Long Weekend AwayLong Weekend Away


You may have read my other story on here “Our First Party” which tells how we started hosting swinger parties to pay the mortgage on our Edinburgh house. We don’t need the money any more, but have enjoyed it so much that we’ve continued with them anyway. This is another story about what goes on at the parties!


We got back from a weekend away late yesterday. We had hired a house in the Angus Glens as a location for a themed weekend party. The theme was ‘upstairs downstairs’. The idea was that for the weekend two couples would be the ‘lairds of the house’ and the other two couples would be their servants. Servants would be required to do their masters’ bidding whatever that involved. We – Rob me and Adrienne – would handle the cooking and the practical arrangements and be on hand to pitch in when needed.


Here are the edited highlights.

We arrived on Saturday morning to set up. Sort out the food and drink for the weekend. Make sure that bedrooms were set up properly and get the fires lit. The house needed to be warm and welcoming and make people feel at home when they arrived.

The guests began to arrive in the late afternoon. They had a little time to unpack their belongings and get ready for dinner. We had allocated roles in advance so that people knew what to bring to wear.

As usual all the names have been changed – we are a reputable company!


For dinner the arrangement was that each of the ‘masters’ would have a ‘servant’ of the opposite sex. I was very impressed by the servants’ choice of dress – if you had seen it you might have thought slave rather than servant! Little maid costumes for the ladies and the guys in tight leather trousers with not much on top.

The ‘masters’ were impressive as well. Both of the men were wearing kilts and evening dress and the women were in evening wear – long figure hugging dresses that left little to the imagination.

Things were pretty tame for drinks and the first course- some sexual banter and comments about what the servants were wearing, but as the servants were clearing John called out –

“I think there are some crumbs on my lap – tidy them up maid!”

With that he turned to the side and lifted his kilt. His intention was clear. Without a thought Julie stepped over and knelt in front of John. Quickly she leaned over and started to lick her way around his cock. He had been semi-erect – the costumes people were wearing were a real turn on – but quickly grew hard with the attention. Julie made a series of long licks up the underside of his cock and when she thought he was ready pushed her lips over the end and swallowed him whole. I could seem him strain to stay in control as she worked her mouth up and down, using her hand at the same time on his shaft.

Julie was clearly getting into it. With her other hand she reached down between her legs and began to rub her cunt vigorously. I was turned on by the sight – as was John. After a couple of minutes of attention Caferağa Escort from Julie and being able to see what she was doing to herself he gasped –

“I’m going to cum. I don’t want any mess on my kilt so you are to swallow it all.”

Julie’s eyes widened, but she didn’t let up. If anything she began to suck faster and work John’s cock harder. John shuddered and we could see he was cuming. Julie leaned back a little and we saw his spunk shoot into her mouth in large spurts. She leaned forward and used her tongue to clean him up. In a few seconds it was all over. Julie returned to cleaning up with the other servants.


None of the guests commented on what had happened – that would clearly have been out of role, but it was clear that more action could be expected during the main course – and that’s exactly what happened. By the time the evening was over all of the servants had been required to perform a ‘service’ for the ‘masters’, two of them had been commanded to perform as ‘entertainment’ during the coffee and I must say were very impressive, perhaps I’ll write up what they did as a future story.

By the time everyone retired for bed it was 0100 and I could tell that everyone had had more than a good time.


Everyone slept late, but the party continued on the Sunday. After a walk we had a lunch on the lawn with more games and ‘entertainment’ from the staff. Outdoor exhibitionist sex is such a turn on – it was good that we were miles from anywhere.

People drifted off for an afternoon nap – they weren’t up to much more by that stage and then we had a second formal dinner. Rob and I joined the guests for this evening – we had seen what happened the first evening but hadn’t joined in ourselves. This time we were keen to get involved and had some ideas about what we might get the staff to do.

I had spied Dugald’s fit body and large cock – you might say ‘hung like a donkey’ – and was keen to get the chance to tell him where he could put it! Rob had seen Julie’s performance with John and I think was keen to see if she would repeat the performance.


We were arranged for dinner as before with ‘masters’ at the table and ‘servants’ serving the food. This evening wasn’t a dress up evening, but people had still made an effort to look good – shirts and trousers for the men, skirts and smart tops for the women.

People were pretty relaxed with each other by now and we reckoned the game for the evening could be a little more free form than usual. Normally we make sure that the game is structured so that people don’t have to ask for they want. We know that can be difficult for some people.

To continue the theme of masters and servants we decided that each of the guests at the table would set a challenge. They could decide to involve themselves or another guest at the table, or they could ask the servants to act out a scene. It was their choice.


John went first.

“I Caferağa Escort Bayan want to see Jane bent over the table by Dugald and taken from behind! I know that’s what she would ask for.”

Damn, I thought – how did he know, was I that obvious?

But I was also a little taken aback because of something that happened during the afternoon. While Dugald began to strip off his clothes I stood up and slipped my tank top over her head. My 34B breasts fell free – no need for a bra there! I wriggled out of my A line skirt and was left standing in a pair of plain white cotton pants, then paused.

“Well,” I began “I guess you were going to find this out sometime this evening.”

As I slipped my pants down my legs I felt a cold blast of air. Rob broke in –

“Ok,” he said “before anything else happens you have to explain that!”

My cunt had been shaved bare since last night! The skin around it was smooth and white emphasising the shape and colour of my lips. Everything was on display for all the guests to see. I felt very vulnerable and grinned sheepishly.

“Well, I guess I was getting into character. While you were taking a nap this afternoon I summoned Adrienne and told her that she was to shave me so that I was prepared for the evening’s entertainment. I’ve never been shaved by a women before and wanted to see what it was like. I felt like quite the lady having my own maid to shave me.”

It seemed a reasonable explanation to me, but Rob wanted more information – men always want the details of something like this.

“Hmm… Adrienne come to the table. Is that all that happened?”

Adrienne blushed and it was clear to everyone that there was more to the story.

“Um… no. I did shave Jane as she said, but…” she stopped.

Rob put on his stern voice. He can be a great actor.

“You have to tell us or you will be punished. The whole truth now.”

Adrienne looked genuinely nervous – but she can be quite the actress. She continued

“Well,” she began “it was ok at first and everything was under control. I was very professional. I trimmed the longer hair and used some of your shaving cream to lather her up. But as I began to shave the cream away I could see her becoming more aroused and wet. By the time I had finished the shaving and was rubbing some lotion in she was really getting into it, and…” she paused again.

“Yeah,” I said, putting my hand in the air, “Adrienne licked me off. It was great, her tongue on my smooth cunt lips. I was so sensitive after being shaved and with the extra stimulation I almost came immediately, didn’t I?”

I looked at Adrienne who nodded. There was quite an atmosphere. I could tell the men were getting off on the story and the women were intrigued.


“But hey, enough of that, now I want some action!”

With that I bent forward pressing my breasts against the table and pushing my ass into the air. I spread my legs so Escort Caferağa that each was hooked around a table leg and grasped the edges of the table with my hands. I felt really slutty with my cunt on display and ready for Dugald’s cock.

I had seen Dugald’s cock in action the night before and it would be an understatement to say that it was well proportioned – you might say it was supersized – not comic book big, but a good length and width. I reckoned I would able to take it, but also hoped that he would start gently.

“Ok ma’am, ” he began, staying in character, “just relax and tell me what I should do.”

He nuzzled the end of his cock around the entrance to my cunt, using the wetness that was already there to lubricate it. Gently he pressed the tip inside and withdrew.

John interupted –

“No Dugald, you’ll do what I tell you – take her roughly. That’s what she really wants.”

I wasn’t sure about that, but could feel myself get wetter, clearly my body had different ideas. I could feel Dugald stiffen as well as he pushed himself deep into me in one thrust.

“Ahhhh” I heard myself gasp, as the air left my body. I felt impaled on his cock. Stretched and spread. I gasped again as he pulled himself fully out. He placed his hands on my hips as he pushed in for a second time. Again the air left me, but this time I felt less stretched – full, but not too full. I thought to myself, I can take this.

After two or three more thrusts it was beginnind to feel just right. He was beginning to work up a steady rhythm in and out. I was pushing back against each thrust, moaning gently with the sensations that were coursing through my body. This was as good as I thought it would be.

Pausing his thrusting for a moment he reached forward and grabbed my breasts with his large hands, still holding his cock deep inside me. Roughly he pulled on my hardening nipples. I felt it right through my body and it just made me feel more horny.

“Fuck me now,” I moaned at him – it good to have him play with my breasts, but by now I really wanted him to make me cum.

He started his thrusting again and I could hear his breathing becoming laboured. I was close to cuming, but clearly not as close as he was – probably why he had switched to my breasts! Reaching down with my hand I began to rub my clit and stroke the silky shaved skin around it. I was really wet with my juices and could feel how engorged my cunt had become.

A few thrusts more and I could feel him swell inside me. That was too much. Combined with my hand on my clit I felt myself begin to cum and pressed back onto his cock to increase the sensation. I came and came, then lay lifeless spread on the table with Dugald’s cum running down my legs.

I felt such a slut to have done this in front of everyone (going first can be such a turn on!)

“Ok, that’s me for the evening,” I said and smiled.


There were other performances, but I must confess that I was pretty out of it for much of the rest of the evening. I felt like had been really well fucked and satisfied in a deep down sort of way.

Altogether we decided the weekend away was a great success and we are currently making arrangements for another one – so if you are interested get in touch and we’ll see if we can fit you in!

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