Cruise to The StarsCruise to The Stars


(Most of the ship in this story’s statistics are based on the Royal Caribbean cruise lines’ Enchantment of the Seas)

(I’m dedicating this to a friend at work who is always asking for something with a lesbian sex scene, although it will be very watered down to keep the rating under M)

Cruise ship: Caribbean Getaway

Decks: 10

Activities: 3 Aerobics, Bars (3), Casino, Cinema/Theater (870), Disco/Dancing, Formal Dinners, Live Entertainment, Programs for Children

Maiden Voyage: 1998
Year Refurbished: 2008
Country of Registry: Norway
Length: 916 ft.
Width: 105.6 ft.
Gross Tonnage: 74,000
Passenger Decks: 11
Total Cabins: 975
Handicapped Accessible Cabins: 14
Elevators: 9
Normal Passenger Capacity: 1950
Total Passenger Capacity: 1950
Crew Size: 760

Cabin Interior: A/C ,Hair Dryer ,Phone ,Safe ,TV.

Facilities: Gym/Health Club ,Library ,Massage ,Medical Services ,Pools (2) ,Restaurants (3) ,Sauna ,Shops/Boutiques, Whirlpool/Jacuzzi.

Lisa leaned back in a chair in the living room watching one of those home shopping network shows that hooks you as soon as you stop on the channel when the front door burst open and ex girlfriend Katie came in screaming at the top of her lungs.

“I WON, I WON!” She screamed waving two pieces of paper in her hand.

Lisa almost tipped out of her chair with fright at the sudden change in noise in the house. At first she was thinking that there was an emergency but once she realized what Katie was yelling she calmed down and stood up.

“What did you win?” She asked remotely curious seeing as Katie would get this excited if she had won a free ice cream.

“I won a cruise to the Caribbean!”

“You what!”

Katie stopped jumping just long enough to shove two sheets of paper into Lisa’s hands before continuing to jump around the room. Lisa watched her for another few seconds before looking down that the sheets of paper. They were tickets for the Caribbean Getaway cruise ship that was docked in the San Diego harbor for another week before it headed on a trip to the Caribbean then back to San Diego to off load its passengers. It would be five years before the ship docked in San Diego again. The departure date was Saturday morning at 11:00am, they would spend 8 days and 7 nights at sea and various harbors before returning home.

“Wow.” Lisa said lowering the tickets. “In all the years I’ve known you, you have never won anything this cool.”

“I know isn’t it great?”

“Who are you going to take?”

“Well I was going to ask Megan but she’s still dating that girl from the distribution center. So I thought I’d ask Sylia but she is out of town.”

Lisa sat back down and waited for her to go through the list of women she knew all the way down to the mail carrier and why they wouldn’t be able to go.

“So after all of them I guess I’ll ask you to go if you don’t have anything planned.”

“I’m flossing my ass crack that morning.” Lisa said with half smile.

“Oh well I guess I’ll just put a wig on my Vibrator and take it along with me.”

Lisa snickered and leaned back in her chair again. She acted like she was deep in thought but was really trying to contain her excitement. Lisa wanted to get Katie back and this was going to be the best opportunity she had gotten.

“Well I guess I can floss my ass later.”

“Good.” Katie said with a smile. “We have three days until the ship leaves, better take care of any loose ends before we go.

“Will do.”

“By the way what do you want for dinner?”

“Whatever.” Lisa said clicking off the TV.

“How about we go out to eat at a fancy restaurant.”

“If that’s what you want I’m game.”

“Good lets go, oh and you’re buying.”

Lisa looked at Katie with a shocked expression as she headed out the door laughing. This was just the way she acted when they were together.

‘I’ll get her fore that one.’ She thought before following her out of the house.

Three days later

The Caribbean Getaway sat at anchor in the harbor as passengers were slowly going aboard as Katie and Lisa pulled into the parking lot. Katie’s eyes widened as she looked at the over three football field sized, multi decked ship. It looked even more impressive as they approached. The captain of the ship was greeting many of the people as they walked onboard and smiled politely as Katie and Lisa walked up.

“Welcome aboard the Caribbean Getaway.” He said with a nod as they walked past him onto the gangplank to board the ship.

Their room was located on Deck 2 suite room A002 near the honeymoon suite (Separated by a large vacant closet so passengers don’t have to listen to the honeymooners.) with a great view of the starboard side of the ship and once it’s at sea it will be a great view of the sunset. Katie was the first to enter the room and the first thing that she saw wasn’t the 200 square feet, the large bathroom, the large window’s with balcony or even that mini bar that was near görükle escort bayan the door. The first thing she saw was.

“Only one bed.” She said.

“I guess the tickets were meant for you and your significant other.” Lisa said as she sat her suitcase in the walking closet.

“So what are we going to do about it?”

Lisa walked over to the Queen sized bed and sat town and bounced a few times testing the softness of the bed.

“We’ll just have to make due.”

Katie’s cheeks flushed red at the thought of sleeping next to Lisa seeing as the only nightgown she had brought was a rather revealing one that Sylia had given her for her birthday last month. She had known from the get-go that she was going to be sleeping in the same room with her but she was going to be sleeping “with” her, that was something else. At the same time her cheeks were burning crimson she also felt something else spring up within her body. A more sexual urge to be with her. They had been friends for several years and had been roommates for the last 3 years. They became lovers just after they moved in together and stayed roommates even after they broke up. In order to curve this growing impulse she occupied her mind by hanging the clothes in the closet next to the ones Lisa had already hung up. By the time she had finished her mind had gotten back on track and the impure thoughts were far away, for the time being. Lisa was lying on her back with her arms over her eyes when Katie flopped down on the bed.

“So what do you want to do?” She asked.

“We have eight days.” Lisa said. “Let’s take it slow.”

“Slow huh. Ok I’ll be down in the casino or bar. See you later.”

Lisa snickered at how excited she was but frowned when the door closed, the truth was, she could care less that they were on a cruise ship. All she wanted was to be with Katie for eight days, maybe now she could make her move. She had wanted to do so for over a year but couldn’t find the words. Now here she was on a romantic voyage with her. It was the perfect time, nothing would stand in her way.

Katie walked along the deck looking for an elevator that would take her down to the casino when someone smacked into her right shoulder hard enough to spin her around in a full circle.

“Oh I’m so sorry.” A voice said.

Katie looked up and saw a young woman with blond hair dressed in a waitress uniform looking at her with concern in her eyes.

“Are you ok?” She asked. “I didn’t mean to run into you. You see this is my first day working on a cruise ship and I’m running late.”

“That’s ok.” Katie said rolling her shoulder around. “I’ve been hit harder believe me.”

“Still I’m sorry.” The young woman said with a bow. “My name is Rio Katsuragi I’m a waitress in the Star Gazer Bar and Grill. If you want to report me that’s where I’ll be.”

She bowed again then hurried on her way. Katie stood still for a minute watching the girl run along the deck then disappear into an elevator before shrugging her shoulders and heading for the elevator herself.

Suite Room

Back in their room Lisa was sitting out on the back balcony watching the last of the passengers and crew board.

‘Looks like we will be leaving soon.’ She thought as they pulled the gangplank away from the side of the ship.

Many of the crew members were running around doing the tasks that had been assigned to them. Lisa was imagining an ant hill at the way the crew members were running this way and that.

‘If only I had a magnifying glass.’ She thought with maleficent grin.

After watching the crew prep the ship for another thirty minutes Lisa headed back into the room and flopped down on the bed.

‘What can I do to get her to stay with me?’

Looking around the room she saw a small pamphlet leaning against the lamp on the side of the bed with “Romantic getaway aboard the Getaway.” Written in bold red letters across it. Naturally Lisa reached across the bed and snatched it off of the table. She rolled onto her back and started reading it with her arms stretched out strait above her head.

Welcome aboard the Caribbean Getaway!

The ship has many luxuries to accommodate almost any need or desire. From romantic candle lit dinners in one of our three five star restaurants all the way to that romantic stroll along the ship as the sun sets behind the horizon it is all aboard this ship.

Lisa set the pamphlet on her chest and sighed.

‘They have all of those things for a couple to do but I bet none of them are geared towards lesbians.’

She tossed the pamphlet aside and stretched out on the bed for a short nap before she set what little plans she had in motion.

‘This might not be as easy as I thought.’ She said to herself before falling asleep.

Thirty minutes latter.

The ship was just raising anchor to begin the trip when the door to Lisa and Katie’s room opened silently. Katie slowly walked through the room and stopped about five feet from the bursa otele gelen escort bed where Lisa was still stretched out sleeping. It was just to tempting of an opportunity for Katie to pass. She backed up another five feet then kneeled down like she would do if she was about to start a race. She put both of her hands on the carpet and cocked one leg forward and like a bat out of hell she sprang right at the bed jumping just before she hit it.

“Guess what!” she yelled right as she landed with her hips straddling Lisa’s lap.

Startled Lisa tried to sit up but Katie pinned her shoulders to the bed. However in doing so her lips were brought so close to Lisa’s that she could feel every breath that escaped her lips. Lisa cheeks flushed bright red as she stared into Katie’s eyes. This was playing out like one of her fantasies, except without the candles and music. Slowly she started moving in but as her lips got within an inch of Katie’s she started laughing and yelling.

“Guess what!”

“Huh? What?” Lisa asked a little surprised.

“I won a hundred bucks in the casino playing poker.”

“What? You what?”

She was a little put off by this but what did she expect, Katie to rip off all of her clothes and have sex with her right there? She wished.

“I was playing Texas Hold’em in the casino and won a hundred dollars”


Lisa rolled Katie off of her lap and stood up.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to go walk around.”

“What’s her problem?” Katie thought lying back on the bed where Lisa had been laying. “It’s so warm.”


Lisa walked along the deck looking out over the water as the ship pulled out of the harbor. He hands were in her pockets and she was kicking her feet as if she was kicking small rocks on the street.

“Well this seems out of place.” A young girl said.

She was dressed in a deckhand’s uniform with blond hair. Lisa stopped in her tracks when the girl smiled at her.

“What’s out of place?”

“You’re walking around the ship with a sad look on your face. It’s out of place.”

“Oh that.”

“Is anything the matter?”

Lisa looked down at the deck and sighed before sitting down on one of the sun bathing chairs. The woman leaned against a broom that she was using and looked at Lisa with a smile.

“Well to start things off my Ex-lover won tickets aboard this ship and asked if I wanted to go. I took that as an invitation for us to try again. But the way my Ex is acting I’m beginning to think that I was only invited as a way to fill the tickets.”

The woman listened as Lisa explained some of the reasons they broke up and what had happened just moments ago in the room but she chose her words carefully. She was sure not to say anything about her lover being a woman or a man as a way to tell this girl what was happening but not lying at the same time. Through the whole story the woman leaned against her broom and listened without interrupting and without losing her smile. Once Lisa had finished telling the story the woman sat on the chair next to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Now I’m not a relationship consultant.” She said. “But if I won tickets aboard a ship like this, and out of all the people I know I took my ex-lover it was because I wanted to get back together. I’m not saying that is what your lover wants but don’t count it out yet.”

Lisa was silent for a second taking in what she had just said before thanking her for her help and heading back towards the room feeling a little better about the situation with Katie. Maybe things will be ok after all. She strolled along the deck of the ship looking out along the water with a slight smile on her face for almost an hour before she headed back to her room to see if Katie was getting hungry.

The room was empty when she walked in but she was less than shocked. She figured Katie was down in the Casino again. She sighed and walked through the empty room towards the bathroom to check out how nice it looked. If it was anything like the rest of the ship she figured it was going to be awesome. She was not even close to ready for the view that greeted her when she walked in. Katie was just stepping out of the shower with a towel covering her head as she dried her hair. Her breasts were giggling was she vigorously scrubbed her hair dry.

Lisa never got tired of seeing Lisa nude and judging by the tingling feeling she was getting between her legs she never would get tired of her. She stood there watching her for several seconds before Katie removed the towel from her head. She screamed when she saw Lisa standing there.

“You scared the shit out of me.” She yelled covering her body with the towel.

“I did not mean to I did not know you were in here.”

Katie tried to cover her whole body with the towel but it was just wide enough to cover her breasts. It covered most of her pussy but Lisa could still see several strands of black pubic hair. Katie bursa escort bayan finally gave up trying to cover herself and dropped the towel.

“Its not like you haven’t seen me naked before.” She said reaching for a pair of panties.

“Are you getting hungry?” Lisa asked once she regained her composure.

“Yeah I could eat.”

Lisa was graced with a prefect view of Katie’s pussy lips when she stepped into her panties. The temptation to just make a move on her was almost too tempting for Lisa to pass up but she managed. She turned around and headed for the closet removing clothes as she went. She wanted to look nice for her dinner with Katie and grabbed her nicest dress out of the closet. It was a red dress that fit her like a glove. Katie had once made a comment to her about how well it lifted her breasts. That was one of the reasons she had brought it along. Lisa came walking out of the bathroom dressed only in her panties letting her breasts swing freely.

‘Fucking tease.’ Lisa thought looking at her through the mirror.

“Behind you.” Katie said pressing her breasts to Lisa’s back as she reached for a dress to wear.

Lisa could smell Katie’s perfume waft over her as her nipples hardened feeling Lisa’s breasts against her bare skin. Katie grabbed a dress out of the closet and held it up to Lisa’s body to judge the look of it then took the red dress out of Lisa’s hand and held it beside the other one.

“These two are cute, don’t you think?”

“Ummm yeah.”

Everything felt surreal to Lisa, it was like they were lovers again. This was the same way Lisa would pick out a dress for their dates back when they were dating.

“Stay put.” Katie said walking away with both dresses.

She came back a second later and reached both hands around Lisa’s body and started to unclasp her bra. Once the clasps were undone Katie slid the bra off of her breasts rubbing the material of the bra over Lisa’s nipples that were already standing hard on her breasts. Katie dropped the bra to the floor and cupped both of Lisa’s breasts in her hands and lifted them up. Lisa inhaled sharply and a moan escaped her feeling Lisa’s hands on her breasts.

“I think your breasts look great in your red dress when you don’t have a bra on.” She said lifting Lisa’s breasts up a little higher. “Perfect.”

She dropped Lisa’s breasts and walked back to the bed and grabbed Lisa’s dress and unzipped the back. She kneeled down for Lisa to step into the dress then slipped it up her body. Lisa slipped the straps over her shoulder and was about to pull it over her breasts when Katie brushed her hands back to her side. She cupped one of her breasts and lifted it up pulling the fabric over it at the same time then did the same with the other. Once she was done Lisa’s breasts were standing high and proud on her chest. Katie zipped the back of the dress up and went to put on her own dress.

Lisa’s breath was a little ragged when she turned to go help Katie into her dress. Katie waved her off and quickly pulled her dress on and over her exposed her breasts. Unlike Lisa, Katie’s breasts were always standing proud on her chest so there was no cupping needed. That was too bad for Lisa, she would have loved to fondle her breasts a little. Katie’s hair had been air drying leaving little curls all through her medium length brown hair. Everything she was doing was exactly what she used to do back when they were lovers.

With a single flick of her hair Katie clamed she was ready to go to dinner. Lisa could feel her nipples rubbing against the fabric and the events of the last few minutes had her wetter than she had been in almost a year. Katie was already out of the door before Lisa had gathered herself enough to take a single step forward. She needed to trot to catch up to her. Lisa led the way down to the casino and dining area and led Katie to the Star Gazer Bar and Grill. Rio was standing at the ready when the two of them walked up.

“Welcome ladies to the Star Grazer. If there is anything I can do to make your visit with us more enjoyable feel free to let me know.”

Rio led them through the restaurant to one of the many tables and handed them menus and took their drink orders. Lisa ordered herself a stiff rum and coke and Katie ordered a strawberry daiquiri. Rio was back with the orders before they had even managed to look through the first page of the menu. Katie made a sour face when she took the first sip out of her drink making both Lisa and Rio laugh.

“I told the bartender to make them a little strong.” Rio said. “More bang for the buck.”

“Rio I told you not to worry about what happened up on deck.” Katie said taking another sip of her drink.

“Think of it as my way of making things up to you.”

Lisa looked back and forth as they chattered about the run in up on the top deck. Acting like she was following along, but in truth she was lost. Rio hung around and chatted pleasantly with both of them about the ship before heading back to work. Lisa finally took a sip from her drink once she was gone and was relieved to feel the burning sensation of the liquor. She needed something to help settle her down after what happened in the suite. The whole time they were at dinner Lisa was crossing and uncrossing her legs trying to dull the sexual frustration that was building between her legs.

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