Not Cheating at the Botanic GardenNot Cheating at the Botanic Garden


Nobody suspected anything. But you caught my eye as my wife and I meandered through the lush paths of the hilltop botanic garden. It was the peak of summer and pockets of dappled shade provided relief from the blazing seaside sun.

That’s where I noticed you, in that dappled shade. You were with your husband and kids wearing an open weave coverup over your bikini from swimming or some other seaside activity earlier in the day. Just like my wife and I you decided to enjoy the sea breeze and perfumed air in that park at midday.

My eyes were drawn to you and stopped me mid-sentence reading the plaque on an exotic tree. Your tanned skin and curves tantalizing me through your coverup. You must have been a knockout when you were younger. Time and children were not unkind and my primal instincts attested to that.

I felt my heart beating a little faster and I felt blood flow in my cock. My body was responding to your presence and telling me it needed you. I enjoyed the instinctive hot blooded wave that came over me.

My wife grabbed my hand for us to continue along the trail. You were ahead of us and started along too but this time we were closer behind.

In the distance through breaks in the trees was blue ocean and the distant sound of surf breaking. The sound of my wife pointing out a bird overhead or an interesting leaf rolled over me as I caught glimpses of your amazing ass rolling from side to side.

I imagined how you might have been on the beach earlier in that bikini. I imagined being on that same beach watching you in the bright sun as you walked out into the water, bahis siteleri bending forward to test the temperature with your hands. The fabric of that bikini spreading and pulling on your beautiful ass… catching a tiny glimpse of your tan line.

You and your family had stopped and we walked past. I glanced over at you and marveled at your chest. “Wow” I breathed… then pretended to have noticed an interesting flower.

We continued on our way and I felt a little disappointed that I couldn’t admire this beautiful creature from afar anymore.

Was I in for a surprise.

About 20 minutes later my wife and I found a nice shady bench with a view. I was sent to get waters for us. I checked the park map and located the nearest concession stand. It was halfway across the park. So I assured my wife I would be back soon and headed off.

On the way I was walking through a narrow passage of lush foliage and who might I notice knelt down ahead of me?! I froze for a half second as my heart instantly started to beat hard. My body had not forgotten its desire and purpose. I approached you from behind with your tussled sandy brown hair… tan skin and a coverup over a bikini.

You were separated from your family and I was separated from my wife.

I quietly knelt down behind you and said “Beautiful stranger, meet me through the opening on your left in 2 minutes and see what happens.”

I disappeared through the foliage.

You weren’t sure what to do. You weren’t sure who I was. You caught a glimpse of me from behind and remembered me from earlier when we crossed paths canlı bahis siteleri on the trail. You remember how we locked eyes for a moment as I passed and you remember how you felt electricity and something stir in you.

You felt my desire and you felt how I saw you as a woman and an object of desire. It reminded you of days gone by.

So you slowly stood… looked around… and then reluctantly entered the foliage where I had disappeared.

This part of the park was planted densely and not intended for visitors. I waited where you would see me then took your hand and silently led you to a small secluded clearing I noticed.

“I’m flattered” you said, “but I am here with my husband and kids. They found a playground and expect me back.”

I smiled at you. It was the first time I saw you in full sun. Your skin glistened and your bikini was lime green. I reached to lift your coverup.

You let me saying “I’m married, I don’t feel right.”

I assured you that you weren’t going to cheat. I was going to let you feel my desire. I was going to let you feel the power you have.

With the coverup off I turned you around to admire your wide hips and round plump ass. I felt my pulse surge in my neck… I felt I was a slave to your feminine beauty.

You looked over your shoulder to see the fire in my eyes and you felt your pussy throb a little.

I assured you “I am married too, I don’t want to cheat. I want to feel this power and fire and I want you to feel how you make it in me.”

I stood back and admired you. My eyes traced your curves and I took in every canlı bahis detail of you. I told you to turn to face me and caress your body with your hands.

“Move your hands slowly” I chided you. You slowed down and slowly let yourself slip into the moment… letting down your guard and enjoying the animal-ness of it all.

“Sway your tits….” I felt my cock begin to rage as I watched transfixed. A breeze caught your hair and the sun warmed us both.

Time had passed and I understood our spouses would begin to wonder. I said to you “I know you appreciate what I am doing… so to return the favor lay on your back and squeeze your tits together for me. I want to quench the fire you made.”

Lost in the moment and without a word you did as I said.

I slipped my shorts off and straddled your body… natural sweat and sun oil lubricated your tits. They were shining and glorious under your painted nails.

You felt the heat and heaviness of my body on your midsection as I slid my cock between and under your soft melons. I took one big stroke and buried my cock under your soft skin. I let out a moaning sigh as if the torment and fire you inspired was slowly being released.

I began to stroke in and out of your tits as you wrestled them around my cock. I didn’t need much stimulation to cum I was turned on from the moment I first saw you. I pulled my cock back inside of your jugs and exploded.

You felt the throbbing heat radiating from the center of your chest. The feeling of my cum on your chest sintered your blood. You felt so desired and primal and you began to fantasize about how you would make love with your husband that night. Your pussy was so wet enjoying the power nature gave you to move a man.

We cleaned up as best we could and dressed… then returned to the path without a word.

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