them up in front of me.

“Oh you are good, well done. Can you tell which of the others are mine?” Amy said.

Taking another sniff of both the other pairs in turn I really couldn’t tell. They were so similar, sweet and musky at the same time, I just had to take a guess.

“These one’s!” I said holding the blue one’s up.

“Oh dear! that’s wrong they’re Emily’s. What’s the forfeit Em?” Amy said turning to her sister.

“Sorry Tom but the forfeit is you have to lick Amy’s pussy,” Emily said making my cock twitch with excitement.

“Yes I’m afraid so. Come on Tom,” Amy said lifting up her nightshirt and laying on the edge of the bed.

Kneeling down between Amy’s open legs I could see she was already wet. Stroking her thighs with my hands, pushing her legs wider apart I replaced my hands with my tongue. Kissing my way up her inner thighs to the top of her legs I could smell the intoxicating aroma of her pussy.

Pushing her legs up and back I took a lick of her pussy lips on my way to her clit. Her whole body quivered as the tip of my tongue flicked across her little bud. Moving down to her pussy I slipped my tongue in between her lips amazed at how wet she was.

Feeling movement of the bed I looked across to see Emily laying down next to her sister.

“Of course the next part of the forfeit is to lick my pussy as well,” Emily said taking up the same position as Amy.

Shuffling over I repeated what I’d done to her sister. Although I’d learnt how to tell them apart, there was no way I would know who was who from their pussies. Even their natural scent between their legs was difficult to tell apart.

I decided to play my game now. I wanted to make them orgasm together so giving Emily’s pussy a last lick I repositioned myself so I could reach both of them. Amy was already rubbing her clit with her fingers as I wriggled a finger in between her pussy lips. Doing the same to Emily I began slowly finger fucking them both.

“Oooo yes that’s nice,” Amy said.

“Oh God yes, deeper Tom!” said Emily.

My fingers slipped in deeper with little effort. Although they were both very tight

they were so wet there was little resistance. My cock was so hard the knob poked out the top of my shorts.

“Faster Tom, please,” Amy said a little breathless.

“Oh Fuck Yes,” Emily said now furiously rubbing her clit.

They were both close to coming. Moaning louder and louder while I fucked them faster and faster.

“OOH FUCK,” Amy cried.

“OH GOD YES,” Emily cried.

We were all startled when we heard a call from downstairs.

“Hello girls welcome home,” it was Rosemary and she was coming up the stairs.

In total panic I rushed out the room back to my own leaving the twins to cover themselves up.

“Did you have a good time at Helen’s,” I heard Rosemary say as she reached the girls room.

“Yeah it was good, you’re home early!” Emily said a little out of breath.

“Yes things have calmed down a bit now at work so I managed to get away early. Are you alright Emily? You sound out of breath,” Rosemary asked.

“Oh yes I’m OK, we’ve bursa escort just been doing our exercises,” Emily said.

Rosemary seemed to except Emily’s explanation. I certainly wasn’t aware of any exercise regime.

“How’s Tasha now? You said she’d been having troubles when I spoke to you on the phone,” Amy asked.

“She’s feeling better now. She stayed here a couple of nights but she’s gone home now to hopefully sort things out with her hubby. Well I’m glad you’re both back home, I’ll catch up with you later, I need to put my feet up with a cuppa,” said Rosemary and went downstairs.

With the shock of nearly being caught my erection had diminished. I decided to wait till later to enjoy my present from Helen, even in the panic I had still managed to grab her panties on my way out the twins room.

Suddenly remembering I’d left my book in the I went down to retrieve it. Rosemary was in the kitchen making tea.

“Hello Tom, I take it you found your present from Tash?” she asked keeping her voice down.

“Err, yes. I just came down to get my book. I left it in the garden,” I said feeling embarrassed.

“I’m glad the girls are home but it was nice having the place to ourselves for a while. It’s back to sneaking around again I guess. Never mind I’m sure we’ll manage,” she said.

“Oh by the way Janice from next door was looking for you earlier,” I said.

“Did she say what she wanted?” Rosemary asked.

“No she just said it was nothing urgent and she’d catch you another time,” I answered.

“Poor Janice. She lost her husband a while back. She’s having trouble coming to terms with it. Perhaps I’ll pop round and see her later on,” Rosemary explained.

Grabbing my book from the garden I returned to my room…

It was a couple of hours later when there was a knock on my bedroom door.

“Come in,” I called out.

“It’s only me,” Said Rosemary after opening the door, “Tom can I ask a favour only I’ve just been round to see how Janice is, you know next door. The bulb in her bathroom light needs changing and, well it’s one of those that’s enclosed do you think you could do it for her only neither of us can figure out how to get in to it,” Rosemary asked.

“Yeah sure shall I nip around now?” I asked.

“If you could, thank you Tom,” she said.

Pulling a t-shirt on and finding my trainers I was soon knocking on Janice’s front door.

“That was quick! Come in Tom thanks for helping me out,” Janice said.

“No problem,” I said.

Following Janice upstairs I couldn’t help notice her shapely body. She was wearing a thin summer dress that came half way down her thighs. Her legs would have looked good on a woman half her age.

“Here we are, me and Rose had a go but couldn’t figure it out,” Janice said as we reached the bathroom.

There was already a step ladder standing under the light and a new bulb sat on the top. As I climbed up the phone rang downstairs.

“Excuse me Tom I’d better get that, can I leave you to it?” she asked already heading for the door.

“Yeah sure go ahead,” I said.

It didn’t take long to do the job. The glass fitting had three thumb screws holding it so no tools needed. I was just folding the step ladder to take it down stairs when I noticed the laundry basket in the corner. I couldn’t resist.

I could hear Janice still talking on the phone downstairs so I knew I wouldn’t be caught. The basket was half full and as though waiting for me a pair of black panties were laying on top of the pile.

Lifting them up I could see a patch of white. Taking a sniff I found the odour of this older woman very arousing. bursa eskort Although there was a familiar musky aroma there was something more distinctive as well.

Hearing Janice finish her phone conversation I had another quick sniff before dropping her dirty panties back in to the basket. Grabbing the step ladder and the blown light bulb I headed downstairs.

“There you go, all done,” I said to Janice meeting her at the bottom of the stairs.

I was very aware of a bulge in my shorts and hoped Janice wouldn’t notice. Leaning the ladders up against the wall I handed her the old bulb.

“Thanks so much Tom, sorry to be a nuisance,” she said.

“It’s really no trouble, just give me a shout if you need anything done, I really don’t mind,” I said sincerely.

“That’s nice to know, thank you,” Janice said seeing me to the door…

Back in my room I felt more frustrated than ever. Being so aroused earlier with the twins and now from my experience next door I was ready for some relief. Wondering if I would see Rosemary later I held back from helping myself which took a lot of self control knowing I had Helen’s and Tasha’s presents waiting for me under my pillow.

It was after ten when I heard the faintest of knocks on my door. A split second later the door opened just enough for one of the twins to slip quietly in, closing the door behind her. As she approached my bed I recognised it was Emily.

“Sorry to sneak in but I’ve been feeling so guilty about earlier I thought I should make it up to you,” she said in a whisper.

“Yeah we nearly got caught didn’t we, but it wasn’t your fault,” I whispered back.

“I know but I can’t leave you all frustrated,” Emily said.

I was worried in case Rosemary would decide to pay me a visit but when I felt Emily’s hand sneak under the duvet I wasn’t going to throw her out.

“Ooo Tom you’re all naked,” she said finding my cock with her fingers.

My cock shot up within seconds from her touch.

“Wow that was quick, God he feels so good,” she said now wanking my shaft.

I leaned back against the headboard and closed my yes.

“Aren’t you going to sample your present from Helen?” she asked.

“Yes I think I should,” I said.

Reaching under my pillow I had to be careful not to pull Tasha’s knickers out instead of Helen’s.

“Lets pull this back, let him come out to play,” Emily said pulling the duvet down.

I noticed Emily’s other hand sneak under her nightshirt between her legs.

“I think he needs a kiss,” she said.

Lowering her head Emily softly brushed her lips across my knob making my cock twitch.

“There that’s what he needs,” she said and continued to kiss all over the shiny tip.

My cock twitched with every touch.

“You can come in my mouth if you want,” Emily said slipping her lips over my engorged glans.

Taking a sniff of Helen’s dirty panties I found myself thinking more of Janice next door than of Helen. Emily sucked harder while her hand wanked faster on my shaft.

“Oh Fuck I’m gonna come soon,” I warned.

I took another sniff and then another, Helen’s dirty sexy scent had me on the verge of shooting my load. Emily pulled down hard on my shaft and sucked my knob deeper in to her mouth. I had to stifle a cry of ecstasy as my spunk shot down her throat making her gag.

“Wow you definitely needed that,” Emily said licking cum from her lips.

“Thanks Em, you’re right, I did need that. That was incredible.

“One good turn deserves another. Anyway I’d better get back to bed before I’m missed. Good night Tom, sweet dreams,” Emily said blowing me a kiss before sneaking out.

Now content I was soon drifting off in to a peaceful sleep when I suddenly realised I hadn’t put the lid back on Janice’s laundry basket after dropping her knickers back in. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. She probably won’t even notice…or would she…

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